838 Angel Number: Meaning & Twin Flame

Many people want changes throughout their lives, but, in reality, they never achieve them, because they lack the basic elements, without which it is not possible.

For a real and lasting change, not only the desire is enough, but also a real understanding of oneself and one’s life.

Without it, the change could never be completed and could never do what is necessary, to make a person grow or expand, gain new experiences, etc.

All around us, when we take a long look, we can see nature that is transforming and changing.

It is the creational and natural process, the way this life was envisioned, the part that we understand so far.

But the fact is that we as human beings are never disconnected from nature itself, even in these times when we are finding many ways to detach from it.

In this way, processes of a complete transformation and changes are also happening inside of us on some level.

And just as the Sun helps flowers to bloom and show their beauty, in the same way, we, as human beings are being assisted to blossom in a deeper way.

Angels are there with us to help us to transform internally and externally; to have any type of renewal we may need.

They could be our light. They are our Sun.

Transformation must be done in the right way because otherwise only failure and disappointment will follow; it must come from within, and only then it follow the purpose that our Soul receives.

Listen to nature, and the Divine numbers, and your path will be a lot easier.

Here we will take a look at one specific number – Angel number 838.

Find out what it means, and right away we will tell you that it has a lot to do with energy.

What to Do When You See This Angel Number?

How many times have you looked for a change, and the result, in the end, was nothing, did you go back to the old ways, unnoticed, thinking that the old is familiar and therefore better?

You did, and this is the reason why Divine beings have sent you the message 838; to add a few more things into the entire process of renewing and transforming.

To make it, if not easier, but more understandable.

There are more elements that are required: ​​willpower and letting go of the past and believing in the process of life or what is about to come.

These two elements are not contradictory, and you must learn how to do it for sure; this is what Divine beings ask of you.

Think of all ways you are able to do it.

All of this is brought to you by Divine attention since willpower and the process of letting go are connected to deep human dynamics that are necessary for the transformation.

Try to imagine, to visualize the entire process as easy as possible, on the point that nothing will depend on you anymore, you just surrender.

This is what you must do or attempt to do so when this message comes to you in the first place.

Another thing that you must do when the message 838 enters your life is to listen to what knowledge is sincerely calling to you and where the greatest inner curiosity and light is triggered in you.

This is also part of the change because it is time to upgrade your mind so that you can easily follow your mission as a Soul on Earth.

Know that for sure, a wonderful time awaits you, as your Divine guidance says to you in the message that has come to you in the form of 838.

You will have deep insights and joyful beginnings.

More than ever before, you will be ready to listen to your inner guidance and at the same time pay attention to all external signs that could carry angelic messages.

It will be a magical time and be certain that the energy of 838 will continue its path, and your path from now on will be filled with Divine messages and insights.

This is the perfect time to discover your hidden talents or to actively use what you already have; just upgrading it, and looking at it from a point of view that is now on a much larger scale.

Angel number 838 brings you hope, wisdom, and great inner strength – don’t let all that pass you by, because you are focused on your daily chores.

If you have been blocked for some time in any area of ​​your life, this Angel number 838 can help you overcome your fears and unblock you.

838 Angel Number General Meaning

In a general sense, the 838 Angel number has a dominant vibration that belongs to the number 8, and it is present here in its dual form.

It is energy, but it is associated with so much more.

It strengthens your self-confidence, and it will be done through the acceptance of reality in yourself, your material well-being will also expand.

The fact that in the middle we get to see the number 3 confirms that Angels support you, and are providing you the balance of giving and receiving energy.

Angel number 838 shows that a pleasant period is ahead of you, as the Universe supports you with any material goods you may need, to realize your inner harmony and mission.

Besides, your inner wisdom and inner talents are now receiving their true form.

You will flourish in the next period and respond to the needs of the environment.

Also, have in mind that the number 8 is always, and also, in this case, associated with karma.

Regarding this Angel number 838, it shows that the greater karmic shifts are in the foreground, so vigilance is needed until the end of the conclusion process.

Spiritual Meaning

Angel number 838 is the number that is associated with the better you live your daily potential, the more you will receive daily from the Divine realm, and the expansion is inevitable.

The idea is to dedicate yourself only to your mission and the vision of life that you carry in your heart because not only that but this number 838 announces the period of completion of an important life period is ahead of you.

But do not be scared, things are going in the direction they should, and regardless of the path itself, will go with ease.

You will be the most flowing and hearty in accepting all the supports of the Light.

Angel number 838 or its powerful energy assures you, and you will feel it easily, that you are on the right track, staying balanced and spiritually awake, so that you can continue the journey you have started, after the one you have just finished.

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Biblical Meaning

Learning that we are made out of the same material – the energy is nicely depicted in Angel number 838.

It is said in the first few sentences in the Holy Book, where it is said that He created everything that is made out of matter and energy.

The world as we know it is the part that we know now, but step by step, ending one stage, and entering the other, we learn more and more of the creational process, and often we are its part.

When we know this, it is certain that this notion provides us with some comfort and care.

Angel number 838 is here, to remind you, from the biblical aspect, to know that you are the energy just like God, and therefore you should not be afraid of any change that comes to you.

838 Angel number says to gather your courage and try new things because it is the perfect time for new experiences and creative undertakings, and no one else should understand it, but you.

Metaphorically speaking, the seeds have fallen into the soil, which will bring enormous changes to your future.

Just have the patience to let them grow; let them blossom, into what they are meant to grow, as we have said, all of us are here with some purpose, even plants and insects, and people as well.

Maybe for some, the magnitude of this is hard to grasp, and it is ok, this is what Angel numbers are present.

Using the numerical symbols, we are invited to understand, and those who want to learn about small signs in the Holy book will find the same guidelines for sure.

God sends you a little help, it will be shown what is most good for it.

He made you beautifully, with your soul and its abilities; knowing that when you forget of Him, he persuaded you to try to achieve it again, your mission and soul purpose.

Do not be worried that you do not know what it is, the main thing is that you are on the path of finding it; as it was meant for you.

One stage is ending, and the next chapter comes, and even if it can feel like you step into the darkness, hope is the light that follows you.

838 Angel Number and Love

If Angel number 838 denotes, in the most general sense Love, then it is also connected to the most powerful energy in the world, here we are talking about Love.

Here, and later on, Angelical beings will show you that this process must start with yourself, and no one else should comprehend it.

When we do not find it, when we are deprived of it, we are not able to find it to anyone else, and then we are deprived of any real progress or change.

Since this message denotes the part of your life where you do not need to explain yourself to others; this is your path, and as we have said it is associated with the completion of a certain stage in your life.

Finally, and this is the word you will hear so often – you learn that Love does not mean that you always need to please someone, it can only burden you and your relationship.

It is necessary, that, if you are in a partnership relationship, to be completely open and the relationship will develop in the right direction.

And you will never learn how to do it if you do not start with yourself!

Self-love in the first place, and then being in a partner relationship, be clear to yourself about what you want in a relationship and what you don’t want, that way it will be easier for you to reach the desired relationship.

838 Angel Number Twin Flame Reunion

Angel number 838 also touches karma, as we have said in the beginning, as this is an important aspect of the number 8 that appears here two times.

Such a number depicts your destiny, and it is associated with meeting your Twin Flame in this life.

The destiny of every soul is determined to some extent.

And just as our soul consciously can easily return to previous lives to find out the lessons, in the same way, it speaks to the “future”, as time does not exist.

Only past lives have shown themselves, which have a certain role in that life, it can be various energy blockages, your previous life can also show you what you already knew and what you have now forgotten, shattering your fears.

The same analogy is used for the process of finding the Twin Flame as this soul is connected to yours since the beginning of the time, and you are following each other ever since.

Maybe this connection is the most important of all other connections, as it is the representation of the best work of the Universe (God).

Before the soul is reincarnated, it determines some key things for its life.

One of these key things is also the process of finding the Twin Flame in the present life.

Such a Twin Flame falls under the category where all soul connections find their place.

This message reminds you of the process, as now is the moment you will be reunited with the Twin Flame, as now is the perfect moment for that to occur.

Why now, and not one month prior, or even earlier?

Because then you will not be able to learn all those lessons that were necessary, or meant to learn so to speak.

It comes to be now, as a certain lesson and experience must come to be, that destiny is predetermined, and our Twin Flame follows us in every life we live.

We know in we have come into this life for a certain experience, and regarding love, such an experience is connected with a lesson from previous lives or people in the case of the Twin Flame.

You two are just like children, connected unexplainably, but a couple in all lives.

You two can communicate with each other, and also with the Universe, as it is the roof under which you have been connected once again.

Even if you think this is the case, you have not lost contact with the other world open, where you can see glimpses of the Twin Flame come only for certain lessons in a given life, leave, it is a mistake for a perfect destiny. And only slaves can live like that until their channels are blocked.

Then, those who in later age have blocked channels, no longer sin against a perfect destiny. Then, together with the creators, they will come alone.

Numerology Facts About 838 Angel Number

We spoke already of the immense impact that number 8 has in numerology, as it is one of the strongest numbers, when pulled to the side it is the true symbol of perpetual energy, and therefore life itself, as we are all energy that never disappears only changes its shape.

Number 8, and also in this dual form stands for infinity, as the time does not matter, and do not be obsessed with the time you do or do not have.

What Angels want when they send the vibration of the number 8 is that people who have seen it, or accepted it, realize that they don’t need to limit themselves in anything.

The thinking mode must be that everything is possible; experience endless things, and learn if you really want to.

Being open to new experiences and relationships.

This is numerologically associated with the number 8.

Here, we do not want to talk about either of the Divine vibrations that come from the numeral 3 that is in the middle of these two eights.

We will speak more of another aspect related to the Angel number 838 – it is the sum vibration 19 that should be observed as 10 (1+9).

It is the number that carries vibrations of all other numbers, and finally, with it, you get all the necessary information and energy at the right time.

It is like a final exam on the test of life. It also denotes new ideas.

They do not have to be understandable to others, but to you. Allow yourself to have new ideas.

It is not necessary for others to accept them, it is important that you accept them.  You are in the center, not others.

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Angels spoke here of the ability to obtain wisdom and make new ideas become real, to make them come true and live, not for others but for you.

Every step you take in a different direction that you know is a new experience for you.

Allow yourself to take a different path.

Allow yourself to be in a deeply spiritual relationship with your own soul as this could be the new idea that you are implementing in life.

Angel number 838 announces the ending of one period, and as it ends, a new one always begins.

Therefore, do not cling to situations in your life that are coming to an end, rather look ahead and focus on the new era that is coming.

It may seem as dark right at the start, but hope is what will make it lighter, what will eliminate it, and give it “purpose”.

Terms such as energy, light, hope, finding, and purpose are here gathered in one sentence.

At first, you may not understand why a period was concluded. Believe your Divine protectors, a new or different era is always coming.

It will be important for your future life, for the person you are becoming.

The pace of that growth does not represent any importance.

In the end, this is the moment when you truly need a lot of help, when such a transition period is in its place.

Then you need a lot of support, both energetically and mentally.

You may need a lot of it if you forget to be careful.

More awareness is always recommended, as it will help you to learn more.

This is the message that gives you, not as many orders, but more we will call them lessons.

Whatever has been written for you, this may be the ending chapter, and after that one, many others will come.

And you make choices on what will you do because if everything is already determined, life would be meaningless.

The idea is to try to achieve your mission, which has been set for all of us. Learn from the lessons that Angelical beings give to you in message 838.

In the end, it is not hard to learn that now is the ideal time to start something new, because this Angelical message guarantees you a positive outcome of everything you do.

With their beneficial influence, the path to success will be easy and without major obstacles.

Only if you are able to let go, and fall into the new, into the darkness, with complete trust in the Universe.

In short, Angel number 838 and its powerful energy increases growth and success in all areas of our lives. Use it.

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