2021 Big Warnings & Chinese Astrology Predictions for the Metal Ox Year

In this blog, I want to share with you my 2021 predictions based on Chinese astrology, and insights from my spirit guide.

We talk about astrology and predictions because we want to know how you can navigate your life being fully aware of your divine aids. These aids are the energy patterns that you will be receiving from the universe going forward.

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Part I is more focused on Western astrology. This post will be based more on Eastern astrology, or Chinese astrology. In the first part of my predictions - written about in the last blog post - I talked about the significance of February, 2021. Remember in Chinese astrology, the year 2021 isn't actually called "2021" because according to ancient Chinese calendar, they go by five elements instead.

So according to Chinese astrology, the upcoming year, 2021, is actually the year of Metal Ox. However, the calendar is slightly different too! So the Metal Ox year doesn't technically start until February 2021 of our calendar.

Year of Metal Ox

We already talked about the importance of February 2021. According to Western astrology, we'll have the new moon on February 11. We'll have the stellium in Aquarius too. In Chinese astrology, the new month is around the same time as the Western new moon. On February 12 we celebrate the Chinese New Year - the year Metal Ox. Isn't that amazing? I find that the studies of astrology never contradict each other. They always compliment each other. You always arrive at the same conclusions, no matter which branch of astrology you study. February, 2021 marks the beginning of this Metal Ox year.

If you remember from my previous blog, 2020, or the time up to mid February from Chinese calendar perspective, is the Metal Rat year. It was a crazy year, wasn't it? (We are still in the Metal Rat year as I write this post)

The year coming now (2021) is still a metal year, but a Metal Ox. This metal year is different from the 2020 metal year because 2020 was a Yang metal. And this year will be a Yin metal, which is the softer metal. Remember in Chinese astrology, we examine the flow of theYin and the Yang.

The Yang is always more destructive, more explosive and strong, and Yin usually is a little bit more submissive. It's a little bit softer. That's why oftentimes, my clients tell me that when they shift from their personal Yang cycle to their personal Yin cycle, they feel the shift. Everything feels softer. It's the same way with the transiting year in Chinese astrology.

So you can expect that once we move into February 2021, the energy is going to feel a little softer. It's not as destructive, or as sudden. It will not be as explosive. However, it's the same kind of energy because it's still going to be a metal year - especially the first half of 2021. By first half, I'm referring to the Chinese year, meaning anywhere from mid February to mid July. During this time, you're going to feel the strong flavor of metal.

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What is metal energy?

During the first half of the year we're going to still feel a lot of this Yin metal energy. This means we're going to feel a sense of cooling down metal by nature. It's cooling, it's restrictive, it's not expansive. It's almost like you're going to feel a little bit more pressure - that restrictive aspect of it. Where there's restrictive pressure, there's also more likelihood of rebellion. Because of that, you are also going to feel a sense of:  "I want to break free from the pressure." That's why this year I'm actually foreseeing more revolution or rebellion. This is simply because this cooling down of the metal energy is going to make you want to break free even more. This year is going to feel a bit uncomfortable. Not because we're going to be hammered by very strong energy, but simply because after the passing of the strong energy, now we have to figure out what's next. Right? So that is going to be the flavor of 2021. It's going to feel a little calmer. It's going to feel a little softer. However, it's going to still feel uncomfortable.

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Earth Energy

In Chinese astrology earth generates metal, earth gives life to metal. In this year, we have a "metal earth" year. This is because Ox is considered Yin earth.
The metal energy is a little bit more highlighted because earth generates metal, which means this feeling of very soft restriction - not very aggressive, and not sudden. However, this feeling of restriction is always going be there. Also, even though earth gives life to metal, that doesn't mean the earth disappears, or gets "absorbed" into metal. Earth is also a very restrictive element because earth is the only element in the five Chinese elements that doesn't move. So this very fixed energy of not moving plus, the restriction of the get the idea.

This is why I don't think the travel industry is going to recover this year. It's probably gonna take a little longer, maybe until 2022 when the yang water year comes (the first half of year).

For the first half of this year (2021) I'm expecting that COVID will still stay with us. I'm not saying that COVID is going to completely go away by the second half of the year, but COVID will become less and less of a problem. 

COVID attacks our lungs. How is that related? In Chinese astrology, the lungs are ruled by metal. That metal element in the first half a year is going to be stronger (like I wrote above). That's our calendar all the way till July. I think that around August you're going to start seeing that COVID is going to become less and less of a threat to all of us, although it's not completely going away.

In 2021 however, I also want you to be aware of your digestive system. This is because this area of the body is ruled by earth. Oftentimes when we encounter an earth year, problems in this areas of our bodies are activated. So I don't know - maybe there will be some kind of disease going around that attacks the digestive systems - just watch out for that. Also during this time, pay attention to your gut health - maybe take probiotics - and, pay attention to what you eat! 

Metal and Earth

2020 was the yang metal and 2021 is the yin metal. When it comes to the metal energy, the yin metal is always telling us that we need to be very conservative. This is especially true when it comes to our money and our investments. This is not a year to go into risky investments. Again, it is not a good time to buy and trade, or to try to make short-term profit. I don't see our financial system completely collapsing this year though. The first half of 2021 is somewhat protected by the added metal energy - metal is financial power. So in a way, we're going to be okay, but when the metal energy goes away after July, that's when I start to see weakening of the financial market. When you have that in combination with the earth energy, I think the real estate market is also not going to do very well. This is not a year to play with your money.

This is a year to pay off your debt, to stay conservative, and basically guard your money. Once we go to December 2021, the month of Rat, financial market may see some hope of revival. December 2021 will be an interesting time because this is the time when the yang water (Rat is always Yang Water) is going to kind of a melt away the earth. That indicates that it will be a time when the economy will be stimulated into a positive growth.

So I would expect that all year, we're going to feel pretty restricted in terms of lack of resources, or money problems. Then, once we go into like mid December, that's when the financial markets start to see a little bit more hope. This is also the time when Jupiter enters into Pisces in Western Astrology. Usually when Jupiter is in Pisces, the market blossoms. So I do expect that the around the end of 2021, the economy is going to get a little better.

2021 yin metal energy is going to increase the risk for a war or a military disputes between nations. So we need to pray for peace in our world. The yin earth energy in 2021 is telling us to watch out for issues related to mother earth or agriculture, or agricultural products. Maybe we could experience a famine in some parts of the world. We could also experience increased earthquakes and mudslides. I think in 2021, we need to focus our positive energy on the healing of the world. This is essential and also focused on clearing our collective karmic debt. 

Divine Message

My guides want to tell you that 2021, the metal earth year, is about finding that deep, quiet, and unwavering passion from within. Passion is fire. That is the balancing element that a lot of people are going to need for the energy of the year. The unwavering passion is a quiet, deep kind of passion. This unwavering passion is going to be your secret remedy to take full advantage of all the energies in 2021.

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