9 of Spades Card – Meaning and Symbolism

Cards have evolved a lot through time.

Their origin is uncertain, but it is believed that they first appeared in Asia, precisely China, around 1000s.

Cards appeared in Europe probably by the end of 1300s and beginning of 1400s in Italy.

Most likely they were brought there by merchants.

At first, cards were a very luxurious possession and only the rich could have them.

They were hand painted and decorated.

As their popularity grew, their mass production begun, and soon ordinary people could enjoy them as well.

From Italy, cards begun spreading to other European countries.

Each of these countries contributed to the modern outlook of card decks.

The modern suits (diamonds, spades, clubs, and hearts) were first used in France.

France also divided the suits in two colors: diamonds and hearts in red and spades and clubs in black.

Americans had their own addition to the card deck, the two Joker cards.

Spade Symbolism and Personality Traits

The spade suit name comes from the word “spada” which in Italian means sword.

This is why in tarot spades is equivalent to the suit of swords.

The spades suit symbolize intelligence, wisdom, acceptance, hard work, activity, physical, life and death, communication, etc.

Spades people are often very active and enjoy various physical activities.

They are often sports types who enjoy traveling.

They are also intellectual and very spiritual and work on developing their spirituality throughout their lives.

They urge to fulfil the needs of their souls.

9 Card Meaning

Cards with numeral value 9 possess masculine and giving nature.

They symbolize generosity, philanthropy, sympathy, charity, universal love, responsibility, wisdom, intuition, creativity, forgiveness, understanding, selflessness, tolerance, compassion, giving, depression, co-dependency, cold-heartedness, frustration, greediness, dominance, negativity, moodiness, resentfulness, insensitivity, etc.

The 9 card symbolizes letting go and moving towards new beginnings.

It is a final stage before the end.

9 of Spades Card – Meaning and Symbolism

The 9 of spades card symbolizes giving and caring about others.

It symbolizing letting go of worldly attachments and devoting to the call of spirituality.

It is a card of dignity, pride, commitment to family and children, responsibility, charm, control of emotions, helping others, public success.

The 9 of spades gives success in business, competitive spirit, success, satisfaction through helping others.

9 of Spades Card Personality Traits

The 9 of Spades people have great personalities.

They love other people and the world in general.

They have mature nature and are very spiritual.

They have unconventional views of things and are usually very romantic.

These people love to use their abilities to help others.

They are often into charity work.

They love to be of service to people, the ones that are close to them or complete strangers.

The 9 of spades people have a powerful and enduring nature.

They have the necessary traits to overcome the obstacles they come across.

They have confidence and trust in their abilities, but sometimes they need a reminder of how special they are and someone to boost their confidence.

The nine of spades personality is usually very magnetic.

Their personality makes people drawn to them and their work.

This is an excellent quality for public work, and professions in art, entertaining industry, politics, etc.

These people can also become powerful spiritual leaders because of their strong leadership qualities and spiritual nature.

In many cases, the 9 of spades person has had a strict upbringing and restrictive parents, especially their father.

The restrictions these people have experienced during their young years have a strong impact on their personality and their attitude towards their family.

The person might be prone to exhibit the same strict attitude towards their children making the same mistakes as their parents.

They will often seek strong male figures to be in their life; for example, women might marry men who are older and similar to their father, and men might seek powerful and dominant friends.

The 9 of spades person respects their family and enjoys spending time with them, but they are also very sociable and enjoy being with their friends.

They love to be a part of a group of people with similar interests.

These people are born with strong leadership skills but many of them are not aware of that.

They might achieve great success when they are finally in position to use these gifts.

They might be interested in a career related to finances, banks, investment, etc.

It is important for these people not to simply go with the flow but take control of their decisions and actions, and life in general.

The 9 of spades person is often afraid for their finances and is constantly seeking proof of their financial stability, but these fears are usually ungrounded because they usually have luck with money and income.

It is a smart move for them to invest in real estate.

It is also vital that the person have faith in their abilities to earn money and not live in constant fear of poverty.

For a nine of spades person sometimes it is hard to discover their true calling in life, something that will make them happy and satisfied as well as bring them their much wanted stability.

They are creative and unconventional but often first turn to the safe professions without risks involved.

Many of them have jobs they don’t like their entire lives just because these jobs can provide them the finances they want.

It is important to trust themselves and the ability to do the job they prefer and be able to earn as much as they want.

It is sad for these people not to use their full potential because they really have a lot to offer.

It only takes courage and determination on their side.

The 9 of spade person will sometimes in their life be forced to learn the lesson of letting go and embracing change.

If they are not willing to understand the necessity of such behavior the Universe will provide them with a situation where they won’t have a choice but to act in this manner.

Many of them will put resistance and only after many similar lessons they will learn that they need to let go of something or someone to let better things in.

Their lesson is to learn the importance to allow something to end for something new to begin.

They possess powerful spiritual gifts although many are unaware of that.

Many of these people are very creative and artistic and can make great contributions to the world through their work and creations.

They are talented for the scene and great performers.

These people love to share their blessings with others and people love them for these traits.

The 9 of spades person often has friends in high places who help them go through difficulties.

They can be relied upon, but they also have people they can rely on because they deserve it.

For the 9 of spades person, it is highly necessary to learn the lessons life brings to them.

These lessons are usually related to the field of work or relationships.

This is where most of their wounds and releases need to happen, especially in emotional attachments.

They tend to be attached to situations and people and need to learn when it is time to let go of them because clinging behavior is harming them.

Holding on to the past can be detrimental and it is important for them to realize that as soon as possible.

Nine of spades people usually have good business sense.

They instinctively know to make the right moves to ensure their success and income.

They are not overwhelmed by the material side of life, and they are focused on developing their spirituality.

They believe that they should be well paid for their work, of course, but they don’t let money be the sole occupation of their mind.

They are aware of other important things in life besides status and wealth.

These individuals are charming and easily make acquaintances.

They love being in a relationship but often fear being abandoned by their partner.

This fear is subconscious and often doesn’t have a ground in some real life circumstances.

These people can be very insecure in relationships and this is something they need to work on overcoming.

Sometimes this fear comes from past trauma when they were abandoned by someone they deeply cared for, but they shouldn’t allow this fear to interfere with their future relationships because they might attract exactly what they fear.

These people need to work on healing their past wounds.

9 of Spades Personality is born on the January 5th, February 3rd, and March 1st. 

9 of Spades Card in Tarot and Cartomancy

The nine of spades card is not considered lucky in cartomancy and tarot.

It is related to feelings of fears of abandonment and other unforeseen misfortune.

Truth be told, these fears can sometimes be grounded and realistic, but more often than not, they are a figment of imagination of the client.

This is a card of surreal and imaginary fears and is an indication that a person should work on dealing with these fears.

In some exceptional cases, if confirmed by other cards in the spread, the nine of spades can be an indication of death.

Fortunately, in most cases, this card indicates not the ending of life itself, but other endings that can be experienced.

The 9 of spades is usually a sign to the client that they are strongly attached to a person or an outcome and have irrational fears related to letting go of this situation.

This card is a sign that they will experience some kind of ending, whether by their own will or caused by outer circumstances.

The ending is not a bad thing per se because it clears the path for new things and people.

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