The Mystery of the 2/18 3:33 Time Zone Question (Solved!) & 2 Power Boost Secrets

February 18 2022 will bring about very very powerful energies that you will only experience once in your lifetime you can't miss this. In my last blog we talked about the importance of this energy, and this week I want to dive even deeper.

Feb 18 2022

I want to answer one of the questions I got asked the most - the question on the time zone of this energy, and I also want to give you a few very powerful energy boosters. You should be doing these things in order to prime your energy receiver within yourself. They will help you amplify this energy to manifest your dreams.

In my last blog we spoke about the energy on February 18th. This is the day of the water tiger according to Chinese astrology, and this day of the water tiger is in the month of the water tiger, in the year of the water tiger. We have concentrated water tiger energy!

If you want to amplify this powerful water tiger energy, wake up around 3: 33 a.m because the hour between three and five this is considered the hour of the tiger. This particular time on 2/18 is also the time of the water tiger! This is very very powerful concentrated water tiger energy for all of us.

If you could plan to get up around that time to meditate, do it, but don't force yourself. There is no point in falling asleep during meditation!

Time zone confusion

Many of you are asking, "Karin, what time zone are you referring to?"

I'm sure we have people reading this from every time zone...From the worldly perspective, we're all entering this day of the water tiger at different time. 

I want to challenge your mind today: First of all I want you to see this as just ONE time, not 24 different time zones.

Why? That's because, in the eyes of divine there is only one moment of now.

Way back when Chinese astrology was only used in China, people used to think that China was the center of the world. However, Chinese astrology is not some secret that has to be kept in east Asia. Hundreds of years ago, when Chinese astrologers started reading charts for people who are not born in china, initially they converted the local time zone into the time zone of central China. Hundreds of years they used to do that, but then they soon realized that readings done that was were never accurate. Some things were simply not right.

From these failed reading, Chinese astrologers of the past started to realize: where you are is always the center of the universe.  YOU are the center of YOUR universe.

Therefore, your local time is the time that is most important to you. As a trained Chinese astrologer I can tell you from my experience that you have to go by your local time.  I also want you to understand that the universe is benevolent. It doesn't matter where you live in the world. If you miss this time zone technically speaking you can go to the next time zone and you will not miss this energy.

In my last blog I talked about what to do and what not to do during this day and we also talked about a meditation that you should be using on this powerful day.

Today I want to bring to your attention two things that you should be doing. I call them "energy boosters."

Energy booster #1

 The first energy booster is eating a vegetarian diet on this day. On days when we receive very powerful energy from the universe, it's always best practice to eat a vegetarian diet. This is a tradition that's been passed down from generation to generation in the Chinese culture. especially in Mahayana Buddhism.

These days a lot of people are eating vegetarian because they consider it  a healthy diet. Well, it is a healthy diet, however, it goes way beyond just preserving your health.  If you're only trying to eat a vegetarian diet because you want to be healthier, you're missing the point.

Animals have much more complicated consciousness than plants. Right before the animals are slaughtered, they know they're going to die and they feel intense fear at that moment of death. Their bodies send out a lot of toxic and fearful energy. That energy stays in the meat. When we eat the meat you are putting energy of fear and suffering into your body.

If you're already eating a vegetarian diet then  just keep doing it. If you're not vegetarian, that is okay. Just make sure that on February 18th you eat a plant-based diet.

As a side note, I suggest that once in a while you just eat a vegetarian diet for a day or two. This will cleanse your system and bring you closer to the ultimate truth of the universe, which is deep compassion and deep love. If you deeply deeply love the world then you naturally want to avoid killing animals.

Booster #2

The second energy booster is reading sacred text on February 18. what is a sacred text? I consider ancient spiritual books as sacred text. Well you might be saying, "Karin. you know those ancient books are so hard to read so hard to understand. How about I exchange it for watching your videos?" No! My videos or blogs don't qualify as sacred text! 

Now you may be asking, well Karin, what if I read the book written by my guru or a book written by the Dalai lama? Well, I have full respect for these masters that are living in our world, and I'm so grateful for them, however, the spiritual value of the text can only be understood after hundreds and hundreds of years.

If something that was written a thousand years ago is still alive being practiced today, you know that there is divine power and spiritual truth to that text. A lot of amazing books or great videos we see today may just be forgotten after a few hundred years, and that's just the nature of the universe. So you want to read things that are passed down from generation to generation.

For example, The Bhagavad Gita in Hindu tradition. The Holy Bible in Christian tradition,  The Quran in Islam, Tao De Jing in Taoism, The Heart sutra and The Diamond sutra in Mahayana buddhism... There are more than these I named above! These are sacred texts that have passed the test of time.

Time is a very very powerful factor, therefore, on a day when you experience powerful energies, I want you to spend some time reading these sacred texts. Don't just read them. You have to try to understand them.

There's no way to read a whole ancient book in one day. You could pick a chapter or just pick a few lines and meditate on the teaching. You can pick a text that is close to your own tradition or cultural heritage, or a sacred text that you've read before that you feel drawn to.

If you could take advantage of these two very powerful energy boosters you will notice a huge difference by the end of the day!

Bonus energy booster

Now I have a bonus energy booster for you - my "Ultimate Toolkit to Reboot Your Life" Obviously I can't compare this to the sacred texts I was just talking about, however,  you know you can't spend all day reading ancient books. Your brain needs a break, right? If you want something modern you can consider using my ultimate toolkit. You can just go through the list of tools or just pick one or two that you like and start using them on this day. You will see a link to this toolkit down below! In addition, I will offer a 70% discount on the toolkit until February 19th.  From now on, set your intention to manifesting in partnership with the universe. You will be amazed!

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