Black Widow Dream – Biblical and Spiritual Meaning

Spiders can be scary, they can be disgusting for some, and others have panic attacks when they see them, but the fact is that spiders are very much good for our environment.

One more or less known fact is this – the fear of spiders is one of the most typical phobias of people.

We should mention also that every home has its own spider or more of them, and if you did not know there is a firm belief that you should not kill spiders if you have them in your home.

Do you want to know why? They kill other insects, one spider eats almost 2 thousand other insects, such as flies and cockroaches.

So common in our daily life, and so common in our dream world.

Spiders are a common motive in a dream world, and among them, one of the most typical is the one in which appears famous black widow spider.

A black widow is the type of spider that truly deserves the attribute scary – but maybe it is all about the horror movies that made us believe this is the case.

In fact, this black-colored spider has distinctive red markings, is not aggressive, and bites mostly accidentally, for example, people who are working in the field.

But its notoriety and the fact that they eat their male “lover” after sexual intercourse is what makes them undeniably scary.

As we have said they can appear in a dream world, and the question is the meaning they carry with them equally scary, or does it comes just as a symbol of our sexual potency (for example)?

Dreams of spiders in general

At the beginning of this piece, we spoke of some biological facts that are associated with spiders in general.

Yes, for many people they are the cause of the worst phobias there is, and for others, they are good and kind home beings who kill for us other insects.

It is widely believed that dreaming of a spider is a hint of something uncomfortable, scary, or dangerous.

And this is the case, since the majority of us have such feelings regarding spiders, for sure.

Spiders, in general, symbolical way, are seen, as good signs.

They are, in numerous cultures around the world, seen as bearers of good fortune, and are a very common element of legends and tales of ancient civilizations.

The fact that this insect designs a web, but it also tracks, breaks the lines, and then redirects again to the following life process of its survival, then we could easily say that the black widow is the mark of change.

It is not light and short as in, for example, the life of the butterfly which is also the symbol of a change in life and nature.

And unlike in the case of the butterfly, when it comes to this spider, then it has both good and negative symbolical ways.

The positive is connected to their matter, perseverance, originality, knowledge, imagination, and motivation, and the negative with hostility, thirst for blood, and demolition of any prey.

This could be implied also in the world of dreams.

Black Widow – Dream Meaning and Interpretation 

Such a dream has so many meanings and all of them are very meaningful. Dreams of black widow spiders could be telling you that it’s time to move on and move forward with something new.

If you have ever dreamed of a black widow spider, you can refer to this article.

Here we will discuss the significance of black widow spider dreams, how they connect to our subconscious, and how they relate to our waking lives.

One of the most typical dreams where the central motive is the spider is the one where we can see the black widow.

Partially this is the case, that this type of spider represents the most notorious kind of spider (it does not matter that this is definitely not the most dangerous kind of spider), that looks truly memorable and attractive, and it is very likely that you have seen it somewhere.

In any case, if you had a dream about the spider, it is very likely that you have seen the black widow, and now you will find out what it means.

There are so many different and interesting meanings behind this dream.

It is the dream that is beyond any doubt connected to your subconscious.

If in a dream you have seen the black widow, such a dream could mean that it is the right time to push on and move ahead with something unique.

So, just seeing the black widow somewhere in your room, and home, without any interaction with this insect, could be that in reality, an announcement of excellent business opportunities that are coming your way, but the fact is that you have to be very brave and able to do the work that may be risky.

These dreams, if in it you had a negative feeling, you have been scared when you have seen the black widow walking around your home, or being on your wall, then such a dream could be the symbol, of plausible dangers that may come along the way.

So, it is plausible that you will have some amazing opportunities along the way, but at the same time, your insecurity will make problems to produce that move that could take you somewhere.

In a version of a dream where you have seen the black widow, and she is coming toward you, it does not have to be fast at all, but you are scared and you may be even stuck in one place, not being able to move, then the dream about the black widow is the symbol of threatening dangers that you could face in the near future.

They will always be in a way of the achievement of your goals, they will be part of the path of opportunities, and they will be the test of how will you deal with them.

Will you be paralyzed or you will face your fears? It is up to you.

Analyze the dream and check what its details could mean.

But, in a version of a dream, where you see the black widow on yourself, and you cuddle with it almost like with the pet, and she is not scary at all, she is almost cute, then this dream has a completely brighter meaning.

Primarily it shows that you are unique and that you look beyond what is on the surface, you love things that are deep, and you accept them as they are completely and fully.

Now, this dream could be also an announcement of positive and joyful news. This especially applies to business opportunities, because the final business outcome could turn in your favor. This dream also announces the opportunity to move to another city or go abroad. A spider in a dream warns you to take advantage of every chance you get in the near future. Keep in mind that later those chances may not recur.

If the black widow is huge in your dream, then this dream speaks of your attempts to solve something.

This is the dream that indicates that you trying to solve the problem that preoccupies you the most at the moment.

It can be anything that you see as important and at certain moments as something you cannot solve even if you try.

But you can, and your mind is trying to find the answer.

That problem is too big to ignore, so the size of the spider speaks precisely of that – do not ignore that problem, deal with it.

It is relevant also to mention that the dream has the central motive of the black widow, but in a dream, it is irrationally huge, such a dream also symbolizes the emotions of the person who has a dream.

It shows that feelings are too much to handle right now and that everything is getting out of your control.

It scares you for sure, but you know that you must be calm if you want to deal with those strong emotions.

If in a dream you see the black widow bites you, and this is one of the very common dreams, then it symbolizes that you, as the person who has such a dream have indulged in feelings of sadness and that you feel a lot of anxiety.

This is the dream that shows a lot of helplessness you have right now, and you cannot find a solution to move on.

It seems like you are paralyzed from a bite, and that you are slowly dying even if you do not.

This dream is very common in the lives of all those people who are currently facing a difficult life situation, just like you are.

It is very likely that you are trying to escape from it, it could be a situation in your family life, or at work. The thing is that the right solution for you is to face the inevitable.

Yes, this dream means that you must face fears and look at the situation from a realistic point of view. Be brave and face the “demon”.

This dream can also be a sign that you have been disappointed in something, so you are now timid, distrustful, and insecure.

It is like you fall asleep and that you are in the middle, not dead, but barely living. This is not a life. Do not do it. Wake up.

If in a dream you have killed a black widow, then such a dream could be a symbol of your courage, that maybe even you did not know you had.

Inside of you, there is a lot of courage. Don’t be afraid to face the problems in front of you.

They are real, but your fear does not have to be real, because you have it inside of you, and this dream says that in a near future you will be in a position to show it.

Some say, that alternatively, this dream of killing a spider black widow, suggests that you just have solved a problem, that has been bothering you for a while.

In that case, this dream or its meaning represents your satisfaction.

It is the manifestation of your sense of pride due to victory over a difficult situation.

Furthermore, this dream can be a sign that you have or will get rid of an enemy in the near future.

A strong and scary enemy, that in reality is not so scary, but for a long time, you were scared to face it.

To dream that the black widow is knitting a web around you, then such a dream shows that, in reality, you should think carefully about whether you have recently neglected a task, obligation, or problem.

You have likely neglected a close person.

You naively thought that it will disappear, but it did not go away.

You naively thought that the person will do not mind that you have neglected her, but she or he took this actions of yours as a bad deed and is not willing to forgive you.

Do not accept new obligations if you have not yet completed the old ones.

But if in a dream you have succeeded to remove a spider web that the black widow has made, then such a dream may be the symbol of favorable business opportunities.

And in the version of a dream where the black widow has captured you in her web, then this is the dream that speaks of your emotions and family life.

Maybe it speaks of your love life. It is possible that you are dissatisfied with your current love situation. Maybe your partner disappointed you in some way because you wanted something more or different in your relationship.

Also, this dream can be a sign that people around you unwillingly abuse your kindness and rely on you too much, which makes you tired and exhausted.

In a version of a dream where you are eating the black widow, then such a dream is also associated with your love life.

This dream could show the thing that you do not see for yourself and is truly important that you do. It emphasizes your dominance over your partner but also emphasizes the hidden insecurity you feel from time to time.

An issue you should work on and feel free to speak to your lover.

If someone in your dream tried to kill the black widow, and you have saved her (like catching her and moving her to a safe place), then such a dream serves as a clear reminder to be gentle with yourself and your emotions.

Do not waste them, do not be hard on yourself, and do not allow others to tell you how you feel.

This dream can also be an announcement of positive problem-solving, most notably in the area of personal relations.

Some of the issues you had will now be resolved, in the simplest possible way, like with an honest conversation.

Seeing in a dream, an event that occurs in nature that the black widow eats her male mate is the symbol that in reality, you have some feeling of inferiority that you have never been honest about.

You have never looked for the cause of such feelings, but it seems that a certain person from your environment that you have seen prior caused you to feel this way.

Advice for all those who had this dream

As we have said, and as you could have seen, spiders, in general, could be a symbol of introversion and selfishness because it endangers the domain from the middle of the trap it has threaded.

But its web is truly the symbol of intellectual direction of psychic power or hazard as a spider also hunts and strangles its desired prey, and in the case of the black widow, it is her mate.

And on the other part, we could say, that the spider, in general, and this includes the black widow is the representation of fertility, harmony, and consonance, and is often manifested as a symbol of an older wise woman, or a grandmother, maybe some kind of a teacher, or the keeper of knowledge.

It is also a symbol of potency, but also danger. One cannot go without the other.

It is said that the black widow in a dream is a representation of intimate fear, scary conditions, and obstacles and opportunities that are together.

If this dream is associated with sexual powers, libido, etc, then this spider is the manifestation of you, as others are being drawn to you as a result of your vibrant character, but you can likewise threaten them.

This can be sexy and scary at the same time, and people often do not know what will they do with you. Bravest choose to be with you.

Think of who they are and your advice is to show them your kind and tender side since you have it inside.

Sometimes this dream comes as a warning that you should get away from someone or something prior they use the situation and harm you.

Think of who they can be and what you can do to make them go away.

The most important is to not live in any fear and be brave when the time has come.

Sometimes the dream about the notorious black widow can be pleasant, for some, even for those who are in reality scared of them.

It could show the perfect timing, and announce that soon something new starts, and it will be something that will completely occupy you.

And, it is important that you know that the results will be more than favorable. Maybe it will be about a new job, remodeling the home, or generally about laying new foundations for the future.

Such a dream could be, as you have expected that it is the sign that warns you of some danger in the near future. Be alert to avoid inconvenience.

It could herald an event that will appear to be dangerous, but in the end, will turn out to be completely harmless.

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