Biblical Meaning Of Butterflies In Dreams

Butterflies in dreams are a symbol of spirituality.

These dreams are connected with your spirit, energy and in most cases they are positive.

Butterflies in general aren’t a negative sign, these dreams don’t indicate on bad times in life.

Here details are truly important to finding the right meaning.

Details like colour for example, you can dream about blue or yellow or red or even black & white butterflies.

Every one of those dreams has a meaning of its own.

Butterflies can represent patience in hard time, they can appear to remind you that there is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Life is filled with good and bad experiences, but nothing is permanent.

This is important to understand when you’re in a hardship, that won’t last forever and good times will come to you.

It is important to focus on positive things in life.

Also, these dreams can represent your spiritual state of being.

What you are, you attract, perhaps this dream appears for you to focus on the positive things in order to succeed.

There is nothing wrong with being optimistic, when you change your perspective then everything gets better.

Remember your dream and find the right meaning here.

The Most Common Dreams Of Butterflies

Dreaming of butterflies landing on you

This dream has a powerful message, it is connected with your energy.

We all have some form of energy, our bodies and minds can be considered as some sort of magnet.

What you think you can get right, you see it is all inside of your head.

When you have a positive vision, everything seems to go just like you want.

But, when you are constantly seeing the worst in everything then nothing ever feels right.

When you are a good person, you attract good people and they become a part of your life.

But, when you are a bad person then you’ll attract bad people.

It’s the law of physics, you get what you attract.

Everything in the universe goes this way, so this dream appears because you need to be more aware of this.

You can get anything you want in life if you have the right mindset to do so.

It is time for you to trust your gut, let’s put it this way.

When you have a feeling don’t ignore it, trust it and follow it.

Everything in this world is connected, your mind is your power and you need to use it in the correct way.

Dreaming of a Monarch butterfly

This is one common butterfly which can be seen, it isn’t rare and you can easily find it when you look for it.

This dream, this type of butterfly represents faith and hope.

It means that you should be patient and have faith in bad times.

You can get out of everything in life, there is no need to feel hopeless when you are stuck in a bad situation.

Also, this dream means that you need to have faith in yourself and have faith in God.

You never know why and how something is likely to happen, there is always a lesson after.

This dream also means that you are not thinking about yourself as much as you need to.

You can’t let anything else be your bigger priority than yourself.

Be your number one priority, think about your own needs and don’t apologise for that.

No one and nothing is worth more than your own health is.

This is the time where you need to step up and think about yourself, you are allowed to be selfish when it comes to your personal needs or wishes.

You can make yourself happy and you can improve your life, only if you are ready to do so.

Sometimes this dream is a sign for you to start believing in good again.

Sure, world can be an awful place to live in and people can disappoint you in ways you couldn’t imagine.

But in the end there is still some beauty left there.

There are still people worth fighting for, those who are good and who aren’t looking to harm someone.

You still have beautiful sunsets, sea, sun, snow and great food to eat.

There are still beautiful things in this world and moments worth living for.

Don’t give up, don’t stop believing in the good because there is always some good somewhere it can’t be gone completely.

And most importantly, there is good inside of you, use your positive energy to attract some good things in life.

Dreaming of seeing a caterpillar turn into a butterfly

It isn’t so hard to see the meaning behind this dream, it is a sign of transformation.

It doesn’t mean that your physical appearance is transforming, it is closely connected with your soul.

Your soul is going through some serious transformation process, you are becoming a whole new person.

Perhaps you’ve been aggressive or angry all the time, now you found peace inside and those times are in the past.

It may mean that you are somehow growing up, becoming a mature person with new vision.

You don’t have the time to remain the same, change is good and you can use this change as your advantage.

If everyone always stayed the same, then how would anyone do anything right in this world.

Growing, learning from mistakes, making new decisions and changing your bad habits are the things that keep us going.

Changing bad and doing good is something you need to do in order to achieve something.

If you are the same person now like you were last year, then you’re wasting your life this is just one example.

That is why transformation, growth and change are important.

They are a part of this process called life.

Without them you can’t do anything right in life.

This transformation is great for you, enjoy the process and learn from it.

Perhaps now you have some new visions in life, new priorities and new goals.

Work on achieving them and don’t let anything stop you on your path.

Every challenge can be solved and nothing is impossible.

Dreaming of seeing two butterflies

Seeing a pair of butterflies in your dream is connected with your current relationship.

This dream is a positive sign, it means that your relationship is healthy and that you are happy in it.

You and your partner have one fantastic connection, you simply understand each other and you both know how to deal with one another.

Both of you push each other to be better than before, to reach for your goals.

It is important to have someone like this by your side, this way the two of you are quite a power couple.

Having a partner that understands you for who you are, who is ready to be there with you during hard times, that’s what truly matters.

You can do great things together and you will.

This relationship is serious, one day you’ll probably have a family with this person.

Right now, this is the one for you and you shouldn’t let this person go.

Cherish this person and never leave them without a good reason.

Most people spend their whole lives searching and wishing for this kind of relationship.

Dreaming about a cocoon

This dream is connected with your growth and maturing process.

It means that right now you are going through this period where you are learning, growing, evolving as a person, this period is only made for that.

Don’t be sad because you are not achieving everything or that you’re not in the place you wanted to be in.

Your time is coming, this is not that time.

That’s nothing bad and nothing to be stressed about at all.

You can’t plan your whole life out, it is not a building and it is not something you have a say in.

You can’t know now what is going to happen in the future.

You can plan to have a party for your birthday, but you can’t know what can happen until your birthday comes.

Someone might die, you may not feel well in the meantime, you can never plan anything in life.

You can have goals and some kind of vision where to go, but planning everything out is only a waste of time.

People can’t know what’s going to happen in their future, God is in charge of that.

Your time is coming, your success is coming to you after you are done with this process.

You must be ready, that is why growth happens.

Remember how your parents wouldn’t trust you with something big while you were ten?

Well this is somehow the same case, you can’t get all of your blessings unless you are ready mentally.

Your spirit needs to be stronger in order for you to get where you need to end up.

Dreaming about butterflies attacking you

This dream represents the fear of change.

You don’t want to go through change and you don’t want to become something else.

That is one wrong approach you have there.

Change is one process that is a part of this life.

Look around you, everything is constantly changing and improving.

Change and transformation don’t have to be bad and you need to go through them to understand them.

Everyone needs to change at some point, everyone needs to go through something that changes them.

When you are at the same place, being the same person then you won’t improve in any way in this life.

There is no point in avoiding this, embrace it and find a way to improve your life.

This fear is understandable, but it is also a fear you can and you need to overcome.

Fears are your worst enemies, they are holding you back in life.

People don’t make any big moves because of fear, that way they end up being in the same place for a long time.

When you are stuck somewhere and you can’t move because of fear, you are the only one to blame there.

Fears are natural reactions from our bodies, there are many different types of phobias and fears but the thing is with the right therapy you can get rid of them.

Don’t stop your progress because you are afraid of things changing, they are going to change with or without you and nothing will wait for you to be fully ready.

Right now you need to let go of everything and be spontaneous a little bit, trust your instincts and proceed.

Dreaming about a dead butterfly

This dream represents something bad in your life.

In most cases it isn’t a good sign, dead butterfly is never a good sign.

Perhaps your hopes and dreams are shattered in pieces at this point, maybe something happened that made feel this way.

It can also be a sign that you are currently having some serious issues, you are also having some hard time on resolving those issues.

It can be hard sometimes, life gets hard for everyone but it isn’t something you need to stress too much about.

This current time isn’t the best for you, but this won’t last forever and there is no need for you to act like everything is over.

Good times will come eventually, nothing lasts forever.

This dream may also mean that something has ended in your life, perhaps you ended a relationship or some other chapter in your life.

Whatever the case is, it isn’t worth it for you to be all worried or sad.

Things need to end in order for new things to begin.

This end isn’t the end of everything, it is only one step in your journey.

Things end in order for new things to begin, this is the circle of life.

Don’t spend too much time overthinking everything, feel free to see things as who they are.

Dreaming of stuffed butterfly on a wall

This dream is not so common, but it can appear and it had one deep meaning.

It means that you are not feeling like you are enough.

You are doing a lot, putting a lot of effort, but still somehow people don’t see your work.

Perhaps they even blame you for not trying enough.

It could be anyone, but in most cases this is the case with parents.

Some parents tend to expect way too much from their child.

They put insane amount of pressure on their kids in order for them to understand that they need to work harder.

Nothing ever felt like it’s enough and they never stopped to see how hard their children are working.

This is bad parenthood, and this leaves all sorts of traumas on the child.

No one wants to feel like they aren’t enough, like everything they do isn’t important and that they need to try harder to even be noticed.

You need to leave the place in which you aren’t appreciated.

You need to step up for yourself and not let anyone treat you badly.

Life is too short to feel bad all the time because people are mean

The truth is that sometimes in life, you will do everything but for some people it’ll still be like it’s nothing.

It isn’t right and it is frustrating.

Maybe this is happening at your work place where you are working way too hard, but still those who do bare minimum are being promoted.

Perhaps your parents are the ones who are not appreciating you in any way.

Or perhaps your fiends or partner aren’t seeing your efforts.

This is also common if you are a wife or a mom.

Whatever you do, it isn’t noticeable no one really cares about your work and your sacrifices.

Right now you need to distance yourself from everything.

Don’t stress too much about this, focus on yourself right now.

You should be your number one priority no matter what, let go of others and their opinion.

Dreaming of black & white butterfly

Black and white can be a symbol of bad and good, these dreams represent the balance you need to have in your life.

When you enter a bad phase, when everything seems to get out of hand, you need to look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

If there is bad then there is also good.

You see, people usually focus only on bad things when they happen to them, they tend to forget that there is always good somewhere hidden.

People can fight lightness even in darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.

Dreaming of a blue butterfly

Blue butterflies aren’t so common, they are beautiful and rare.

This dream represents your creativity while solving your problems.

You are not someone who doesn’t have a wide perspective.

You can understand a lot of things and you can find different ways to solve something.

Even when things get hard, you still manage to deal with everything.

You want to build your own path without the help of others.

Independence is your number one goal in life, you work truly hard for it and in the end you’ll achieve it.

Dreaming of a red butterfly

This dream appears when you need to analyse your life.

You need to be sure that you are going in the right direction.

Are your wishes fulfilled with your relationships, job, family?

Is everything how you want it to be and do you feel happy right now?

Go step by step see if you miss something, that way you can focus on getting that missing thing.

Don’t feel sad or hopeless ever, everything can be fixed and everything can be added.

Dreaming about seeing a yellow butterfly

Yellow is a fun colour, in dreams it usually represents something positive.

This dream represents your creative fun side.

You are trying hard right now to take control of your life.

You are done completely with bad excuses, poor mindset, blaming others for your mistakes.

So, you’re aware of your flaws and mistakes and you are also ready to take the responsibility for your actions.

You have matured and right now you only want to live life on your own terms.

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