Ase Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

If you are the type of person who is interested in spiritual growth, you have read and have probably visited a certain spiritual conference or celebration.

These are the places where you can most definitely learn something new, and where you can meet people who are in a search that is similar to your goal.

In those places, you have certainly heard something new, some expressions and terms.

Now, in some of them, you have heard the word Ase, and it has sparked your interest in what could this new or just new term, mean.

Right away we will tell you that this word comes from the African religion, and nowadays more and more people have been using it since it has a strong meaning.

What is Ase?

Just like we have said, the root of this spiritual world comes from the African tradition, and it is called at times Axe, and Ashe also.

Some of the answers to these questions vary and can be controversial. Maybe the best comparison to this word could be the Christian word Amen.

The pronunciation of this word is “A-shay”.

It is utilized as a word that is used to bless someone or to perform an affirmation.

It can be a part of prayer – in the word Ase there is a lot of power, and just like the word Amin, it has great importance.

It s meaningful when you say it.

It is a manifestation by itself, and it is related to the force of life, the energy of vitality, and life itself.

Here another comparison is in its place – Chi is the term for the energy flow in China or Qi in Japanese culture.

They all related to the same thing but in different cultures.

Ase is a fundamental element of traditional African belief.

And when we take a look at the ancient cultures, something similar was seen, for example, the existence of this energy, so the ancient Greeks called it “Pneuma”, and the Egyptians called it “Sekhem”.

In India, it is called “Prana” in the Sanskrit language.

Ase Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism 

What is this miraculous energy that cannot be seen or felt, and at the same time fills the entire universe?

We could say that this is Ase.

When this word is said, when we say Ase, then it can have several different interpretations, such as attitude, energy, breathing, steam, atmosphere, etc.

All connected into one.

But this is something that cannot be translated, as it can often come out as very rough and hardly correspond to the true explanation.

Ase is much more than this.

In the shortest terms, Ase means the circulation of energy in the Universe, and this is also associated with our, human bodies, and souls.

It is the energy that flows in every living being.

Ase is activated by the body and performs this activity until the end of a person’s life.

When circulation is stopped or interrupted, the result is dysfunction and the end of Ase in the living being.

Then death occurs.

It means that Ase is the basic driving force of life.

Some say that this energy could be seen as a bearer of all physical and psycho-intellectual characteristics of a person.

Through breathing, we bring the necessary energy into the body; and when we know that when we pray we are focused on deep breathing, then it is not hard to guess why saying Ase is effective.

But this means that breathing does not only bring oxygen into the body, which is needed for the oxidation of substances in the body.

Human health depends on the way of breathing because it determines the quantity and quality of energy flow that we enter into the body.

So, by saying the word we attract it into our world, just like with breathing we intake what we need in life to survive.

Also, and this is relevant to mention, improper behavior and wrong intention disrupt the natural flow of energy and the energy supply of a person.

When you use this term you need to know that you are doing something very serious and that the intention (why you are doing it, and for what purpose) is what counts.

Ase is a one-part energy flow, which is obtained by saying and focusing this word in our lives, with the focus on what we want, then energy comes into our bodies, and basically, it is created and conserved by the work of being.

Human energy consists of energy that existed before leaving the mother’s womb and energy that is created during life.

Ase connects us to that energy that was here before us, and the important part is that there is essentially the energy that the person who says the word receives from the Universe.

These are so-called hereditary characteristics.

Our connection to the world that was here before us, and where our roots are.

And the connection to our ancestors as we have said before.

The energy that is created after birth begins with the first breath.

People with problems and those who want to change their lives, should pray or meditate and say this phrase correctly, and Ase can correct this deficiency.

It is now widely known that fear, fatigue, and negative emotions can affect the Ase body and cause illness.

So you have to be careful of those conditions.

Ase moves through energy channels in the human body, and on its way permeates down to the smallest cell.

For example, when one arm is injured, the Ase flowing through the nerves of the arm will be rejuvenated.

This will cause Ase with that message to reach the brain, to which the brain will react in pain.

The brain will further send a command to the nerves that will cause an increase in blood circulation in the mentioned zone of injury, to restore tissue.

It follows that Ase, the nervous system, the channels that transport Ase, and the brain are strongly interconnected and cannot function separately.

So, Ase can be said that it is a vital life energy.

Or if we are not, and we want to have it, then we can say and pray using this word.

When we are in good contact with ourselves, our body, and our feelings, we can feel a slight and pleasant vibration in the area below the navel where the physical center of our body is located.

We feel it like a pulsation, and when the energy flow has come to you, it has such an intensity that you cannot miss it.

This Ase vibration spreads to other parts of the body when we are in balance.

Pulse of the body, and rhythmic inward and outward movements are characteristic of all living organisms.

This is the energy that is in all of us, and it connects us all; it can be felt in the body and represent the cycles of filling and emptying in breathing, heart rate, and the sleep-wake cycle, which are just some of the expressions of the life processes that underlie everything.

The flow of life energy through the body and the flow of life energy or Ase is interrupted in certain places on the body.

These are the places where the individual blocks the charging or discharging of life energy.

The flow of charging and discharging occurs naturally, and our task is to allow it to come to us.

When we sleep and rest, our organism is filled with vital energy.

The more energy there is in the body, it is expressed through increased excitement and improved tension in the body.

This tension is pleasant and represents a readiness for useful action.

It is also a signal that we are sufficiently recharged to be able to function smoothly and carry out daily activities.

Combustion occurs spontaneously.

Releases can be large, as in ecstasy, crying, or rage.

In the same way, the empty ones can be moderate, as in the manifestation of joy and physical activities, for example when we lift objects, do physical exercises, do movements, and the like.

It is not uncommon for people to cry when they have summoned Ase energy to us when we have called the support from the Divine realms; all spirtual energy comes to us and assists us.

It is a boost of energy and it is wonderful.

Naturally, the energy flow in our beings occurs so that as the charge develops, the excitement increases until it reaches a limit where the pulsation accelerates and deepens to a spontaneous discharge, which is usually accompanied by disruptions in the muscles that are not willingly caused.

This can be seen when we experience intense crying, laughter, or orgasm, which represent our most intense emotional experiences.

When the rhythm of charging and discharging life energy does not take place spontaneously, naturally, there is an uneven distribution of energy in the body.

The result is that one becomes overcharged, which creates chronic tension in the muscles.

Discharge is blocked here.

On the other hand, some people will experience excessive discharge, which will lead to a state of chronic fatigue, low energy, and low mood.

In this example, charging is blocked.

And this is the improper usage of Ase – those who know how to use it, do not doubt that they will be supported by Divine beings.

These blockages occur unintentionally, as through the development of personality defense mechanisms patterns of behavior are created where a person controls the immediate and spontaneous expression of his feelings.

Letting go is also part of the process.

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When a person resists the natural flow of life energy through its being, which inevitably causes the spontaneous expression of feelings, he thus slows down the process of manifestation and in some cases completely blocks what he or she wants.

This is what we could call an incorrect usage of this magical word Ase.

Many people in this way either have difficulty or it is impossible for them to experience pleasure or to cry in confusion.

When this happens then the tension can build to a very high level.

The body then uses pressure to dampen the vibrations and filling process to prevent emptying, and this leads to chronic tension and manifests as increased nervousness, resulting in high blood pressure and headaches.

In some cases, it can lead to depression and apathy.

Through work on centering and grounding, the natural flow of life energy, the Ase, is established through the body.

Blockages are removed through movement and breathing exercises, or prayer.

Chronic tensions are reduced, and there is relaxation and a gradual establishment of spontaneity.

Feelings that were blocked become more flowing.

The ability to enjoy life increases, and thus the sense of purpose in life. Achieving goals becomes easier and self-confidence is gained.

If someone has been withdrawn and lethargic, they start to feel the need to move, get more motivated, and feel more fulfilled.

Relationships with others become better and more harmonious.

It is easier to establish and maintain contact with one’s feelings, as well as contact with others.

The Ase helps us re-established, which also leads to a strengthening of vitality.

Work on establishing the natural flow of life energy is recommended to everyone because it is an excellent preventive measure for stable psychophysical health.

Saying Ase, properly, may just be the right thing to do, just like when you say Amin after you have said your prayer, or simply being grateful for what you have.

Be very careful when you are using this term – you are giving word a clear statement with your energy and the energy of your Predecessors.

Utilize this power wisely, as it may come to be true.

This can be a call to do some action, when your soul is being moved and it knows what to do, there is a passion and desire to do so.

This is the word that can be used for healing an also manifesting, but you should be careful about what you use the word Ase – as it brings the power of the world to make your dream come true, and are you are commenting your energy to it, and you are ready to whatever it takes.

You have an obligation now, not just before the Life itself, the Universal energy, but toward the Ancestors, toward the shared energy that has been floating since the dawn of time.

What you say and think before you use the phrase Ase, you have to do it with the purpose and there must be a clear intention, and a clear knowledge of what you want.

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