Anointing of Hands: Meaning and Symbolism

Anointing with oil is a holy rite and a holy secret.

It will make us stronger in every sense, that’s because a healthy body has a healthy mind and vice versa.

You can’t have a tortured soul and be physically healthy, because a person who leaves and carries pain and sin in his heart, will also dry up physically.

You will gain weight, lose weight and muscle mass, your immunity will decrease and you will be more susceptible to various diseases.

If a person is grieving, he can find peace from it, because the heart and soul are connected by an unbreakable bond.

Therefore, if you have brought yourself to this point, seek help from a conscientious person, fast, confess your sins and take that burden off your shoulders and take communion, because communion is also a holy secret where we receive the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ so that it cleanses us from of our conscious and unconscious sins.

Priests’ anointing can also be received by people who are preparing for a hermit mission, but all this must be approved by the priest who is in charge of you, and you must receive a blessing.

To say the Jesus prayer in the Orthodox Church, you need the blessing and approval of a religious person.

Because that prayer is so strong that a person can be proud and feel exalted and think that he is better than others.

This is a danger that lurks in the anointing as well, that a person feels such strength and power that he can fall into sins.

Everything requires preparation and sincere prayer and the desire to become better people than we are right now and to do good deeds, to forgive from the heart even what is not forgiving.

Anointing is performed mainly in consecrated places such as churches and monasteries, and when there is no possibility for it, a consecrated person can perform it in any place with certain preparations, such as notifying the room where the anointing will take place.

When anointing the dying, it is desirable for the sick to confess his sins and make a confession in order to receive the Holy Spirit in his body and spirit.

Anointing is a sacred secret, which is available to every soul that wants to become better and fulfill a certain task on earth.

What is the Anointing of Hands?

Anointing of hands is most often received by a person who has been preparing for a long time to become a priest in the church and to serve God and people.

This rite is performed by a consecrated person with consecrated oil and only after the rite can he become a priest and then himself perform rituals such as baptism, the joining of two people before God, rituals of funeral dirges, the consecration of houses, and many other things that this service does in the name of God.

An anointing from a priest with oil can also be received by a patient who is suffering from a serious illness, to gain strength to fight the illness or to gain peace if the illness has taken hold.

The anointing of the sick can be performed several times, especially if the patient is so weak that he cannot speak and therefore cannot confess his sins and ask for forgiveness for those he committed during his life.

This is an extremely difficult period for dying people, and there should be often a conscious person with the person, especially if the patient’s days are numbered.

A dying man is afraid that he will perish with his sins and that he will lose his immortal soul, and what will await him on the other side?

On his deathbed, he remembers all the bad things he did during his life and the images pass through his head continuously.

A religious person can anoint such patients with oil several times so that they receive the Holy Spirit and feel the peace they need in those last moments on earth.

Anointing is a ceremony by which a religious person also introduces and strengthens a child or an adult in their faith by performing the ritual of baptism.

It is said that baptism is like a new birth and that, especially for an adult man, all the sins he had until then are forgiven if he continues to do good deeds and live according to the commandments of God.

Anointing of Hands: Meaning and Symbolism 

Anointing was previously given to warriors who go to war so that God would protect them on the battlefield and give them strength to fight the enemies and not allow themselves to commit sin on the battlefield and not go crazy from the great blood they will see.

With this act, a person receives the holy spirit, and the gates of heaven open to him.

The angels of heaven themselves attend this act and bless the soul.

A person feels incredibly calm after this ritual and feels the spiritual world around him.

It is only up to us how long we will keep that feeling of peace and well-being that we feel after the ceremony.

If we live according to God’s commandments and try to strengthen our faith, the anointing can last for several years.

But if we sin against our souls and in our hearts, we will lose it very quickly.

For the anointing to last, we must be like children, because children are a true example of human nature and what it should be like.

A child sees and feels everything, for him going to the countryside with his parents is like going on a trip around the world, and the smallest gift he receives, no matter how modest it may be, is as big as a house.

Children are innocent and spontaneous in everything.

Spontaneous in love and conversation, spontaneous in sadness and care, and they cannot hide their deep feelings.

That’s how a person should be, and anointing is a ritual that opens the door to rebirth for a person, to feel again how we felt sinless as children and we should try to keep that feeling in us for a long time, to be innocent in the eyes of God and all the saints as may the angels protect us for a long time and not allow us to perish with our sins.

Anyone can receive the anointing, but it depends on the person who receives the anointing, whether he will receive it in his heart and soul.

If he sees it only as an ordinary ritual without meaning, then that is what he will be.

For someone to receive Christ in himself, he must also believe in him and live as it is written, according to the commandments of God.

No man on earth has not committed some sin in his heart, but if a man is aware of what he has done and repents, his repentance will have a great influence in the heavenly court.

By anointing, the conscious persons are expelled and continue to expel impure forces from the bodies of possessed people.

Evil forces try to divert man from the right path and force him to sin at every step and whenever they can and when they see that man has lost his spirit, then he is the most susceptible.

If a person is righteous, he can ask for the anointing of a priest, so that he can find the strength to drive evil away from him.

For a person to retain the power of anointing, he must live according to God’s commandments, and not only that, but he must mentally defend himself from impure thoughts that come to him.

Those impure thoughts send us the forces of darkness, which want to corrupt our souls and lead us to sin, fornication and debauchery.

If we put those thoughts away from us, we won the battle without a fight.

Only in this way will you avoid sinning consciously, which is fatal for the human soul.

If you accept the thoughts that the darkness sends you with the intention of ruining you, and you begin to put into action what was in your head and to enjoy it and delight in sin, the anointing you received will be very short-lived and the holy spirit in he will not be able to live with you for long.

That is the best advice we can give you so that the feeling of anointing lasts in your heart and soul.

Man must understand that everything depends on him because he has free will, which he received from God.

It is a great honor and the confirmation that was given to us by a higher power and the proof that God the Father shows us says that he believes in us and that therefore we should also believe in ourselves.

To believe that we can do unimaginable good deeds and that our soul will unite with his creator when the time is right.

The most joyous rite that a conscientious person can perform is the baptism of a child.

The priest does not see only the child in front of him, but the Holy Spirit himself in the child.

It will still be uncorrupted, sinless, and innocent like a lamb.

Or innocent like a child, like a newborn baby, that has a pure soul came to this world, and it is clear from anything that wrong, evil, and corrupted.

When he is anointed with oil and sanctified with holy water and receives the holy spirit, God himself, this is an act that the consecrated person feels during baptism.

Likewise, when we receive the holy spirit and the body of Jesus, when we receive communion for some great Christian holiday after fasting and prayers, we feel peace and tranquility and feel what is the most important purpose of our life on earth.

Priests anointed the kings in special rituals, to expel all evil from them and swore that they would serve the people.

The anointing of the king and the coronation ceremony was performed in public with the presence of many people and the clergy, and this is the only way the king becomes what he is, before God and before people.

A conscientious person can anoint with oil someone who is preparing for some very important task or ascetic feat, to gain the strength to persevere and endure everything that could shake him and distract him from the path of work and its purpose.

Anointing is a religious ceremony whose purpose is to make a person feel reborn and, if he has not been born again, to start doing good and fight against evil in every possible way.

To not allow evil to corrupt his soul and cloud the clarity of a soundly reasoned mind.

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