4 of Spades Card – Meaning and Symbolism

The history of cards is long and interesting. It is not certain where cards originated, but it is believed that their origin is in Asia, most likely China.

In Europe, they first appeared in the 14th century. This was a luxury item at first; the first card decks were hand-painted.

From Italy, where they most likely first appeared, cards find their way to other countries of Europe, France, Germany, England, etc.

Every country gave their contribution to the modern look of cards.

The French are to thank for the modern suits’ icons, hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs.

They also divided the suits in two colors, red and black.

In time, as their popularity grew, their mass production started, and cards were no longer an item of prestige.

The modern outlook of the 52 deck of cards was finished in the US with the addition of two Joker cards. 

Spade Symbolism and Personality Traits

The word spade has an Italian origin and originates from the word “spada” which means sword.

The spade symbolizes acceptance, labor, and wisdom. It corresponds to the element of earth.

The leaf presented on the spade’s icon symbolizes the tree of life and thus life in general.

It is also the symbol of death as one of life’s inevitabilities. The spade is equivalent to the swords’ suit in tarot.

The spade suit also symbolizes work, action, intelligence, activity, physical activity, movement, our body.

People who are spade personalities are usually very active and engage physically in different activities.

The 4 of spades people are not afraid of hard work and especially interested in putting in the effort to discover the needs of their soul.

4 Card Meaning

The card with the value 4 is usually a sign of stability and consistency.

When the card 4 appears in a spread it is a sign that things aren’t likely to change in the near future.

The card 4 can also be a sign of boredom, avoiding changes, stagnation, as well as fearing the unknown.

It is also a sign of groundedness and stability.

The person who is under the influence of the card 4 can be resistant to making changes in their life, and they can also be prone to attachments to things and people.

These people are reliable and responsible. All 4 cards have a quality of stability and longevity. This is a card of solid ground and firmness.

When several cards with the value 4 appear in the spread this is usually a sign that a situation is stagnant, and things will not change in the near future.

This situation doesn’t have to be a bad thing, because we all need stability and constancy.

4 of Spades Card – Meaning and Symbolism

The 4 of spades combines the symbolism of the card 4 and spade suit. It represents stability and harmony, and sometimes stagnation regarding work, body, and health, as well as spirituality.

This card is often a sign of abundant beginning of life as well as financial security. It is a sign of practical application of ones’ knowledge. 

4 of Spades Card Personality Traits

The 4 of Spades personality is usually successful and powerful.

They might experience disappointments later in life when they realize that things don’t always work out for them without effort, and there are situations in life when they need to fight hard to achieve success and earn money.

This usually comes due to their early upbringing when their parents tried to provide as much for them, even beyond their means, thus giving them a false picture of reality and life in general.

They might go through tough times realizing that sometimes things they want don’t come easily and magically.

For people who are 4 of spades it is not unusual to experience periods of loss and lack after periods of great abundance and prosperity.

These periods come to them as a lesson to learn to appreciate what they have.

Once they learn their lessons, they don’t make the same mistakes again, and they come into a period of stability (mostly financial) which often lasts a lifetime.

Their appearance can be stiff, and people might consider them egocentric and very proud. This is often a mask with which they hide their sensitive and helping nature.

They have a hard time relaxing and they don’t make friends easily, but the ones who earn their trust usually remain in their lives forever.

These people have a strong stamina, and they are usually physically very active and into sports.

They are also talented for arts and very creative in decorating their surroundings.

One of their life lessons is to learn to overcome the feeling that life owes something to them, and that effort is often required to get what they want, and when they manage to overcome the feelings of resentment because of what they perceive is unjust, they lead a happy and satisfying life and are usually very prosperous and abundant.

The 4 of spades personalities have the 10 of clubs as their soul card.

It brings the gift of creativity as well as sensitivity to these people.

The 4 of spades people are usually lucky and are born with good health and many talents.

This will help them overcome any obstacles with relative ease.

These people are usually team players and often work in large companies and organizations where they manage to thrive using their qualities.

These people have an independent mind and often don’t like being influenced.

They have the sense that they always know what they should do.

They have to capacity to learn quickly and apply their knowledge immediately.

Their greatest satisfaction usually comes through their work success.

They are ambitious and won’t be satisfied until they accomplish their goals.

They learn sometimes in their life that hard work pays off and they will apply their knowledge throughout their lives.

Even though they are strong individuals, these people love the company of others. They are social beings and usually have good relationships with their family.

Their family is often the ground from which they continue building their success and future stability.

These people often come from families with good reputation and are financially stable.

Their desire to be provided and be financially secure continues throughout their life and they usually manage to provide enough for themselves and their families with ease.

Some of them improve their status through marriage and other partnerships.

Even though these people are bound to experience problems and obstacles on their path, it is certain that they will be able to overcome them and maintain peace and stability in their lives.

The 4 of spades tend to be stubborn at times, and this is something they need to work on balancing because it can often be an obstacle to their progress, especially if it appears in contacts with people they somehow rely upon.

Because they love money and the benefits it can provide them, these people usually tend to surround themselves with likeminded people; their friends are usually from similar backgrounds and financial and social status.

4 of Spades Personality is born on January 10, February 8, March 6, April 4, and May 2.

4 of Spades Card in Tarot and Cartomancy

In cartomancy, the four of spades is a card that often indicates financial and professional problems, especially when it is surrounded by cards from the clubs’ suit.

This can indicate problems at work or trouble finishing some projects.

Sometimes this card indicates giving up the efforts to overcome a situation or difficulty.

The 4 of spades card is often considered a card of seclusion and indicates a time of loneliness and time apart in a relationship.

This card can be a sign of relationship disappointments and taking the time to think things through and decide about the outcome of the relationship.

This card doesn’t indicate a period of long self-isolation; it is usually a sign of taking some time off to rethink and refocus in a situation.

This card appearing in a spread can be an indication that the person will feel lonely and will need some kind of emotional support or isolate themselves.

Fortunately, this time of solitude won’t last long.

In some cases, the appearance of the 4 of spades card in a spread can be a warning to the client that they should take some time and think before taking some action.

It is important to think well before acting. Sometimes it can simply be a sign to the person that they need to take some time off and relax.

Maybe they have gone through an exhausting period and now is time to recharge their batteries.

For some, this card demonstrates the state they are currently in. Maybe the person has undergone a breakup, a serious disappointment, or loss, and they need time to heal from the trauma these events have caused in their life.

For some, this might be a message from the Universe that they need to retrieve from the world for some time so they can gain the necessary strength.

In solitude they will have the time to think and go through some situations from the past and make some conclusions about them.

This will also help the person ground themselves and become stronger.

In some cases, the appearance of the 4 of spades can indicate unforeseen circumstances which will lead the person for a short isolation.

The client doesn’t need to worry because this will be for their highest good.

When the 4 of spades is reversed in a spread, this is usually a sign that the time of isolation and seclusion is soon over and the person has gone through some difficulties, gathered experience, and healed.

The 4 of spades can in some cases indicate a period of stagnation in some area of the person’s life.

Even though the person might find that irritating, this stalemate will be for their good.

The person should use this time of forced pause to go through some decisions and actions they have made in the past which might have caused some problems and delays in some desired areas.

When the 4 of spades appears, it is often a sign that the person needs to make some time for the necessary changes in their life if that is possible.

If the situation that has been bothering them is beyond repair, this card is a sign that they need to try and make peace with it so they can continue with their lives.

The four of spades can sometimes foretell unpleasant news, but the disappointment won’t last long, and it will create space for something new and better; this is why this card should be considered a good sign when it appears in a spread.

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