6 of Hearts Card – Meaning and Symbolism

Cards are a gaming tool but are also used to foretell the future.

They were first created for leisure and later their other uses started.

We don’t know for sure when and where they were first made.

The general and prevalent theory is that they were first made by the Chinese in the 10th century AD.

From there, cards spread across Asia, and later were brought to Europe.

Possibly by the end of 13th and beginning of 14th century, cards were brought to Italy and Spain.

At first, they were hard to attain because of their price.

They were an item of luxury because they were hand painted and this required time and money.

Hearts Suit Symbolism and Personality Traits

The symbolism of the Hearts suit is related to emotions, feelings, love, relationships, communication, sociability, connections, partnerships, intuition, adaptability, feminine energy, receptibility, purity, romantic feelings, creativity, etc.

The negative traits of this suit are false hopes, unrealistic expectations, emotional disappointments, lack of passion, lack of creativity, repressed emotions, issues with expressing ones’ feelings, etc.

These traits are present in people with issues expressing their emotions and with a tendency of suppressing their feelings.

They usually experience life lessons that force them to open up and confront the emotional issues they have.

People with hearts suit birth card are generally sensitive and very emotional.

Their actions are mostly motivated by their emotions.

They can be prone to overreacting and irrational behavior.

It is important for these people to learn how to control their emotions and reactions because they can cause them harm.

Heart people are open-minded and communicative.

They love people and love being in their company.

They easily make contacts with people who consider them interesting and pleasing company.

In most cases, they easily express their emotions and enjoy talking about their feelings.

6 Card Meaning

Cards with numeral value 6 are symbols of truth, harmony, balance, honesty, reliability, justice, security, communication, protectiveness, sympathy, defensiveness, irresponsibility, competitiveness, stubbornness, etc.

Those who are influenced by 6 cards are usually very creative.

Usually, they are kind and lovely and people enjoy being in their company.

They are balanced and tend to create harmony in all situations. 

6 of Hearts Card – Meaning and Symbolism

Six of Hearts symbolizes love, sacrifice for love, selflessness, and love for family.

This card symbolizes the family principle, harmonious and stable family life, love between family members.

This card is also a sign of cooperation and union, as well as responsibility.

Sometimes it indicates debts that stem from love and personal relationships.

6 of hearts is also a sign of karmic relationships and people whose birth card is the 6 of hearts usually experience at least one karmic relationship during their lifetime.

It is also the card of stability in love, relationships, family, and home life.

This card can be a sign of stagnancy and avoidance of changes.

6 of Hearts Card Personality Traits

6 of Hearts people are responsible and know their duties, especially towards their family members.

Many of these people consider that their life purpose is taking care of and supporting their loved ones, friends, and family members.

These people are hard workers. They are not hesitant to put in the necessary work to achieve their goals.

They focus on creating stability that can enable them to properly take care of themselves and their loved ones.

They are usually successful in business. Earning enough money and establishing financial security is one of their most important goals.

They are practical but can be perfectionists.

The most successful part of their life is between their 40-50ies.

These people are usually not very ambitious but have a strong sense of duty and responsibility which keeps them focus on their goals, which are mostly financial.

Their main motif is to provide enough to sustain their family and loved ones.

Glory and success are not something they consider important.

Their soul card is the 4 of clubs. This gives the 6 of hearts people a sense of practicality.

They have a good sense of organization and know what they need to do to achieve their goals.

They have a peaceful and stable personality. People can easily rely on them.

Their family is the most important for them and they would do anything to protect them and make them happy.

Balanced and harmonious relations with their family members are at the top of their priorities.

They prefer stable and harmonious life and are hesitant to make changes.

These people usually don’t have any struggles with money, although they could at times experience fear and concerns regarding their financial situation.

The base of their fears is the fear of not having enough to support their family and loved ones and failing to fulfil their duty as protector and nurturer.

6 of hearts people are full of love for others, especially the ones that are close to them.

They easily express their love for them and make sure others are aware how much they love them.

They have a strong character and are not easily provoked.

They stay calm in the most challenging situations and this is a trait that benefits them greatly.

They express their opinion openly and are usually very direct when they want to say something.

They benefit a lot from their creative abilities.

They can choose from a variety of professions in the creative field and be successful and financially gratified by doing them.

They generally know how to make their money and do what it takes to earn it.

The 6 of hearts people often end up in karmic relationships with people they have past life connections.

These relationships are based on some past life debt they need to pay off in this lifetime.

Through these relationships these people pay off their debts but also learn important life lessons about love, commitment, and responsibility towards loved ones.

Oftentimes these people end up in a relationship with their soulmate, which is not something many people experience in their lives.

They long for a long time commitment and they are monogamous in nature. They usually end up in happy marriages that last a lifetime.

6 of hearts often end up doing busines with their spouses or romantic partners, and this usually turns out to be an excellent idea.

6 of Hearts people are born on October 29th, on November 27th and on December 25th.

6 of Hearts Card in Tarot and Cartomancy

The 6 of hearts in a card reading for some readers represents some male person from the client’s life.

This person is usually unmarried, and it can represent the client’s boyfriend, best friend, or some male cousin.

In love readings, 6 of hearts card can represent a love interest or the person’s current boyfriend.

Sometimes it represents the client’s son.

In men’s reading, 6 of hearts can represent their brother, friend, or cousin.

When the Six of Hearts appears in a card reading, this is usually a sign of romantic relationship with someone from a past incarnation and someone that is the person’s soulmate.

This card appearing in a reading can indicate something from the past, either a past event or a person from the past.

This can be someone with whom the client had a personal relationship with, in the past.

6 of Hearts might represent past memories from childhood and early years of life.

It might indicate someone coming from these years into the person’s life again.

Sometimes the 6 of hearts might indicate reconnecting with childhood friends.

Sometimes this can be an ex romantic partner showing up in their lives again.

These connections are joyful and make the client happy.

In some cases, the appearance of the 6 of hearts indicates harmonious times in relationships and with family members.

Everything has fallen into place and the client can relax and enjoy the fruits of their past efforts to establish harmony and stability among their family members.

It can indicate receiving good for the good done in the past from their family members and friends.

6 of hearts announces times of joy, playfulness, and fun.

It can also be an announcement of heightened creativity and times of starting new creative endeavors and taking pleasure in doing them.

In some cases, the 6 of hearts announces pregnancy and birth of a child.

Sometimes it indicates birth of twins.

This can also refer to birth of a new creative project or a new creative product.

It can also indicate spending more time with family and children.

If the client has been neglecting their family and children lately, the 6 of hearts is a sure sign that they need to stop all they are doing and dedicate all their time to them.

If the 6 of hearts is reversed in the spread, this can indicate clinging to the past and preventing progress.

Past emotional issues might be overwhelming the client preventing them from moving forward with their life.

6 of hearts reversed can indicate nostalgia for the good times in the past, the person’s childhood, or teenage years.

Whatever the nostalgia is about, this card is a sign for the client to snap out of these thoughts and focus on the present.

If they ignore these messages they risk living forever in the past and missing wonderful opportunities for happiness in the now.

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