8 of Clubs Card – Meaning and Symbolism

Cards have been around for centuries, but we don’t exactly know who and when first created them.

The most accepted theory is that they were created in China around 10th century AD.

It took some time for cards to arrive in Europe and that most likely happened by the end of 13th or beginning of 14th century.

First cards were very expensive and a luxury item because they were hand-made and hand-painted and that requited a lot of time and money.

As they became cheaper, more people could afford them, and not just the rich.

Clubs Symbolism and Personality Traits

The suit of clubs symbolizes energy, determination, ambition, creativity, passion, strength, unpredictability, and spirituality.

People with birth cards from the clubs suit are energetic, passionate, determined, and often very spiritual.

They are motivated by success and this is what keeps them taking action.

They are enthusiastic and optimistic but some of them can also be pessimistic and depressed.

They can also be egotistical and self-absorbed.

8 Card Meaning

Number 8 cards are a symbol of harmony and balance, success, infinity, expansion, growth, cycles, opportunities, expression, inspiration, repetition, etc.

These cards are also a sign of limitations, boundaries, and situations that are difficult to resolve.

In some cases these cards indicate limitations or situations that should be overcome.

8 of Clubs Card – Meaning and Symbolism

The 8 of clubs card is a sign of establishing balance and harmony after overcoming some obstacles and limitations.

It can be a sign of repetitive mistakes and situations that serve as a lesson.

It indicates taking action and being determined to overcome some obstacles and limitations.

8 of Clubs Card Personality Traits

8 of Clubs people possess powerful personalities.

These people have a lot of inner knowledge about life and laws of the Universe and it is one of their missions in life to share this knowledge with others.

This birth card gives the person a sensitive soul and need for love and attention.

This trait is obvious from their young age.

They are also gifted with psychic powers.

8 of clubs people should control their emotions and always strive for mental harmony.

They should never allow their temperament to rule their lives but try to make rational decisions which are for their highest good.

By allowing their emotions lead their actions, they might make some bad decisions and jeopardize themselves.

These people are usually lucky with earning money.

They naturally attract money and are usually very successful.

Even though it is easy for them to earn money, they are usually not very motivated by gaining wealth.

Their investments usually pay off.

In most cases these people manage to achieve success in life in their chosen field.

They are often in managerial positions as well.

It is easy for them to make but also to keep money because they are well organized.

They want to provide financial security for themselves and their loved ones.

They always have some stash hidden somewhere for emergency situations.

These people are often not ambitious enough and they don’t manage to use all their abilities in a proper manner.

Nevertheless, they manage to be successful.

They have strong healing abilities and can heal themselves as well as other people.

They often use their psychic powers to do that.

Most of 8 of clubs people are sociable and love being around people.

This trait is very beneficial because their contacts are helpful and contribute to their success.

They love working with other people and are good team players.

It is important to them to work in a harmonious environment and people with conflicting nature irritate them.

When choosing a partner, they opt for someone who is mentally compatible with them.

They want someone with similar interests, and they love talking to them.

They also don’t waste their time on futile conversations with people.

They love being around people that can teach them something.

These people love learning and are usually well-educated.

Their intelligence enables them to learn quickly whatever they want.

They have their opinion about everything, and it is not easy to influence them in changing their minds.

They often choose the profession of a lawyer or scientist.

They can also be healers.

The 8 of clubs is a determined person and they can achieve anything they focus their mind on.

They need to pay attention to remain mentally balanced otherwise they risk making the wrong decisions and jeopardizing themselves.

The most important is to discover their true life purpose and follow this lead.

It will surely lead them to success.

It is important to separate their professional and private lives.

Their soul card is the 8 of clubs. They have the same birth and soul card, which speaks a lot about these people.

Their soul journey is to make balance between their conscious and unconscious mind.

The 8 of clubs as their soul card is also a sign of their pragmatic nature.

This gives these people need for control in all situations.

These people are blessed with many opportunities to succeed.

They are very adaptable and not many things can catch them off guard.

Their nature is practical and because of that they could appear cold and disinterested to the sufferings of others.

They have emotions, but they are focused on the practical side of matters, trying to solve problems instead of wasting time lamenting over the situation.

These people have an independent nature, and this is very important for their life.

In relationships and marriage, they demand their freedom, and if their partners are not understanding, the 8 of clubs won’t hesitate to leave the relationship or marriage.

Regardless of that, these people usually experience stable and long-lasting marriages.

They love family life and enjoy spending time with them.

Their nature is not flexible, and this is a problem when changes occur.

They cannot accept changes easily and they refuse making them.

This might cause problems and setbacks in their life.

They refuse to change their opinions and ideas about life, and this also includes other areas in their life.

This prevents their growth and expansion.

If they don’t realize how important change is, they risk not using their full potential.

Learning to accept change and making changes is a part of their karmic lessons in this lifetime.

When they finally manage to accept that they feel great relief.

Like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders, and they can finally allow themselves to be and act different.

8 of Clubs people are born on March 28th, on April 26th, on May 24rd, on June 22nd, on July 20th, on August 18th, on September 16th, on October 14th, on November 12th and on December 10th.

8 of Clubs Card in Tarot and Cartomancy

The 8 of clubs in cartomancy and tarot is considered a good sign.

It often indicates that the struggles are over, and it is time to move on from a situation.

This card symbolizes leaving the past behind and turning to the future.

The 8 of clubs is a sign that better times are coming, and the person has the energy and will to embrace them.

Often this card appears after a long period of stagnancy, when the paths are finally clearing for the person to continue with their plans and projects.

When the eight of clubs is in the spread, this can be an encouragement to start following your dreams and begin taking action to fulfil them.

This is often a time of heightened energy and lot of events that might leave the person overwhelmed but it is essential to make the most of it.

A lot of opportunities might show in the near future, and the client should be alert, to recognize them and use them properly.

Actions taken during this time are sure to be a success.

The client should be encouraged by the reader to release all fears of the outcome and trust that things are unfolding in the desired direction.

When it appears in a spread, the 8 of clubs calls the client to determine clearly what they want to achieve and then focus their attention on these goals.

This can refer to a realization of an ongoing project or goal, or it can be the beginning o something completely new.

There is a likelihood of desires manifesting in a short while.

It is important not to waste energy but focus it at one task at a time.

This also means prioritizing goals and focusing on the most important and urgent ones.

The 8 of clubs often appears in a card reading when there is a chance of travel in the near future.

The client is either planning to go on a trip or an opportunity for a vacation or a busines trip might arise soon.

If the question is related to traveling, this card is a confirmation that it will surely happen.

Sometimes it describes someone from a distance.

When the 8 of clubs appears reversed in a spread, this can mean that some plans and projects will need to be postponed or put on hold.

It might also indicate the need to reconsider some plans and check all the details to prevent making mistakes.

It is also recommended not to make any haste moves or decisions. Taking risks is also not advisable.

In some cases, the 8 of clubs in a reversed position can indicate resisting changes which prevent progress.

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