Biblical Meaning Of Receiving Money In A Dream

The Bible contains the most important story about receiving money and that is the story of the betrayal of Jesus Christ.

In this story, the disciple of Jesus Christ, Judas Iscariot, betrayed Jesus to the Jewish priests for thirty pieces of silver.

The versions of this story differ in various gospels and also in other sources, but the most widely known is the version narrated in the Gospel of Mathew.

According to the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament, before the Last Supper, Judas went to see the chief Jewish priest and agreed to hand over Jesus’s life for money.

Later he repented his act and returned the money to the priests, but they refused to put it inside the temple because it was considered blood money.

What might be the Biblical meaning of receiving money in a dream?

Receiving money in a dream could mean many different things and messages God wants to convey to you.

Generally speaking, in the Bible, receiving money is depicted as a sign of greed, betrayal, loss of trust and lack of loyalty, as well as ungratefulness.

In the Bible, money is also not depicted as something good but rather as a source of evil and problems.

In Timothy of the New Testament, money and love for money are described as the root of all that is evil, especially because they distract people from faith.

Receiving money in a dream from a Biblical sense might be a sign of temptation, greed, financial problems, ungratefulness, loss of trust, being spiritually attacked, or lack of loyalty.

This dream might also be a sign of redemption, returning to the right track, blessings, prosperity, manifestation of your desires, generosity, financial gains, a reminder to remain optimistic, etc.

Below are some possible interpretations of its meaning:

  1. Resolving financial issues

Having a dream about receiving money can be a reflection of the financial problems you are experiencing currently. This dream might be a sign from God encouraging you to maintain your faith and trust that your problems will soon be resolved.

You might experience miracles in the upcoming days which will help you regain your financial stability. God wants you to know that you will be taken care of.

  1. Financial gains

This dream might also be a sign of financial gain regardless of your financial situation.

If you aren’t struggling with money and you had a dream about receiving money, this might be a sign from God that more money is coming into your life in the upcoming period.

Such a dream might be a sign of business success, an increase in your income, or even gaining financial freedom so you don’t have to work anymore. For some, this might be a sign of unexpected gains.

  1. Temptation

Sometimes a dream about receiving money might be a warning from God about someone or some situation.

You might be tempted to do something wrong, and you might be, or might not be aware of your actions.

With this dream, God might be warning you about your actions and reminding you to be just and fair in whatever you do.

  1. Redemption

In some cases, dreaming about receiving money can be a sign of redemption for something wrong you did.

Maybe you have been on the path of redeeming yourself and God wants you to know that you are forgiven.

In general, this dream can be a sign of God’s unconditional support of you and your life regardless of your actions.

You can always return to the right track, and he will welcome you with his hands open.

For some, this dream might be a sign of someone in your life, redeeming themselves for some wrongdoings they have done to you.

God might be sending you a message through this dream to release all resentment towards this person and sincerely forgive them for what they’ve done to you.

  1. Blessings

In some cases, dreaming about receiving money is a sign from God reminding you to be more respectful of the blessings in your life.

Maybe you have been taking them for granted and not showing your gratitude for having them in your life.

This especially refers to people who are in your life, who love you, and who are devoted and loyal to you. Remember to show them your love and appreciation.

Sometimes, dreams about receiving money will be a sign of blessings that are awaiting you soon. You might expect the fulfilment of some desire or your life generally improving.

The blessings you might receive might be of financial but also emotional nature. God is asking you to prepare yourself to receive the gifts he has for you.

  1. Manifesting your desires and goals

In some cases, dreaming about receiving money can indicate the fulfilment of your desires. The goals and desires you have been manifesting for some time are about to come to fruition.

God is asking you to prepare to welcome these accomplishments of your manifesting work into your life. Your faith helps you create miracles in your life. Whatever you desire and ask for is coming to you.

Don’t worry if the signs aren’t there yet; you just need to maintain your unwavering faith, and everything will align and fall into its place for you.

  1. Greed and jealousy

For some of you, the dream about receiving money is a strong warning from God to watch your actions and your thoughts. You might be consumed with greed, and your actions are unacceptable and sinful.

Longing for something that isn’t yours or always wanting more is a sign of your lack of faith that you can have all you want and need. Throughout the Bible, we read about the power of faith and trust we can have whatever we want if we only believe that to be true.

By being jealous and greedy you are surely demonstrating a lack of faith and belief that someone has to be deprived of something for you to have it. This is a message from God to evaluate your thoughts and actions and remove the greed from yourself.

  1. Being ungrateful

Sometimes the message of your dream about receiving money is a reminder to be more grateful. It is possible that you are not appreciating the people and things you have in life, and you just take them for granted as if they are always going to be there for you.

God is reminding you that whatever you don’t appreciate in your life will leave you.

If you are ungrateful and take things and people for granted, be prepared to lose them because life will take them away from you if you keep treating them as if you don’t care whether they are there or not.

  1. Generosity

Receiving money in a dream can be a sign and reminder from God to share the blessings you have in life with others who are less fortunate than you. It is good to receive, but it is also a blessing when you can give to others.

This dream might be a sign that you have more than enough for yourself and your needs and it is time to share your possessions.

By being generous and selflessly giving your goods to others the Universe and God will reward you in return.

  • Maintain your optimism

A dream where you received money from someone or in some other way can sometimes be a sign from God to remain optimistic in a situation or in general.

God is asking you to evaluate your thoughts and clear all negative thoughts and expectations from your mind, especially if you are expecting the outcome of some action or hoping for a desire to come true.

Nothing is more detrimental to the outcome of your actions than thoughts full of negativity, doubt, and expectance of the worst to happen. What you expect is what you will receive, God might be trying to convey to you through this dream so be very careful what you are thinking and expecting.

  • Poverty and financial issues

Sometimes a dream about receiving money might be a sign of money trouble you could soon experience.

Struggles with money can be expected soon, but God is asking you not to worry because they will be short-term, and you will manage to get out of that situation quickly.

  • Feeling powerless

This dream where you receive money might be a reflection of your current mental state and current life circumstances you might feel as if there is nothing you can do in a certain situation or that you have no power to change a situation that can be changed.

If this is how you feel, know that God is sending you a message that help is on its way and that you will find a way to resolve the issues you are encountering regardless of how you might be feeling now.

  • Betrayal

This dream can sometimes symbolically represent your feelings because you have been betrayed by someone. This dream can also reflect your feelings of shame and guilt because you feel you have betrayed someone with your actions and there is nothing you can do to amend the situation.

  • Kindness

Sometimes a dream about receiving money is a reminder to be kinder.

Maybe you have been treating people with disrespect and hurting their feelings, and God is asking you to think about your behavior and the reasons why you do certain things so you can change and be kind to people instead of rude and aggressive.

Different scenarios of receiving money in a dream

Dreaming of receiving money from some stranger

If you dreamed about a stranger giving you money, it is likely a bad sign and a warning about potential financial loss, damage, debts, and in the worst cases, bankruptcy.

This dream can also indicate feelings of despair and loss of faith in the people who are close to you. Maybe you feel as if there is no one in your life you can rely on, and this might be true which is why you dream about a stranger helping you.

This dream might mean that some stranger might help you in some difficult situation.

Dreaming of winning money in the lottery

Winning money in the lottery in a dream is a good sign in general. It reveals your ambition and high hopes for your future. You might have some big dreams and you are willing to put in the effort required to achieve them but still rely on some good luck to push you forward.

This dream might also be a sign that you are entering lucky times in your life, and you are advised by the Universe to try out your luck and buy a lottery ticket.

Dreaming of receiving bribe money

Dreams of someone giving you money to bribe you into doing some foul stuff are not a good sign. It often reveals a guilty mind and thoughts. Maybe you have done something bad to gain some benefits and now the guilt is eating you from within.

Judas Iscariot was bribed by the priests to betray Jesus and by this act he was marked forever as the betrayer who sold the son of God for 30 pieces of silver.

This dream might be a warning from God to monitor your thoughts and control your actions. Maybe you are someone who doesn’t care much about their dignity and their integrity, and you are prone to doing sneaky things for a bit of profit, but you should know that every action counts and you will one day be asked to pay for the things you did.

Dreaming of receiving money notes

Dreaming of paper money and someone giving them to you is a good sign in a dream.

Dreaming about receiving lots of money

If you had a dream scenario where you received lots of money from someone or in some other way, this is usually a good sign. As a reflection of your subconscious, it might indicate feeling great in your life currently.

Abundance is likely flowing in all aspects of your life. You have more than enough money, you are loved, you are healthy, have a lot of people who love you and you are happy overall.

This dream might also reflect your subconscious desire to have more money and hence you are seeing lots of money coming to you in your dream.

It can also be a sign that abundance is coming into your life. This dream can also be a confirmation of the success of your current endeavors.

For some, this dream can reveal your satisfaction with your work and working a lot. Earning a lot of money is a true reward for your efforts and you truly believe you deserve that.

Dreaming of receiving money from your parents

If you dreamed of being given money by your parents this can often be a reflection of your current state. Likely, you are still not able to provide for yourself or you are currently struggling financially so you rely on your parents for support.

If this is not the case, this dream can also indicate your strong connection to your parents and still relying on their guidance and support throughout your life. This can be financial support as well, but it also refers to their emotional support and guidance.

In some cases, a dream where you were receiving money from your parents might be a warning from God about your spending habits. Likely, you are not very organized with your spending, and you are struggling financially.

This situation you are in might lead to you needing to lend money from your parents. If this is the case, consider this dream as a reminder to become more responsible and act like an adult because your behavior might also put others at risk, financially or otherwise.

Dreaming of receiving money from your friend

In general, dreams about someone giving you money are often a sign of your troubled mind regarding your finances, financial struggles, and trying to figure out how to solve them.

In case you were dreaming about your friend giving you money, it is usually a good sign, indicating that this is someone you can trust and rely upon. This dream is a sign that you have good people in your life who love you and would do anything for you.

This dream is a reminder from God about the good people in your life and also a reminder to show them your gratitude and appreciation. You should never take them for granted but invest in these relationships and treasure them.

Dreaming of receiving money from a professor or some other authority

When you dream that your professor (if you are currently in school) or some other authority in your life is giving you money, this is often a sign that you subconsciously seek their approval and confirmation of your value and abilities.

You might also need their assistance and help with some problems you have.

Dreaming of receiving money from a sibling or a relative

If your sibling or a relative was giving you money in your dream, this might indicate a good and trusted relationship you have with them. You feel that you can turn to them for help anytime.

Sometimes this dream might reveal your carelessness with money and not feeling ashamed to ask for money from anyone, even from distant relatives and people you don’t know well.

Dreaming of receiving fake money

If you dreamed of receiving fake money notes from someone, this is often a warning sign. In many cases, this dream might be a sign of becoming a victim of fraud, deceit, or betrayal.

This dream could also reveal your fraudulent nature and be a warning from God to change your behavior because you will for sure pay for it one day.

This dream can indicate faking your personality and portraying yourself in a different light to people to gain some benefits for yourself.

This dream can also indicate being exposed to your deceits and betrayals. This can also indicate you exposing someone in your life for the same.

Dreaming of receiving money in your bank account

If you dreamed that you received some money in your bank account, whether it was something expected or unexpected, this is usually a good sign.

For some, this dream might be a reflection of your expectations to receive some money you have been waiting for and it is just a reflection of your reality.

If you haven’t been expecting money to be paid in your bank account, this dream is a good sign regarding your financial situation. You might expect your finances to significantly improve.

Often this sign might be announcing the financial independence you will gain soon. You might get a job or a pay rise and this will allow you to finally get your freedom, move out of your parents’ house, or not be forced to live with a roommate anymore because you will be able to afford to live alone in your apartment.

This is a good sign regarding your plans and goals because it indicates that they might soon manifest.

Dreaming of receiving reward money

If you dreamed of someone giving you money to reward you, this is a good sign. It is confirmation that you excel in your actions and that you are appreciated and valued by your colleagues and by people in general.

This dream is a sign from God giving you his blessings for the goodness and kindness of your nature and sharing your blessings with others and not selfishly keeping them for yourself.

Dreaming of receiving money as a beggar

If you dreamed of people giving you money for begging, this is usually not a good sign. It can be a reflection of your insecure and incompetent nature. You might be a person who is constantly seeking help and attention from other people.

You might be overly dramatic about your problems and share them with everyone you meet expecting them to help you, while at the same time, you are not concerned about the struggles of others around you that might be equal if not bigger than yours.

This is a warning from God to look into your behavior and ask yourself why you are acting in this way and begin relying on yourself for a change.

For others, this dream might be a reflection of their inferior role in a situation or a relationship in their life, where they feel they are begging for someone’s attention, time, money, or something else.

This dream can also be a reminder from God to look within and ask yourself whether you truly believe you deserve the things you are begging for because if you don’t believe you deserve them, this is the reason why you have such experiences.

If you don’t believe you deserve to be loved, have money, be healthy, or have everything your heart desires, you need to work on building this faith in your worth and value.

Dreaming of receiving filthy, bloody, or thorn money

If you dreamed of someone giving you money notes that were filthy, thorn, or covered in blood, this is a worrisome sign. It might indicate financial problems you could soon experience, but also financial deceits and fraud.

Someone might try to deceive you financially and you need to be very careful when dealing with other people, especially if you don’t know them well. This dream is often a warning from God that you might get yourself into a situation that will cost you a lot and cause financial damage.

Consider this dream a sign to be very cautious in your financial dealings in the upcoming days, but also be careful how you are spending your money because it is likely that there might be some financial challenges ahead.

Dreaming of receiving money for your art creation

If you dreamed of someone giving you money for the artwork you have done, this can be a reflection of your desire for your art to be appreciated and monetized.

Maybe you are an aspiring artist and you still don’t sell your work, and this dream can also be a sign of confirmation from God that your desires will soon be granted and you will achieve the success you strive for.


Dreaming of receiving money is a dream with strong symbolism.

Whether it is dreaming of paper money or coins, winning it or someone giving you money, this dream is usually a good sign but sometimes carries a strong message and warning about our attitude and behavior.

The details of the dream are always very important for deciphering the dream, and it is also important to include your current circumstances.

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