Why You Need To Wake Up At 3:33 AM On 2/18/2022

Mark your calendar for February 18 2022 because this particular day will bring about very powerful energy and profound transformation. This energy pattern occurs once every 60 years. It happens only once (or maybe twice) in your lifetime. You can't miss this!  


You're in for a treat! Today I'll talk about why this day is so powerful, what kind of energy this is representing, and how you can prevent from being harmed by this energy. (If not used well, this energy could harm you.) I will also tell you about a very powerful meditation to transform your life on February 18th using this energy.


February 18, 2022 - super charged Tiger energy


Why is February 18th so powerful? This day will be a day of the water tiger in the month of the water tiger, in the year of the water tiger.  This is all according to Chinese astrology. 


According to Chinese astrology, the first month of any Chinese year is the most powerful month. Guess what, this February is the first month of the Chinese year of the water tiger. This time is like a launchpad of energy. 


In addition, I want to remind you how powerful the tiger energy is. Tiger is one of the most powerful and explosive energies in all 12 Chinese zodiac signs. The water tiger energy itself is already very powerful, as we're in a very very powerful year. Now we add the month energy of the same kind,  and on top that, a day of the same energy.  If you want to amplify the magic, wake up between 3am and 5 am because that is the hour of the tiger. There are five different kind of tiger energies in Chinese astrology, so you only have one in five chance to get the water tiger energy at any given hour of the tiger. Now on 2/18, you are gonna get the WATER tiger energy. This is very very rare.


Just writing about this I can already feel this energy, and this gives me goosebumps! On February 18th you are going to feel it very very very strongly. Now just close your eyes and take a deep breath and breathe in the powerful energy of the tiger and visualize a beautiful tiger in front of you ready to help you manifest the best year of your life. Just spend a few seconds doing this and now come back to the blog with me.


Now i'm pretty sure that you are feeling this energy. Now imagine this energy amplified 360 times- that's the power of February 18th.


What not to do


You might be asking: “Karin, if this energy is so powerful, should I be planning something for this day? Should I be hosting a big party on this day? Should I be launching a new product or opening my business on this day?”


My quick answer is - NO! This is actually not a good day to start anything new in your outer world. Let me explain.

Let's say you have a million dollars to invest and you go to a financial advisor. More than likely the financial advisor will tell you to diversify your investment. What does diversification mean? When you buy 500 stocks, if one of the stocks get hit, the other 499 are still doing okay, then your portfolio is okay, right? Diversification in investment is all about diversifying your risk, right? What if you put all your million dollars into just one stock? What happens when that stock goes down? Your entire portfolio will be in trouble.  


It actually works the same way with dealing with energies. Most people are just not skilled to deal with these powerful energies that the universe sends us. When you do something in your outer world, and if by any chance you're not 100% ready for it, or if you're not 100% in alignment with your higher self, this powerful water tiger energy could just come in and ruin everything.


Now on the flip side, what if you happen to have some insider information and you know some company is going to do really well in the short term. In this case you will put all of your money into this one stock, right? Unfortunately in our real world, unless you break the law, there is no way to predict any investment, however, in the spiritual realm of pure love joy and gratitude, thankfully, there is a very predictable way to always raise your energy and always be on the positive side.



There is a tool that has worked since the beginning of humanity and the beginning of the universe. It still works today and it will continue to work. That tool is meditation. In a few moments I'll talk about how to meditate on this energy, but now let me just tell you very clearly what you shouldn't be doing on February 18th.


First of all, don't go out there and try anything new on this day.

Secondly don't try to start anything new.

Thirdly don't go on a trip, don’t get gather with crowds and refrain from negative emotion on this day.


This is a very important day for you to feel at peace within, because whatever negative energy you're gonna feel, it will be amplified by this powerful water tiger energy.


If you happen to be surrounded by negative people, try to avoid them. Just take a day off and just stay in your room this day. This is also not a good day to make big investments or sign contracts.


On February 18th you want to do as little as possible and focus more on your inner world.


This meditation will transform your life on February 18th


Now let's talk about how we can use this energy to transform our lives. Ideally you should use this day to do a personal retreat. This is the day you want to guard your inner peace.  Turn off your phone and meditate as much as you can. Go out for a walk, be in the nature, be with yourself, and try to communicate with your higher self.


This is a good time to do some journaling and visualizing. Of course, this is a great time to do meditation.


If you happen to be up between 3 and 5 a.m remember this is the hour of the water tiger. You can do this meditation I’ll be teaching you at this hour. You don't have to force yourself to get up because you can't meditate when you're sleepy. I suggest that you meditate when you first wake up. 


The meditation I'll be teaching you today is called Tonglen. This is a Tibetan buddhist meditation. It simply means send and receive- send energy and receive energy.


Sit in meditation, relax your body and then become aware of your breath. Once you feel focused, you breathe in all the suffering and breathe out light.  


I know this is counterintuitive. Most meditations teach you to breathe in light and breathe out suffering or any blocks, right? This is the opposite. 


You might be asking, “what if i'm breathing in too much suffering? Wouldn’t that be harmful?”


Well, this meditation is all about transforming your suffering into light. For a skilled Tibetan buddhist monk, they can breathe in the suffering of the whole entire world and transform that into light. I don't recommend you to do that. If you are not experienced enough that's too much burden for you. However, I do recommend you to breathe in the suffering in your life and transform it into light. Why? The suffering in your life is already there, whether you breathe it in or you don't breathe it in it's already there it's already blocking you. By breathing it in you're basically telling the universe that you are surrendering to what is. You're surrendering to the reality of your life. Only by surrendering to it you can tap into your higher power to transform it.


Don't be afraid of the suffering in your life. Just breathe it in. Breathe in the painful moments in your life. Breathe in any painful energy in your life and then you breathe out light and let the light be all around you. The light will return to you and the suffering will vanish! This is a powerful meditation to transform any problems and suffering in your life. When you do it on this super powerful day of the water tiger, you are asking the universe to help you. This most powerful potent energy can transform any suffering in your life into beautiful divine light. You could start the meditation about a week before Feb 18th and do it daily. Also make sure you do this meditation right on February 18th.

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