The #1 Chinese Astrology Secret ☯

Today I want to share with you my #1 Chinese astrology secret to help you master your timeline so you can master your life.


If you have been following me for a while, you know that my spirit guides often ask me to do certain things that I don't quite understand. Lately they've been leading me to play a ridiculous little game on my cell phone called Dragon Fly. I'm not affiliated with this game or the developer in any way - this is just a ridiculous little game I found 10 years ago. When I used to have more time, I would play it often, but I really hadn't played it in about 10 years. Lately, I started picking it up again. I started to understand why my guides are inspiring me to do so. Basically my guides are telling me that this game is a very simplistic way to demonstrate how you work with the divine to manifest your dream life - and have a lot of fun while doing it!

This game is about a tiny little dragon which you control. The little dragon is supposed to fly over different shapes on the landscape. So basically, you use your hand to control the ups and downs of the dragon. You can only control up and down movement, and you can decide when to make the dragon fly. You can also control when to make the little dragon come down. You use the shape of the land to propel the dragon, to fly even higher.

When I started playing this game again, I started to realize that there's such a simple and beautiful philosophy to learn from just playing. The up and down movement - which is how you can control your little dragon - is your free will. The shape of the landscape - which you use to propel yourself further - is the energy blueprint that the universe gives you when you're born into your physical reality.

A lot of people ask me, "Do I truly have free will?" I say, "Yes, absolutely." Then others ask, "Then why do you study astrology or Chinese astrology?" The answer is simple - it's not about an "either / or" approach. It's not about "free will versus destiny." It's about using your free will to play the game of the divine. Just like when I play this very simple little game - the game is all about making this little dragon have the most fun possible. When you're playing this game you want your little dragon to fly really high. It's the same with our life. In the Hindu tradition, they say that the purpose of life is "Lila" - divine play.

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Life is divine play. It's about getting the most joy out of your daily activities. That's really the core of everything. Think about it - everyone who play this game is given the same sort of background - the same shape of reality. It's just like in Chinese astrology, you can have many people with the same birth chart. This is the landscape you are given. How you navigate your little dragon however, has to do with your skill in the up and down movement. It also has to do with your understanding of the landscape. That is the whole purpose of my study and my work. I want to help you understand the landscape you're "jumping on" and help you maximize your fun, your joy. I want to help you fulfill your life's mission, which is to really enjoy this divine game.

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One thing I really love about Chinese astrology is that it has the best way to help you understand your timeline - the ups and downs of your energy flow. A lot of people born within the Eastern tradition tend to believe that up is good and down is bad. This little game however, points out that there is no "good" and "bad." For the little dragon to fly up high, you have to be able to let it come down and make that switch so it can fly high again.

By studying your birth chart, the transiting year, and your personal cycle, we are able to better understand the shape of the land. We're trying to build a strategy on how you're going to make your "switch." However, you are still the person who's making that switch. So the #1 secret here is about understanding your timeline. This is so valuable. Once you can master your timeline, you master your life. That's what my guides have been telling me. Life is all about managing the timing of things. So when the timing is right, you take the right action. The action could then have exponential results. When the timing is wrong however, even if you take your action correctly, you may not get your desired result. So it's not about whether or not you should take action - it's also not about whether or not you have free will to take action - it's really all about the timing of your action, and what kind of action the timing calls for.


In Chinese astrology, they always talk about yin and yang. When the timing in relationship to your chart is favorable or auspicious, great results come easily. That's the time you take an action. When the timing is not so favorable though, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to have some kind of disaster. It simply means that it may be a better time for you to go within, and maybe start building something in your inner psyche. It can be a time to start digging deeper into your inner psyche because there's always an action to take, really. It could be an outward action, or an inward action.

Now you may be asking, "Karin, do you mean that I have to get a reading of my birth chart to understand all of this?" The answer is yes and no - I wish it could be clearer! Obviously when you get a reading, you can get an explicit description of what's going on in your life and what to expect. However, this knowledge is not just in the hands of astrologers. This knowledge is actually in your inner psyche. So if you practice daily meditation, if you observe your life mindfully, and if you have the habit of looking back at your life and find patterns, you can understand the cycle of things. The most important thing to remember is that you need to master your timeline. I hope you understand the concept now.


Now, I want to shift into something a bit more technical. In Chinese astrology, it's all about the 5 Elements - water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.

These 5 Elements generate each other and they also control each other. So they form a never ending circle in Chinese astrology. We look at the traditional Chinese solar calendar in Chinese Astrology. On this calendar every month is represented by a specific element.

For example, January, according to the Chinese calendar, is the month of yang wood. After Yang wood is Yin wood. January and February are always wood. Then you would take a pause. March becomes earth. The first two months of every year are ruled by wood. Then in the third month of the year Earth rules. Then you move to the next element, which is fire. Now you have two months of fire - yang fire, and yin fire. This is followed by another month of earth. After that, you move to the next element, which is metal. You move into a month of yang metal, and then yin metal. Then another month of earth. After you come out of the third earth month, you go into the last element - which is water. This is the circle of life force, according to Chinese astrology. In other words, spring is represented by wood. Then you take a pause on earth. Earth is always the fixed element - an element that doesn't move. Then the energy will shift to fire - which is summer. Then you take another pause. Then you go into fall, which is represented by metal. This is followed by another pause, and then you go to the last element - which is water. Water rules the winter.


Now, you may be asking, "What does that have to do with me?" Here's the thing: You can dance with this cycle and master your life because you yourself, have a core energy. If you have ever gotten a reading from me or came to one of my workshops, you would know your core energy. This core energy has nothing to do with animal year of your birth (which you often see in Chinese This core energy will dance with the transiting day, transiting month, the transiting season, and the transiting year. Even your personal 10 year cycle! I's a lot.

This is a blog for everyone. I can't focus on any one specific energy here, but here's what I want you to know:  Usually, if you observe your life closely, you can probably figure out at what time of the year your energy is lowest.

If you observe your life, if you do meditation, you typically find out that there are one or two months of the year during which you usually do better. There would also be one or two months of the year during which you feel you do worse. This really requires a lot of deep meditation. You can meditate through this and understand it.

Most people I do readings for - I will tell them their core energy pattern - so they can see what's going on. They always say, "Yeah, that makes sense - I didn't know that before." If you don't get a reading, you can still observe your own life patterns to se it. :)

So in general, according to the universal cycle of the 5 Elements, the wood element is the generating one - wood starts everything. In general, the wood energy in the spring will help you start things. In general again, the earth energy helps you stabilize it.

It's so important after doing a lot of busy action to take a pause or stop, and release, or let go. This is in alignment with the concept of Law of Attraction, right? You send out your desire when the wood energy is around. Then you take a break. When you take the break, you're letting the universe handle it. Then the summer comes - the fire energy comes and you can attempt to take more action. Then you take another break. After you come out of your break, it's harvest time - that's the metal energy. This is the energy to help you look back on what you have done, make adjustments, or maybe simply enjoy the results you have manifested. Then you go into another break, and then the winter comes. In Winter time, when the water element is around, everything slows down, and you are merging with the divine. You're allowing the universe to do more magic because the water is always the most mysterious element. 

If you flow with this natural circle, you can already get results. Imagine understanding your personal cycle to work with this! Also, don't forget that this cycle is not just limited to the season. Every day (every 24 hours), we go through a cycle, and every 12 years you'll go through a cycle. These animals in the Zodiacs that you see in Chinese restaurants are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Chinese Astrology. When people come to me and say, "Karen, I'm a pig. How's my year looking?" It's not about that. It's not about good or bad. It's about understanding the cycle.

Once you can master this cycle, you're going to master your life. You're going to be like a master player in this little game. You will always make the right switch, at the right time.

And guess what? You're going to fly high. You're going to have fun. You're going to become a master of your life. 

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