7 of Hearts Card – Meaning and Symbolism

A lot of centuries have passed since first cards were created.

They were a game at first, but later they also developed into a fortune telling tool.

It is generally believed that the Chinese made the first cards sometime in the 10th century AD.

From there, they spread across Asia, and later arrived in Europe, by the end of 13th and beginning of 14th century.

First decks of cards were items of prestige and luxury.

They had rich decorations and were hand painted.

Back then, they were a costly item which only the rich could afford.

Hearts Suit Symbolism and Personality Traits

The Heart suit symbolizes matters related to love, emotions, relationships, feelings, communication, feminine energy, healing, intuition, connections, purity, romantic feelings, adaptability, imagination, creativity, etc.

The negative traits of this suit are repressed emotions, lack of creativity, unrealistic expectations, false hopes, excess emotionality, problems with expressing feelings, lack of passion, etc.

Usually, people with emotional issues have the negative traits of this suit.

These people need to work on becoming more open and dealing with these issues.

Heart people (people with birth card from the Hearts suit) are generally sensitive and emotional beings.

Their actions are mainly motivated by their feelings and they usually tend to ignore the warnings of their mind.

Lack of control of their actions and irrational behavior cost them a lot.

This is why they need to control their reactions and not overreact.

7 Card Meaning

Cards with numeric value 7 symbolize structure, evolution, manifestation, law, order, rewards, balance, fortune, achievements, outcomes, etc.

7 cards are cards of wish fulfilment and well-earned rewards for past efforts and work.

These cards indicate finally receiving the expected rewards, sometimes after the hope of ever receiving them is already gone. 

7 of Hearts Card – Meaning and Symbolism

The 7 of hearts is often considered the ideal love card.

This card also speaks about life lessons, especially related to love and commitment.

It is often attached to scenarios such as losing loved ones and reaching spiritual enlightenment through such loss.

Seven of hearts can indicate many emotional disappointments throughout the person’s lifetime. 

7 of Hearts Card Personality Traits

7 of Hearts people usually possess strong personalities.

They are also spiritual beings who promote the idea of universal and unconditional love.

They have magnetic personalities and people are drawn to their charisma.

It is not easy to get to know them completely because there is one part of them, they tend to keep to themselves without revealing it to anyone, not even the people they consider the closest.

7 of Hearts person is very intuitive and can almost look into people’s minds and hear their thoughts.

They are people whom others enjoy listening to.

They are also great as teachers with great ability to transfer their knowledge, experience, and insights to other people.

They also use their intuitive gifts to help others.

They can also be great entertainers and public speakers.

These people are often very sensitive and overly emotional.

They can also be possessive and jealous towards the people that are close to them.

They are a mix of nomad and home type.

They love to travel and experience new cultures and things, but they also enjoy their time at home with their family and loved ones.

7 of hearts are sociable people and love entertaining others.

They need to be among people and don’t like solitude.

They are usually well educated, and this supports their advancement and success at work.

They often have a problem in choosing the right profession because of the many interests and talents they have.

They don’t like routine jobs and the best choice for them is a job that is adventurous and stimulating for their active mind.

They also require a well-paid job.

Also, friendly relationships with their coworkers are a must.

They are very cooperative and need to have harmonious environment at work.

These people make great team workers.

Many of them are great at math, which gives them talent for finances and economy.

They have leadership qualities and often end up as managers of a team.

These people often change their country of residence and move abroad.

Many of them spend at least a part of their lives somewhere distant.

They love to travel, both for pleasure and for work.

The sea and any water is something they prefer as their destination, and many of them choose to live by the water.

Many own a boat or at least enjoy traveling by boat.

The soul card of the 7 of hearts is the 8 of hearts.

This card helps the person heal from a heartbreak and disappointments.

It represents reconciliation and restoration.

This card symbolizes their ability to recuperate and continue with their lives.

Since young age, 7 of hearts learn to get rid of emotional baggage quick.

They also learn to adapt and confront obstacles with ease and timely.

Often, they are in a position to help others financially and in other ways and they learn the importance of money early in life.

In times of challenge, they turn inwards for answers.

Their strong intuition gives them best guidance and most of them learn to listen to it during the course of their lives.

They are very committed and loyal. 7 of hearts will do what it takes to keep and maintain a relationship.

People are willing to listen to them because of the inner wisdom they possess.

They usually appear more mature than their actual age, and this is due to the fact that they carry within the knowledge gathered through past lives.

These people are old souls, and this is one of their final incarnations.

One of the lessons they need to learn during this lifetime is letting go of the past and attachments to people, situations, and things.

They also need to learn to selflessly help and give to others without expecting a reward or gratitude in return.

They need to learn to enjoy helping and giving.

Sometimes their life lessons come through some health issues.

They often need to deal with some habits that are wrong for them and they learn that the hard way, usually through some stressful circumstances.

They often choose a profession in the finance field.

They can be very successful and financially accomplished.

Often their professional ambitions stand in the way of their love life, and they need to learn to balance these two areas.

These people are sometimes humanitarians who devote their lives to helping others.

The theme of sacrifice for a higher cause is often present in their lives.

They might act in a controlling manner towards their loved ones, without realizing that this behavior might be bothersome to them.

They have only good intentions in mind, but they need to suppress their need for dominance which is sometimes present in their personality.

Sometimes they are in a situation to deal with a dominant partner or family member.

They are generally loyal and committed in love but can be prone to restlessness and frequent changes of love interests until the right person appears.

7 of Hearts people are born on September 30th, on October 28th, on November 26, and on December 24.

7 of Hearts Card in Tarot and Cartomancy

When the 7 of hearts appears in a card reading, it is usually a sign of new opportunities and choices, but also a sign of illusion.

This card indicates many opportunities one can choose from, but there is always a risk of making the wrong choice.

Maybe some opportunity sounds appealing, but it carries a lot of risks and dangers, and this card is a warning to the client to be careful when making choices.

There is a great possibility to be deceived by some false glare and both eyes and ears should be on the alert.

This card in a spread might also indicate a situation that has already happened, and the person undergoing the consequences of their misguided actions and decisions.

This card reminds the person to listen to the voice of their inner guidance and think well before making any decision or choice.

All details should be thoroughly checked to avoid damage.

Sometimes when the 7 of hearts appears in a card reading, this can be a sign of the person’s wishes and desires that might never come true.

Maybe they are only in the realm of their thoughts and they are not ready to take action any time soon.

This card can reveal the client’s unreadiness to take action towards achieving some dreams and goals.

It can be an awakening call to make the client become aware of their inactivity and the reasons why they are not getting what they want.

This card can sometimes reveal having too many goals and desires and not focusing on any of them in particular.

The card can be a reminder to the client to go through their desires and goals and determine their priorities and then begin taking action towards their achievement.

Nothing will happen if they keep desiring and not acting.

Sometimes the 7 of hearts appears in a reading to make the client aware of their inconstancy and changing the focus on different goals frequently without managing to achieve any of them.

This can be a serious thing if it is a trait the person has.

Failing to go through till the end and finalize a goal is a recipe for instability and lack of success.

The person needs to practice maintaining focus on one goal until it is achieved completely, and only them focus on something new.

When the 7 of hearts is reversed in a spread, this usually means that the person is choosing an opportunity based on their inner guidance, and not on what is appealing the most to them.

This card reversed might indicate the person finally realizing that they need to focus on one goal at a time.

Sometimes it might mean being overwhelmed by many choices.

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