Biblical Meaning Of Feet In Dreams

The Bible mentions feet a lot. Feet are an important part of the body enabling our movement and our stable posture.

In the Bible, feet are considered a tool to bring us towards doing evil things, as well as to keep us away from evil.

For example, it is written in the Old Testament in Proverbs: “for their feet run to a evil, and make haste to shed blood” and in Psalms: “I have a refrained my feet from every evil way, that I might keep thy word.”

Washing feet was a common act in ancient times.

Especially in the eastern countries where the climate is prevailingly hot, people used to wear sandals and often times they walked bare feet.

Because of that, their feet would easily get dirty, so they had to wash them daily.

The feet were washed upon entering the house. Visitors were greeted by their hosts by washing their dirty feet, which was considered good manners.

Richer households had their servants perform the washing on their behalf, or water was presented to the guest so they could wash their feet themselves.

Shoes were never worn inside the house in those ancient times and were especially forbidden in houses of worship and during prayer.

These places were considered holy ground, and it was forbidden to desecrate them with dirty shoes.

Feet are equally mentioned in the Old as well as the New Testament in various context.

In the Bible also, feet symbolically represent the material world.

When Jesus was washing the feet of his disciples, that meant he was denying the material and praising the spiritual side of life, the desire to serve and love unconditionally other human beings.

Washing the feet of another person was considered the lowest duty a servant could do, but Jesus with his acts of washing the feet of ordinary people turned it into a lesson of humility and service to others.

This act is a sign of liberation of man from their ego and pride which are inevitably related to their existence in a material body.

He was symbolically cleansing them of the burden of their physical nature, personality, and attachment to the material world.

Spiritual & Biblical Meaning of Feet in Dreams

Dreams about feet have a highly spiritual meaning. They can be a calling to detach from the chains of material world and become more spiritual.

Symbolically, through the dream about feet, our subconscious is giving us the clue to liberate ourselves and become closer to God.

This dream can also be a calling to lead a life of righteousness instead of life of sin. God can give us signs through our subconscious and our dreams.

Often is our desire for money, success, love, and other blessings of material life causing us to do harm to others and attain these things in some immoral manner.

The dream might be a sign to become aware of the harm we are doing to ourselves and our soul by behaving in such a manner.

This dream can also be a calling to become humbler and be of service to others. Maybe you are an arrogant person who only cares about your own interests and God is sending you a message to change.

Specific Meanings of Feet in a Dream

Dreams about feet can have a variety of meanings. They can reflect everyday events, or they can be symbolic messages from your subconscious.

These dreams often indicate travel or your desire to go somewhere.

If you are already making plans for your trip, the dream might be reflecting these thoughts you have.

Feet are also a symbol for humility. This dream can reflect your humble nature or remind you to become humbler.

Symbolically, dream about feet might indicate the need to ground yourself.

Maybe you have been stressed out and deconcentrated.

The dream could be a sign to remove yourself from the things that are stressing you and find the time to ground yourself.

Sometimes this dream might reflect your groundedness and strength.

In some cases, these dreams could indicate changes that might be expecting you soon.

These changes are usually major ones, such as change of job, ending or beginning a relationship, moving country or house, getting married or divorced, etc.

Sometimes we might dream of feet when we feel humiliated, by someone or something.

Washing feet and dirty feet are since ancient times considered as something humiliating and shameful.

This is why symbolically your subconscious is connecting the feeling of shame and humiliation you are currently experiencing with the dream about feet, especially dream about washing feet or dirty feet.

Dreaming of bare feet is also a common dream topic. This dream often reveals feelings of insecurity and worry you might be feeling regarding some situation in your life.

This dream can also indicate feeling different, not accepted, ashamed, or having some similar feelings in your wake life, hence the dream about bare feet.

Especially if dreaming about injured feet the dream can reflect real feelings of being emotionally or physically hurt.

Dreams about other people’s feet can reflect our feelings and opinions about those people. The symbolism is similar.

These dreams are especially symbolic, and it is very important to give them our full attention and decipher their true meaning for our life in particular.

Dreaming of dirty feet

If you dreamed your feet were dirty, this dream usually indicates feelings of guilt and shame for something you have done or didn’t do.

It is possible that no one knows about this, and you are ashamed to admit your wrongdoing, but you subconsciously feel that you need to amend this situation if possible.

Sometimes this dream reflects your guilt for not being able to amend some situation.

Maybe the dream is a sign to take some action to clear your name regarding certain circumstances.

The scenarios can vary. Maybe you have offended someone or did something bad, and your subconscious is reminding you to apologize to this person.

Dreaming of walking with bare feet

Seeing yourself walking in a dream barefoot is often a subconscious attempt to go back to more innocent times in your life, your childhood.

This usually happens during times when you feel overwhelmed with life and everyday stress and duties, and you just want to remove yourself for some time from that reality and experience times when you were carefree and joyful.

This dream could reflect your thoughts and plans of living a simpler life, possibly moving to the country, changing your job for a less stressful one, and in general removing all the things from your life that are causing you distress.

Walking with bare feet symbolizes freedom from rules and being able to be your true self.

This dream can sometimes reflect your desire to release yourself from some constraints, from people who are controlling you, from a job that is very demanding, etc.

Dreaming of rough feet or feet full of calluses

If you dreamed about seeing your feet being very rough and full of calluses, that dream can be a reflection of your distancing from a disturbing emotional situation.

Maybe you have become emotionally detached from something or someone that have caused you a lot of pain and bruised you emotionally.

Your feet being rough indicate that you have gone through a lot of suffering, and you have managed to survive.

The problem is if these emotional traumas have scared you permanently and blocked you.

If you have become emotionally unavailable due to these experiences, the dream could be a sign to confront them and leave them in the past.

Consider these experiences as part of your maturing process and lessons that have made you a better person. Don’t let them ruin your life making you bitter and unemotional.

Dreaming of walking with your feet on a surface that is causing you pain

If you dreamed about walking on a painful surface which was causing pain to your feet, such dream is often a reflection of a real painful situation in your life.

It is possible that something or someone in your life is hurting you emotionally (in some cases physically), and your dream is reflecting your pain and stress you are experiencing.

The dream might be a wake up call to stand up to a person who is harming you and deal with a painful situation regardless of the stress that might cause you. Only then you will be able to free yourself.

Dreaming of wearing expensive shoes on your feet

If you dreamed of wearing some great expensive shoes, such a dream often reveals your sense of pride about yourself and your achievements.

If you have the money to afford such shoes and you are regularly buying them, this dream only reflects your reality, and also might depict you as someone who likes to show of their possessions to others.

Maybe you like to brag with your clothes and things you own.

For others this dream could reveal their subconscious desires to become wealthy so they can afford expensive beautiful shoes.

Sometimes this dream is a reflection of your feeling of happiness for the achievements in your life.

Maybe you are content with what you have managed to achieve, and you happily talk about that because you consider it a major success.

Dreaming of your feet being wounded

If you dreamed your feet were somehow wounded and you experienced a real pain because of these wounds, such dream is usually depicting some real life trauma and circumstances that are causing you to feel wounded and unable to move forward in life.

It is likely that you feel as if some situation or a person in your life is hurting you in some way, and at the same time blocking your progress and achievement of your goals.

The dream might reflect upon this to remind you to stand up for yourself and confront this situation or person so you can move on.

If you feel resentment about this the advice is to neutralize it because it will only make you feel worse.

Dreaming of wearing small or too big shoes on your feet

If you dreamed of wearing shoes that were too big or too small for your feet this dream usually indicates feeling inadequate in some situation.

Maybe you struggle to fit inside a group of colleagues, peers, or friends.

Maybe you feel different, and you desperately want to be accepted even though you are aware that might not be easy.

The solution is to accept yourself and your uniqueness first. This is the prerequisite for others to accept you.

People feel your feelings of discomfort when you feel you don’t belong somewhere and that repels them.

Be comfortable in your own skin and others will like and accept you for who you are and not for who you pretend to be.

Dreaming of falling because your feet slipped

If you dreamed of slipping on something and falling down, such dream is not a good sign.

This dream usually reveals your feelings of insecurity and even more lack of concentration and focus.

Maybe you don’t feel stable in some situation, and you feel like you are walking on a slippery ground with a chance of falling any second.

These are usually situations where we depend on something or someone and cannot openly express our opinion but have to watch every word feeling like we’re walking on eggshells.

Dreaming of washing feet

If you dreamed about washing your feet, such dream might be a sign of the need to become humbler.

Maybe you are focused only on yourself and your needs, so you forget about everything and everyone else.

The dream could be a reminder to change your behavior and start paying more attention to the needs of others.

This dream can sometimes have a spiritual meaning and be a reflection of cleaning yourself from some negativity, bad thoughts and feelings and becoming spiritually pure.

If you were washing someone’s feet in your dreams, this can be a reflection of your true nature.

You are a humble human being always ready to help everyone, both people you know and complete strangers.

You are a person that is reliable, and people often turn to you for help that you selflessly offer.

This dream can also mean helping someone clear themselves spiritually from negativity, sadness, depression, and other bad emotions.

Dreaming of stinky feet

If you dreamed about your own feet being stinky, such dream might reflect thoughts and dilemmas regarding your morality.

It might mean that you don’t feel yourself to be morally perfect and you don’t feel good about some of your actions towards others or your personal traits.

The dream is a sign that your subconscious is aware of this and is sending you a message to change these behaviors and traits because they make you feel miserable and ashamed anyway.

If you dreamed about someone’s feet being stinky, this dream is most likely a reflection of your own opinion about this person.

This might indicate your feeling of contempt towards this person because their actions and immoral behavior.

It is like your subconscious symbolically represents them as being filthy.

Maybe this person you dreamed about is someone you don’t like for many reasons, and bad hygiene is one of those reasons, and the dream reflected that discomfort you feel in regard to them.

Possibly you don’t have a chance to talk openly to this person about how you feel about them, and your subconscious is finding some kind of satisfaction by representing them as a person with smelly feet, which is itself humiliating.

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