88 Angel Number: Meaning & Twin Flame

The angels use various signs to seize our attention and deliver us their messages.

They monitor our lives and know what we need at any given moment.

If we struggle with some decision or we don’t know what to do in a certain situation they will interfere with their guidance.

Because they are beings from other dimensions to most of us, they are invisible.

This is why they use symbols and signs to catch our attention and deliver their messages.

Their messages aim to help us overcome an obstacle, encourage us to continue on our path, or stop us from making a mistake.

They are divine beings helping us get closer to God.

Angels are God’s emissaries helping us distance from the claws of material world.

Through their guidance we evolve and develop our spirituality.

They often use angel numbers as a way to deliver us their messages.

They keep showing us the same number until we realize they carry some message for us.

Seeing a number once or twice is not a sign. You’ll know they want to contact you when you see it daily several times.

The angels know exactly what we need, and the message is for each of us is specifically designed.

Their main message is encouragement and reminder to maintain our faith and trust in the best possible outcome.

If you currently encounter angel number 88 everywhere on your path you are questioning yourself about its meaning.

The meanings are various, and it is up to you to discern your specific one.

What to Do When You See This Angel Number?

Seeing a number sequence repeating over and over again day after day is a scary experience for everyone, especially for those who never heard about angel numbers.

If you are currently seeing number 88 on license plates, as house numbers, on receipts, etc. this is a sure sign you are being contacted by your guardian angels.

You should be happy because it is truly a sign of luck and good fortune awaiting you.

The meanings can vary and some of them might be:

  1. Manifesting abundance and wealth and financial gains

If you have been struggling financially wondering how you will support yourself and your family, the appearance of number 88 is likely a sign things might soon change for the better.

Your past efforts might come to fruition, and you’ll begin to reap their fruits. Your desires might be materializing soon.

Angel number 88 can mean manifestation of abundance, that will enable you to financially provide for your loved ones if that is your main concern.

If you are wondering whether some project you have been working on for some time will be financially rewarding, the angels are saying yes to your question.

88 angel number is often a sign of successful business dealings and financial rewards. It often indicates financial gains and blessings coming your way.

With this angel number things don’t materialize out of thin air the gains are results of your efforts and action.

Angel number 88 is often a sign of ending of your financial trouble and concerns.

This number also symbolizes creation of financial safety and through manifesting abundance you ensure it.

  1. Karma and learning trough experience

Seeing angel number 88 can sometimes indicate experiencing events that stem from some past actions and deeds, good or bad.

These actions sometimes happened in a previous incarnation.

It is important to remember that every experience is an opportunity to learn a lesson.

These events might be a punishment for bad things you’ve done, or a reward for your good deeds.

If you are currently experiencing some events that you don’t have an explanation to why they are happening, ask yourself which actions of yours might have led to you experiencing them.

The Universe might want to give you a lesson that will improve you as a person.

Don’t ignore the lessons that appear on your path, because they will appear in similar form until you learn them.

  1. Development of inner wisdom and intuition

Angel number 88 is sometimes a sign that your intuition is awakening, and your inner wisdom is developing.

The angels might want to make you aware of the powerful abilities you have, and you maybe aren’t aware of.

Your intuition is your best guide, you just need to learn to decipher its messages and rely on it.

The angels want you to know that you are your best guide, and your intuition always knows the answers to your doubts and questions.

If, for example, you have some problems you need to resolve, by sending you angel number 88 the angels want you to turn your focus inwards and listen to the inner voice of your intuition.

When you learn to rely on your intuition you will undoubtedly know the right moves you need to make in every situation.

For example, if you are hesitant on doing something, this is your intuition speaking that it’s maybe not the right thing for you to do.

If, on the contrary, you feel excited and joyful when you think about something, this might be your intuition speaking that it is right for you.

Of course, sometimes these voices come from fears, our ego, or other internal sources, which is why it is essential to learn how to discern the voice of your inner guidance from other voices.

It’s important to analyze your thoughts and feelings, and trust that you will make the best possible decision.

You need to practice deciphering the messages from your intuition and following its voice to build confidence in your inner guidance.

  1. Adaptability

Sometimes angel number 88 will be a sign from the angels reminding you to be more flexible and adaptable.

If some circumstances have changed in your life, and you refuse to acknowledge that and make peace with a situation, this might give you great distress.

Refusing to accept something can cause resentment and negative feelings. This is why it is necessary to leave these feelings behind and accept the change.

Often these are negative circumstances, or circumstances that have hurt us, and it not easy to just accept them as if nothing has happened.

Adapting to challenging circumstances that might have angered our saddened us, makes us stronger and will save our time and energy.

As the saying goes “No use crying about spilled milk”, just finish with a situation and move on as quickly as possible.

  1. Healing powers and psychic gifts

Angel number 88 also symbolizes healing powers, the development of psychic gifts or using these gifts.

In some cases, the angels want to make us aware of these gifts. We might already possess them, but we are not aware.

When the angels start sending you the angel number 88, their message might be to start using these powers you have to help yourself and others.

God is giving us all we need, we just need to know where to look, and the angels are helping us by giving us the right direction.

  1. Responsibility and reliability

For some, angel number 88 will be a guidance from the angels to become more reliable and responsible.

Maybe you have a tendency of ignoring or forgetting your duties, and make other people suffer and take the burden for your own irresponsibility.

You might also be disrespectful of people by wasting their time, being late or not doing your side of work which in turn causes them to waste their time and not being able to finish their work on time.

Procrastination is not only bad for others but is also detrimental to your wellbeing making you postpone finishing things, seizing opportunities, and in general causing you to waste your time and life for nothing.

Maybe you behave irresponsible to your loved ones, making them do your choirs instead of doing them yourself, etc.

There are a variety of scenarios how you might be behaving irresponsible and unreliable. It is up to you to determine what to change about your behavior.

The angels know how bad it is for your reputation to be perceived as irresponsible and want you to become aware of that as well.

People don’t like irresponsible and unreliable individuals, and this refers both to your private and professional life.

If you recognized some of these traits in your own behavior, the angels might be asking you to change them.

  1. Evolution of spirituality

Angel number 88 is a spiritual number. Its appearance in your life could be a calling from the angels to begin your work on becoming more spiritual if you already haven’t begun this path.

By becoming more spiritual you are removing yourself from the constraints of the material world and becoming closer to God and fulfilment of your purpose on Earth.

When you begin your spiritual journey, new horizons will begin opening to you, and you will gain insights from within about the next steps and the path you need to take.

Your soul’s purpose might be revealed to you on your spiritual journey.

It is not uncommon for people to completely turn their life upside down during these times because they realize they’ve been living a life completely out of line with their soul’s desire.

When this happens, everything seems right. They feel that they are finally on the right path.

  1. Gaining knowledge and teaching

Angel number 88 can indicate the rise of your desire and interest to gain knowledge or more knowledge about the subjects of spirituality, mysticism, or philosophy.

The appearance of 88 everywhere might be announcing the time has come for you to discover your soul’s journey and begin your spiritual path.

For this it might be important to gain some insights into spirituality and ways you can raise your consciousness.

In this period you might be inspired to read a lot of books of various authors that will help you get some answers and explanations about some experiences you might have along your spiritual path.

For some this period might indicate sharing the knowledge and experiences you already have regarding spirituality and mystical experiences.

Often this angel number calls you to share your knowledge with others and help them endure on their spiritual path.

  1. Confidence

Sometimes, angel number 88 is a sign from the angels encouraging you to work on building your confidence.

Maybe for some reasons you have lost your faith in your abilities, or you weren’t born confident which is a great burden to you, both mentally and in your everyday life.

It is not good if you doubt your abilities to succeed, because then you are doomed to fail.

By doubting yourself you are blocking your progress, and the angels want you to be aware how detrimental that is.

Not everyone is born with confidence, and it is a trait that can be acquired. You need to actively work and practice to build it as well as your willpower.

Set yourself a goal and don’t give up until you accomplish it. By persistence you will build your willpower, and by accomplishments you will build your confidence.

Train yourself not to back away in front of obstacles. Train yourself to overcome them and find solutions for them. This is what will build your strength in the end.

Backing away and avoiding confronting your challenges won’t bring you anywhere and will only keep you stuck.

88 Angel Number General Meaning

Angel number 88 is a powerful number. This number can have many different meanings, and this depends on the message the angels want to convey to you, and your current life situations.

In some cases, this number is a sign to you to work on your confidence.

Maybe your lack of trust in your abilities is preventing you from fulfilling your dreams and the angels ask you to stop sabotaging yourself.

For some, this angel number will be a sign of an upcoming abundance and finally ending financial struggles.

This might be a sign of finally getting paid for some past work, or some of your business endeavors finally starting to pay off.

In some cases, angel number 88 will indicate getting in touch with your spirituality and becoming closer to God.

It might mark the beginning of your spiritual path that will lead you to enlightenment and fulfilment of your true soul’s path.

Sometimes angels will be calling you to begin relying on your inner voice for guidance. We all have intuitive insights but not many of us knows how to use them.

The angels might be asking you to learn how to decipher the messages of your intuition.

Some people might start developing their healing gifts when angel number 88 begins appearing in their lives.

They might also discover their healing gifts and learn how to use them.

For some the appearance of angel number 88 will be a call to become more responsible and thoughtful.

The angels might be asking you to stop procrastinating, change your behavior and begin respecting your time as well as other people’s time.

This can be a sign of angels calling you to adapt to some circumstances that you don’t like but cannot change.

They ask you to stop wasting time and piling up resentment and instead accept the situation and move on with your life.

88 angel number might indicate gaining spiritual knowledge and other knowledge related the expansion of thought and possibly embracing a different way of thinking and viewing the world.

The angels are Gods beings on earth and their job is to help us come closer to him, which is why it is necessary to help us remove ourselves from some of the negativities of our material worlds.

They do that often by connecting us with various sources of knowledge of different realities and truths.

After experiencing such information we gain a different view of reality, and this is also another step towards our spiritual enlightenment.

For those who have already experienced that, the angels might be using you as their helpers in sharing these truths with others, which is why you are called to teach and tell others about your own experiences. 

Spiritual Meaning of the Angel Number 88

Angel number 88 is a highly spiritual number. It is a calling to become more spiritual or start your spiritual journey.

The appearance of this angel number often coincides with the beginning of the person’s spiritual quest and becoming closer to God and their soul’s purpose.

Sometimes this process is initiated through some life events and experiences where the person is literally thrown on this road by the Universe.

Other times the process starts from within, and the person is intuitively guided to begin this journey.

By learning the lessons this angel number brings to the person, they begin to grow and spiritually evolve.

They become more connected to the Universe and God, which is the main mission of angels on earth.

The spiritual growth is sometimes the result of struggles you endured regarding your finances.

The lessons you’ve learned trying to provide for yourself and provide a better living for your family will teach you humility and make you aware of the power of God.

The lessons can be different, but they all make us aware how important it is to give in to God’s will.

The angels will sometimes help us develop our spirituality by connecting us to the teaching of spiritual leaders, people who have gone through the process themselves and now share their knowledge for others that are on the path.

Those who have gone through their spiritual path are called to share their insights and knowledge with others who are on the path or they are just at its beginning.   

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Biblical Meaning of the Angel Number 88

Angels are God’s emissaries and help us get closer to him.

They remind us of the enormous power of faith and trust in the best outcomes of all situations.

Jesus reminds us to have faith and trust that we’ve already received even before we ask for something.

Our faith ensures our success, and the angels are reminding us of that. Fear and doubts only keep us away from what we desire.

Jesus clearly states that worry and fear won’t prevent us from experiencing harm, and that everything is possible to those who believe.

Psalm 88 of the Old Testament also encourages us to remain faithful and pray to God to protect and support us during difficult times. 

88 Angel Number and Love

Angel number 88 can sometimes bring a message of love. This angel number might indicate your love life might change for the better.

For those who are single, this might mean meeting someone and begin a relationship with them.

New relationships that start during this time can have some issues related to angel number 88.

For example, you might meet someone that is struggling financially, or you might be in financial struggles and this person could help you improve your finances.

Sometimes this means meeting someone and improving your financial status because the person is well situated.

This can also mean joining forces with your new or current partner and starting a business together.

For some, angel number 88 might be a sign to work on their confidence and attitude so they can approach people they like. This is especially true for men.

Sometimes this number might indicate becoming financially secured through your own efforts and not needing to rely anymore on your partner to finance you.

This number can also indicate romantic partners supporting one another on their spiritual journey.

Often one of the partners who is already on this journey will inspire the other to start their own. 

Angel Number 88 Twin Flame Reunion

In some cases, angel number 88 can be a sign of a twin flame reunion.

Twin flames are two souls that were once one soul. They lived many lifetimes in separation waiting to be reunited.

The meeting of these two beings is not always a happy story.

The partners or one of them might not be prepared for such a union, and even if the encounter happen, the union doesn’t last, leaving the other partner devastated.

These unions have a chance of working when the partners have sufficiently spiritually evolved to be able to recognize the importance of this union.

88 angel number might be a sign of lessons these two souls need to go through to be able to understand the specialness of their relationship. 

Numerology Facts About Number 88

Angel number 88 possesses powerful energy. The symbolism of this number consists of the energies of numbers 8 and 7, where 7 is the sum of the two digits in the number 88 (8+8=16=1+6=7).

8 symbolizes focus, dependability, inner wisdom, karma, patience, achievements, authority, responsibility, reliability, confidence, success, business, financial and material gains, abundance, ambition, wealth, financial security, achievements, efficiency, laws of cause and effect, karma etc.

7 symbolizes our spiritual path and spiritual development, spiritual awakening and spiritual enlightenment, empathy, healing powers, psychic gifts, knowledge, gaining knowledge, teaching, studying, philosophy, mysticism, and good luck.

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Angel number 88 is an important message from the Universe and our guardian angels that shouldn’t be neglected.

When you keep encountering this number day after day it is your duty to find out what kind of message the angels want to convey to you.

You need to analyze your current life circumstances, the possible issues you have, your hopes or current struggles.

Sometimes this number is just an encouragement to tell you that you are doing a great job with your life and decisions you are making.

The angels might want to tap you on the back and say that you are on the right path.

For some, this angel number will be a sign to work on their strength and confidence.

If you feel you are lacking confidence to follow your dreams, this might be your sign to begin working on strengthening your faith in your abilities.

Focus on your goals and trust that you are able to achieve them.

Sometimes angel number 88 will announce change in your financial situation.

If you have struggled providing for your family the angels want to inform you that things are about to change.

This can mean your past efforts and investments paying off, or a business you’ve started becoming successful, finding a better paid job, or getting a salary rise.

It can mean a variety of things, just apply it to your circumstances.

Sometimes the angels want to remind you to listen to the voice of your inner guidance when you look for help or you are in a desperate situation.

Your intuition knows the solutions for all your problems, you just need to learn how to decipher its messages.

For some angel number 88 might indicate karmic lessons you are about to experience, or experiences that are a result of your past actions, both good and bad.

Angel number 88 can also indicate gaining knowledge and/or transferring that knowledge to others.

You might suddenly become interested in subjects such as philosophy or mysticism, or literature that helps you develop your spirituality.

The appearance of this angel number often coincides with the beginning of your spiritual path.

Whatever the message of your angels might be, try not to ignore this number in your life and try to understand its message so you can apply it.

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