2022: What'll Happen To You? (Chinese Astrology)

Today, let's talk about what the year 2022 will bring, according to Chinese astrology.

The year 2021 is coming to an end and the new year is around the corner. I'm sure in your mind, you're thinking "I would like to make 2022 better than 2021!" Or, "What kind of year will I have in 2022?"

If so, this blog is just for you! Technically, the Chinese year of the tiger - which is 2022 - won't start until February 4th, 2022 because it goes by a different calendar. Also, don't confuse this with the Chinese new year, because this year, the Chinese new year falls on February 1st.  

The Chinese new year is calculated based on the traditional Chinese lunar calendar. Chinese astrology is always based on an ancient Chinese solar calendar. The year of the tiger technically starts on February 4th according to this calendar.

So we still have some time to think about how we can best plan for the year of the tiger. Remember, the energy in the universe flows like a river. It doesn't stop. There is no real beginning or end to any kind of specific energy. This tiger energy is already starting to come in - it's just working more in the background at this time. This is a perfect time for us to get familiarized with this energy. I will be writing a whole separate blog about what water tiger energy feels like specifically, and what it will bring to us collectively.  But in this blog I want focus on each of the core energy categories.

Do you know your core energy?

In Chinese astrology, we have 10 core energy categories. They are yang wood, yin wood, yang fire, yin fire, yang earth, yin earth, yang water, yin water, yang metal, and yin metal.

No matter when you are born, you have to fit into one of these 10 energy categories. In Chinese astrology, we call them "day masters." I call them core energies because that's what they mean.

Now you might be confused. You're like, "Karin, I am a tiger," or, "I am a dragon. I am a rabbit." What do these animals mean? How does these fit into the 10 energy categories?

Well, the quick and simple answer is that those Zodiac animals have their own core energies. For example, Tiger is essentially yang wood - so each animal fits into these different energy categories. However, your specific Zodiac animal (the year you are born) - especially in today's world - doesn't mean as much as you think. 

Why I don't go by the animal of your birth year

Remember that Chinese astrology is an ancient art. It comes from thousands of years back in Chinese history. From back then until about a hundred years ago in Chinese culture, the kind of family you're born into pretty much determines your entire destiny. 

That's why these Zodiac animals used to mean a lot more - because they actually represented the kind of energy of your family, or your origin. In ancient times, you can almost say that the energy you're born into becomes who you are. 

Today it has changed quite a bit because we are becoming more self-aware and we are starting to realize that we can create our own destiny.

Today, I want focus on who you really are, which is one of these 10 energy categories.

If you've been following me for a while, you probably already know your core energy category. If you don't just click here to download my free Chinese astrology training kit. It takes about 15 minutes to go through it. Once you do, you will know your core energy category, and much more.

The focal point

Here's another very important thing you need to know:  Every year, the universe will make some area of your life become the focal point. What does the focal point mean? This simply means that you will be overwhelmed with energies in this area. If you use this energy well, this energy can become the building block of your dream life. This will literally propel your life to the next level. In order for this transformation to happen though, sometimes disappointment and/or chaos can occur. It could also simply be, "unexpected things," that happen.

Every year I use Chinese astrology to gain insight about my upcoming year. This is because Chinese astrology will pretty much tell you what your focal point will be for the next year. This will help me hunker down and get prepared. 

Now let's talk about what the year 2022 - the year of the water tiger - will bring to each energy category.


First, let's talk about the group of wood energy. If you are a yang wood or yin wood, the area of stability will become the focal point. Oftentimes during a period like this, you might move from one home to another. You will have to shake things up a bit in order to build the next level of security.

This energy can often manifest in terms of real estate and home. This year you may find something wrong with your house. However, fixing it will take your house to the next level.

In Chinese astrology the motherly energy also falls in this category, which means, if you're really close to your mother, there might be some problems with your mother - or your relationship with your mother. 

Also - if you are in school - this is also time during which the academic area of your life may experience some kind of shake up.

No matter what, this is basically a huge inflow of energy into these areas of life. So if you use it well, this is a time for you to transform it.

If you are yang wood, you need to pay extra attention here because in the water tiger year, the tiger is yang wood energy. It might create a clash within you. In addition to everything I just said, you also need to pay attention to your health.


If you are a yang fire or yin fire, the focal point of your life this upcoming year is going to be in your career.

If you're a man, this is gonna be more about your career or work. If you're a woman, this is gonna be about your career and/or your romantic relationships. If you are a woman, this might be the year that will bring some new partner into your life.

If you're a man, this year may bring new career opportunities. But remember, in these areas, you will probably experience some shakeups. This means good opportunities might be mixed with challenges and surprises. You have to meet those challenges in order to take your work or your relationship to the next level.

If you are a man, this energy may impact your relationship with your children, if you have children. 

If you are a yang fire, your core energy might be clashing with the incoming yang water energy. You need to nurture yourself and pay special attention to your health this year.


If you are a yang earth or yin earth, this year's focal point to you is money and finances. For men, this is also about your romantic relationships.

In this area, you may see some big wins. You may see great investment income or commission, or business success. However, in these areas, there are also hidden pitfalls. Remember I talked about the "shake ups." This is also a time during which your money and/or finances life area will be tested. If you are a man, 2022 may bring you new relationship opportunities. This is a time during which your relationships could be tested as well.


If you are a yang water or yin water, your focal point in 2022 will be relationships with others, which is not so much about romantic relationships - it's more about things like peer pressure, friends, and/or networking. If you are a loner, this energy may bring you new networks of people. This is a great time for you to build professional networks, or personal networks, and have fun with your friends.

However, in these areas, remember you will also experience "shake ups." Don't be surprised if you have some friends do something unexpected to you. They could even betray you, or say things that hurt your feelings.

Also, for water people, 2022 is a big year for self love. This will be a year during which the universe will ask you:  "Do you love yourself unconditionally?" This is great time for you to build a deeper relationship with yourself.

If you are a yang water person, your core energy is going to somewhat clash with incoming yang water energy. You need to be prepared for challenges, and take care of your health. Again, this is all about your relationship with yourself.


If you are a yang metal or yin metal, the focal point of 2022 will be your creative expression, and what you create. If you are a woman, this might also affect your relationship with your children, if you have children. 

So in 2022, it's all about telling the universe who you are and what you wish to create. Remember, we are all creators, and this is the time for you to create!

Since you're given so much energy to create, remember this energy could also shake you up a bit. Your will to grow this year will be greatly heightened. If your environment doesn't match this growth, it's gonna create some shakeups in your life. 

So for you, don't be surprised if you have to change jobs, or if you have to change up something in your life in order to grow and learn - or pursue that higher vision of yourself. In 2022, that desire is going to become stronger for you.

I wish you all great success in 2022! Stay tuned for more blogs on manifesting your best year ever in 2022. I will make more Chinese astrology prediction content regarding the new year. Stay tuned!

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