7 of Diamonds Card – Meaning and Symbolism

Cards are inseparable part of our lives, but not many of us know facts about their origin.

In fact, their origin is only guessed, because certain proof doesn’t exist.

The prevalent belief is that cards originated in China, around the 10th century.

Cards were brought to Europe in the 14th century, possibly a little earlier.

At first, they were only available to a small group of people, the rich ones because their production was expensive.

They were an object of luxury, richly decorated, and hand-painted.

As time went by, the making of card decks simplified and became less expensive, which meant that more people could enjoy having them.

Diamonds Symbolism and Personality Traits

The diamonds suit is one of the four suits in the card deck, besides clubs, spades, and hearts.

The French created these modern suits. They also divided them in black and red color.

Diamonds are a suit that symbolizes financial issues and money.

They are also a symbol of worth, value, materialism, income, increase, manifesting our desires into reality, etc.

People with a birth card from the diamonds suit are usually materialistic and focused on their financial goals.

It is important to them to have their finances secured and they enjoy earning money.

Most of their focus is on finding new ways of improving their financial status.

Diamonds often indicate struggles with money.

7 Card Meaning

Cards with number 7 as their numeric value are a symbol of manifestation, evolution, structure, order, wisdom, balance, fortune, rewards, achievements, law, the outcome of a situation, etc.

Card number 7 indicates getting what you want and what you earned.

It is the card of wish fulfilment when all hope is gone. 

7 of Diamonds Card – Meaning and Symbolism

Seven of Diamonds is a card related to financial matters.

This card is a reminder to establish balance between the focus on material and the spiritual because solely focusing on finances could cause financial issues.

This card signifies the need to take your mind of the money and focus on other things, especially building your personality, confidence, self-esteem, self-love, spirituality, and money will begin to flow.

If the only focus is on money and finding ways to earn it, all kinds of difficulties might arise.

The 7 of diamonds card is an indication of life lessons learned through the area of finances.

This card symbolizes faith, spirituality, enlightenment, refinement, fun, introspection, wisdom, creativity, ambition, inspiration, restlessness, criticism, ruthlessness, fear, skepticism, perfectionism, depression, negative feelings, pessimistic, etc. 

7 of Diamonds Card Personality Traits

People whose birth card is the 7 of Diamonds might sometimes feel very different from others.

Their ideas about life and their beliefs seem not to be accepted by others; others often don’t understand them.

One of their major challenges is balance their love for money and love life.

Often these people seem to have it all in terms of material wealth, but lack love and romance, or they might have a perfect love relationship and a partner who adores them, but they have a problem making their ends meet.

For these people it is very important to feel financially secure because that adds to their sense of value, but it also keeps them at peace because they know that they can take care of their family members and dear ones, but also of themselves.

Often these people encounter many changes during their lifetime, especially in the early stages of their life.

They might travel often or change their place of residence for some reason.

These frequent relocations in their childhood often leave a mark on them.

They cannot stand routine in any form, nor at home nor at work.

This is why the best job for them is a career that implies a lot of creativity, flexibility, and movement.

They enjoy exploring, learning new things, traveling, and meeting people. This is what makes them happy.

7 of diamonds people are generous and kind.

They are selfless and enjoy sharing their wealth and blessings with their loved ones, especially their partners and family members.

Both men and women are reliable and make good husbands and wives.

They are also sociable, and their houses are often full of people and friends.

These people are often born into wealthy families and they don’t need to build things from the start.

They sometimes marry rich partners, and this is how they elevate their status.

Fortunately, life brings them in situations where they realize that money, although a great convenience, cannot buy them things they need the most, love, happiness, and appreciation.

They need to switch their focus off of money and direct it towards other important things in their life.

Usually everything in their lives improves after they manage to do that.

They often discover great pleasure in helping financially those they love.

The more they give, the more they begin to receive, financially and emotionally.

They are not completely materialistic, and they have a developed spiritual side to their personality, but they are usually unaware of it.

When they discover the power of spirituality they completely transform and begin looking at things in a different manner.

7 of diamonds people are intelligent and love expanding their knowledge.

When they discover the spiritual side of them, they begin a quest to gain higher knowledge of things.

Their life usually significantly improves after 45 years of age, when they have finished with the transformation of their personality, and after learning the major lessons of their life.

Many of them are involved in doing charity work or being the head of some organization.

They possess great leader skills, and their employees like them as their boss.

Oftentimes these people have work somehow related to a foreign country.

They often travel for work as well. They might experience issues with legal matters.

These people often experience some losses in their life, but after these losses usually comes a realization that they needed to be removed from their life to make space for something new.

And this usually happens, they lose something that is no longer serving them and gain something much more valuable.

This can refer to both their private and professional life.

It is important for them to focus their attention on priorities and finish the things they started.

If their attention is scattered or they are doing too many things at once, the results will certainly be absent.

If the 7 of diamonds begin doing one thing at a time, they will receive their deserved rewards.

Through their life experiences these people learn to prioritize and stop wasting time and money on things and people which don’t deserve that.

There are two types of 7 of diamonds people: one group never worries about money and they have enough, and the other group always worries and experiences financial struggle.

Both of these groups experience life lessons related to their attitude towards finances.

Some of these people are very creative and manage to become wealthy using their talents and creativity.

These people have strong ties with their family members.

They are often in position to sacrifice for them, and sometimes that includes sacrificing something that has a great value to them.

Regardless of that, they do it selflessly and with a lot of love. 7 of diamonds person would do anything for their parents, children, and spouses.

Their nature is restless, and they love being outdoors.

They are not a traditional person.

Those of them who have an optimistic outlook on life are usually the happiest among this group of people who share this birth card.

Many of them find greatest pleasure through their spiritual quest, developing their intuition and spiritual knowledge.

For them it is important to learn the gift of tolerance and cooperation in a relationship.

They might act stubborn and independent and chase away good people from their life.

They need to learn that making compromises ensures the longevity of a union.

When they learn to do that, relationships for them become a source of satisfaction and joy.

7 of Diamonds have a loving and gentle nature and make good partners once they learn the right way to behave in a relationship.

Some of them might be very inflexible and intolerant and refuse to change their mind about everything.

The main reason for this is their inner need to act and be different from the rest.

They want others to perceive them unique and different because they are.

7 of Diamonds people are born on January 20th, February 18th, March 16th, April 14th, May 12th, June 10th, July 8th, August 6th, September 4th, and October 2nd.

7 of Diamonds Card in Tarot and Cartomancy

Seven of diamonds is a sign from the Universe that the rewards for putting the efforts in the previous period will finally come to the person.

If the client is asking about the outcome of some situation, this card in a spread is an encouraging sign because it indicates reaping the fruits of labor.

Sometimes it is a sign of getting deserved rewards when the person has already forgotten about them and stopped hoping they will ever come.

This card speaks about the Universal law of harvest, getting what you deserved.

This can of course go both ways, those who were doing good will get their rewards, and others, who have wronged will certainly experience the punishment and consequences of their bad deeds.

This doesn’t always happen during the person’s lifetime.

Sometimes the person is experiencing the rewards from their good deeds and efforts in their previous lives, and others are experiencing struggles and difficulties as a result of their wrongdoings in their previous incarnations.

In most cases, the 7 of diamonds card in a spread speaks about everyday events and circumstances, and only when it is surrounded by cards that are a strong indication of a past life related message will the reader confirm this message to the client.

Usually, this card represents a confirmation that the person will finally receive something that they’ve been hoping for a long time and is well deserved.

This might refer to something they will receive or some circumstances they will experience in reality.

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