Biblical Meaning of Horses in Dreams

Horse is a noble, smart animal. Long time ago these animals were used as a transport system.

Dreams of horses are in most cases a positive sign for the dreamer.

They rarely represent something negative or bad.

Dreams like this are often a sign of happiness, prosperity, wealth and luck.

Of course there are certain dreams where you have warning signs, but still these dreams do not represent something evil or bad.

You have nothing to worry about when you dream of horses.

Colours and actions of a horse in your dream is really important to remember, every detail has a meaning.

Biblical meaning of this dream is a sense of freedom, it represents freedom and liberty.

You can dream of seeing wild horses, stabled horses, white or black horses, etc.

You should check the meaning behind your dream, because this is your subconscious trying to send you a certain message.

Always listen to your subconscious mind because it knows more than you do and it can help you a lot.

The Most Common Dreams Of Horses

Dreaming of seeing wild horses

This dream represents the feeling of being in a cage somehow.

You are not feeling free in your life, this dream appears because you are seeking freedom.

Perhaps you are seeking financial freedom, because debts and issues are completely drowning you right now.

Or perhaps you are in a toxic relationship where your spouse or a partner is simply too controlling.

In most toxic relationship one or both sides are extremely possessive, that leads to possible restrictions.

You are letting someone take away your freedom by a choice.

If this is your case, then your subconscious is trying to point this huge problem out to you.

If you are not free in your relationship and if you are feeling like being in some kind of a cage then leave that person.

It is hard to know exactly when someone is manipulating you into behaving according to their needs.

People can be too toxic and sometimes you must avoid them.

When you see a red flag like that, run away. Or perhaps your parents are too strict.

Maybe you are too caught up with your responsibilities that you just can’t handle it all anymore.

It is all perfectly normal, just breathe and find ways to rest.

Go somewhere all alone and gain back your energy.

Whatever the situation is, you have to take care of your well-being because if you don’t then who will?

Dreaming about horse attack

Well, this dream is a sign that you are not truthful to yourself.

Somehow, you are trying to ignore some things and to avoid them.

In many cases this dream appears if you are refusing to hear or say the truth.

You are living in some kind of a lie and you are not flexible when it comes to understanding.

You are simply ignoring all of the complications in your life and your are trying to fix everything by avoiding that topic.

Perhaps you are unhappy with something, but pretending to be happy.

Or you are telling everyone a made-up story while hiding the real truth.

Perhaps you are trying to protect someone or to spare someone’s feelings.

But, be sure that it is easier to live truthfully than to act your whole life.

It is not easy to always have some sort of a mask and to constantly keep making some stories up.

Find a way to be true and to get rid of unnecessary stress.

Dreaming of riding a horse

A dream like this has a positive meaning for the person who has it. It represents power and control.

You are the one who has the full control of your life, you are aware that you are the one who controls yourself and your life.

There is no person that could manipulate you or try to change something in your life.

Also there is no situation that overpowers you.

It is important to remember that no matter what happens, we are the ones who can control our mind and our actions.

This dream may also be connected with your sex life.

You are having some desires and fantasies that you wish to fulfil.

If your horse is unable to be controlled, it could mean trouble.

That is a sign that you are lead by your desires and sexual wishes.

You could be tricked and played if you are unable to control your urges.

It is the nature of humans to reproduce and have intercourse.

But, you have to be disciplined that cannot be something you are lead by in life.

Dreaming of seeing a dead horse

A dream like this can be in a form of a nightmare.

In most cases it represents misfortune, it is also a sign that you are currently unlucky.

Nothing you are doing is going the right way and it is nothing to be worried about.

You need to understand that things can’t always go the best way possible.

Everyone has a period where no matter what they do, they can’t succeed in that task.

When you see that you are unable to do things successfully, let them be. Take a break and try again later.

Be patient and do not lose it because of being unlucky right now.

Everyone has their ups and downs in everything, you can be the best at your job but you will experience a period when you can’t do anything right.

This period does not last forever, it will pass and you will be back in the game.

But do not push yourself if you see that things are not working out.

You will only end up being frustrated and angry.

Focus on resting and new methods to finish your work.

Also, keep in mind that discipline is everything.

Do not give up, stay on that path and try it all out again.

Dreaming of seeing a horse inside of your home

This dream is a sign of loneliness.

You are feeling like you have no one to talk to, you feel lonely.

Perhaps you have many friends, but not true ones by your side.

Or maybe you are feeling this way even though there are people who would listen to you.

Maybe you are going through a certain phase which is making you feel this way.

This dream may even reveal your insecurities.

Your subconscious is trying to tell you that you need to believe in yourself.

Stop doubting yourself and stop seeking for your bad sides.

You have to be confident and you must believe in your own abilities.

If you want great things to start happening to you, then you have to start working on yourself.

Find ways to boost your confidence.

Perhaps start going to the gym, find some hidden talents or do something that makes you happy.

You should trust yourself, why rely on others when you can rely in yourself.

Others are aware of your potential, but you are not.

Once you become aware of how capable you really are, then you are likely to become unstoppable.

Dreaming of horse being able to fly

This dream is surely something else. At least it does not feel realistic at all, it has a positive meaning behind.

It represents your mind and your big ideas.

You are thinking different, outside of the box and that is truly great.

When you are different and when you are not thinking like everyone else around you, then you have higher chances of being successful.

The famous rich people are at that position because they thought outside of the box.

They were not fooled by the masses, they had their own vision which lead them to the top.

So be free to think differently, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

But also be careful when it comes to your ideas and visions.

Do not talk about it to others, they will talk you out of it or ruin it.

Perhaps they will even steal away your ideas and become rich because of you.

Those things are supposed to be kept a secret.

Let your actions speak, not your words.

Dreaming of seeing an injured horse

This means that you are low on your energy.

A lot of things happened to you and you have been through a lot recently, now you just need to rest.

This dream does not represent anything bad, it appears because you are feeling tired and unable to function correctly.

Everyone reaches their limit at some point, you become so exhausted and everything seems impossible.

Perhaps you took too many responsibilities and made too many promises.

You can’t handle it all alone, it is okay to seek for some help.

Maybe you think that you are able to do everything all by yourself and you can, but at some point you are going to experience a burnout like now for example.

Your pride is playing a huge role in your life.

It is okay to let others help you, it does not make you weak.

Feel free to ask someone to help you, find some time to rest and gather yourself.

Perhaps it is a good idea for you to go somewhere on a vacation.

Recharge your batteries and come back fresh.

Find some ways to gain back all that you have lost.

And do not stress because you are feeling like this, it is normal.

Dreaming of a black horse

It is a well-known fact that black colour rarely has a positive meaning.

Well that is the case here, this dream is not really a great sign.

It is more of a warning sign, in most cases it means that you lack some good people in your life.

You have many friendships that are not worth keeping, these so called friends are only using you or hanging out with you when they have no one else to hang out with.

Your subconscious is trying to point out to you that you are wasting your time on those people.

It is better to be alone than to spend time with fake friends.

Be alone a little bit, cut off people who do not play a great role in your life.

Organise your life a little bit, try changing some things and situations.

Do not let everyone approach you that easily, keep your guard up.

This could also be connected with your love relationship.

Perhaps you are the only one who is willing to put in the work.

Or perhaps you are the one who is not taking this relationship seriously.

Whatever the case is, this relationship is not going to last and it is simply a waste of time.

Maybe you should end things before both of you lose too much time on it.

Again, it is better to be alone than to be with just anybody.

If you are having troubles with being by yourself, then start working on this issue.

This could be a major problem for you.

You see, when you are unable to be on your own, then you will never have a healthy relationship with anyone.

It is important to know how to be alone and how to behave when you end up all alone.

In the end we will all be left on our own, all alone.

It is better to accept it now, than to be in shock later.

Dreaming of stabled horses

This dream is a sign that you are feeling like you are constantly depending on someone.

You are feeling like everybody is seeing you as someone who is not capable of doing things by himself.

Perhaps you have been in the shadow of your parents for so long and now when you are trying to do something on your own people are judging you.

Not just people, you are also judging yourself for letting everything be that way.

It is never late to be independent, but you must be ready to work really hard without relaxing .

You must sacrifice a lot of things, it takes discipline and hard work to accomplish your goal.

It is not impossible and you are capable of doing it, just be sure that you are doing it for the right reasons and not just because you want to prove something to someone else.

Dreaming of a white horse

It is a good sign if a female has it. But, it is not such a great sign for males.

In many different tales and movies you can see a princess waiting for her prince charming. That prince usually comes riding a white horse.

So, for females this dream means that their prince on the white horse is coming.

You are probably going to end up being in a great relationship, this man will treat you right just like you should be treated.

It could also represent your desire to be in a relationship and to have someone by your side.

For males, this dream is actually a sign that you are in certain danger.

This is not really a life or death situation, but there is a person who wants to mess up your plans.

If you are in a relationship, it means that you are in danger of losing your girl to another man.

This could happen because you are not treating her like a princess, perhaps you are not paying enough attention to her or appreciating her.

But, there is someone who will do it if you won’t.

If you really want to be with that woman you must step up your game.

Take her out on a date and tell her why and how much you love her. Be romantic, be her prince charming.

If you can’t, then let her go so she can find someone who can.

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