2022 Explosive Tiger Energy Ahead! (Chinese Astrology)

Today let's talk about what to expect in the upcoming year of the water tiger according to Chinese astrology.


The external reality 


 The year water tiger starts on February 4th. As I’m writing this blog,  we are not in the year water tiger yet.  We're just getting ready to transition into that year. 


Today I have a question for you: Look at your life right now and tell me if you are feeling that the energy around you is a little weird. Let me know in the comment down below just type “yes” or “no". If you are feeling a little weird, don't panic! We are at a somewhat “special" time.



Right now as I'm writing this blog, we are in mid-January of 2022, and we are in the month of metal ox, and the year of metal ox. You see, the month pillar and the year pillar are exactly the same! We have very concentrated metal ox energy while we're leaving this year.


It’s not very common to see the month and year energy overlaps, but what makes it even more crazy is this: when we move into the year of the water tiger (2022), guess what, the first month of water tiger year is also a water tiger month!


We are transitioning from a metal ox year and metal ox month into a water tiger year and water tiger month! 


Usually when the universe shifts energies this transitional period is always a little crazy.  You're going to see a lot of volatility in this month and the next. That’s why I'm not surprised that the Omnichrome variant is spreading all over the world, and it's making everything look really crazy and scary right now.


Don't panic because this is temporary. This shall pass! I want you to really hunker down this month and next from now all the way until march 5th 2022.  Around that time we will transition out of the water tiger month.


During this time I want you to focus more on yourself and don't focus on the world outside of you. The world outside of you is pretty crazy, and if you look out there you're gonna be scared and overwhelmed with negativity.  So tune within. Tune within and discover that stability from within yourself. The ox energy will give you that stability!


When you get into the tiger energy, you will feel a different kind of strength. It’ll be more about your self-expression rather than your self-observation.


The great transition from Metal Ox to Water Tiger


We can't really look at these energies in isolated ways. We need to first examine the transition of energy. If you've been following my chinese astrology blogs in the last year you probably remember that at the beginning of the metal ox year, I talked about how the metal ox year  feels like a pressure cooker.  You may have felt lot of tension building inside. If you look at the pressure cooker from the outside, you don’t really see all that tension.  Now in the month of January this silent pressure is intensified. 


After January, the pressure will be gradually released because we are transitioning into the water tiger energy! 


When the water tiger energy is here, we know that the pressure has to get out! Tiger is a very outgoing animal, right? The tiger energy is essentially Yang wood energy, and this Yang wood energy must spread itself out. This energy rules education and wide-spreading ideas. The yang wood energy is probably one of the most potent manifesting energy because it's all about turning something invisible into physical reality.


 Remember we've been cooking this invisible energy for the whole year! The universe doesn't just suddenly give us this yang wood water tiger energy, right? It prepared us for it. However this transition is gonna feel pretty abrupt and you're gonna start feeling very differently as you head into February 2022.  Just be aware of this explosive nature of the tiger energy!


The water tiger


Now coming back to this energy of water tiger. It's essentially yang water and young wood. On the heavenly stem we have Yang water, and on the earthly branches we have the Yang wood energy which is represented by the animal tiger. 


Water is the element that gives life to wood energy. So in this year, the energy essentially moves from the heavenly stem to the earthly branch- meaning the the tiger energy is heightened. But that doesn't mean we're not going to feel the water energy!


 water energy is said to rule our intellect because the water element doesn't have a solid shape. It's just like our mind. We can infinitely expand our mind, and we can also infinitely shrink our mind. It's all up to us how to use this energy.


Under the influence of this water energy our mind is going to be challenged. This is the time we could be fooled by ideologies. We could be fooled by lies from other people. If you use this energy well, this energy is gonna help you develop a healthy mind. This is gonna help you meditate better. This is gonna help you expand your mind, learn new things and think more clearly, but if you don't use this energy well, this could disturb your mind. This could make you overly emotional.  This energy also rules our emotions.


The water energy in Chinese astrology is very similar to the pisces energy in western astrology. I also want to point out that this year the planet Jupiter will be in pisces. It takes the planet Jupiter 12 years to complete its circle to travel through all the zodiacs. Every year when Jupiter is in a new sign it brings new energy, and this is very similar to the philosophy of Chinese astrology, right? Essentially Chinese astrology and western astrology are talking about the exact same thing just in two different languages!


Now let's come back to this wood energy. Water gives life to wood, and the wood energy is also a very expansive energy. It's about expansion. It's about education. It's about spreading the energy all over. The water energy prepares our mind and the wood energy makes it grow, and manifests that idea into reality.


 This is telling me that the water tiger year is a year for you to turn your ideas into reality! However,  this idea has to be a polished and prepared. I’m not referring to just some random thoughts and random things. 


If you want to manifest a new beginning of some kind, make sure that you have planted seeds in previous years to make this manifestation possible.


2022 world outlook


When we look at the geopolitical issues I think this upcoming year is still going to be risky and volatile, because we are faced with rising prices of everything, and this water energy is like adding fuel to the fire of inflation.  


Also watch out for traffic accidents. In a water tiger year traffic accident may increase. when you're driving you need to be very very careful. Don't drive when you're tired or under influence! 


Be aware of the stock market volatility. It's going to be volatile because of the nature of this water energy, especially in the first half of the year.


Lastly, Watch out for water related disasters such as flooding. 


The tiger energy


Let's now talk about the yang wood energy which is the tiger energy. Yang wood is a very positive energy because this is pure manifestation material. If you have planted the seeds in the previous years, this is the year when your seeds will grow into big trees!

Overall, the energy of the tiger is facilitating expansion, manifestation and growth,  however, when we have too much of it, what happens? This energy could become explosive.


If you have not made the right cause in the past or if you have not planted the seeds, guess what, this energy could come in and create a disaster or manifest into something disruptive. 


In the second half of 2022, I think our economy will recover some more and we're also going to see that the covid virus will be less and less life-threatening.


Even though right now we're seeing crazy numbers of the covid cases, this disease is a lot less life-threatening, right? Just like what I've been saying all along, covid is going to become less and less of a health problem but it's going to be more and more of an economic problem and political problem.


Now in 2022 we have a year of the tiger that's the yang wood energy, and 2023 we have year of the rabbit , which is Yin wood energy. The wood energies in 2022 and 2023 will probably help us gradually heal the wounds that we receive from this terrible covid pandemic, but the long-term impact of covid will continue to play out in the next 10 years.  


What to do about it


If you take advantage of this tiger energy, this really helps education. The water energy on the heavenly stem helps with intellectual development. So this is a perfect year for those of you who are studying or in school. If you want to go back to school or if you just want to learn new skills and sign up for some courses this is a great time to do that. Remember to take advantage of the programs on my website to learn about manifestation! This is the year for you to educate yourself!


The remedy for this year is self-education and self-reflection. This is the time for you to develop clarity within you. It's all about that inner clarity and self-trust because of the tiger energy, the yang wood energy is so much about belief transformation.This is the year for you to transform your belief system.


Above is the overall energetic remedy. If you want to use some remedies in Feng Shui, remember this: try not to wear as much green as before.


Remember a couple years ago I said green was a remedy? But now the tide has turned. 2022 may be a good time to try other colors! Now in 2022 we have too much wood energy coming in. If you have a lot of plants around you, you may want to move them away from you. Just leave one or two is ok. 


Important date: 2/18/2022


Lastly, I have a bonus point for you. I want you to pay attention to the day February 18, 2022.  This is the day of water tiger. Remember February is the month of water tiger?The year 2022 is also water tiger! So this is the day when the year, the month, and the day are all in perfect alignment.  If you want to add another dimension, which is the time dimension,  so let's add the time - 3-5AM is the water tiger time.


If you can get up early that day and meditate at 4am it's going to be so powerful, because you are going to absorb all of that powerful manifestation magic! Stay tuned for another blog post with more details! 

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