Biblical Meaning of Being Attacked In a Dream

Dream or a nightmare?

Real-life or just a dream?

There is virtually nothing worse than being attacked, and the dream of it is also something that makes us feel so bad.

It is a feeling that none of us would want ever to experience for sure, for kids even more.

And, these events in reality, as well as when they occur in dreams, truly leave a mark on us and make us feel stressed for sure.

If you had a dream where you are being attacked we believe that this is the type of feeling that has left you down and very stressed as you have experienced in reality.

After that, you have probably felt relief as this is not true.

Have you ever woken up distressed because you had a nightmare where you were robbed? Dreams about being attacked are not uncommon, at some point in our lives we can see ourselves in this situation in our dreams.

We also have to say that this dream could be observed from numerous different points of view, and all of them have something important to say about why you have such a dream.

Often it means that you are experiencing major stress in reality, that you feel like you are being suffocated and that you are under attack, but not so much in a physical way, but more in an emotional or psychological sense.

Meaning of Being Attacked In a Dream in General

If you had such a dream, and you now wonder why – does it mean that you will be under attack very soon and that this dream carries this form of precognitive meaning?

Maybe it does in some cases, but most notably, it does not suggest that you will be attacked in reality, in the same way, you were in a dream.

So does it have any meaning that you could use in real life and succeed in life, or miss out on a certain unfortunate event?

If you think about it and remember some parts of the dream very vividly, you will, as we guide you, soon understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you about this dream.

So, in a general sense, what does it mean to dream of being attacked?

If you just remember that you have a dream about being attacked and you remember more of that feeling, and after the dream, you

feel like you have a lot of discomfort in your body.

Like you have been truly attacked because even if this happens in a dream, it can feel just as real as if it were real.

It means that it scares you, it makes you feel bad, and it makes you feel helpless.

But the truth is, the interpretation of a dream about being attacked is not at all negative (in some cases it can be), but very positive in the majority of cases.

So much so that it has a general meaning that good things will come into your life.

In some cases, as it is believed, this is the dream that suggests that some of the issues you had will be solved and that happiness will come to you, and that you will have a lot of amazing projects realized for sure.

So, being under the attack just means that things you are working on right now mean so much to you, that the intensity of emotions that you feel are so strong that you feel overwhelmed.

In a version of a dream where you attack someone who is close to you and who you love very much, and maybe even that person has died, then this is the dream that speaks so much of your inner state, and for sure such a dream, at least from a psychological point of view is not very good.

Therefore, dreaming about someone being attacked and killed is not good psychologically.

But, you can learn something from it, how to resolve your relationship with that person and to become better, not ending that relationship.

Now, there is a version of this dream where being attacked looks like it is not finished and if an attack is not complete, then such a dream suggests that your subconscious wants to tell you that trouble is coming.

Such a dream could be seen as an announcement even.

Maybe this is not the time to waste time on someone, maybe you just need to prioritize yourself.

Some say that this dream could be related to finance (or on a professional level in general).

Being attacked with a knife is a dream that is not as good as in some previous cases.

When you see something like this in a dream, the difference from the previous ones is in that knife.

It has the symbolism of anger, aggressiveness, and supposedly death.

From a biblical point of view, this is the dream that is pushing toward learning your path, “before and after” in your life.

Biblical Meaning of Being Attacked In a Dream 

Just like in all other matters, this dream has its biblical interpretation, and it depends on other matters in a dream.

If you had a dream that you are being attacked and that you die soon after, then, in that case, you are in a transitioning phase in your life, and it would be easier for you to become more relaxed even if you are not ready to do it.

The fact that you are dying in a dream suggests that you are preparing to make a great leap in life, and it would not go without any struggle, on a contrary, you will have a lot of problems in that process.

It will be just like you have been attacked, and you would not like it at all.

But, in the end, you will do what you came for – you will transition from one phase to another stage, from one part to something completely another and for that matter, you will be rewarded.

So, also according to the Bible this dream has a good meaning.

Now, what about the dream where you have attacked a person you love or a family member and it died because of such an attack?

This dream is very interesting to look at – but hard to admit that you had such a dream.

This is the dream where you wish for the death of a human being, and this is something that is far from reality, at least of all a dear one it is truly one of the ultimate sins to commit.

Now, according to the biblical meaning of this dream, depending on who dies, the meaning can vary a lot, in the sense that the person truly represents difference.

For example, if the person who is attacked and dies eventually is an important person to you, then your subconscious is telling you that you need to ask for advice about something that is worrying you.

If, on the other hand, the one who dies is an attacker, a thief for example, and you or the person who has been attacked survives; then everything changes.

In such an instance, this dream signifies the end of the problems that have arisen, especially between two people who were enemies before.

Making ends with the person who has been your enemy is the best thing you can do, a true passage to virtue and a life according to the Holy Book.

It is written there – give a hand to the person who has been hurting you and forgive him.

From this point of view, we can expand this dream and say that you maybe had a dream regarding the attack, but not only you or the person you love, but your house also.

Then, the meaning will depend on the type of house, who owns it, is it a familiar house or not.

And that is, if the owner of the house is related to you (family, friend, acquaintance…) then it tells you that this person is in trouble and needs your support to move forward.

You need to come as a savior of that person, and you need to become the one who comes when things are hardest, and to show what kind of a human being you are.

Seen from your point of view, it reminds you that there comes a time when you have to be strong and bring this person you love forward.

There are moments when we need to show our sacrifice and our selflessness so that we can become better human beings, and this is the only way we can do it.

If you stand aside or hide, it indicates that you have a very weak personality and are reluctant to face problems even when you can be their solution.

Do not be like this, and this is a reminder that all people in this world deserved to be helped in whatever way that is possible, and we have an obligation not to stand aside and just observe them and do nothing, especially if some form of injustice is in question.

On the contrary, if you take action, it will mean that you can get down to work and help others.

The circle of good deeds will just expand more and more.

And what happens if a robbery happens in someone else’s house that you don’t know who he is and you do not know anything about that home?

In that case, in such a dream, it tells you that you need to make a change in your life because your attitude and emotions are not the best fit and you need to stop and see if the path you are taking is the best fit for you.

All of us can wander and the majority of us, wander and miss out on some steps, but there is something that is called faith and it is what is taking us to the right path, and return us to it; it is called faith.

In a version of a dream where someone unsuccessfully attempts to attack you, in that case, such a dream tells you to be more vocal, to speak up, and to speak up when you see injustice.

It is a great sin when people remain silent when they are not wronged, and on the contrary, when it occurs we must react.

Such a dream shows that you may find yourself in a situation where you want to speak up but you cannot do it; and instead of cooperating with that lie, you represent the battle to the point where you reach your goal.

It can take a lot from you, but at least you will be right and you will do something that others will look up to, for sure.

When an attack occurs in a dream, and when there is some form of weapon, in that case, such a dream could mean, in case that the attack was not carried out by you, that your subconscious mind tells you that your property is safe, that what you have is safe, and that investments, expenses, projects, etc.

They are on the right track.

And, if you are the one who is attacked then in a real life, such a dream means something opposite.

It has a positive meaning because it indicates that you will get those professional benefits that you have been looking for.

If the attacker from a dream was pushed off, then such a dream means

that in your life there will be a lot of envy and hurt and that you are constantly the target of others.


This is the dream that says that you will probably have numerous positive outcomes in your life and that the experience that follows will have numerous positive projects.

The dream you are having is just simply a feeling that you are overwhelmed with emotions, and that you are feeling that you are under attack.

It is truly important for you to calm down, to be more relaxed, and to be as calm as you can so that you do not transcend that stress further into your day.

As you can see, dreams of being attacked are not as negative as you might think at first.

Indeed, you will not wake up well, because experiencing an attack is not something that anyone wants, but at least in most cases, the meaning is positive and a symbol of a good omen.

In any case, this is the dream that without a doubt speaks of your

subconscious trying to tell you that, perhaps, a certain part of your life is in some form of danger.

It is part of real life, maybe there is something that you may have lost, but sooner or later it will reappear.

Now it can also mean that some people around you are not happy with your achievements, but quite the opposite and they will become enemies at a given moment.

The second answer to why you had such a dream is de facto the meaning that some financial losses await you.

That doesn’t mean you won’t restore it, but it does warn you of something to come.

In the end, it is relevant what kind of attack was that – was there any gun or maybe a knife?

This changes the dream drastically.

Dreams of being attacked with a gun are not positive.

Such a dream indicates psychological problems that are deep inside a person who has a dream.

For example, it could mean that the person who has such a dream is under a lot of stress, that depression has started or that the routine affects your mood.

The solution, in this case, is simple, because it means that you change a little every day, to improve yourself, to encourage, and above all to continue to feel good.

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