2020 World Predictions & Message From Divine: Shocking Changes Ahead...

I want to share with you some of the messages I have been receiving during meditation and you can call it my world predictions or my messages to you.

Anyway, there are three key messages I want to share with you. It's about you, your life, and 2020 and beyond. 

Every decade has its own characteristics and these characteristics can only be defined by future generations and I'm curious what our future generations are going to think of this past decade that we just went through in the next decade.

Everything is going to feel very differently. That's what I've been receiving from my spiritual guides. I don't really consider myself a psychic. I can't tell you which celebrity going to get married and who's going to get pregnant. It's not like that.

When I'm in meditation, I feel that I'm often guided by the divine and I receive urges and messages, and just the energies. I try to translate these energy patterns and urges into words and words are not perfect. So what I am about to say is not something that's bound to happen or maybe the same energy will be played out differently.

I want you to pay attention to the energy, not so much about how everything is going to play out because that's really up to the divine. I want to encourage you to spend more time in meditation and receive your own messages because we are all divinely inspired and guided.

There are 3 key messages I kind of keep hearing and receiving. I want to share them with you. And maybe you are also receiving the same messages. 

The 1st message I have been receiving is that this next decade is going to be very different.

There's going to be significant changes. My spiritual guide asked me to look at Astrology and see how energy can be explained that way. So if you look at astrology-  Saturn and Pluto are in conjunction with the sign of Capricorn.

Saturn and Pluto only join hands once every 33 to 38 years. So this is pretty significant. Saturn is the energy of reality and Pluto is the energy of karmic transformation.

It's a slow but complete transformation. And when these two join hands, usually there are big changes in the world.

And what makes it more interesting is that this conjunction is happening in the sign of Capricorn and this energy is actually going to peak in January 2020.

what is the sign of Capricorn? It represents corporations, structures, governments, things that we can see and touch - basically the world order.

Do you know when was the last time Saturn and Pluto work together in Capricorn?  It was during the American Revolution in the 1770s. So that's how significant this energy, this shift is going to be.

Remember the American revolution started a brand new country and this country is dominating the world even today, right? The last time when Saturn and Pluto or in Capricorn, a new world order start to form, and this is going to be a very similar kind of energy, but again, we don't know how it's going to be played out.

What I've been getting is that we're going to see significant change happening around us, maybe in political orders, in how the world operates, in how the financial system works. We don't know exactly where the change is coming and how he's gonna play out, but we know that things are not going to be the same in the next decade.

And what I'm getting is that it seems like people are breaking free from the old system, from the old structure, from the old philosophy. Basically, the old world is shedding his own skin so the new world can be born.

when changes like this happen, it's not always comfortable. Sometimes it's accompanied by something not so pleasant, maybe even a war - right now there is a trade war, right? So what my spiritual guide has been telling me is that change can be painful, but sometimes it is necessary.

How are we going to brace for the change? It's about letting go of the old system, letting go of the old beliefs, letting go of the belief that we're limited in this current version of us,  and then step into the new vision, the new reality.

in the new world there will be increased freedom, there'll be increased prosperity, there'll be more spiritual awakenings, there'll be more people into this kind of message, into turning thoughts into physical reality. However, for us globally as a species to shift from the old reality, from the old belief system into these new systems, sometimes we have to experience pain, especially people who are clinging on the old systems. They may feel the most pain.

So I want you to just stay open for the next year and next decade and don't be too attached to what's already in place, and be willing to make a shift in your belief system and in even in your career, in the way you make them money in the way you live your life.

The 2nd message I've been receiving is that though everything has an up and down cycle. 

Sometimes in order for the next expansion to happen, we need a little contraction. Okay. You may see is that before we collectively shift into this new reality of more freedom, more prosperity, more spiritual awakening, you're going to see more unemployment, more calamities, more earth changing, and more natural disasters. and that's all part of the game.

Mother earth is trying to find its balance, and we as collective energy is trying to find balance again.

So my spiritual guide has been telling me that don't be afraid of these changes. Don't be afraid of these natural disasters or anything that could happen in your world. Because ultimately we are all loved and protected. This is something that I want you to really harness - the sense of absolute faith.

The 3rd message I've been receiving is to get ready for a brand new world and maybe in upcoming decades, certain things that we're used to today are going to be obsolete.

For example, certain jobs, maybe more and more people will be working from home. Maybe more and more people will be working remotely, maybe fewer and fewer people will be dependent on the big corporation or big government. So are you ready for these shifts? So do you have a skill that's tied up to the old world? And if that is the case, maybe you can start to learn a new skill and so you'd be ready for a new kind of employment or a new kind of business. I had been really thinking and rethinking my own business strategy and see how I had been doing things the old way and how I can, you know, shift more into this new way in the future. 

The sooner you get started to prepare for this. it won't hit you and it will be a joyful transition. For a lot of people, the upcoming changes may not be joyful because they are so dependent on the old order.

Today, Spend some time to reflect on your own life and maybe let me know in the comment down below what are some of the things that you think you can let go of and what way you can prepare for the new future.

Another clear message that I got from my guides is that the upcoming year or so is not the right time to invest in risky stuff or borrow a lot of money. It's actually a good time to save your money, pay off your debt, and get ready for new opportunities because there will be new ways for you to prosper in the new era.

Are you ready to join me to get into this new era? Make sure you let me know in the comment down below that you're ready to shed the old skin and move into the brand new era.

There are just so many exciting things awaiting! But you need to be ready for the transition.


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