Biblical Meaning of Waking up at 3am

The hour 3:00 am is linked to supernatural powers and events since long time.

It was believed that the time span between 3:00 and 4:00 am was the time when demons, witches and ghosts appeared, and all kinds of supernatural events occurred.

The term witching hour first appeared in medieval times during the rise of witchcraft and persecution of people who were accused of practicing witchcraft.

In the fifteen hundreds the Catholic church even banned all activities between 3am and 4am because it was believed then that these were the hours when supernatural activities would be at their peak.

3 am was even called the “Devil hour” as the opposite of 3pm which is the time when Jesus Christ is believed to have died, and it was thus named the “Divine hour”.

As opposed to the superstitions of the Middle Ages, spiritualists today consider this time span as the one when the borders of our reality and divine reality are closest and it is possible to enter to communicate to God.

They believe that a portal between the spiritual and physical world is opening at 3 am and God and our spirit guides can freely communicate with us.

At this time of night, you might be open to receive messages from your angelic guides about the issues you are encountering and the questions that are bothering you.

If you are frequently waking up at this time of the night, it might be a sign that your angels want to convey to you some messages from God, or they are encouraging you to become closer to God.

Also, there is a belief that at dreams dreamed before you wake up at this hour are foretelling dreams and often become true.

Maybe because the border between our reality and other realities is so weak at this time of night, the energies from other realms of existence are able to penetrate our subconscious and allow it glimpses of the future which we end up dreaming about.

What might be the Biblical Meaning of Waking Up at 3am?

Waking up at 3am can have different meanings according to the message God wants to convey to you.

Pray to God to give you guidance

When you begin waking up at 3am, this might be your sign to ask God for guidance.

You might be struggling with some issues, having some unanswered questions, or generally not knowing what your next move should be.

The worries and suspense are waking you up, and this is your sign to pray to God to give you the right answers and consolation.

Your guardian angels, God’s helpers on Earth, are always in your vicinity, ready to listen to your calls and prayers. Call on them to help you and give you guidance.

Stop wasting time in endless fear and despair. Start looking for answers.

Make an intention to become clear on what you want or what you need to do

Waking up at 3 am might also mean that you are not clear about what you truly desire, and you only have glimpses you need to put in together.

If you know this is the case, then what you are experiencing is a sign to you to become clear about your desires, to decide what you want and not have a vague image of your desires.

Being vague or undecisive is what is preventing you from getting what you want. When you become clear, God will help you achieve it.

Plan your action

If you have received the answers to your doubts and worries, and you are clear about what you want, but you are still waking up at 3 am, this means it is time to take action on accomplishing those desires.

You should now make a plan of activities on how to achieve what you desire. God is supporting you to accomplish what you want but you need to take action, first by making a plan of steps you will need to make.

If you need clarification with those steps, don’t hesitate to ask God to help you.

Start taking action

If you already know what you want and you know the steps you need to make to achieve what you want, and you are not doing anything about it, waking up at 3 am might be a sign from God to begin taking action.

Maybe you are procrastinating because you fear the outcome, or there are other motives for your behavior, but God is clearly sending you a sign to stop wasting your time and begin taking actions towards your goals.

Relax and release the stress

Sometimes waking up at 3 am might be a sign from God to take a breath and remove yourself from the stress you have been putting on you.

Often this occurrence happens during times of being overwhelmed with too many things on your head and not being able to relax for a second.

Maybe there are important things to be done, but God is asking you to think about your wellbeing first.

By overworking yourself you are jeopardizing your health, and nothing is more important than that.

Need for guidance

It is possible that you wake up at 3 am because you need help and guidance from God.

Maybe you are doubting about the way you should take or the steps you should make in a certain situation.

Your waking up at 3 am might be a sign to seek help.

Listen to your inner beings because you might receive the answers you seek during these wake hours at night.

Be optimistic about your future

If you have been feeling down or you have been having doubts about your future, and you find yourself waking at 3 am every night, this might be a sign from God to clean yourself of the negativity you have harbored.

Try to be optimistic and hopeful about your future.

Fears and worries will only materialize if you nurture them long enough.

Instead, turn yourself to happy and optimistic thoughts and that is what you will attract for your future. 

Things will soon improve

Waking up at 3am might be a sign from God that things will soon improve in your life.

God wants you to be appreciative for the blessings you have even in the darkest moments.

Be grateful for what you have and hope that more blessings are coming your way.

If you are feeling sorry for yourself and only looking at things you still don’t have you are being ungrateful.

Look around to see how many people would be over the moon to have what you have.

God is asking you to have faith and trust that your struggles will soon be over, but in the meantime feel happy and blessed for the things you already have, and you might be taking for granted.

Spiritual Meaning of Waking up at 3am

People who are highly evolved on their spiritual path consider the time around 3 am significant as the chance of getting in contact with other realms of reality heightens.

Waking up night after night at 3 am might be a disturbing experience, and it is certainly an exhausting one. Good night sleep is a prerequisite for good health and longevity.

Because is it a common occurrence, many people have studied this phenomenon.

In many cases, the explanation is simple. Sleep can be easily disturbed if we had too much caffein before sleep, we drank alcohol, had a late night dinner, didn’t have many activities during the day, looking at computer screens of cellphone screens before sleep, sleeping during the day, sleeping in an uncomfortable bed, and many more.

In some cases, it can be a result of a medical condition, in which case it requires medical attention.

Experts on sleep and sleep disorders also give their explanations on why we are waking up at 3 am.

They say it is the time when during our sleep most of us enter REM stage of the sleep cycle, when we switch from the phase of deeper sleep into lighter sleep.

REM or “rapid eye movement” is the stage when we dream, the brain is very active, and we often wake up at this time of night is because we had a nasty and disturbing dream.

However, we don’t always wake up at 3 am when we have nightmares. Sometimes we calmly open our eyes from a sleep at exactly this time.

We might or might not remember the dream we had that night, but there was nothing disturbing about it.

Obviously, there must be some other reasons why we wake up at this time of night.

Belov are other possible reasons why we wake up at 3 am:

  1. You are experiencing a spiritual awakening

People who are spiritually evolved would say that the main reason why we experience these situations is because we are experiencing a spiritual awakening.

It is possible that your subconscious is trying to get in contact with other dimensions to gain spiritual insights, and you consciously cannot understand that because you haven’t reached that level of knowledge and clarity about the spiritual.

During this time we are able to connect to the energy of other worlds easier, using our mind.

You probably wake up because your soul is spiritually evolving, and it is gaining spiritual knowledge and understanding.

Also your senses are heightened, and this enables you to feel the energies of other dimensions.

This might be the perfect time to meditate which will help expand your consciousness and ease the connection to the divine energy and entities of other realms of reality.

  1. Your psychic abilities are being awakened

You might be waking up at 3 am because your psychic abilities are being awakened and enhanced.

You might begin feeling and experiencing that your psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, intuition, etc. are getting stronger.

You might be receiving insights from other dimensions, and this is the time you will consciously be able to recognize them and accept that you have these gifts.

You might also be experiencing the expansion of your consciousness.

Maybe you are being called to shift your beliefs that are solely related to the three dimensional reality and shift it into believing that higher dimensions exist.

At this time of night you might experience proof of such realities exist, through inner insights, and in some rare instances real apparitions of being from other realms of reality.

  1. Entities from other dimensions are trying to communicate with you

This occurrence might also be a sign that entities from other dimensions are trying to communicate to you.

This might be spirits of your deceased family members or people you knew are trying to tell you something and deliver you a message.

If you haven’t been doing any spiritual work and you haven’t been working on developing your psychic abilities, this might be your explanation.

When you wake up, go within, and try to figure out whether some message is popping in within your mind.

If nothing comes to your mind, ask these entities to deliver you their message in your dream.

Sometimes this will be your guardian angels trying to convey their messages to you.

You might get an unexpected thought or a realization upon waking up that represents their message.

This will require your awareness and readiness to listen to your inner voice and guidance.

Don’t force thoughts because the message might not be from the angels but from your ego or other entities that also reside in other dimensions but aren’t so kind and well meaning as your guardian angels.

It is especially necessary to pay attention to the way you feel when you wake up at 3 am and you feel very scared, disturbed, have difficulty breathing, and you are sweating, this might mean that some malevolent entities might be trying to contact you.

This might mean that you are under a psychic attack from some negative entity or entities, and you should protect yourself.

Seek a healer or a trained occultist who can help you remove these entities and give you advice on how to keep them away.

Also, keep in your room and on your body crystals such as black tourmaline to protect you from these entities.

Of course, be sure you are not mistaking these symptoms with some psychological disorder and make your problem worse.

  1. You are experiencing strong feelings of sadness and grief

Sometimes waking up at 3 am might be a result of sadness and grief you have been feeling due to some circumstances in your life.

During these wake hours in the night when everyone else is sleeping the feeling might be overwhelming because you feel alone and even more isolated in your pain.

It is important not to be harsh on yourself in these moments and allow yourself to feel the pain.

Remind yourself that these feelings are normal reaction to your experiences and that in time they will grow weaker and eventually they will disappear giving way to memories and remembrance of the good times.

  1. You are pressuring yourself

Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with the duties we impose on ourselves that we cannot sleep.

Many people wake up during the night and cannot continue their sleep because their mind is so occupied and busy thinking about the things they need to do.

If you are experiencing waking up at 3 am every night and you recognize your life pattern in the previous words, this might indicate that you are being signaled by your spiritual guides to release the pressure you are putting on yourself.

Your guardian angels might be asking you to take a break because you are mentally and physically exhausting yourself which can cause more damage than good.

No matter how much things you have on your plate there will always be more. Stop doing that to yourself.

Also, if someone else is putting this pressure on you find a way to get out of that situation, even at the cost of removing yourself from it completely.

  1. Talk to God about things that are bothering you

It is possible that you are being awakened every night at 3 am because God wants to talk to you about your troubles.

God knows all our needs at any time, and it is possible that you are at a point in your life where you are struggling with some decisions or issues in life.

If you wake up at 3 am and you feel restless because you don’t know what to do or which way to go ask God to help you with your decisions.

He will give you a sign and deliver you his message through your guardian angels, his helpers, and emissaries on Earth.

Never be afraid to ask for guidance from God or your guardian angels.

By transferring your problem to God you will immediately feel a sense of relief and inner knowing will consume you that things will be all right no matter what.

  1. Decide what you want in life

Sometimes we are awakened every night at 3 am because we are bothered by feelings of insecurity and doubts about our future.

If you are awake every night at 3 o’clock, and you are wondering which path you should take in life, ask for precise signs from the Universe.

Your path will be revealed to you, only you need to ask, and decipher the message you receive.

  1. Be mindful about your thoughts and ideas

When you wake up at 3 in the morning it is important to be aware of the thoughts and ideas that are present in your mind.

This is the time when your senses are awakened, and you are open to receive downloads from other realms of existence.

Your guardian angels and beings from these realms might be sending you the answers you need or give you solutions to your problems.

Make sure you note these thoughts because you probably won’t remember them in the morning.

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Waking up at 3 am might be a disturbing experience, especially if it happens night after night during a longer period of time.

Not only that your sleep pattern is ruined, and you feel exhausted during the day because you didn’t sleep well, but you are also beginning to feel fear and discomfort because you wonder what it means.

The first concern we might have is that we might have some medical issue, but in most situations this is not the case, although it should not be dismissed as impossible.

The reasons of course might be quite benign.

Maybe you are drinking coffee or alcohol in the evening, having late night snacks that keep your digestion in motion during the night, maybe you lack activity, or your mind is overwhelmed with duties you need to finish.

Sometimes the reasons for waking up at 3 am have a different nature.

The 3rd hour of the night is considered to be a time when the line between our three dimensional reality and other realities is the weakest, and we might experience close encounters with beings from these realities.

Waking up at 3 am might be a sign that these entities are trying to reach you, deliver you a message, or they want to help you become aware of certain truths about existence outside of our visible reality.

The reasons for waking up at 3 am might be the fact that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening.

You might also be experiencing your psychic abilities being awakened or you might be going through a realization that you have them.

You might also be experiencing contacts from entities from other realms of reality, spirits, angels, but also negative entities, which you must be very careful about.

Waking up at 3 am for some will be a result of strong emotions you are experiencing, like sadness and grief which are preventing you from sleeping.

Maybe your spirit guides are asking you to slow down because you’ve been pressuring yourself with work and duties which is harmful for your wellbeing.

Maybe you are waking up because you have some dilemmas and unanswered questions, and God is reminding you to seek guidance.

You also need to seek guidance if you are in doubt or worried about the path you should take and your future.

Be aware of your thoughts and ideas when you wake because they might have an important meaning for your life.

Whatever this waking up at 3 am means in your case, it is important not to ignore but try to decipher its meaning for your life in particular.

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