2 Cup Method with Gratitude: Super Charge Your Money Manifesting

Author: Desiree S

You looking for a technique to boost your abundance manifestation?

You should try Karin's modified version of the popular 2 cup method!

The two cups method comes from the idea of dimension jumping.

Based on Quantum physics every possible possibility does already exist, so basically we are not creating but we are choosing a possibility which already exists.

Two cups symbolize two different realities, one cup symbolize the current reality or situation and the second one symbolizes our ideal reality.

Since most of us know by now that gratitude is a manifestation booster in itself, we will combine now the powerful two cup method with gratitude.

In every situation, no matter how bad it might be, there is a blessing, and in every situation, there is a lesson to be learned. Once we are ready to let go, accept and are grateful for what we already have at that moment even though not everything is perfect, we will be able to move on.

Let's get started now with our modified version of the two cup method.

We will need two cups and two stickers.



On the first sticker, we are going to write down our gratitude for our current situation even though it, not the best. Here an example „Thank you for helping me manage my money and my finances even though I don´t have a lot“. We are going to put this sticker on our first cup.

On the second sticker we are going to express our gratitude for our ideal situation, for example:

„Thank you universe for infinite abundance beyond my wildest dreams, thank you for the opportunity to serve more and enjoy more freedom“. Now we´re going to put that on our second cup.

The next step is to put water in the first cup, hold the filled cup in your hand and while you do that, hold all the thoughts of gratitude for your current situation and all the things you have already now, in your mind.

Once you are ready, pour the water from the first cup into the second. This symbolizes the dimension jump.

Now that all the water is in the second cup and you are in your ideal situation, be grateful for it. Be grateful for your ideal situation. Thank the universe for it and hold those thoughts of gratitude.

This method won´t make you rich by tomorrow but I really hope it´s going to help you boost your financial manifestation

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