Biblical Meaning of Peacock In Dreams

Why do we dream and what do dreams represent? We have been trying to unravel the mystery of dreams ever since.

Even the latest scientific discoveries and advancements cannot solve the secret of dreams in their totality.

According to some hypotheses, dreams are random images, impulses produced by our brain.

They may be projections of various information we pile up during our waking time.

Of course, we cannot adequately process all the info we get during one cycle of our waking time.

Our brain is an amazing mechanism still perplexing the greatest minds of our day, experts, doctors and researchers.

It regulates the information that would reach our awareness or end up in our sub conscious mind.

However, mysterious are the ways of our thoughts, emotions, our reactions, our complex and wonderful characters, each of them unique, unrepeatable, like a snowflake in an avalanche.

We all dream, that is for certain. Animals dream, too.

In old days, people would often take dreams for prophecies.

Many greatest minds, especially people considered to have spiritual abilities and a special connection with the higher realm, unreachable to the most of humankind, had prophetic dreams.

Dreams are a subject of many myths and legendary stories and, although in our fast-paced, live-for-today world we may take these as children stories, there is, perhaps, a piece of truth in every myth.

After all, all great civilizations start from a mythical event.

Dreams are full of symbols, as we, humans, think in symbols.

Therefore, specific objects, creatures, images, signs, archetypes appearing in our dreams will have a very specific meaning in our specific context.

Animals often appear in our dreams, even those animals we do not have the option to see in vivo.

People dream about wild beasts they only know from their computer or television screens or from books.

In the world of symbols, each animal has a very specific meaning.

It embodies and carries specific characteristics, traits and concepts.

In the following text, we will be talking about the beautiful peacock, the bird’s symbolical meaning and the meaning in dreams.

Peacock Symbolism

As you probably know, peacock has been considered one of the most beautiful birds/animals in the world, if not the prettiest one.

Its elegant walk, lavish, captivating tail, adorned with beautifully sparkling feathers resembling the appearance of eyes has been fascinating us ever since.

Besides its gorgeous tail, male peacocks have splendid cobalt blue coat, a little crest and an elegantly curved neck.

The peacock represents beauty, luxury, the importance of outer appearance, self-confidence and the need for attention.

However, it is much more than that. This beautiful creature is also a symbol of immortality, spirituality and vitality.

Peacock is a powerful solar symbol, associated with splendor and glory.

The masculine principle of the Sun is symbolically associated with life force, good health, strength and prosperity.

Peacock embodies the idea of nobility, it is a bird associated with aristocracy and royal status and power.

It is also a symbol of a guardian and protector, sacredness and light. In Buddhist tradition, peacocks symbolize the highest knowledge.

Peacock’s strange eye-like feathers are associated with wisdom, with the all-seeing eye, the awakens and alertness.

In Hindu tradition, peacocks stand for prosperity and abundance, happiness, loveliness and patience.

In Greco-Roman tradition, peacock is associated with the supreme goddess Hera or Juno. The rounded patterns of its tail are thought to resemble the stars in the sky.

In Christianity, peacocks have a special place – these beautiful birds represent salvation.

The peacock is sometimes associated with the Christ himself and its rounded eye-shaped feathers with the ’all-seeing’ eye of God.

Peacock is a daring bird, unafraid to show off its beautiful feathers to everyone.

This birds symbolizes self-integrity and self-confidence. Also, peacock symbolizes romance and courtship and the need to impress; it spreads its lavish tail when ’flirting’ with a female bird.

Therefore, peacocks also represent the romantic desire, pleasure, optimism, life energy and sensuality.

Symbolically, peacock is an equivalent of a rich suitor, daring and impressive.

Dreams About Peacocks – General Info

Dreams about peacocks could be interpreted in different ways, depending on the context and details of the dream, but there are some basic interpretations.

As we have said, peacocks symbolize abundance, prosperity, beauty, higher knowledge and spirituality, the divine power, self-integrity.

Seeing a peacock in a dream is generally a very positive sign.

Peacock in a dream symbolizes luck and fortune. It is a sign of something good coming your way.

It could be acknowledgment, success, even material fortune, as peacocks symbolize richness and aristocracy.

It could also mean you will meet a person from some higher circles or someone who is extremely wise, a person who sees beyond what you see, a spiritual guide, for instance.

If a peacock appears in your dream, it means you should show your true colors and be yourself. It is a dream of encouragement.

Do not be shy in situations that require a little bit more of showing off.

Be proud of who you are and of how you look, use it all into your advantage.

The peacock in dreams inspires elegance and creativity, as well as the spiritual journey.

„A thing of beauty is a joy forever“, famous British poet has said. Indeed, it is so.

Enjoy beautiful things in life, even if you do not possess them.

To look upon something that is beautiful, like a piece of art, for example, enriches the soul.

Peacocks in dreams represent all that is beautiful, but not only in a material, physical way, even if the peacock’s earthly presence is something that passes, just as all mortal lives pass.

However, Beauty is immortal and peacocks represent that idea.

Peacock dreams and the pride

Peacocks are often associated with pride, in not as positive contexts.

Pride is the greatest of all sins, the biblical texts suggests and peacocks are commonly taken as a symbol of pride and narcissism.

To say that someone acts ’like a peacock’ means that the person seeks attention, enjoys when all eyes are fixed on them.

The ’peacock people’ like to show off, they are particularly obsessed with their looks and they tend to invest much into keeping the attention all to themselves.

Although it could be innocent and even charming, and those people could be dear to us, sometimes they could become really difficult to deal with, overly imposing, even aggressive in their ways.

If you dream about a peacock, think about your self-image.

Think about how you form it and what you expect from your surroundings.

While it is of course very  pleasing to hear compliments and inspire admiration, do not cross the line.

Think about the people around you and do not be obsessed only by how you appear to others, in this or that situation.

Be yourself, show your true colors, do not be afraid to present who you are, but do not try to do it at the cost of others.

Dreams about a peacock showing its tail

If you dream about a peacock spreading his beautiful tail, it is a good sign. It is a sign of new, positive moments in your life, a sign of new opportunities.

Peacock’s tail represents richness and luxury, but it also represents the spiritual awareness.

Those many eyes ’looking’ at you from the bird’s tail represent your connection with the higher realm.

You are about to set on a spiritual journey or about to reach some new steps on it.

Peacock’s tail symbolizes awareness, presence in reality and the connection with the divine.

Dreams about a flying peacock

Now, this is a dream associated with the idea of pride. To see a flying people in a dream is not a very good sign.

Although it does not indicate something dramatic or bad will happen, it is a dream to remind you to take care about your own character.

A flying peacock stands for being too proud of yourself, underestimating others, being arrogant and egoistic.

For some reason, you probably think that you are somehow better than others.

In the long run, it could cause you a lot of problems.

This type of a dream is sometimes induced by certain real-life achievements that prove your worth.

However, do not overestimate your own quality.

Of course you should be proud of your success, but do not let the achievement make you feel above all others.

Do not reject people who have less success than you, those who are of a lower status, in whatever sense, because life is a strange game.

Regardless of how confident you are, the roles may change and you would be sorry to be left all alone and without support.

Think good of yourself and work on self-improvement, but do not think too high of yourself, especially if it means to underestimate everyone else.

Dreams about fighting peacocks

Dreams about seeing peacocks fighting are not very common.

This dream emphasizes one’s need to show off and prove he or she is better than someone else.

This is a dream of competition, rivalry, even jealousy.

There is probably someone in your close surroundings whom you deem a rival.

It must be someone whom you consider equal to you, in a way, someone you are threatened by.

Actually, it is not that the person necessarily threatens you, but you are afraid if someone else would take your place and the spotlight.

This dream indicates one’s desire to prove their value, but in a very superficial way.

It is not actually important if all attention will be drawn onto you; it is important that people whose opinions you actually value think good of you and feel good around you.

Dreams about seeing many peacocks

Dreams about seeing many peacocks are great.

Those dreams are dreams of fortune, prosperity, abundance and good luck overall.

Your efforts will likely pay off very soon and you will enjoy the life you deserve.

Dreams about a dying or a dead peacock

Dreams about a dying or dead animals are often a bit gloomy and, although the meaning can vary, they are usually interpreted as a bad sign.

A dead or a dying peacock in a dream is a sign of loss, helplessness, harm.

As peacocks represent the spotlight, being the center of attention (in both a positive and a negative way), a dead peacock in a dream may symbolize the downfall of your public image, the loss of reputation, not being in control of things.

You could easily become a victim of someone’s ill intentions and it is not very likely there is an option to prevent it.

However, keep your eyes open and be careful about your activities, talks and relations.

Dead peacocks could alternatively represent something good, although the very experience is usually unpleasant.

A dead peacock stands for the death of your ego and pride, figuratively speaking.

It is the time to let go of it and you will experience great relief.

Dreams about chasing a peacock

If you dream about chasing a peacock, it is a reflection of your ambition and desire for great things in life.

You chase success, high goals and standards, perfection and you will not give up easily.

The dream should be taken as a sign of encouragement.

Even if you do not actually catch the beautiful bird, it is still a good sign.

It suggests your goals are in the reach of your hands, but you will have to continue to work on achieving them.

If you catch the chased peacock, it is a sign of a potential positive outcome.

Dreams about a white peacock

White peacocks have a specific symbolical meaning. All white animals stand for purity, innocence, tenderness, spiritual and divine energy.

Peacocks already embody some of these ideas. The white color alters the basic symbolism of peacocks in dreams.

While dreams about a white peacock are also associated with abundance, prosperity and beauty, the focus is on immaterial world.

A white peacock represents spiritual awakening and spiritual journey, enlightenment.

Biblical meaning of peacocks in dreams

In biblical terms, peacocks are associated with the divine power and wisdom, with salvation and redemption, with purity and resurrection.

On the other side, peacocks are associated with pride, conceit and arrogant attitude.

In order fully to understand the meaning of the peacock in your dream, in association with biblical terms, pay close attention to the details in the dream.

Peacocks could represent intuition and wisdom, guidance and guardianship, but they could also have a negative connotation.

Alternatively, as we have mentioned, the represent superficial thoughts, arrogance, even deception.

Each dream has its unique meaning, depending on the dreamer and the dreamer’s current state of mind and life circumstances.

When it comes to the biblical meaning of peacocks in dreams, it is usually associated with some questions you should ask yourself, regarding your own system of values, your personal traits and their manifestation in life.

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