Biblical Meaning of Waking Up at 1am

All of us have certainly happened and we are quite certain that it occurred many many times during life, that you have woken up in the middle of the night.

There is even one statistic that shows that almost half percent of the entire population regularly experiences this event.

So, why are they waking up?

It is said that the time when you have woken up will determine the reason behind it.

So, if you are constantly waking up at the same time during the night, and you do not know what to do, it is truly important not to ever ignore those messages.

Either your body is telling you something very important or you are receiving messages from the Divine realm.

Now, today we will take a look at what does it mean when you are waking every night at the same time, at 1 am?

What does it mean and what kind of message is hidden behind this event?

We have to say right away that the number 1 in general is very much connected to the world of Angels, and they use this opportunity to tell you something very important for your life, and the future.

The physical meaning behind this waking up could be a problem with circulation or the heart.

Mentally, it may be that you are not able to find your place in the world and you feel so insecure.

The advice here is to move forward in life and find strength and maybe even look for a completely renewed origin of power.

And this is just one of the meanings of waking up at 1 am, so read more.

Biblical Meaning of Waking Up at 1 am

Waking up at a certain time of the night has different meanings depending on what time you woke up and how you felt after waking up.

Did you immediately turn around and fall asleep again or were you unable to fall asleep for a long time after that and there was still a lot that could provide a certain meaning?

We all sometimes wake up in the middle of the night at a certain time, but did you know that the time you woke up can tell you a lot?

If you often wake up at 1 a.m., it may mean that you are a person who suppresses your anger and negative energy.

This is something that is not good, firstly it is not good that you allowed yourself to be angry at all, and secondly that you have not yet learned to channel and use that energy that you are wasting for nothing.

This is something that will first of all endanger your health, because you are interrupting the REM phase of sleep in which very important exchanges of substances in your body take place, and you will wake up exhausted and unprepared for the tasks that await you during the day.

But also waking up at this time means that your peace of mind is disturbed for some reason.

Now, whether you are aware of it or not is a real question for you, but if you want to stop this phenomenon, you should deal with yourself and your spiritual peace, because it will affect your entire psychophysical state.

You are a person who is aware that you shouldn’t take out your anger on others, and you stick to that, and that’s perfectly fine, but you should find a way to learn to eradicate that anger in yourself and to do that, you need to consult with someone who will help you solve that problem once and for all.

Since this is the state of mind you are currently in, we advise you to visit a church and confess to a priest who will explain to you how to stop feeling this way.

Every priest is at the same time a psychiatrist with whom you can talk about anything without fear that he will pass it on to anyone, and you can talk to him about anything that bothers you.

Priests are experts in the human soul and they will calm you down and advise you on how to eradicate that feeling in yourself and feel much better.

And maybe he will tell you what is happening there and why you are waking up at that time of the night.

It is possible that you were very angry with someone and that you did not come to reconcile with that person during her life and that now her spirit visits you at night at that time and sends you a request and a sign to forgive her for what she did to you and for why were you angry with her?

Since this is the time when you wake up, it is connected with the anger that you have inside you, and from a spiritual point of view, waking up exactly at 1 a.m. means that a restless soul is waking you up and begging you for forgiveness.

Try to mention this to the religious person to whom you go to confess, so that he can advise you on how to do it in the right way.

It will probably be necessary for you to pray for the repose of the soul of the person you were angry with and to light a saint for them in a church or monastery from time to time.

But the point is that you will have to forgive her from the bottom of your heart so that her soul can have peace and therefore you too.

It is human to forgive even the greatest enemy and it is a great human virtue, especially since forgiveness can be very difficult and tiring depending on what that person did to us.

If we don’t find the strength to forgive someone, what can we expect from others?

What can we expect after our death when we come to the gates of heaven and when our sins should be forgiven?

The next time you wake up at 1 a.m., pray to God the Father to send you a sign of why this happens night after night.

There is a deeper reason for everything and nothing happens by chance, especially if it is repeated often.

Now the other thing is that our body and our mind and soul are closely connected and cannot do without each other and if one does not function as it should, then a chain reaction occurs and everything is disrupted.

But everything begins and ends in our hearts and soul.

The church is the temple of God and a place where we can seek help always and in every situation that troubles us, but it is also a place where to solve our problems, we must rely only and exclusively on the strength of our soul and on prayer.

For many people, it is easier to go to a neuropsychiatrist and to confess to him and to get drugs that will numb him and relieve the pain and anger that he carries inside, but that will not cure the person, but will only mask the problem he has.

For a person to truly heal, he must deal with his spiritual condition and find out why all this is happening to him and start working on it and ask God and the heavenly angels to give him the strength to solve all the problems he has.

Waking up at 1 a.m. means that you have a problem with a soul, who used to be your friend, and now you have the task of reconciling when she is no longer alive, and that is not an easy task at all.

Everything would be much easier for you if you did it while she was still alive.

Since the living and the dead cannot communicate, you will have to achieve this connection on a spiritual level and to do that, you will have to be cleansed of the feeling of anger that eats you up and wakes you up at night.

Start with yourself first and think about whether there is anyone in this world who should forgive you for something, and for a wonderful miracle, you will surely remember at least one person to whom you may have inadvertently caused some mental pain.

No one is without sin and you have to understand that, so you are not alone, and always keep that in mind when you get angry with someone.

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If you wake up at 1 in the morning, it can very often mean that the guide is trying to warn you of something coming.

When we are in a dream, we are not in a conscious state and our soul is susceptible to communication with the invisible world.

At that moment, we may be visited by a guardian angel who will try to convey to us some important message from the afterlife, and perhaps in this way, through the guiding angel, someone will try to contact you and establish a relationship with you because of some message he wants to convey to you.

That’s why you should pay special attention to those dreams and extract from them some point or hidden message that someone is trying to foist on you.

Maybe in this way, someone will try through the angel to ask for your forgiveness with his consent, and you should give it to him from the bottom of your heart.

And it can also mean that the guardian angel is warning you in this way and admonishing you that you should be calmer, if you would not bring some misfortune and misery on yourself, because of your spiritual state.

It is common knowledge that people who carry anger in themselves will not live long because it is something that eats them from the inside.

And when a feeling eats you up, it can be good both for you and for the people around you, because you won’t be good for them either.

You will not feel sincere joy and happiness, and you cannot if you carry some burden inside you that is bothering you.

The angel is trying to tell you that it is something that you will have to let go of to be able to continue with your life normally.

If a person has done you so much harm that you cannot forgive them just like that, you should prepare for that act in the church and understand the depth of what you need to do for yourself and the salvation of your immortal soul.

If you carry within you the seeds of hatred towards someone, whether he is alive or dead, you cannot expect any good things to happen in your life.

To be able to develop a true feeling of love for someone again, you will have to get rid of that feeling that is poisoning you from the inside, and you cannot do that without seeing that person and telling them directly what you think and feel, of course on the condition that that person is still among the living.

If not, then the whole procedure is different and we have already stated that you should pray for her in the church and light a candle for the repose of her soul, and she will see and feel it, and in that way, maybe she will find her way to the gates of heaven with you. forgiveness.

Perhaps only your forgiveness was enough to save her soul and open the gates of heaven instead of the gates of hell.

Try to put yourself in that situation and imagine that you are in hell itself or on the verge of it and that you only need one person from the world of the living to forgive you for something you did to them so that you can be saved and your soul can find peace.

What would you try to do to let her know that you need her forgiveness? You could still send mental messages or send a sign through a guardian angel who would try to reconcile you and that is the only way.

That awakening of yours at one in the morning is connected, as we said, with anger and anger towards a person, and you should seriously understand the very act of letting go and its weight.

Children are a true example of angelic love and forgiveness.

The child will forgive you absolutely everything from the heart and the depths of his innocent soul.

And not only will he forgive you, but he will forgive you from the bottom of his heart and forget about that sin of yours forever, and therefore it will not affect him in the future and he will be able to develop as a healthy individual.

That’s why we should emulate children in everything because as we grew up we lost the power we had as children.

We had the power to see the good even in the worst person, we had the power to forgive from the heart and to love with all our heart and to see and feel the presence of our creator, both in the stone and in every person.

Try to remember how you felt as a child when your parents took you to church, how and what did you feel then?

You felt peace and connection and it was as if each of the icons in the church radiated some kind of warmth and God-pleasing warmth.

It is a feeling that we lose over time as we get older because day by day we allow ourselves to poison our soul with various bad feelings, which slowly but surely lead us to this, that we become furious, angry, irritable, without patience both for ourselves and for others. other people.

When you decide to leave behind that feeling that prevents you from becoming a better person and raising your soul to the heavens, waking up at 1 in the morning will thin out.

When it has completely stopped or even thinned out, you will know that you are on the right path and that you are on the threshold of doing something that many people have not been able to do.

In any case – your body, soul, and mind are telling you something by waking you up at this hour, so do not neglect the lessons that are coming to you.

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