Biblical Meaning of Clock In a Dream

What is time? It is measured by the clock, sunset and sunrise.

Many years ago, people found many ways to know what time it is.

During history people even came up with a new invention, a clock.

But, many scientists and even religions are teaching us that there is no such thing as time.

Everything that is happening, our entire life is simply a moment.

Even though time is needed for everyday activities, like going to work or school, cooking, etc, it does not exist.

Our present is only a short moment and it becomes the past right that second.

So we have a past and a future, but we do not have a present.

This whole life is just a journey, death is the final destination.

Some people are afraid of how fast this time is passing by.

It is true, there are situations where a second lasts forever while there are moments that pass too quickly.

So, time is actually something determined by our feelings and perception.

When you are bored in a class, you feel like it is never going to end right?

But, when you are talking with your crush and having a good time, it simply ends too quickly.

According to religions time does not exist and if the time is running to fast it means that the final hour is coming.

There will be the end of the world and everyone, whole humanity will die at that point.

So one of the signs of the end of the world is time, years will go on too quickly.

So let’s get back to the invention that measures time.

A clock is one great device, we have digital clocks nowadays too.

But, what is the meaning of clock when it appears in your dream?

You know when you see a clock in some kind of a movie, especially horror movies, it usually brings tension and the feeling like you are not going to achieve something in that time.

It could also appear as a reminder that you are getting late somewhere.

Dreaming of clocks can have a similar meaning.

You see, it may be a sign that you will not achieve something by the deadline.

Perhaps you are working on a project and you are not so optimistic about finishing it until the deadline for it.

Or maybe you have started doing it late and now you are going crazy because of it because you are not able to finish it.

This could happen if you are in school or a college, perhaps you think that you can study the night before and you have realised that you can’t do it.

Also, this type of a dream could be a sign that it is time for you to do something before it is too late.

So for an example you like a certain person, you find this person worthy of your time, but you are not doing anything about it.

Maybe you think that this person will be always available for you, but the truth is that is not the case.

Most people have lifelong regrets when it comes to a case like this.

If you love someone, you have to tell them before it is too late.

Life is all about the things you do, as well as those you do not doo.

So, maybe this dream is telling you to step out of your comfort zone and do things that need to be done.

In most cases this dream is a warning sign, it may occur when you are dealing with certain difficulties.

Or it could be an indication on something bad, like some complications with your health.

It may appear because you do not have too much time left, perhaps you are dealing with cancer or some serious condition that can’t be treated fully.

You may be aware of it and that is why you dream about clocks.

You do not have that much of the time left.

It is not really a positive sign to have this dream.

It is important to remember the clock, how it looks, where it is, also is there ticking or digital clock, etc.

You should look for the meaning behind your dream and luckily for you , you are at the right place.

The Most Common Dreams About a Clock

Dreaming about the sound of clock ticking

This dream represents some kind of event.

It may be a sign that you are waiting for something, perhaps some news.

Or this dream could represent you running out of time.

Maybe you are delaying something thinking that you will have time for it later.

This dream is your subconscious warning you to take some action now, not later.

You never know what could happen in life, perhaps this could be your last day alive.

We are all here just waiting around for death to come, we do not know the exact hour of it.

But, we are all so lucky to wake up in the morning and we do not see it that way.

You do not know where you are going to be tomorrow, so if you really want to do something then do it now.

Stop waiting around and thinking that something will wait for you to make up your mind.

Whether this is about a love interest, job opportunity, college application, if you really want something then you must take action right away.

Do not wait around and spend time thinking that you will have time for something.

It is better to try something out and find out it is not right for you than to live your whole life with regrets.

Dreaming about clock positions incorrectly

Well, this represents the need for new outlook on life.

Your perspective is not getting you anywhere at the moment, you must let yourself change.

Change is the key to a successful life, of course the right kind of change.

This could be connected with how you see yourself right now, perhaps you are feeling insecure and looking for your faults.

Instead you should try to see yourself as someone who is capable of achieving some fantastic goals, you must be your number one fan in life.

Or your ways of thinking are getting old-fashioned, you have to be ready to accept new things in life.

Maybe you should meet new people who will help you discover new things and help you develop new perception.

Perhaps you should go away somewhere new and rest your mind a bit, have a new experience.

Or you just need a new habit in your life.

The only reason why you are not achieving some great things is well your mind.

Do not stop yourself from living your life to the fullest.

Dreaming about an alarm clock

This dream is quite similar to the one before, by its meaning of course.

It is also a sign that you are running late somewhere.

It could even represent your bad habits of procrastinating and not taking things too seriously.

Perhaps you have a bad habit of not doing things on time, you are leaving everything up to the last moment.

Your projects and assignments are not going to magically finish overnight.

You should start finishing things earlier if you want to have a better life, this way you can only mess something up.

At some point you will either experience a burnout or not be able to finish it all until the deadline.

Once you have a deadline, find a way to organise your work and to do it all step by step.

That way you can certainly improve your lifestyle and work habits.

It is important to take care of yourself while finishing everything on time.

Dreaming of putting batteries into a digital clock

Well, this dream is a warning signs about your attitude.

You do not take this life and its tasks seriously, this is holding you back from success.

The problem is that you expect to have a great life while you are doing nothing to get to that point.

You expect to get into that college without working hard to achieve it.

Or you really want to be and stay in a mature relationship without putting some extra work on it.

There is no such thing that can come easy to you if it is really important.

Those big achievements do not just happen overnight without any effort for them to happen.

Really important achievements and the things that do matter require real dedication and patience.

If you want something, then you should work really hard to get it and there is no excuse for laziness.

You must be mature enough to understand this message that your subconscious is sending to you with this dream.

It is time to change your life and your habits for the better, also your improvement can lead you to beautiful achievements.

Dreaming about clock that stopped moving

This type of a dream is a sign of anxiety and anxious thoughts.

It means that you do not see any progress in your life, while you see other people achieving their biggest goals.

In most cases it is also a sign that you feel pressured to always be the best out there.

Perhaps you are used to being on top and being the one that others look up to.

But you should remember that it is alright to not be the best all the time, it is okay to take some rest and take some time for yourself.

While trying to prove something to someone, you are only getting more and more tired and it can even be frustrating for you.

Sure, you want to always be on top of your game, but you should consider that not everything is worth stressing about.

Your anxiety appears because you are afraid of failure and you are afriad of someone being better than you are.

Maybe you think like you won’t have any chance of success if that happens, or maybe you feel like you are going to disappoint someone in your life.

Start looking out for your personal needs more, start spending more time with your family and friends.

Find ways to get yourself together and to accept that failure is a part of life.

You will experience it at some point and you should have a positive attitude about it.

Stop thinking that this whole life does not have bad times, because it does.

Everyone has struggles at some point in their life and it is perfectly normal to feel sad about it.

But being anxious about possible failure while overworking is not okay for your mental health.

You need to look out for yourself first.

Dreaming about a clock that moves backward

It means that you are trying to get back to your past for some reason.

Perhaps you are not improving the way you imagined, maybe your progress is slow or it does not even exist at this point.

You are just stuck in the same place and that is driving you crazy.

So that could be the reason you are going back to your past, maybe you have had a successful past comparing to the present.

Keep in mind that it is okay to feel this way and to have this situation.

Sometimes people get stuck in the moment and it can be frustrating.

Instead of being angry, start looking for ways to get out of this particular situation.

Maybe you should start in the new field, maybe a new city.

Or you should simply be more patient with everything that is happening.

Take some action and make things the way you want them to be.

Hopefully you will succeed, just don’t give up easily.

Path to true success is filled with trials and challenges, the real ones succeed.

Dreaming about receiving a clock from someone

This dream in most cases is not a positive sign.

It may even represent near death, perhaps you are running out of time.

Especially if the clock is broken, then this means you will experience hardships and bad times ahead of you.

This could mean that you could be having some issues at work, financial loss, maybe even losing your current position.

It can also be connected with your relationship with your loved one or your family.

Perhaps you are having hard time dealing with them right now.

It could also be a sign of illness and poor health.

Be careful when having this type of a dream, it does not have a good meaning.

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