Ace of Hearts Card – Meaning and Symbolism

Even though it is not confirmed, the creation of the first cards probably happened in China, sometime in the 10th century.

After several centuries, possibly end of 13th and beginning of 14th century, cards were brought from Asia to Europe, to Italy and Spain.

These first card decks were very valuable and only rich people owned them.

The reason was the price and time for their making.

They were hand painted which was time consuming and also cost a lot of money.

When the price of making cards lowered, more decks were made, and more people were able to afford them.

At first, they were used for playing games, and later a new role was added to them; they transformed into a tool for foretelling the future.

Hearts Suit Symbolism and Personality Traits

The Hearts suit symbolizes emotions and matters related to feelings, love, relationships, and connections between people.

It also symbolizes healing, intuition, cleansing, the feminine power, etc.

The cards from this suit give traits such as adaptability, receptivity, purity, etc.

People born with a heart suit card are emotional and sensitive.

They often think with their heart rather than their mind.

This is often hurting them the most.

They are spontaneous people and open to new experiences.

They don’t have a problem expressing their emotions and love to talk to others about their emotions.

The suit of hearts also symbolizes fantasy, romantic feelings, imagination, creativity.

The Hearts suit also has negative sides, such as unrealistic expectations, repressed emotions, false hopes, overly emotional, dispassionate, problems expressing their feelings, lacking creativity.

These negative traits occur with people who are suppressing the emotional side of their personality due to some personal issues or past trauma.

They need to work on healing these issues.

In general, Hearts people are very emotional and artistic souls.

They love people and sincerely enjoy interacting with them and helping them.

Ace Card Meaning

Ace cards symbolize oneness, the self, excellence, personal needs, personal power, first, the best, etc.

These cards are always a symbol of something new, such as new experiences or new beginnings.

This card has independent and creative energy.

The Ace symbolizes courage, motivation, materialism, pioneer, immaturity, entrepreneurship, egotism, will, arrogance, selfishness, insecurity, narrow-mindedness, energy, etc.

This card symbolizes desires, hopes, and goals.

Ace of Hearts Card – Meaning and Symbolism

The Ace of hearts is a card of love.

This card symbolizes family, romance, feelings, romance, marriage, engagement, romantic feelings, sympathy, compatibility, comfort, satisfaction, peace, happiness, intimacy, warmth, friends, creativity, art, healing, hope, beauty, soul ties, entertainment, etc.

The Ace of Hearts card is also a symbol of moodiness, laziness, indulgency, complacent behavior, etc.

The Ace of hearts is a sign of new beginnings in love and friendships.

It can symbolize marriage, starting a family, meeting new friends, etc.

It signifies celebrations and happiness related to feelings of love and compassion.

In most cases it symbolizes the birth of a new love.

This card also symbolizes the desire for love and love relationship.

In a love reading, when this card appears is often a sign of encouragement that the client’s love life is about to improve significantly.

This is also a card of domestic happiness and peace.

It is by many readers considered the best card in the deck improving the influence of all other cards in the spread.

Some consider the Ace of Hearts a symbol for the person’s home and matters related to our home and domestic life.

It is also considered the card of protection which indicates protective forces working to protect the person from any negative influence.

Ace of Hearts Card Personality Traits

Ace of Hearts people are often indecisive and not sure about their choices.

They are also very creative and when they do make a decision they can put it into a creative endeavor which can also give them financial satisfaction.

They don’t like boring and stagnant jobs.

Variety of choices is very important for them.

Their work is very important for them, as well as the possibility to progress at work.

When they don’t have a chance to advance at their work, this is very discouraging to them and often makes them look for another job.

These people are ambitious, and they do like to be encouraged and praised for the good work.

If they don’t get that from their employer or boss, they become dissatisfied and stop putting effort into their work.

Success is very important for them and every action they take is motivated by success they could achieve.

If that lacks, they become depressed and demotivated.

Many of these people are accomplished and reach high positions in society.

Ace of Hearts are all about love, which can often lead them to a road of promiscuity and not being able to settle with just one partner.

This is a result of too many options from which to choose.

This is certainly the wrong path to take, because it will never give them the emotional satisfaction they seek, and which can only be achieved through a monogamous relationship with one partner.

The Ace of heart is a card of love and relationships and people Ace of Hearts have a true desire to love and be loved.

Sometimes these people might become selfish and jealous in their love relationships.

This comes from an inner insecurity some of them have.

They need to work on the reasons for this insecurity and resolve them.

Besides love, these people have a desire for money.

They love being financially secured and will do what it takes to provide enough money.

They have a talent for attracting the right opportunities to invest money as well as earn it.

They often choose a creative profession or a profession in the field of arts.

Ace of Hearts people are born only on December 30th.

Ace of Hearts Card in Tarot and Cartomancy

The Ace of Hearts is considered one of the most fortunate cards to appear in a card reading, especially for those who are having a love reading.

This card is an indication of true love, and can indicate either love coming into the person’s life or confirming the love the person already has in their life.

In most cases this refers to romantic love, but it can also be family love and love among friends.

In some cases, the Ace of Hearts indicates divine love the person feels for the humanity.

When this card is present in a spread, this often reveals the state in which the client is currently in.

They are filled with emotions for love and are in a good state in their life.

This card is helpful in negating the bad effects of some other cards.

For the client this card can represent encouragement to open their heart for love and be open to new opportunities.

Even those who are not thinking about love in this moment might expect a love offer and opportunity in the upcoming days.

This card might be the confirmation that the person is ready to give and receive true love.

The long awaited relationship might be around the corner when this card appears in a spread.

It is the greatest confirmation of love and no other card has this power in love readings.

The Ace of Hearts can also indicate a time of peace and joy spent with loved ones, the partner/spouse, children, family members, friends.

The client might experience love showers, people expressing their love to them, and them expressing their love back.

This card can also indicate some new opportunities for creative endeavors.

Maybe the client has been waiting for the right moment to start some creative project and this card can be the right sign to give encouragement to start.

It is important to be alert, to recognize the opportunities this card announces because it is an excellent time to experience the blessings, we all crave for.

The card encourages to be open and brave. Maybe the opportunity of a lifetime will arise, and action might be required.

The Ace of Heart calls the person to follow the urges of their heart.

This time is allowed to follow your heart and forget the restrictions of the mind.

The Ace of Hearts is a sign of everything new: new relationships, new life circumstances, new projects, new activities, new hobbies, etc.

All these will bring joy and happiness.

The Ace of Hearts is a good sign for the future.

It is often a sign of a romantic interest and relationship that has been a lifetime dream for the person.

Besides indicating new things, this card also indicates things unfolding naturally and without any obstacles.

Things will flow and the person will feel and the person won’t notice when the change happened because everything is so natural and good.

Ace of Hearts is also an indication of exchange of emotions and expressing feelings to someone.

Either the client will be expressing their love to someone or they might experience the same in return.

If you are waiting to hear the “I love you” words, this card might be the announcement of hearing them soon.

In general, the Ace of Hearts might be a sign of a period of generosity.

The person might experience gifts and good deeds from unexpected sources, or they might feel especially generous and ready to share their love and blessings with others.

This card is a sign of abundance, especially abundance of love and affection, but also abundance of money.

This can sometimes refer to pregnancy and news about pregnancy.

When the Ace of Hearts is reversed in a spread this is also a good sign in most cases.

It doesn’t have the meaning like the upright card, but it also indicates love, only in this case it is a sign of self-love and care.

When the Ace of hearts appears reversed, this might be a sign from the Universe to love yourself more.

It might also indicate that the person has finally begun loving and respecting themselves the way they are supposed to.

The reversed Ace of Hearts can sometimes be a sign of repressed emotions and unexpressed love feelings for someone.

This card reversed could also indicate hidden emotions and secret love affairs.

It might indicate being in love with someone and not being able to establish a real relationship with them.

Ace of Hearts reversed might also be a sign of unrequited love.

Sometimes it indicates impossible relationships due to some external circumstances.

The surrounding cards in the spread will give more clues about these circumstances.

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