6 of Spades Card – Meaning and Symbolism

The history of cards dates back in time, and it is believed that they originated in China in the 1000s.

There is no proof of that, but there’s general belief that Asia is the continent where cards were first made.

In Europe, they appeared first by the end of 1300s and beginning of 1400s in Italy.

In their beginnings, cards were an item of prestige and luxury, and were hand-painted.

As their popularity grew, new, cheaper ways of their production were invented and that enabled their spreading throughout Europe.

Each country contributed to their final outlook.

The French, for example, added the two-colored suits (black and red) and they created the modern suits that we use in the 52 cards deck.  

Spade Symbolism and Personality Traits

The spade suit is black in color; its name originated from the Italian word for sword, or “spada”.

This icon symbolizes labor, wisdom, intelligence, acceptance, action, the death, and life, the physical, etc. It is equivalent to the swords suit in tarot.

People with spade personalities are usually very physically active and spiritual.

They are always in pursuit of finding new ways to expand their spirituality.

These people have an urge to fulfil the needs of their souls.

6 Card Meaning

Cards with numeral value of 6 represents balance, union, truth harmony, equality, love, lovers, reliability, integration, communication, conjoining, dependability, etc.

People who have the energy of cards with numeric value 6, are very creative and possess great taste.

They lean towards union and joining forces.

They are also very lovable and love beauty in all forms.

Their nature is balanced, and they are natural peacekeepers.

They are sociable and people enjoy their company.

They love to take care of others and create harmony wherever they are.

Another meaning of the card with the value 6 are justice, reliability, peace, sympathy, security, honesty, protectiveness, stubbornness, dishonesty, competitiveness, vengefulness, defensiveness, irresponsibility, naivety, etc.

6 of Spades Card – Meaning and Symbolism

The 6 of spade symbolizes spiritual and emotional evolving. It symbolizes the universal law of cause and effect, meaning that there is a consequence of every action.

It speaks about responsible and honest action producing a good and balanced life and fulfilment of all desires.

Also, it indicates failure and disappointments when the energy is used for bad purposes or in a wrong way.

This card also symbolizes leaving things and people that no longer serve a purpose in a person’s life.

It indicates experiencing life through spirituality, wisdom, experience of life and death, or their work. 

6 of Spades Card Personality Traits

The 6 of Spades people sometimes believe that they don’t have the power to influence the circumstances in their life.

They sometimes believe that things are beyond their control and they don’t have much to say or do about them.

Because of such beliefs they tend not to think much before taking actions and instead go with the flow which in turn causes outcomes they don’t want.

They need to realize that their actions are responsible for the outcomes and circumstances they are experiencing; they need to become aware that their life isn’t a result of some circumstances they don’t have control over and that their life is what they make of it.

When they learn to accept the responsibility for their actions their life usually changes for the better.

The 6 of spades person becomes an active participant in their life and learn to think through their actions before they act or do something because they are aware of the impact that has over their life.

After this realization, these people stop believing that things in life are fated and are careful about their thoughts and actions because they now know that they are creating their fate and reality.

The 6 of spades people usually come to these realizations through some important life events, and many of them get there through their studies of spiritual laws.

Things they didn’t understand before now become crystal clear to them.

They often continue spreading their new-found knowledge to other people they know wanting everyone to know how much responsible we all are for the things we are experiencing.

The 6 of spades people are careful not to have negative thoughts and feelings because they know how these detrimental emotions can attract bad things into their lives.

Once they know their impact, they become serious and very responsible about their thoughts and actions and remind others to do the same.

People who are 6 of spades often experience fame and success in their lives.

They are also fortunate and usually financially secure. Sometimes these people are very rich and influential.

These people are very inspired to expand their knowledge, especially in the area of spirituality and spiritual awareness.

Even though they love the benefits of a full wallet and material security, they need food for their soul as well.

These people are not shallow although those who don’t know them well might perceive them as such.

6 of spades people might experience issues in the field of love and romance.

They have a dreamy nature and people might use that against them.

They often experience many disappointments in love before they finally meet the person who is a suitable match and is not looking only to use their kindness and wealth.

They need to learn to stop idealizing people and being naïve.

It takes some time for them to realize that not everyone is good and kind like they are.

If they don’t use the energy of this card properly, these people might experience issues with moral and wrong choices in life.

They might become overwhelmed with romantic illusions and fears, which is a great obstacle to full satisfaction in their love life.

They might be attracted to partners who are prominent, wealthy and hold a position of authority.

These are usually not the right criteria for choosing a partner and they often cause disappointments rather than satisfaction.

It takes the 6 of spades person a lot of time to realize the right qualities which they should look for in their partner.

In general, these people are creative and attracted to beauty.

They have diplomatic abilities and are usually good in communicating with people.

When they learn the important lessons they might become very successful and satisfied with their life.

6 of spades people can sometimes be very stubborn and need to experience things to learn from them.

They don’t take advice from others and don’t learn from other people’s experiences.

These people make good leaders who intuitively know what to do in a certain situation.

They have strong intuition and succeed most when they learn to use it properly.

Many of them ignore these gifts and consider them insignificant until some circumstances make them aware of their importance and usefulness.

Many of them become unstoppable when they learn to listen to their inner voice.

These people possess strong will and determination and if they are willing to put in the necessary effort, they can achieve great success in life.

They also need to work on developing their creativity and creation of beauty because this will bring them great satisfaction.

These people will be placed before some challenges in their lives which they need to overcome and if they learn their lessons success awaits them. Their soul card is the 9 of spades.

This indicates that the 6 of spade person will sometimes in their life begin following their inner voice and developing their wisdom.

6 of Spades Personality is born on the January 8, February 6, March 4, and April 2.

6 of Spades Card in Tarot and Cartomancy

The 6 of spades appearing in a spread is usually a sign of healing, moving on from a difficult situation in life, overcoming obstacles, peace after turbulent times, stability, and relief.

It can also be a sign of moving abroad, traveling to distant countries, escaping from someone or something, etc.

The 6 of spades card is usually a sign of improvements coming after some period of distress and discomfort.

It is a sign of finally getting some relief and problems finally resolving.

Sometimes this card simply indicates going on a holiday, but it usually has some deeper meaning for the person in whose spread it appeared.

In many cases, the 6 of spades card in cartomancy reading can reveal the person’s state of mind.

The person might be overwhelmed by some circumstances in their life and they just want to get out and find relief from the pressure.

For people who are in a relationship, and they’ve been going through tough times with their partner, the appearance of the 6 of spades in their spread could mean that the difficult times are over, and a period of stability is on the horizon.

In some cases, of course, this card could indicate a total separation from the partner and a breakup where the person is moving on with their life on their own.

This card can also indicate a time of healing after a breakup and better times coming; it can mean that the person is preparing to move on with their life.

The 6 of spades card often indicates the person’s readiness to welcome new things and people in their life.

It means that the person is done with the past and ready to let go of it.

In general, it is a sign that things are slowly but surely improving in all areas of life.

If it is a career concern for the client, this card appearing in a spread often means change of jobs that will ensure success and progress.

It is also a sign of financial improvements.

It can also be a sign of recovery after illness.

When the 6 of spades is in a reversed position, this can indicate that the process of healing and progress will be slowed down due to some circumstances or due to the client’s refusal to accept changes, release their past, and move on with their life.

It can also be a sign of delayed or canceled trips.

In general, reversed 6 of spades can indicate feeling stuck and unable to move on.

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