Biblical Meaning of Cabbage In a Dream

What do dreams mean? When we dream, do we only process information we gathered during the day or there could be something more to it?

Can dreams tell us something about our past, present and future?

Dreams have always been a mystery to humankind.

Since ancient past, people have been interpreting dreams, trying to find a meaningful thread within the whole specter of various images appearing behind our closed eyes.

In dreams, we enter another realm – a realm of sub-consciousness, in the first place.

Dreams definitely reflect our waking life experience and help us process and channel tons of information and emotions.

However, since old times, we have been trying to solve the mystery of dreams, as a phenomenon not of this world alone.

Dreams have often been taken as signs and prophecies and dream interpretation a form of divination.

Dreams do represent a field for our suppressed desires and thoughts, as the father of psychology claims.

Those do not have to be deliberately suppressed; sometimes our brain just does the process in our place.

Human dreams are a path to the unknown, in a way, a path to the world of symbols, as well.

Although science puts great effort into trying to discover the true origin and nature of dreams, they still remain intriguing and mysterious.

In dreams, we often see many symbols.

Dreams do reflect our daily lives, but some scenarios got so strange that it would be very difficult to claim they are simply a channel for our waking experience.

They are and they are not, at the same time.

We often see common things in dreams – objects we handle in our daily life, people from our nearest surroundings, places, situations etc.

Sometimes, we see common things in unusual places and vice versa.

Cabbage Symbolism

Cabbage is something we are all familiar with, a vegetable everybody had an opportunity to taste in a dish or as a fresh salad.

Cabbage is a very common and easily recognizable vegetable, grown around the world.

There is nothing special about a humble little cabbage. Or maybe there is? What is the symbolical meaning of cabbage?

What is this vegetable associated with and what does it mean to dream of cabbage?

Cabbage is a green vegetable, primarily associated with our diet.

It can last long and we can prepare it in numerous ways.

Cabbage is full of healthy and much needed nutrients. In China, cabbage symbolizes wealth and prosperity and is much appreciated.

In general, cabbage is associated with health, with mental abilities, freshness, endurance.

This common hearty vegetable appears in numerous recipes, it can be eaten raw, cooked, pickled and in myriad other ways.

Biblical meaning of cabbage

In the Bible, there is no word for cabbage alone, but definitely this or similar plant did exist in old days.

There are many lines about vegetables and they are usually mentioned as a valuable source of food, which they definitely are.

We plant, grow and pick vegetables. We have to be very dedicated to our plants, in order for them to give us food.

We have to treat our garden and earth well, and it will bring us healthy and long life in turn.

Dreams About Cabbage – General Info

What does it mean to dream about cabbage?

Maybe you grow your own cabbage or you have just bought and prepared some.

Cabbage in dreams usually has a positive meaning.

It is associated with growth, especially inner and mental growth, prosperity, necessities of life, ordinary life.

Cabbage is relatively common and affordable vegetable and yet it can offer so much.

Seeing a cabbage in a dream symbolizes all the good sides of an ordinary life.

It is a little treasure we often take for granted.

Cabbages in a dream could be a metaphor for various things and situations you may encounter.

Let us find out what do specific dreams about cabbage mean.

Dreams about planting and growing cabbages

If you dream about planting cabbages, it is quite a positive dream.

This dream suggests you are willing to grow and to take care about growth of those around you.

You are ready to dedicate your time and emotions to something worthy.

In addition, this dream means you are capable of building yourself a life.

You know how to provide things that are essential and even more, you will be ready to grow them.

Planting cabbages in a dream indicates prosperity and security in life.

It is a sign of good, well-situated life, but also a sign of modesty and ability to appreciate what you have.

Not only to appreciate and accept it, but to do your best to maintain and improve it.

Dreams about picking cabbages

Dreams about picking cabbages are a continuation of the previous meaning, in terms of dream interpretation.

Such a dream suggests you will soon pick the fruits of your work. What you do will definitely pay off.

If you pick too small, unripe cabbages in a dream, it could be a reflection of your impatience and a warning; wait a bit more and then you will be satisfied with results of your work.

If cabbages are full grown, it is an affirmation of your good work, a reward.

Dreams about cooking cabbages

Dreams about cooking cabbages are quite common or at least there is nothing strange about the very act of cooking cabbages in generals.

Since cabbages are usually cooked in large pots, the dream tells about your care of others.

You are capable of taking care for many people, you are the one who nourishes, the one most people can rely on.

The meaning of the dream depends on how you feel about it.

If you are exhausted in the dream, it suggests you have probably taken too much responsibilities.

If you enjoy cooking cabbages in your dream, it suggests things that you do for others will pay off, people will greatly appreciate your effort, kindness, hospitability and more.

Dreams about eating cabbage

If you dream about eating cabbage, the meaning varies depending on the preparation of cabbage and its state.

You can have fresh cabbage salad or a cooked dish with cabbage, or you eat pickled cabbage.

Also, cabbage could be raw, unripe, rotten etc.

Dreams about eating fresh cabbage are quite direct.

Such a dream indicates healthy lifestyle and your attitude towards both physical and mental well-being.

This dream also tells about positive changes and decisions, fresh start and new beginnings.

Dreams about eating pickled cabbages are a bit different.

They tell about endurance, patience and one’s ability to wait until some things they were working on start showing in a positive way.

Also, it suggests you will have a good reason to be satisfied and happy even in the gloomiest of times.

If you dream about eating a dish made of cabbage, it tells about the value of simple things in life, those you might betaking for granted.

Even the most basic things get amazing if spiced up and well treated. Humble cabbage really gets delicious in certain common dishes.

Dreams about a rotten cabbage

If you dream about seeing rotten cabbage or even eating one, it means you will have to taste the bitterness of your failure, the consequences of bad moves you took.

Rotten cabbages in dreams speak about indifference, not paying attention, neglecting things.

There could be something in your life you have neglected and put aside.

It could be some job you need to do, some very concrete things, such as cleaning up your house, but it could also be a neglected relationship. Do not let things rot.

Dreams about a red cabbage

Dreams about red cabbage are very good.

These dreams indicate prosperity or romance, or even both.

You know how purplish cabbage looks like, how tasty it is, and how vivid is its color?

Such a cabbage symbolizes wealth and status.

The color could also be associated with romantic feelings and love.

Maybe you are in love or you will soon fall in love.

If you eat fresh red cabbage in your dream, even better!

Dreams about selling cabbage

Dreams about selling cabbage are less promising than those of planting or buying cabbages, but can still be good.

This dream indicates you will have to very patient to succeed in something.

Also, you will have to invest more effort than you have planned.

You have to be enduring, persistent and very patient, and eventually, you will reach your goals.

It may not be easy, but it is definitely achievable.

Dreams about buying cabbage

Dreams in which you buy cabbage are promising.

Such dreams suggest you will be capable of providing for yourself and your family.

You will be able to afford something that you will need in the long run, for cabbages stand for things that are enduring and with long life.

Buying cabbages in a dream tells about someone who knows how to manage their resources, no matter how small they might be.

Dreams about stealing cabbage

If you dream about stealing cabbages, from someone else’s garden or from a green market, it tells about greed and jealousy you may not want to admit.

You are jealous of others’ success and you waste your energy by being envious and greedy.

Instead, you should focus on your own garden and, figuratively speaking, grow your own cabbage.

It will feel much better and your relations with people will improve.

Dreams about cabbage juice

Cabbage juice in a dream has a similar meaning to any vegetable or fruit juice in general.

Such a dream is either an affirmation of your healthy life habits or a warning, a sign to change something, for the sake of your own health.

You should probably get rid of your unhealthy snacks and drinks and try something natural and unprocessed instead.

A cabbage is an amazing source of good nutrients. It is a humble veggie, but a precious one.

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