Biblical Meaning Of Crocodile In Dreams

Crocodile in dreams is a symbol of wealth, in most cases these dreams appear when you are about to get lucky with money.

Sometimes this type of a dream is a warning sign, perhaps you are way too naive when it comes to people.

Someone may try to harm you, so you need to be more careful.

These dreams can also have good meanings.

They represent determination, success and even happiness.

Crocodiles are predators, these animals kill without hesitation.

These dreams are not so pleasant and they can even be scary to see.

You can dream of seeing baby crocodile, big or small crocodile, crocodile chasing you or you being the one who kills it

It is important to pay attention to details, for example colour.

Colour is one important sign in dreams, it usually represents your current state of being.

You can see crocodile in different colours like yellow, blue or green for example.

You shouldn’t be too worried for having these dreams, they are unusual but they do have a deep meaning for people who dream about them.

The Most Common Dreams Of a Crocodile

Dreaming of seeing a green crocodile

If you had recently started a business or a new job, then this dream is a great sign for you.

It means that you are going to receive more than you worked for.

So, you had put a lot of hard work into it but you will get something bigger in return.

This is a great phase for you, this dream represents money and wealth.

You are likely to enjoy this upcoming period and to become rich in a split second.

Remember, you deserve everything that comes your way and you should be grateful for this.

Starting a business can be hard and tricky, sometimes it may seem like it isn’t going to work out but you never know.

Most people get some great ideas, but they never try to make them real.

That happens because fear is stopping them, they fear the possible bad outcomes.

It can be hard to follow your dream when you are tight with your budget or when you have a whole family to feed .

But, the risk can be worth it and it is worth it.

All of these successful people you see on TV or on social media are in that position because they followed their dreams, they turned their ideas into reality.

That way you are able to live your dream life and at the same time work on something you love.

Paycheck and working 9-5 are not the way to live your entire life.

Stepping out of the comfort zone and trying something new is a great experience which can turn your whole world upside down.

You will have a lot of money, don’t spend it on nothing.

Try to invest in something or try to build something bigger.

Stability can be only temporary if you don’t know how to prolong it.

Always work smart and not too hard.

Dreaming of running from a crocodile

Dreams where you run away from something are usually connected with you running away from your problems.

That is the case with this dream, you are trying to run away from a bad moment in your life.

You have gone through something that still scares you and you are not really ready to confront this from a different perspective.

You are not feeling like you are currently ready to deal with this, so you see running as the best option.

It is not, you can move away to a different continent and it still doesn’t erase things from your head.

Even if you do run from it, eventually you’ll have to sit down and find a solution to this situation.

If you are having some hard time dealing with all of it on your own, the why don’t you seek for help.

Try to talk to a family member or someone who is trustworthy.

Share your issues and fears, let them help you and stop shutting everyone out of your life.

You need to find a way to resolve this once and for all.

The past should be in the past, but it can find a way to haunt us in the present and in the future.

Time goes by very quickly and as soon as you know it years are gone.

Life can pass in a blink of an eye, don’t let yourself live a life where you are stuck in your past.

It is time to control your mind, not dealing with unresolved trauma can leave some serious consequences on your mental health.

No running anymore, it is the time for you to face everything and fix it.

Embrace your past and put it back where it belongs.

Dreaming of a yellow crocodile

Yellow colour can represent many different things.

In this case it represents fear.

Everything in life is changing all the time, nothing is permanent and everything will pass eventually.

This isn’t something you like to think about, because you hate change.

You like the things the way they are right now and you can’t imagine your life suddenly changing.

Perhaps you are afraid of losing the people you love, so you feel this way.

Maybe you experienced some form of trauma or someone you loved dearly has left you at some point.

Trauma, especially unresolved trauma can leave some destructive consequences later on.

You are not the fan of change and you don’t want anything to change.

Perhaps you are finishing high school and you need to go to college or start working somewhere.

You don’t want high school to end, you are aware of the responsibility that comes with adult life and you are not ready for it.

Everything is changing so fast and you just want everything to stop a little bit.

You need to understand that change is a big part of life, everything will eventually need to change.

So, you can accept this fact or fight it.

Fighting won’t ease anything for you, try to sit down with yourself and simply relax.

Try to understand that change isn’t something bad, life is a process with a beginning and with an end.

During that process, it wouldn’t be normal for everything to stay the same.

Things change, new people come and some of them go, you have these great opportunities and you can be happy.

Everything will be alright and you are going to be okay.

There is no need to fear the change, rather embrace it and take the best out of it.

Dreaming of a giant crocodile

Well, this type of a dream is not really a good sign.

This dream appears after something bad that happened to you.

It means that you have had a scary situation which left you traumatised.

Right now you can’t even talk about your feelings or your experience to anyone, it is all to much to handle.

You are not even sure if you’ll ever be the same again after something like this.

Well, you see, you are not the only one who has gone through something bad.

You can find support groups full of people just like you.

You can communicate with someone who has gone through something similar to your situation.

They can share their tips on overcoming this and becoming stronger .

Perhaps you are currently angry with everything, you need to control your anger in order to not do anything that you could end up regretting.

You shouldn’t be the one who brings justice to the table, leave that to the authorities that is not your job to do.

Even if someone has hurt you badly, you can’t let your temporary emotions lead you into destruction.

Right now, revenge isn’t a good call and it will only backfire on you.

Maybe you are even overthinking everything again and again, thinking about your mistakes and possible case scenarios.

Don’t do this to yourself, everything happens for some kind of reason.

You can’t change your past and you can’t change something that is already finished.

What you can do is to focus on your recovery, try to let yourself feel everything.

Let it all out, but don’t make any decision that could be a disaster.

If you are not capable of handling all of this yourself, then seek for help.

Dreaming of seeing a tiny crocodile

Seeing a tiny crocodile in a dream can have several meanings.

You think that this is the size of your problems or that it has a similar meaning, well it doesn’t.

This particular dream means that you are not paying to attention to someone who is dangerous.

You think that you can read everyone, you can’t.

You are not being careful with people, you are not thinking smartly about moves while with them.

Everyone can hurt you somehow and you are not even thinking about it that way.

You like to be able to relax and rewind.

You trust everyone and you don’t see people as your enemies.

The thing is that you consider everyone to be your friend while they are not your friends.

Sometimes someone can even pretend to be a good friend of yours and they can try to harm you when you get comfortable.

You can’t really know someone’s hidden agenda until they reveal it themselves.

Don’t get too relaxed around people, always have your guard up and be careful when it comes to sharing too much.

You are not on the right track right now, you are distracted and people will use this as their advantage.

You never know when someone is ready to harm you, that is why you need to be ready to defend yourself.

Always speak less than you know, show less than you own, these are keys to success and peaceful life.

When you are an open book, people know where and how to attack, but when they can’t read you then they can’t find the way to approach you.

You need to be wise about this, you don’t have the room for many stupid and rash decisions.

Dreaming of killing a crocodile

This dream represents a very good sign for the dreamer.

It means that you are capable of doing everything with ease.

You will have many challenges, problems and hardships, but the thing is you will overcome them without getting tired.

You are simply capable of many things and you are not the type of a person who spends time overthinking or stressing about something that may or may not even happen.

It is simple, you are the person of action.

You simply don’t believe in words or talk’s, you like to finish first and then talk about important things.

Talking too much isn’t good for anything, it can even cause more harm than good.

You are full of patience, you are ready to wait and you know that it will be worth it.

You are likely to achieve balance in your life and to become the best version of yourself.

There is simply nothing right now that could ruin your focus and patience.

Somehow you are ready and you want to achieve some sort of goal.

Also, you are going to embrace all of your mistakes and get rid of every fear that was following you until this day.

You know that fear is the worst thing in the world, it is something that can ruin everything for you.

That is why you worked so hard on overcoming it.

Fear is only in our mind, it is not real not until we make it real.

So, once you know how to control your fear and how to control your mind, then you are truly capable of doing a lot more than you can imagine.

You have been hurt and betrayed before, but you are using that experience as a strength and not as a weakness.

It made you who you are right now, it is something that can absolutely change your life.

With the right approach you can get anything to be something good for you.

Take advantage of the bad situations, they are full of lessons and they can help you find your strength.

Whatever happens in life, you need to stay true to yourself and continue fighting.

This life is one big battlefield, you need to fight in order to survive.

Once you give up, everyone uses you or simply beats you.

Dreaming of seeing a crocodile baby

Babies are always cute.

This particular dream represents your readiness and your awarness of problems.

You are currently facing one problematic situation in your life.

But, you are aware of the fact that if you don’t find a way to immediately resolve this issue then it will get more complicated as the time goes on.

Everything can change in a split second in life.

But, sometimes it is our fault when things get extra hard.

We have the free will to do whatever we want.

Right now, you have an issue in your life.

You can find the right solution right now and end this problem, put it in your past or you can leave it that way.

When you don’t deal with something immediately, that problem starts to get more complicated.

More problems arrive during time and if you always find a way to ignore those problems, in the end they are one big pile and you don’t know where to start.

It is always easier to handle one thing at the time, when you have too much going on then you are all over the place.

You can’t focus on finding only one solution, you are trying to resolve everything at the same time and then you fail.

No one is capable of solving problems they are ignoring for years , in just one or two days.

That is why you need to focus on your current problem and fix it as soon as possible.

You don’t have so much time, you are not really in a position to take your time with this matter.

Think of it this way, you can be peaceful when you get it done.

Until you finish this task of yours, you won’t be able to fully relax.

Dreaming of a blue crocodile

Blue is mostly a symbol of peace, calmness so this dream represents your calm nature.

You are aware of life’s changing nature, it isn’t something you are too happy about, but you are trying really hard to embrace the change.

You are not someone who is looking for arguments or trying to ruin someone’s life, you are only focused on yourself right now and you want to improve as a person.

So, you can be great in this life and you have everything you need in order to be successful.

Right now, you should think about starting a new project or trying to push yourself harder than before and do something amazing.

You have everything you need right now, so think about your goals and what you can do to achieve them.

Everything is possible in life, even the impossible can become possible if you put your mind to it.

There is nothing in this world that can’t be accomplished once someone wants to work on it.

Be sure that you’ll get plenty of opportunities soon, you should accept them and have faith in life.

You are not rushing anything right now, you want to do everything the right way and that is actually great.

Sometimes rushing something can only lead to bad outcomes.

Good things take time and when something is really special then it is worth the wait.

There is no need to worry about future or to be afraid of something.

We can’t really know what the future holds for us, but we can work hard now and build out future.

You do have a say in your life, you can do whatever you want with it.

Take it all easy, step by step, it is important to move and at some point you will reach your destination.

Dreaming of stroking a crocodile

This dream is connected with money and your financial status.

In most cases, this dream represents a big source of income.

You will receive a lot of money and you are likely to reach financial stability.

This meaning is accurate if you aren’t afraid of stroking the crocodile.

But, if you are terrified while doing it then this means that you are risking way too much.

You are playing right now and you aren’t thinking about possible outcomes.

It is possible that all of your plans are going to fail because you aren’t going into the right direction.

Bad things may happen because you are way too relaxed at this point.

You have to make more rational decisions from now on.

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