4 of Hearts Card – Meaning and Symbolism

First cards were probably created in China in the 10th century.

Some centuries later, cards were brought to Europe, to Italy and Spain.

First card decks were very expensive items and only rich people could afford to own them.

They were painted by hand and this required time and money.

As their production became cheaper, others could also afford owning them.

At first, cards were only used for playing games, but in time they became a tool for foretelling the future.

Hearts Suit Symbolism and Personality Traits

The suit of Hearts is related to love, relationships, connections, feelings, emotions, healing, cleansing, intuition, adaptability, purity, receptivity, etc.

It also indicates romantic feelings, creativity, imagination, fantasy.

This suit has negative side as well, and can symbolize overly emotional behavior, repressed emotions, unrealistic hopes and expectations, problems to express ones’ feelings, lack of creativity and passion, etc.

Negative traits of this suit usually happen to people with a tendency to suppress their emotions because of some past trauma.

People with birth cards from the hearts suit are usually very sensitive and their reactions are mostly based on their emotions rather than their rational side.

Often this tends to backfire at them.

Heart people are spontaneous and openly express their emotions.

It is not unusual for them to talk about their emotions even to people they don’t know well.

Their soul is artistic, and they are very sociable.

4 Card Meaning

Number 4 cards are a symbol of consistency and stability.

They often indicate stagnant situations and confirm that changes won’t be happening soon despite of how much they are expected.

Sometimes stagnancy is a good thing and sometimes it is a bad one.

Number 4 cards are a sign of constancy, which, for someone is a synonym for boredom.

These cards in some cases represent fears from the future, from outcomes of situations or simply, fears of making changes.

They can indicate avoidance of changes.

They can also be a sign of stability and feeling grounded.

They can also represent having a stable foundation in life.

People who have this card as birth card usually hesitate when it comes to making decisions and changes in life.

They often don’t like taking risks and take their time before taking actions considering all the facts carefully.

Another characteristic of Number 4 card people is that they are consistent, responsible, and reliable.

Often, these people hold on to people and different situations, which can often be an obstacle to their progress.

In card readings, number 4 cards are considered a sign of stagnancy, i.e., a confirmation that the situation in question won’t change soon.

4 of Hearts Card – Meaning and Symbolism

4 of hearts is often considered the marriage card.

This card is a symbol of overcoming emotional challenges and establishing emotional stability and security.

Sometimes this card is a sign of neglecting home because of professional obligations or neglecting the career to devote time to private life.

This card also indicates conservative and traditional values.

It can also indicate marrying for elevating the status and financial security.

4 of Hearts Card Personality Traits

4 of Hearts people need to have stability in their life.

They seek emotional as well as financial stability.

They are family oriented and usually very protective towards their family members.

They are often the providers of their family.

Many of 4 of Hearts tend to idealize family life and often end up disappointed when their dreams are broken.

Some of these people might possess healing powers and use them to help others.

They are nurturers and enjoy taking care of others, especially their family members.

They are good organizers and usually very reliable.

They know how to handle money and have all the qualities required to be financially well-off.

Their greatest satisfaction is giving and sharing their blessings with others.

In general, these people are tolerant, fair, just, and full of understanding.

These traits make them excellent judges, solicitors, counselors, managers.

They are ambitious and love to be successful.

This person cares much about the foundations in life and put in a lot of energy into creating solid foundations, both financial and emotional.

Creating these foundations is closely related to their sense of balance and harmony.

Family and friendships are very important for them and they do their best to nurture them.

They enjoy helping them and making sure they are safe.

Sometimes they can exaggerate in these activities and trying to control others and their actions all under the excuse of having the best intentions.

Indeed, they only have the best intention, but they sometimes cross the boundaries of other people.

The four of hearts needs to deal with their urge to control other people.

This trait is often causing them issues in relationships with other people.

They often have the attitude of “know it all” and telling other people what is best for them.

Despite the fact that they are often completely right, they should learn how to respect other people’s free will and retreat after giving their advice instead of pressuring someone to act upon it.

This is especially dangerous if they try to act in this manner towards their children.

They need to learn to let them live their own lives without their constant interference.

These people sometimes behave in a co-dependent manner.

This trait can cause issues in their close relationships because they might suffocate people with it.

Sometimes they might appear overly protective of others and minding their business without an invitation.

This is also an irritating trait that can cause conflicts with other people.

If they learn how to control these traits, other people will recognize their good intentions and benefit from their efforts to help them.

They need to give others the chance to come and ask for their help instead of imposing themselves and their services which always seems intrusive, even to people who are desperate for help.

They should leave the door open for everyone to enter, and people will gladly come to them for support, guidance, and love whenever they need them.

Caring for others is one of their major satisfactions in life.

People feel important and cared for in their presence, even people who are complete strangers to them.

The most benefit from their kind and nurturing nature goes to their family and friends, of course.

4 of Hearts people are born on October 31st, on November 29th and on December 27th.

4 of Hearts Card in Tarot and Cartomancy

The Four of Hearts in a card reading is generally not considered a great card in tarot and cartomancy.

It is often a sign of retreating from people and opportunities.

It might indicate disappointment and feeling overwhelmed with emotions.

Often this card is a sign of grief over unrequited love and a time of retreat for healing.

The person is not open to new opportunities which are present in their life because they are thinking about past issues that have hurt them a lot emotionally.

This card, like all cards from the Hearts suit, is usually related to some emotional issues, but it can also refer to other things.

It might indicate not being interested in some opportunity because of so much other things that are going on currently in the person’s life.

This card in a spread is often a sign of missed opportunities and it is wisely to consider it as a warning when it appears; the client should reconsider the love options or some other options that life is offering them at the moment despite the fact that they are currently feeling emotionally or physically or energetically unavailable.

They shouldn’t close these doors, but possibly try to postpone the opportunity for some time later when they are healed and feel better so they could make the right decision about it.

This card often indicates the need of the person to retreat (usually due to unresolved and painful emotional issues, but not always) and focusing on healing themselves and their energy and emotions.

They might be feeling ungrounded and need time to deal with their issues.

It is not wise starting anything new when they are feeling in such a manner.

This can be a time of contemplation about past actions, decisions, and events, and learning lessons from them.

The 4 of Hearts can be a sign to the reader to give advice to the client to postpone some action or decision because it is not yet the right time to do that.

If the client is reconsidering a love offer or a new project or a job opportunity, maybe they should postpone it for later because their emotional state needs to be stabilized first.

If they don’t do that, they risk making a huge mistake and wrong decisions which they will later regret for sure.

Oftentimes the Four of Hearts appears in a spread during times of stagnancy and boredom with current life circumstances.

Maybe the client is feeling reluctant and unmotivated to take action, or maybe the circumstances are preventing them from acting and making the desired changes in their life.

If they feel like this or they see that things are not working out currently, it is wise to retreat and focus on themselves, their healing and self-development.

When the 4 of Hearts is reversed in a spread, this for certain indicates time of retreat and emotional healing.

The person feels emotionally unstable and needs to ground themselves.

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