Birthday Dream – Biblical and Spiritual Meaning

All of us love our birthdays, one day in a year when we feel happy, when attention is focused on us, and when we receive gifs, that we have so subtly said to our friends that we would like.

This is also one day in a year when people would look through our bad behavior and be kinder to us than usual.

This is one day of the year when we gather our loved ones and eat drink and laugh and maybe expect and count who had remembered this day and who had not.

We secretly hope that our crush will remember this day and congratulate birthday to us.

This is one of the most important dates in the life of every person the day of his birth, i.e. the day he becomes one year older.

Now, if want to take a look at the symbolic value of birthdays we can say that in some darker times, for example in the Middle Ages, the celebration of birthdays was forbidden.

It was considered that they were part of the pagan heritage, and were considered to be a danger to Christianity which was very important in those times.

And just to remind you the celebration of birthdays is so old, it dates back to ancient times.

They believed that evil forces stalked people around every meaningful date and period that brought transformation.

A similar belief was transcended into Greek tradition – where it was believed that all people are visited on their birthday by their guardian spirit and by his protection.

It is a connection of a person with a certain deity on whose birthday he was born.

They are responsible for the fact that today’s birthday cake has candles, and they probably “borrowed” the idea from the Egyptian celebrations during the coronation of the pharaoh.

Also, the symbolism of candles that were placed on the cake was the perfect way to let fo the evil spirits of the person who celebrates the birthday.

In Rome, only males celebrated their birthdays.

The first modern cake was made in the 15th century.

Nowadays, a birthday is a very important part of our lives, and this is especially true for children.

But, a birthday can appear as a dream motive; and the question is what does it mean when it appears.

The answer can vary but will tell you that such a dream can mean so many different things as a birthday can appear in many different scenarios.

Birthday Dream in General 

If you dreamed that a person you do not like and who was not invited came to your birthday, it may mean that in the coming days you will have to endure something that is not to your liking, so as not to offend one of your friends.

It can be a situation about going out on the town and discussing where to go and what music to listen to.

Think about how many times your friend went with you to rock concerts and parties, and how many times did you go to an event because of him?

The subconscious tells you that it’s time to please him and meet him, because that’s what friends are for, among other things.

If you dreamed that you canceled your birthday celebration, it may mean that your birthday is coming soon and it will be the best one you have celebrated so far.

All the people you invited will come without exception and you will have a better time than ever

If you dreamed that someone who was very dear to you came to you on your birthday, but unfortunately is no longer alive, it may mean that you lost that person who appeared early.

You suffer because you didn’t have more time for that person and if you had known that her end was near, you would have given her all the attention in the world.

You regret it and it’s in your subconscious and it’s eating away at you.

You have to forgive yourself because you couldn’t have known that she wouldn’t be there anymore.

You thought you had all the time in the world with her and that’s why you were sometimes nonchalant when she called you to see each other.

Now you still want her, but you have to understand that it’s all a part of life and that you have to forgive yourself and move on with your life without regrets because it’s all an integral part of life.

If you dreamed that no one came to your birthday, it could mean that you are a person who is afraid of being without friends.

It is possible that you are currently in an argument with some of them and that you are afraid of the outcome.

You started by stressing yourself so much that you can’t even sleep peacefully, but only because you think that only you and no one else is right.

You have to understand that stubbornness is a very bad thing, especially when you are among friends.

You cannot claim one thing while five of them claim something completely opposite and you stubbornly remain in your position.

Of course, they will tolerate it only to a certain extent, but understand that all people have their limits up to which they can tolerate something.

Sometimes you have to admit that someone is right about something, even though you think the opposite, in order to avoid what is happening to you. So try to give in next time, it will be better for you.

If you dreamed that you were arguing with someone on your birthday, it may mean that you are good friends with the person you were arguing with.

Even when you fight, you make up soon after and laugh about what you were fighting about.

This is a person to whom you will always be able to confide in all situations, ask for help, and tell everything that is on your mind without worrying about whether she will judge you or not.

This is someone with whom you will always have a shoulder to cry on and a helping hand if you need it, they will always offer it to you as you would to her.

Keep that friendship because it is really rare and rarely seen.

If you dreamed that the guests at your birthday got into a fight, it may mean that in the coming days one of your friends will honor you and ask you to be his best man either at the wedding or at the christening of the child.

This is a person you have known for a very long time and he wants to strengthen your friendship in this way.

Such a dream also means that you will have a wonderful time at the party and that you will make some new acquaintances, among whom may be the love of your life.

If you dreamed that all strangers came to your birthday party, it could mean that lately, you have been wondering whether and how well you actually know your friends.

They told you something behind your back and that’s what you least expected from them.

We advise you to confront them and tell them what you think and what they have done so that you can continue your friendship with them.

Birthday Dream Spiritual Meaning 

As we have said, birthdays or the celebration of the day came to the earth have a deep meaning and this was true since the dawn of time.

From the spiritual point of view, a dream where you see yourself on your birthday, but you are crying ad you are very, very sad, is a dream that carries a secret message.

This dream from the spiritual point of view, reveals the most vulnerable place of your being, the one scared baby who is so afraid that it will be rejected.

Now, if you had such a dream it is very important because if you do not find the reason that is behind this fear then you cannot grow as a human being.

This dream has come to you as the fear of rejection from other people is mainly a fear of oneself.

This reveals negative feelings you have about yourself, such as self-loathing and inferiority.

And dreaming of a birthday that not a single person has shown up, for is also a negative sign and shows your inability to grow as a human being, from the inside.

This is the dream that comes as a hidden sign to look at yourself as a person who is scared to do something inadequate, to which others will only react with ridicule and rejection.

And, when you look at it then you can find the real reason that is behind it.

It comes as a fear of rejection and feelings of hurt and anger arise as a result of rejection by the person whose affection we desire, and at their base, they have an exaggerated need for love.

Dreams where in the center of attention is someone else and deep inside you know that this is your birthday party, and you feel so sad that you are not the center of attention is also a sign that you must take a look at yourself and be honest.

You have a deep desire to be loved, and that desire for love transformed into an imperative and demand that you must have loved at all costs.

It shows that in reality, you are stagnating, as you are not able to be loved in the way you want and therefore you cannot be happy, costing us unhealthy emotions such as jealousy, possessiveness, hatred, feelings of rejection, and lower value, hurt…

These are all issues that you must deal with if you want to grow from the inside.

A similar connotation is when you had a dream that no one has remembered to congratulate your birthday to you – this dream reveals that you desperately want to belong to a club where people are very successful and recognized.

But deep inside you feel like you are not.

It feels good to be accepted, loved, and recognized by others, but often the membership fee to belong to that club is too expensive.

This dream is there to remind you that you must be ready to face fears, there is a lesson to be learned.

Such a resolution should bring you some kind of spiritual recovery.

Stop being a people pleaser, not just because you want to be a good person or to help others, but because of a certain feeling that’s been there since early childhood: fear.

Advice for spiritual growth is to stop doing things that are making you fearful – you need to realize that you have, in reality, let go of control over your life out of fear.

You have let fear steal your life and well-being.

You are called to examine your past behavior, it is obvious that you were dependent on the opinions of others, and now it has to stop.

Also, from the spiritual point of view, dreams where you are celebrating someone else birthday then this dream speaks of the internal need to be helped, and the need to reset it, but knowing that it is necessary to accept it.

Accepting help from others in any aspect of life is very difficult for many, especially if are very closed and shy.

But learning to accept help can lead to great intimacy with others, and the great ability to connect with others, on a personal deep level, and of course with our own soul.

This is definitely one deep relationship you must work on as it cannot be repaired so easily and it also affects all other relations in life, and if it is not good then it can disable any form of spiritual growth, expansion, etc.

And this is something we are invited to do, even though dream world.

Birthday Dream Biblical Meaning 

In the first chapter of this article, we have said how Christianity or to be specific the Bible looks at the celebration of a birthday, and take this into account where you learn what it means when the dream appears as the main motive in a dream.

Here is what the Bible has to say about it.

So, for example, if you are blowing up candles in a dream, then such a dream suggests that all around you there are negative forces that must go away.

The energy in the day that you were born and that you are summing on eh day of celebration, is the day when you are vulnerable.

Emotions, sensations, and thoughts emit specific energy, but they also attract other energies, and since you are vulnerable, this is the moment when evil forces will attack.

Here, you are reminded to be prepared and to carry something that will protect you from potential harm.

It could be a small Bible or cross.

A similar connotation is when you had a dream that you are celebrating your birthday and that on it only people you do not know have shown up.

You feel scared because of it, and this dream implies that you have been under a secret attack and that you need to get out of that situation.

Your real life can be, as it seems, full of bad energy, which can have a negative effect on everyone who lives in it.

For example, relations between household members may be pushed, there may be a palpable lack of harmony, increased anxiety, unhappiness, or turmoil.

Maybe even your family is in danger.

Now, some people have a dream where they are celebrating someone else’s birthday and here the meaning is connected to the idea that we must allow others to help us.

Here we come to the greatest virtues in the Bible – helping and allowing means giving others a chance to be better people.

When you receive help, you give other people the opportunity to give.

This dream has come to your life to help you see that.

The fact is, and this is also what the Bible teaches us – we cannot always be the ones who will give everything and receive nothing.

If we continue with this pattern, over time people who could not reach us will find other people to whom they can give something, because giving is in human nature.

A birthday celebration where you are doing it by yourself is a dream that shows your loneliness and that path that you have taken is not really suitable, but you must endure and take it, with the faith you have in God.

An unhappy and dramatic celebration of a birthday, in some completely unsuitable place for it like a graveyard, is also a very interesting dream; that deserves our attention.

Such a dream shows your insides, and you want to spend your birthday with family and friends at a rich meal, at home, or on a trip, in pleasant company.

However, it seems like a real nightmare because you face your biggest fears – you are alone, forgotten by others, and older.

But this is a dream that speaks of wisdom, and the ability to learn when we are alone on a certain path; or being scared.

A belief that loneliness is something terrible and that they must not be alone at any cost is wrong.

Such a dream can serve as a reflection of your path, gratitude, and faith in God – you are doing it the opposite if you are being convinced that you are not good enough or that you are worthless, how can we strive towards what is important to you?

All of these dreams can teach us that the choices we make when we are depressed will keep us even more firmly in a state of dissatisfaction.

And if you had such a dream, where the birthday is associated with something negative, with energy that is not celebratory, then here is the advice.

Find happiness in all that you do, not just on special days – find it in the blue, but also in the cloudy sky, green trees, and flowers, in the beauty of children’s eyes, and laughter.

There is nothing special about birthdays if you are given the life that you do not want to live anymore, and you will not be grateful for all that you have been given.

Have faith and be thankful, if you are being sad or depressed, first come out of your cocoon, take a walk by the river, pet an animal, and find the love and joy that resides in your heart as well.

Find protection in faith, and if you are alone, then be happy in your solitude and silence, as it can help you become more mature.

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