17 Second Visualization Hack For Manifesting

Today let me teach you the 17 second visualization hack! I will show you how you can manifest in 17 seconds of visualization. This is a super easy and powerful technique that you can use to manifest anything.


Have you ever tried to visualize? What is your biggest obstacle in visualization? let me know in the comment down below. We all know that visualization is very powerful manifestation method and a lot of people are trying it. I find that many people have trouble visualizing. No matter how hard they try, they just can’t do it right. 


They either can’t find the time for it, or when they sit down they just simply can't get in the right feeling state. If this is happening to you, please be clear about this one thing: Your notion of time.


How long should your visualization last


A lot of people ask me, “Karin, how long should I visualize every day?” You might think that you have to sit there and visualize for a half an hour or at least 10 minutes. You treat it like an item you have to check off from your to-do list. 


This approach is wrong! Do you remember your childhood days? When you were a little child, did you ever carry a to-do list? Did you have an imaginary friend or any fun imaginations? Have you ever tried to write a story? Did the story come to you through a to-do list? Did you have to try hard, or did the story just come to you?


Let me ask you another question: What’s your favorite TV show or movie? When I ask you about this, what is the first idea in mind? When you think of the story, do you have to check it off your to-do list? I’m sure your answer is NO!


Every time you put this visualization thing on your to-do list, that means that you are not visualizing correctly. Visualization doesn't have to happen when you're sitting there seriously and telling yourself “I'm visualizing”. Visualization happens when you are just going about your life. Maybe you have a moment here, a moment there, and you just slip into your dream life and come back. Just go in and come out. That’s it! In fact, in the beginning, the less time you spend in one visualizing session, the better. Why?


Most people have never trained their mind to sustain pure positive energy for a long time. When you try to visualize for a long period of time, your mind will go all over the place. Your doubt may come in to tell you that this is impossible. All of that just dilute the positive energy. When you only stay in your visualization for a few seconds, guess what, you get out of your visualization before the negative self-talks begin. 


The most important factor


The most important thing is the concentration of energy. It’s not the length of time you sit. I really want you to get this: You don't have to visualize long and hard. You just have to be able to fully submerge yourself in the energy of your dream life.


Now let's talk about the 17 second hack. I recently started to do this with my clients because I noticed that a lot of people really don't know how long they should be visualizing. I find that the 17 second is a very good starting point , especially for those of you who have not trained your mind with meditation.


If you have never trained your mind to sustain positive energy for a long period of time, start with just visualizing just for 17 seconds.


There is some prep work you should do before you get into 17 seconds visualization. 


2 steps to prepare for your 17 second visualization


First, ask yourself: “What’s the essence of my desire”? Then get a piece of paper a pen or on a note app on your phone to write down your answer. 


I talk about the “essence of your desires” in almost all of my videos. The essence is the FEELING PLACE of your dream life. For example, if you think you want a new job, the essence of a new job is feeling successful, abundant, respected etc etc.  If you want a new relationship, the essence is feeling loved, intimacy, self-love, joy, or harmony.

 In other words, you have to come up with a few words that describe the feeling places of your desires.  These words are not for describing the actual things.


First, think of what you want. The actual things could be money, job, the house etc etc. And then you distill your desire into the feeling places. Now you have the essence of what you want.


If you have more than one words to describe the essence of what you want, for now just pick one of them. 


Now let’s get ready with the following steps.


Step 1: Write down the one word.


Let's say you want to manifest more money, and the essence of your desire is freedom. Now write the word “freedom” in big font on your piece of paper.


Step 2: Find the object or image that contain the word


While thinking of this word, look around and look at any object around you. Alternatively you can resort to an image in your mind. 


What does freedom represents at this point? You might see an object that represents the feeling of freedom. Maybe it's a dollar bill, or maybe it's a piece of gold jewelry.  It could also be just an image in your head. The object or image usually comes to you very quickly. It comes and goes.  Now just pay attention to that image or object, and write down what it is that represents the essence of what you want at this moment.  


Now the prep work is complete.


An example


Let me reiterate: find out the essence of what you want and define some object or some image that represents this essence.


 If you can't come up with the image or the object then you should give yourself some time. Don’t get into your visualization before you have that. It’s ok to give yourself a day to discover the object or image.


Let me give you an example. Just before I sat down to make this video, I was walking my dog and I was asking the universe: “how can I make videos more effortlessly? I want to make better videos faster.” Then I asked myself what is the essence of this desire? To me that actually means a sense of freedom with time. I want to have more time. I want to flow with time. So, “flow” was the essence of what I want. 


While I was thinking of this essence word, guess what, I turned around I saw a butterfly - a very very beautiful butterfly right there. I instantly knew that that was the object that I need. 


So. that's the process. I did all of that before I went into my visualization.   


The 17-second visualization hack


Now you should have the essence and the object. Now you're ready to get into your 17 seconds of visualization.


Now set a timer and tell yourself you will only spend 17 seconds visualizing today. Set a timer for 18 seconds because after you push the timer and you close your eyes. That takes a second.


Now focus on the object and the essence in your visualization and see them become one in your mind. Once the both merge, you will feel the feeling in your heart. By the time you feel it, 17 seconds is up.


If you feel like it, you can repeat this exercise. When you practice this more and more often you will come to a point where 17 seconds feels a little short, because you will feel like you are capable of focusing your mind for 17 seconds easily.  You will feel that you're capable of focusing on the essence of your desire for 17 seconds. When doing this for 17 seconds becomes easy, you can make this a little longer.   You can do 60 seconds 68 seconds. Eventually you can do 5 minutes, 10 minutes or even longer. 17 seconds is a very important starting point because this is the amount of time your inner being needs to get clarity. Happy manifesting!


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