Bead Color – Spiritual Meaning Explained

Since ancient times, beads were popular all over the world.

Today they are used as fashion accessories, but they can also have deep spiritual and cultural meanings.

As we all know, metal, stone, wood or glass are usually used to make beads.

Regardless of what the beads are made of, they are used to make bracelets, necklaces and other jewellery.

In addition, beads can be used to make various decorative objects, and sometimes beads are also used for religious purposes.

However, did you know that beads are not only decorative items, but they can also have important spiritual meanings?

In this text we are going to talk about a bead colour meaning.

Actually, we are going to tell you what different colours of beads can symbolize.

If you are interested in red bead bracelet meaning or if you have seen that someone is wearing a white beads necklace, for example, then you should stay with us and read this text.

Spiritual Beads Colour Meaning

Red Beads Meaning. Red beads are very popular and their symbolism varies in various parts of the world, but it is always positive.

It is believed that wearing red beads will bring you good luck. They are a symbol of good luck that will be with you in all spheres of your life.

Whether it is love or business, red beads will bring you good luck.

It is believed that if you start a project at work while wearing red beads, the project will surely be successful.

Also, it is believed that you should always wear red beads to the exam because they will surely bring you good luck.

Apart from red beads symbolizing good luck, they can also be a symbol of strength and power.

As you can see, the symbolism of red beads is always good and they could be a great gift for someone you love.

Black Beads Meaning. Black beads are not particularly popular, primarily because they are usually associated with something negative.

Namely, we all know that the colour black is a symbol of bad energy and bad luck in many cultures.

However, black beads also have a spiritual meaning. More precisely, their meaning is different in different cultures and parts of the world.

In some cultures the symbolism of black beads is positive, while in some other cultures the symbolism of black beads is negative.

We will start by saying that in some cultures black beads have bad symbolism and indicate sadness and grief that may come into your life if you continue to wear black beads.

In addition, it can also mean that you should wear black beads exactly at the moment when you are sad and when something bad happens to you.

They will symbolize your current state and the sadness you feel about something.

With the help of black beads, you will let others know that you are in a period of mourning and that you are sad because of something that happened to you.

Therefore, this is a negative symbolism attached to black beads and it is present in many cultures around the world.

However, as we have already said, black beads can also have positive symbolism.

In that case black beads mostly symbolize power and strength. Therefore, many people believe that wearing black beads will give them the strength to overcome difficult times and to stay positive in difficult situations.

You have seen that black beads can have both good and bad meanings. However, we should mention another spiritual meaning of beads and it has to do with evil spirits.

More precisely, it is believed that black beads can be a symbol of protection against evil spirits that may be around you.

This meaning of black beads is widespread in many cultures. If you feel that you are under any influence of evil spirits and if you believe in such things, then it would be good to wear black beads.

Black beads are believed to have the power to remove all evil spirits from you and to protect you from them.

White Beads Meaning. White beads are very popular all over the world. They are popular not only because of their attractive appearance, but also because of their symbolism.

In order to understand the symbolism of white beads, we first need to tell you what the colour white symbolizes.

As we all know, white colour is always a symbol of innocence and sincerity. It symbolizes something pure and beautiful, something honest and true.

In addition, the colour white is a symbol of hope and new beginnings, which means that these beads will give you hope for a new future.

If you are currently going through a difficult period, you should know that the white beads you wear will bring better moments in your life.

Because of their symbolic meaning, white beads are often associated with Christianity and rosaries are mostly made from them.

More precisely, the white colour of these beads symbolizes the innocence and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

If you are a Christian and if you would like to have a rosary with special symbolism, we recommend you to choose a rosary with white beads.

Blue Beads Meaning. The symbolism of blue beads is mostly always positive. In various cultures around the world, blue beads are believed to have calming effects on the person who wears them.

These beads are a symbol of peace and tranquility, so people who are prone to nervousness are recommended to wear exactly this type of beads.

In addition, blue beads are great for creative people. These beads are thought to symbolize the creative spirit and are often worn by artists.

Also, blue beads are believed to symbolize wisdom, faithfulness and trust.

It is also very common to believe that blue beads symbolize friendship. If you want to give beads to someone as a sign of friendship, then we advise you to opt for blue beads.

Blue and White Beads Spiritual Meaning. A very popular combination of beads are blue and white beads.

A bracelet made of these beads will look perfect on your hand, but it will also have special symbolism.

It will protect you from bad energy and it will help you get rid of all bad spirits. Also, it will bring calmness and peace into your life.

Green Beads Meaning. In order to understand the spiritual meaning of green beads, you have to know first what the green colour can symbolize.

Since ancient times, it was believed that green is the colour of growth and fertility. Also, one of the most important spiritual meanings related to the green colour is nature.

When something is green, we associate it with nature. This is also the case with green beads. Their spiritual meanings are related to something natural.

The symbolism of green beads is always positive because those beads are related to growth and abundance.

Another important spiritual meaning of green beads is good luck. In many cultures all over the world green beads represent good luck.

If you are looking for a perfect gift for someone you love, we recommend you to choose a necklace or a bracelet made of green beads.

If someone has something that is made of green beads, good luck will follow that person and he/she will have a lot of success.

Also, if you are currently going through a bad phase, we recommend you to bring some green beads into your life. Get a green necklace and very soon you will feel good luck entering your life.

If you are wearing some piece of jewellery made of green beads, you can be sure that all doors will be open for you and that good luck will follow you on your way.

As you can see, the spiritual meaning of green beads is always positive, so you will not make a mistake if you buy yourself or someone else an item made of green beads.

Purple Beads Meaning. Beads in purple colour attract attention with their appearance.

The symbolism of these beads is linked to the old times when they denoted royalty and luxury. Similar symbolism is still associated with purple beads today.

They always symbolize something expensive, luxurious and classy. Purple beads are recommended for ladies who are proud and self-confident, as well as for those who care about the impression they make on other people.

There is no doubt that the purple colour of the beads will surely attract the attention of people around you, and many will probably be interested in the hidden meaning of these beads.

Apart from symbolizing luxury, purple beads are often a symbol of success. If you believe in yourself and if you have a clear goal in front of you, with the help of purple beads you will surely achieve that goal.

Purple beads are a symbol of success and prosperity. In addition, purple beads are believed to be a symbol of femininity.

There are also cultures where magical powers are attributed to purple beads. These beads are sometimes associated with something magical and unreal, that is, with something mysterious and magical.

Also, purple beads can symbolize peace and love. As you can see, in most cultures purple beads have positive symbolism.

However, we must mention that in some cultures, purple beads can also have negative symbolism, that is, they can be associated with some sadness and mourning.

Yellow Beads Meaning. Yellow beads are popular all over the world. They are popular not only because of their attractive appearance, but also because of their spiritual meanings.

First of all, we have to say that yellow beads usually symbolize good luck and happiness. They can be also a symbol of wealth and abundance.

Sometimes these beads are used against evil spirits that may be there around you. It is believed that yellow beads have special powers and that they can ward off the evil spirits that may be there by your side.

Anyway, it is believed that yellow beads have always positive symbolism and you can always choose them for yourself or for some other person that you love.

Brown Beads Meaning. Another colour of beads that has also important spiritual meaning is the brown colour. Brown beads are usually related to stability and earth.

If you are wearing brown beads, it will probably mean that you are a stable and self-confident person who knows exactly what to do.

In many cultures brown beads are seen as a symbol of abundance, too. It is believed that if someone wears brown beads, he/she will enjoy in wealth and abundance.

There are also cultures in which brown beads symbolize healing and comfort. They can also represent protection, so it is believed that you will be protected from evil if you have these beads.

Also, if you are wearing brown beads, it can mean that you will be healed very soon. It is possible that you had many problems recently, but brown beads will help you get out of a difficult situation and get better.

Of course, we have to mention that brown beads are also related to nature. As you can see, there are a couple of different spiritual meanings related to brown beads, but these beads have always positive symbolism.

If someone from your dear friends likes brown colour, brown beads could be a perfect gift for that person.

Coral Beads Meaning. The coral colour has always been very popular all over the world. Because of that there is no doubt that coral beads will be very attractive on your hand or maybe around your neck.

The symbolism of coral beads is also very strong. It is believed that these beads will bring peace and calmness into your life if you are wearing them.

Also, it is known that coral beads will give a special charm to a person who wears them. It is important to say that coral beads are usually related to new beginnings and hope.

If you need something that will make you go forward and if you need inner strength and motivation, you should start wearing coral beads.

These beads will also give you courage to move on and to take a risk if it is necessary.

In many cultures there is also a belief that coral beads have calming effects on the person who wears them.

They have been always considered a symbol of harmony and peace, but they can also represent love. The symbolism of coral beads is always positive.

It is also believed that coral beads will protect you against evil spirits and negative energy that may be around you.

If you have a necklace or any other item made of coral beads, you can be sure that you are loved and protected, so you don’t have to worry for your future.

In some cultures coral beads are used for ceremonial and ritual purposes. The spiritual meanings of coral beads are very strong and they could be a perfects gift for someone you love.

You can choose earrings made of coral beads or you can give someone a bracelet or a necklace made of these beads.

We are sure that this person will be delighted and you will not make a mistake.

As we have said, coral beads are always related to peace, strength and love, so there is no better gift than something that is made of coral beads.

Different Types of Beads

  • Waist Beads Colour Meaning

Waist beads have always attracted attention and have been used since ancient times. These beads were the greatest sign of femininity and sensuality, but also of fertility.

Women who wore beads around their waists were considered healthy women who were ready to give birth and to have a family.

Today, waist beads are a very popular fashion detail. In Africa waist beads are accessories that every woman must have.

Aside from the fact that these beads are looking beautiful, they also have important spiritual meanings, depending on what colour they have.

Red waist beads. The most popular waist beads are in the red colour. They are a symbol of sexuality and femininity. Also, they mean that a woman is fertile and ready for a child.

Sometimes waist beads in red colour can symbolize good health as well.

Yellow waist beads. If waist beads are yellow, they are usually seen as a symbol of optimism, joy and good luck.

Green waist beads. These beads are a symbol of good luck and nature. They can also symbolize fertility and abundance.

Blue waist beads. If waist beads are blue, they usually symbolize peace and harmony, but they can be related to knowledge and wisdom as well.

White waist beads. These beads are very popular and they usually symbolize something innocent and pure.

  • African Waist Beads Colour Meaning

We have already mentioned that waist beads are especially popular among women in Africa. For them waist beads have very important cultural meanings.

There is almost no woman in Africa who does not wear beads around her waist. It is a popular fashion detail, but every woman wears it for some special personal symbolism.

One of the spiritual meanings is that beads around the waist can protect against evil spirits and bring positive energy into the life of the woman who wears them.

Apart from the fact that waist beads represent beauty, sensuality and fertility, very often they can be associated with the African history and culture.

  • Chakra Beads Colour Meaning

There are also chakra beads that are usually used in meditative purposes. Their symbolism is always related to energy that can be good or bad, depending on the colour of the beads.

For example green chakra beads symbolize compassion and love, while orange chakra beads have to do with sexuality and passion.

  • Yoruba Beads Colour Meaning

There are also popular Yoruba beads that come originally from Yoruba culture. The symbolism of these beads also depends on their colour, so we can say that red Yoruba beads symbolize strength and power.

On the other side, we have white Yoruba beads that are usually related to peace, tranquillity and purity.

  • Sangoma Beads Meaning Colours

Sangoma beads are also very popular and they come from South Africa. These beads will give you strength and energy to endure a difficult day.

If you wear sangoma beads, it is also believed that they will help you get out of a difficult situation.

It is interesting that women in South Africa who are wearing white sangoma beads around the heads show this way that they are disciplined and dedicated.

Also, the white colour of sangoma beads can be associated with personal experience.

  • Mala Beads Meaning by Colour

There are also mala beads and their spiritual meaning is usually determined by their colour.

For example, it is believed that black mala beads usually symbolize success, protection and strength.

On the other side, it is believed that brown mala beads are related to self-confidence, forgiveness and spiritual awakening.

Red mala beads are usually a symbol of passion, love and power, while green mala beads usually symbolize abundance and growth.

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