The 1: 40,000,000,000,000 Opportunity You Need To Grab Now to Manifest Your Dream Life

Right now there exists a golden opportunity. If anyone gets this chance, he or she will be able to completely transform their lives, and live in ultimate love, joy, and gratitude. This person can have everything they want in order to live their dream life. The only catch is that the chance of getting this opportunity is one in 400 trillion. Now, you may be thinking, "Karin, are you kidding me?" I'm not. I'm going to show you how to get this opportunity!

What if I tell you that you just won the opportunity I described above? You got this one in 400 trillion chance to completely transform your life. How would you feel? Oftentimes I get people coming to me and say, "Karin, I want to start a business, but I'm not sure I'm going to make it because 95% of the businesses fail in the first five years." There are people who also say, "Karin, I want to write a book, but I'm not sure I'm going to do it because you know, 95% of books are never published." There are even more people who say, "Karin, I would love to manifest my dream life, but I'm not sure I can do it because most people can't do it." Or, "I've tried it for a few days, a few weeks, a few months. It didn't happen for me. So, this must not be for me. I'm just going to go back to live my old life." If you are one of these people, or if you feel that that you're never going to be lucky enough to do the thing you want, or you're never going to be good enough to live the life you want, I want you to consider some real statistics.

The numbers I described above are real statistics. There is an opportunity that comes one in 400 trillion, and that opportunity is being you. Do you know that your chance of being conceived and being born is one in 400 trillion? Do you know how crazy that is? Do you know the chance of winning the Powerball lottery? The chance of winning the Powerball lottery in the United States is one in 300 million.

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Your chance of being born is one in 400 trillion! It's like winning the Powerball lottery every single day. That is how rare it is for you to be conceived and for you to become a human being - to be born, to be able to be here - that is how lucky you are! There are probably a billion blogs out there on Google. The fact that you're reading this one should make you understand that you are the lucky one. Not everybody has the opportunity to see this. Now you're right here. So now please give me your undivided attention. Please focus all of your attention on this one fact:

You are so lucky!

Don't ever think that you don't deserve things. Don't ever think that you will never start your business, or that you will never write that book, or that you will never become that actor you dream of becoming.

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You are so lucky. The fact that you are here, the fact that you are conceived, and that the fact that you are a human being - do you know how rare that is? Now please direct your attention to the next question. What does your dream life mean to you? It took the universe so much work to make the perfect YOU, and to put you here. You have the perfect life. You breathe. You have precious life force flowing within. You have a beautiful face. You have a perfect body. You're able to see, and you're able to breathe. You're able to taste. You're able to touch. You are given all of these amazing opportunities. They're worth so much more than any dollar amount! What are you doing with this precious gift?

Do you really cherish this gift of life? Do you really cherish this one in 400 trillion chance to be you? That is the question I want you to seriously ask yourself. Please know that if you take this for granted, if you don't think this is an amazing thing, if you don't realize this is a miracle, then you don't have the right experience of living. You will struggle to live your dream life. The universe put you here not for you to just waste time, live through your life, and do nothing. You're not meant to come here to feel depressed, or feel unfulfilled. The reason why universe conspired to create this amazing creature called you is for you to be here, and to fully experience the glory of being you. What is the glory of being you? It is the glory of being alive. It is the glory of being here right now, and right here. It is to breathe and to know how wonderful you are. It is to know how you are given unlimited possibilities to manifest your dream life, to transform your life, and to be whoever you want to be. You really have to tap into this miracle in order to manifest the little miracles that you think you need.

Many people think, "I just need a million dollars," or "I just need that job," or, "I just need that person to be with me." However, comparing any of these possibilities to the one in 400 trillion chance of being you, those things are just laughable to the universe. Those things are so tiny for the universe. It only takes the universe a second to manifest those things. However, the reason you're not experiencing your dream life is not because you don't have the million dollars, or because you don't have the perfect job, or the perfect person in your life. No, it is because you're not fully embracing the miracle of being you. It is because you're not fully tapping into the miraculous power that resides within you. That's why I really want you to become aware of how wonderful your life is. 

Every day when you wake up in the morning and you become aware of your first breath, every day say, "Thank you universe, thank you for putting me here. Today I'm going to really tap into my magic." You know what? You are a powerhouse of magic. You are a powerhouse of manifestation power. The reason you don't manifest your dream life sometimes is not because you don't have the power, its because you use that power aimlessly. It is because you waste a little bit of energy here, and a little bit of energy there. You give your power to this one person, or to this one thing you think you need to be happy, and you never focus all your attention on the true miracle within. You never focus your energy and ask yourself, "Why am I here?" Let me tell you:  You are here because the universe wants you to experience true love, true joy, and true gratitude.

The purpose of your life is to experience your divine nature. The purpose of your life is to experience this divine play, and this beautiful world all around you. If you don't see the magic outside of you - which means you're not experiencing a beautiful life - this only means you are not fully aware of how wonderful you are. Starting today, spend time every day to just look at yourself in the mirror and adore yourself. Appreciate the life force within you. A lot of you want to change your appearance because you don't love yourself. See past your superficial appearance and observe the beautiful life force within you. When you breathe in, observe the beauty of that breath. When you breathe out, observe the beauty of that breath. That is your life force, and the more you focus on it, the more it will grow. That life force will transform how you appear to the world, and what you do in the world - your job, your money, and people around you. You will attract people who appreciate themselves as one of the greatest miracles of the universe.

Today. I want you to affirm to yourself:

I am a miracle.

This miracle happens one in 400 trillion, and I got this chance.

I'm going to love my life to the fullest.

I'm going to live my life to the fullest.

Every day, come back to this, and be reminded again and again. Be reminded that you are a miracle. By doing this you will completely transform your life. This is how you can use your one in 400 trillion chance to change your life.

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