2021 Shocking Predictions & Message from Divine (Western Astrology)

Today I want to give you my 2021 predictions. Since this is going to be a little long, I will separate it into 2 parts.

Part 1 will be based on Western astrology and part 2 will be based on Eastern astrology, or Chinese astrology. Of course, I will add the divine messages I received from my guides! Specifically for you.

Last year, around this time, I made a blog about the upcoming 2020, and many of you read that blog and now know the predictions were spot on. Actually, when I was channeling that message from my spirit guides, I never knew that blog was going to help so many people. That's why over the course of last year, I've been writing a little more blogs about these predictions. Now, although I call them "predictions," if you know my work well, you know I don't believe that our future is fixed. I don't believe that we have no free will. All I'm doing with these predictions is laying out the kind of energy that we will be expecting in the next year. Doing this will help us become more aware of what we're dealing with, and also help us manifest the outcome that we so much desire and deserve.

The Message 

The new year 2021 is gonna feel a lot like you just moved. What does that mean?

2020 felt like a time when your old house is suddenly shattered and you had to move out - there was no choice, right? We've experienced a lot of collective craziness - the pandemic and changes in the economy. Now in 2021, my guides are telling me that it's not going to be as shocking and as crazy as 2020. However, it is going to feel somewhat uncomfortable, and a lot of things we were used to are no longer the norm. So in 2021, it's all about picking up the debris from the hurricane of 2020, and dealing with the brand new environment we just moved into. We talked a lot about the energy tsunami around December 21st, and I've been stressing over and over that these dates are just there to help us understand the energy. The actual manifestation could happen weeks before or after the exact conjunction.

Now it looks like a lot of our predictions are coming around. On December 20th - 21st, we heard about the new strain of the Coronavirus. A lot of places in Europe are now under red alert, especially in the UK. The US is not doing that good wither. Also, I said in the previous blog that around this time you will see a greater outbreak of the Coronavirus. It looks like it's really happening right now. However, we shouldn't be afraid of this, right?

This is because we also talked about the Jupiter conjunction. Jupiter may represent a cure. Like I said, this is all playing out. I think that January of 2021 is going to feel a lot like a continuation of 2020. January 2021 is still the year of the metal rat (in Chinese Astrology), so we're still in the 2020 energy.

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Remember the big conjunction just happened and the energy just peaked. We're still allowing that energy to unfold. However, I want you to pay attention to February 2021. That's the time we move out of the metal rat year, which we'll talk about in the next session in a lot more detail.

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February 2021 is important

According to Western astrology, February 2021 is a really big month, because at this time we have like six planets all crowded on the planet of Aquarius.

So if you're an Aquarius yourself, or if you have a lot of planets in Aquarius, if you have any planet in Aquarius, you're going to feel like you're being hammered in all different directions. You're going to feel all kinds of intense energies are suddenly filling up your life. You could also experience very intense situations, and very intense people. Remember that all of these appear to actually support you in figuring out who you are, what you want, and where you're headed in life. Out of all these planets there we see Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury - all of these planets are giving us energy to help us understand who we are. So February, I think, will be all about identifying where you're heading. It's going to feel like all of these energies are going to push you and urge you to clarify your goals.

Now, the question for humanity would be, how can we restart the economy? How can we distribute the vaccines and how can we shake off the shadow of 2020?

So February is all about the energy of Aquarius. All of the planets in Aquarius are channeling the energy there. What is that energy? It's explosion, it's revolution, it's new ideas. This month - especially on February 11th, which is a new moon - is when this energy will peak. So the sun, the moon, Jupiter, mercury - they're all gonna be in the same place. This is really asking us to come up with ideas which are out of the box, and out of our comfort zone. This is about getting out of your comfort zone. This is also about our society collectively coming out of the comfort zone. So that's gonna be sort of a restart of everything.

The virus is probably going to still live with us for a while, probably until the end of 2021. But toward the second half of 2021, you are going to feel a lot more positive about the virus. The first half of 2021 - I think - the virus is still going to be around and it's still going to affect our life quite a bit. But especially watch out for February 2021.

February 11th is the new moon day. This is the time you are probably going to see some new solutions. You're going to see some breakthroughs in treatment, or wide distribution of vaccines, or somehow we're gonna figure out a way to rise above this pandemic. February is a very intense month. I think it really is going to set the tone for the rest of the year, because this year Jupiter is pretty much going to stay in Aquarius the whole time.

As I said above, Aquarius is the sign of expansion and revolution, and Jupiter expands. Wherever Jupiter is causes that area to expand. This kind of gives you the flavor of this year. That's why I think that for all of 2021, we're going to be under the influence of Aquarius quite a bit. So it's not like 2020 where we're more influenced by Capricorn. Capricorn is kind of a contracting energy and the Aquarius is the expansion energy.

Saturn Uranus Square

Now February 17th is another very important date. This is the date when Saturn and Uranus are going to form a 90 degree square. This alone is not really that important, but what's important is the Saturn and Uranus cycle.

This cycle repeats every 40 some years - every 40 some years Saturn and Uranus forms a conjunction. The last time they formed in conjunction is in 1988-1989.

So now we've traveling through the next cycle since then, and we're in the last square of this cycle. This means we're heading towards a major breakthrough and shift in society.

Think back to the last Saturn and Uranus conjunction (1988-1989). What happened then? It was the fall of the Soviet Union. It was the end of the Cold War. Now we've been in this current cycle for quite a while (about 30 years), this post cold war cycle. I think - this time around - we may be approaching the end of this whole globalization movement, and everything associated with that. We'll see, but it looks like we're not there yet. We're in the 3rd square of this cycle. I think collectively, starting 2021 all the way until 2032, we're racing towards the next conjunction of Saturn and Uranus.  We're going to wrap up all the things that we need to wrap up during this time and during this "February 17th square," you're going to see glimpse of the future.

So pay attention to what happens around February 11th and February 17th. During this time it may seem just like little sparks of the future are going to come out, and you may be able to see through these little sparks. You may be able to see what kind of society we're heading towards. I personally feel that we are going into a society that includes more freedom, more personal expression, and more prosperity. It's actually the start of a golden age - we're really heading into it. In a way it takes our society 10-20 years to prepare for such a period of time. Right? So I think 2020 is like the shattering of the old society, and the old structures. This shattering also is going to continue long-term.

The Work of Pluto

2021 is going to be a continued shattering of our old reality. Why?

This is because Pluto is still in Capricorn. Pluto is the slowest moving planet and Pluto is not done yet. So Pluto entered into Capricorn in 2008. Remember what happened that year? The collapse of the stock market, the collapse of wall street. This cycle hasn't ended yet. This Pluto "job" really hasn't ended yet. We're going to continue seeing the pattern we've been experiencing all the way through 2024. That's when Pluto finally comes out of Capricorn. That's when Pluto is done. So 2021 is going to feel a lot like you just moved into a new house, and you still have a lot of work to do. Part of that work is the Saturn / Uranus cycle. Part of this work is the deep transformation of our world done by Pluto. We're also we're heading to a very important time for the United States.

On February 2022, Pluto returns for the US. You know that every country has birth chart too, right?. So the United States was born when Pluto was in Capricorn in 1776. Now we're actually coming very close to that exact position of Pluto in Capricorn again. In a way, we're already feeling it. If you live in the United States, you know that this country has never been so divided. There's a lot of upheavals in this country. I think this is going to continue all the way until 2024, but 2022 would probably be the peak of it. So be ready, even though you're not living in the United States, you are influenced by this because right now, the United States is a super power, and it influences the entire world. So you can feel this shakeup, no matter where you live in the world, that's just something of which you need to be mindful.

How exactly do you prepare for these upcoming changes? My guides are telling me that the most important thing is being centered and grounded.

A few weeks ago, I did a live stream about the December 21st energy tsunami. During that live stream, we did a Reiki infused guided meditation. I want you to keep repeating that meditation every day throughout 2021. That's what my guides are telling me. It's very important to fortify that energy of being grounded, being stable, because we're feeling this great storm. The wind blowing at us from all different directions. You need to feel that you are deeply rooted in your core. You're deeply rooted in your connection with God, with the universe.

This is the time when people who are not grounded, or not centered - not connected - are going to fall and get out of balance and stay trapped.

Remember this work of deep transformation - this work of going into a new golden age - hasn't completed yet. 2021 is just a continuation of 2020. Although it's not going to feel as drastic and sudden as 2020.

So I want everyone to come back to center and maybe use mantras, use meditations, and just fortify that feeling of "I am centered. I am stable."

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