What does 1111 Mean? Repeating Angel Numbers

What does 1111 mean?

Do you see repeating numbers all the time ? I think a part of us intuitively know that they are some kind of message from the universe. Are you dying to find out what is the universe trying to tell you?

Let's try to explore as I show you a way to figure out exactly what the universe is telling you.

Let me ask you a question: Do you believe that the universe loves you?

If the answer is yes, then ask yourself this next question: If somebody loves you, would they want to communicate with you?

If they want to communicate with you, would they want YOU to understand what they're saying?

 If they want to make you understand what they're saying, why would they use secret codes that you wouldn't understand? 

If you think that these numbers are some kind of secret codes, I think you're missing the point.

The universe wants you to know the meaning of 1111

Some people may already have the answer to the meaning of these words. I can give you a list of potential meanings of these numbers and you can search them yourself. I'm not saying that these answers are wrong, but let me ask you again. If your mother loves you and your mother wants to talk to you, every time your mom says 1111, would you need to go to a website and try to find what that mean? 

It's not like that! You and your mother have a special connection. When your mother tried to tell you something, you know exactly what she's saying. Right?

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Your relationship with the universe is not that different! You and the universe are one. You and the universe are in a loving relationship much more profound than the relationship you have with your mother. 

Understand that the universe may have subtle messages for you through these numbers. It can also come in so many other ways- but you have to expand your consciousness to understand that. You are in a divine connection and divine communication with the universe all the time.  Numbers like 1111 meaning? You are part of the divine communication when you see them.

Do you have running water at home? I hope you do. Most of us who have a regular faucet, in some cases, you push a button, then the water will come out.

Divine connection and 1111 meaning

Imagine your connection with the source is like this faucet. The source is like the infinite water supply you have in your home and the water is always there ready to come out of your mind.

Your conscious mind is like that water faucet, the faucet is there to receive the water so the water can come through and come out. However many of us never know how to turn the water on. So our faucet is always closed.

And when it is not on, it's like, you have a mother but you cut all your communication with her. Even though she wants to talk to you, you are not allowing her to communicate with you. That's the reason why so many people  feel completely disconnected from the source.

Think of a moment where you see these repeating numbers. How do you feel?  When you see these numbers immediately ask yourself, "how do I feel now?" 

I can bet a hundred dollars even a thousand dollars that when you're seeing these numbers, you're usually at a time of a peaceful or empty mind. It means your mind is not clouded with worry, fear nor negativity. When you see the alignment of these numbers, typically that's an indication that you somehow turned on the faucet and you somehow are letting the water in.

How long are you allowing your mind to be open like this ? That's entirely up to you. 

When you see 1111, it's a reminder that you are connected to the divine.

 1111 portal is showing you your natural state of being

Our natural state of our being is connectedness. We are connected on the soul level. So for the times, you have an empty mind the water naturally comes through. That's when you see these repeating numbers like 1111. These moments of alignment is an indication that at that moment, that split moment, you are aligned with the universe.

However, for most people, as soon as they see the number they rush on finding the meaning. "Oh, what am I seeing? Why am I seeing these numbers? What does it mean? Let me go to Google and check what it means" The moment you start to do that, that faucet is turned off immediately. You're no longer receiving divine communication.

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The only way to decode meaning of repeating angel numbers like 1111

You may find meanings of repeating number from some website, such as 8888 means abundance is coming to you. So when you see 888, the next day you would go buy a lottery ticket then, unfortunately, you won't win. It's not because abundance is not coming to you. Abundance is coming to you all the time. It's because you're getting the wrong message. Next time when you see any kind of repeating numbers, what do you do? You breathe in and breathe out and you take 3 deep breaths then simply say a prayer to the universe.

You say: "Dear universe, thank you. Now I am clear, you and I are connected. I'm open and willing to prolong this connection. I'm open and willing to live in this divine connection 24/7."

When you feel connected 24/7 , everything around you becomes a communication, a sign, a message from the universe. The universe is willing to connect with you. The universe is willing to communicate with you, to tell you how much it loves you, to tell you how amazing you are and how everything you desire is coming your way.

However, You must ask, otherwise it won't be given. So all the repeating numbers mean exactly the same? In a way, they all mean that you are connected but you need to tap into that connection. Otherwise, the connection means nothing to you. However, every repeating number pattern does have its flavor and it's an expression of your connectedness. 

Meaning of other repeating numbers

1111 usually means the universe is opening his portal to you.

2222 usually means you need to have faith for what you want and it's coming.

3333 means there are a lot of ascended masters around you.

4444 means angels are all around you.

5555 means your life is about to change.

6666 means you are focusing a little too much on your external world. You may want to go within.

7777 means you are in a spiritual moment, you're close to a spiritual awakening.

8888 means abundance.

9999 means completion.

Once you see those specific numbers, Try to just close your eyes and tap into that specific flavor of these energy patterns.

These angel number explanations or interpretations above are general. Also, look for other signs. For example, when you turn on the radio and hear a specific song, The lyrics will tell you something or you may suddenly bump into a friend who you haven't seen for a long time and they can tell you about a specific opportunity.

When you see these numbers, pay attention to how your heart is telling you at that moment. The message could be very specific to your situation.


You need to tap into the connection and truly understand what the universe is trying to communicate with you. Meditate and get in that feeling and ask the universe, "what does it have in store for you?" Be open to receive all the amazing things that are about to come into your life. You deserve it and you will create your dream life.


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