Biblical Meaning of The Cross In a Dream

There is, we think, no greater symbol, not just in biblical terms, but in every other symbolical system in the world than a cross.

Similarities are remarkable when we take a look at the cross, or versions of it in different cultures.

And it seems that it has both good and bad meanings – it becomes more and more challenging today; when people are struggling.

Today, all of us are carrying our own cross, and maybe the entire planet is wearing its cross, for all the bad things that are happening around us.

But, we must say that the cross was and it will always be a symbol of faith, in the most general sense.

And it is worth saying that even though a cross is almost inseparable from Christianity, it is one of the oldest and most comprehensive symbols that humans have ever had.

The cross is considered one of the most powerful symbols in general. Uneducated, we recognize in this symbol primarily a torture device, on which Jesus of Nazareth was crucified, which evokes in us an uncomfortable, anxious feeling. But the fundamental symbolism of the cross is completely different.

We could find it, in many different places around the world, we can see it carved in stone, wood, metal, and bone even, it can be richly decorated or simply drawn, and it could be found all over the world.

This is the case since it represents so many things at once.

A cross, is, therefore, a powerful symbol when it appears in a reality where it connects opposites, and it also takes the fundamental form of living, without which it is not possible to accept reality and oneself, as a human being with its dual nature.

A cross also can appear as a symbol in a dream, and there also has an important meaning – one that is one of the strongest meanings there can be.

Of course, this meaning could be individual, but it also can be seen from a global scale.

And do not be afraid, it rarely or rarely has a negative connotation, but it always comes as an important tool to tell us something truly important.

Meaning of the Cross in a Dream in General 

The basic symbolism of the cross is, for example, when you dream of a cross that is on or on top of the bed, then it comes as a representation of the union between men and women.

If you had such a dream then think of your emotional state, and your relationship with the person you love – there must be a moment when things are changing, as this is the setting point for you two.

If you have seen it in your workplace, then such a dream carries the message of importance regarding the process of your life and its course, as it is the path to the goal.

If you have seen a cross as a part of the jewelry, then you should understand this dream as the symbol of true meaning, an inspiration, an object that gives us optimism and strengthens faith in love, which is the fundamental message of our work in life.

If you have seen a cross that is “written” or carved on your body, then you must know that you are set to grow, as the horizontal line represents material and physical development, and the vertical line represents spiritual development.

You are invited to pursue both.

It is said that this dream comes to people who are dealing with the most problematic days of their lives, and the cross can be the symbol of their misery and pain.

These tragic moments of your life have revealed the fragility of the image of a being who lives in a way that you forget your fragility and vulnerability.

This dream shows that despite your dependence and fragility, you carry within yourself greatness and transcendence, many moments of happiness, as well as pain, fears, falls, and breaks.

Maybe the message that is behind this dream is that we, all as human beings must take care of ourselves, we have to fight for our life and health.

These problematic aspects of your life have slowly sobered you in your arrogance.

Cutting yourself with the Cross in a dream shows that a change and deeper understanding of the world you live in must come to you by force, and you need to learn and accept new principles.

You have at your disposal the source of all life and cosmic forces, the sexual act is a means for the birth of a new life, and also redemption.

The cross seen in a dream, in some scenarios resembles a romantic or sexual play, in fact, is related to passion, which destroys the power of the tempter, can lead you to become worse than you have ever been, and also can give you a new life.

In a version of a dream where you see a cross as a part of the weapon where you are fighting with some monster, or against the devil; then such a dream shows that even if you can be terrified and tremble, you are brave and ready to defeat anything that you see as evil.

Biblical Meaning of The Cross In a Dream 

If you had a dream about the Cross, it suggests, according to the Bible, that the events in your life are close to tragic, they are at the turning point, it seems that you are tormented with broken and jagged thoughts, and the cross strengthens and revives the love that went beyond all your boundaries and encompassed even the most remote areas of human experience.

The cross is the opening of everything that is closed, and the connection of the fundamental foundations of our being.

Of course, we must resist it, because it is difficult and requires a free decision.

But its opposite is death, destruction, and hell.

It is a sin of living and everything human.

The cross is here the representation of the greatest challenge that marks our decisions, way of thinking, relationships with people and the world, with God, and with ourselves.

The cross represents the door to fulfillment in humanity and happiness; it marks that it is very important what you do in this life, as a human being.

Jesus said that those who will be raised above the earth and will be considered by all will be able to accept his appeal of love.

In this way, if you had a dream about the cross, as you carry it on your back, it has got to do with love; and we can say that this dream is a representation of your love and sacrifice for it that you are willing to carry.

Just like Jesus, as he carried the cross for love, and made a sacrifice for love.

Furthermore, we can notice that there is no greater sacrifice than that – he has proven that he is willing to do it for love – He went to the end and gave himself to death, and has the power to shine through crises and darkness.

It is the symbol of salvation in this way.

If you had a dream that you are running with the cross, then it is the dream that shows that you are running away from something, and it is all because you are scared.

People can run away, being afraid, but the love that is given, stays, speaks and gives birth to new life.

But, you must see the Cross as the symbol of struggle with fear.

The cross here is the symbol that there is God’s work in action, and He tells us that there is work in all of our human reality, even those who are weak.

Just as you are in the current moment – God gives you His love, as a merciful gift.

If you had a dream that you are praying in front of the cross, as the Bible teaches us, it is very important that you think about the meaning of the cross and includes it in the way of living and solving problems.

The message of the cross connects all Christians, and people of faith; therefore we can see the real meaning that is focused on the mystery of resurrection, which shines with its power and vitality.

Dreaming of a large cross means something else – this is the dream that speaks of growth.

As the cross is a paradox that connects tragedy and glory, it is a gift and is always connected importantly.

On a personal level, we must say that through this dream you are between a deep breakdown between the known and earthly and a connection with the Divine.

If the dream you had regarding the Cross that burning, in that case, this is the dream that depicts that your pain is reaching its depth and peak in the darkness, and silence is seen in the cross.

There is no word, but Gods, and here you are being encouraged by the depth because it is about life, which is stronger than death.

If you had a dream about the tiny cross, that you can barely see, then that dream, according to the Bible, has a lot to do with the need to find as much creativity and inspiration in life as possible, as currently you are not able to see it.

What is asked of you is to show feelings of sympathy and closeness and trust in God, knowing that things are working for your best interest.

If you see a Cross in a dream, and you are crying, most notably in church, this is the dream that reminds you to be humble, as in this way you will hear the wise words of the Lord who speaks most powerfully.

Some dream symbolical meanings emphasized that the cross is the symbol of salvation, and this is true when you have such a dream where you are buried or killed and you can see the Cross clearly.


As you were able to see, the cross indicates the creation of life, not only the beginning but also its physical end, and resection, as this is the sign of two forces, two perspectives – male and feminine, yin and yang, which are the fundamental principles of creation.

Everything has two sides, good and bad, one cannot exist without the other.

In some cases, it symbolizes Unity.

In all parts of the world, people, for one reason or the other, worship the cross, wanting to join its mystical and real power.

The cross is the tree of life and the cosmic axis: the point where all insoluble paradoxes are reconciled and resolved, where everything in faith and life is synthesized.

The path of sanctity, culture, and spirituality opens up in it.

It is associated to love – because, Jesus has shown us that on the cross, love became invincible and the link to everything we know in this life.

When you think of the cross in a symbolic sense, then always have in mind that the cross is the only noble tree, not a dead tree, which grew, blossomed, and now you would grow like that.

So, the message that is behind that dream is the connection with Jesus who takes away the sins of humanity and gives himself as a sacrifice for the life of the world.

Suffering, he humbles himself to the depths of human wounding with sin, mortality, and death, which represents his emptying (destruction) of God’s glory, to become Forsaken.

This emphasis is strongly present in such a dream, for all, believers or nonbelievers.

On the other hand, the Cross in a dream shows God’s love in unimaginable beauty, peace, and freedom.

The cross is the personal sacrifice of the God-man, who took refuge in the deepest depths of wounded humanity and transformed them into a gift of new life.

He surrendered to his opposite, whereas the sinful man thought that God could not come.

In some cases, the dream about the cross can be associated with suffering and death; but as we have said it can never be one without the other, and here it goes with the resurrection and the revelation of glory.

In a life of an individual, it depicts the beginning of a new creation, the connection between death and life, which will never be so tragic and without transition.

It has a hidden joy in it – it is not the symbol of a rigid sacrifice, death, and destruction, but a connection to the source of life, fulfilled in God’s love for your salvation.

In any case, advice for all those who have a dream where the cross is a central motive, must not fear things that are coming and must be able to accept all with a lot of joy.

When you accept your mortality and the fact that life is made out of dualities, then life can be a great ride.

In any case, the cross was and will always be a symbol of faith – as you must, by all means, preserve it deep in your heart, regardless of circumstances.

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