39 Angel Number: Meaning & Twin Flame

The angels are divine beings from another dimension of reality which serve as God’s helpers on Earth to protect us and save us from harm, as well as to bring us to the right path and closer to God’s ways.

Even though most of us are not aware of their presence, they are constantly in our vicinity making sure we have all we need.

They know all our problems and they jump in to help when help is needed.

The angels send us signs to notify us of their presence, but we often don’t notice these signs, or we consider them a coincidence.

It is not easy for them to reach us because for the majority of us they are invisible.

They need to be persistent and show their signs more than once to be able to seize our attention.

They use many different signs to deliver us their messages, and they keep repeating the same sign time and time again until we finally notice it.

In such situations it is important not to ignore the sign and decipher its meaning so we can apply it on our lives.

The angels usually don’t interfere in our life without a necessity.

They act when we are in imminent danger, but also when we are in a dilemma or we need to make some major decisions, encounter problems, or make mistakes that are costing us much.

We can also call on them and their guidance whenever we want. They will answer immediately.

What to Do When You See This Angel Number?

One of the signs the angels often use are angel numbers.

Angel numbers are designed messages the angels want to deliver us through the meaning of the digits in the angel number.

Seeing the same number everywhere is often a disturbing experience, but it actually is a blessing.

The angels only have our best interest in mind.

If you see the angel number 39 often, it is a sign of some major changes that will soon happen in your life.

Some of the most important meanings of 39 angel number are:

  1. Optimism

Angel number 39 is the number of optimism and feeling hopeful about the future.

This number might be appearing in your life as a reminder to maintain your optimism about a certain situation.

This can also be a reminder from the Universe to be more optimistic.

Maybe you have been in a negative mood lately expecting the worst to happen and the angels are asking you to embrace a more optimistic attitude.

That is not always easy to do because life can be tough sometimes and it is hard to find the strength to look at the brighter side of things if everything seems gloomy.

If you are currently struggling to find happiness and faith in the future, know that the angels are by your side always.

They know what you are going through and want you to know that you are not alone. When you begin changing your mood your reality will also change.

  1. Independence and freedom

Sometimes angel number 39 is a call to regain your independence and freedom.

Maybe you are in a situation that is suffocating and controlling, and you cannot seem to move.

Your life circumstances might have brought you in this situation where you don’t have a voice or space to change much, but the angels are encouraging you that there is still hope for things to change.

For example, you might be back in your parents’ house because you lost your job or you don’t earn enough to pay the rent, and you feel very bad, but cannot do anything.

Don’t despair and know that nothing is permanent. If you give up you won’t change a thing.

The angels are encouraging you to consider your situation as temporary and begin looking for ways to get out.

The first thing you need to do is begin that it is possible to make the changes.

In some cases, you will be in a situation where you lack freedom and you are dependent on someone, but you choose not to change anything because you fear changes.

If this is your case, the angels are asking you to face your fears and take action in becoming independent, regardless of your current circumstances.

If you refuse to do that yourself, the Universe might do that instead of you.

Stop postponing what is inevitable and do the right thing. You need to have faith in your abilities to be on your own.

Sometimes you will need to overcome some challenges to get to your freedom, such as financial or emotional, but eventually you will feel happy and satisfied.

  1. Creativity and uniqueness

Angel number 39 is sometimes a call from the angels to be more creative.

You might be someone who is very creative by nature, but you don’t show this side of your personality because you are insecure, and you don’t want to be exposed to people’s criticism and judging.

The angels are encouraging you to show your unique side o personality.

God gave you the talents you have for a reason, and it is your duty to use them.

Allowing yourself to immerse in your creativity, might make you realize your true life calling.

Maybe you decide to change your job and start a new creative career.

This might open up the door to a new creative hobby you will enjoy.

Become open to show your true personality to people without fears of being judged.

Choose the hobbies and interests that attract you even if others think they are odd.

  1. Communication

39 angel number be a sign for you to communicate more.

Maybe you tend to keep things and thoughts to yourself, and this creates problems in your relationships.

The angels want you to speak your mind and tell the things that are bothering you, or you will end up building resentment and anger without a reason.

Maybe you are a person who tends to hide their feelings.

Being able to express your feelings is a great gift that will only benefit you.

You won’t have any misunderstandings and ruined relationships if you embrace such behavior.

The angels are asking you to be more communicative because you are shy and lack confidence.

These traits are not serving your good, but actually limiting you and your choices.

It is not easy to gain confidence, but if you try and practice you will begin to change.

Put yourself in situations where you will be forced to get out of your comfort zone.

This will help you a lot when you talking to people and trying to establish new connections.

Communication is also related to socializing. This number might be calling you to be more sociable and expand your circle of friends.

Go out more and put yourself in the spotlight.

  1. Humanitarianism

Angel number 39 might be calling you to begin doing some work serving humanity.

You might be in a situation where you will be asked to help your community or a group of people.

You might also join a group who does some humanitarian work, and you find that your soul’s calling is in helping others.

Some of you might discover that you posses healing powers or gifts that you can use to help other people and start using them and making people’s lives better.

It is likely that a series of events might lead you to these discoveries.

The path will unveil before you and you will start following it.

For some, this angel number will mark the beginning of a path that you have dreamed of for a long time, which is to be of service to others.

  1. Spirituality

Angel number 39 appearing in your life might be related to your spirituality and developing this aspect of your life.

This number might indicate the beginning of your spiritual path, which might happen through a set of unexpected events, or you might just get an urge to start working on your spirituality.

The trigger for this might be a book you have come across, your friend telling you about a spiritual teacher or teaching, etc.

Whatever it is, you will feel inspired to follow this guidance and learn about spirituality as much as you can.

Some of you might also begin working with a spiritual teacher that will help you gain more knowledge and explain the uncertainties you might have.

You might also start some spiritual practice, like meditating. You might be doing a lot of practices to expand your consciousness.

All of these activities will fill you with peace and deep satisfaction as if finally you have found the right road.

Those who are spiritually evolved to some extent might be inspired to expand their spirituality more through learning new spiritual teachings, reading books on spirituality, starting a new spiritual practice, or even beginning teaching themselves the knowledge they possess on the subject.

Some of you might realize you possess some spiritual gifts, which you can begin developing further under the influence of the angel number 39.

These gifts might help you in fulfilling some other aspirations of yours, for example, helping others and serving the humankind in some way.

39 Angel Number General Meaning

Angel number 39 can carry a variety of messages, and it is your job to discover yours.

It is a message from your guardian angels calling you to improve something in your life or follow your true soul’s calling.

39 angel number might be a sign for you to be more communicative and open about the way you feel.

The angels are asking you to stop repressing your emotions and thoughts and openly speak up about them.

If you don’t talk about the things you think are wrong and are bothering you, you will end up piling up great amounts of resentment and anger inside.

Sometimes angel number 39 will be a sign from the angels to gain your freedom and independence from some current circumstances.

This might mean different scenarios for everyone, but the main message is to take action and win your freedom.

Maybe you are stuck in a situation where your emotions are preventing you to move, or you might have financial reasons why you cannot take actions but regardless of them, the angels are saying it is time to free yourself from the constraints that are blocking your freedom.

For some, angel number 39 will be a sign to embrace your creative side and express your individuality without fears of being judged or laughed at.

For some this might be a time of discovery of some new creative interests and hobbies, and even a new creative career.

Many of you might find yourself asking about your spirituality and begin your work on becoming more spiritual.

Some might be asked to be more optimistic and get rid of negative thoughts and moods which are creating obstacles to your progress.

If you are experiencing some bad things at the moment try your best to look at the good sides of the situation if possible.

Some of you might be inspired to do some work for the good of humanity when this number begins appearing in your life.

You might join a humanitarian group or institution and realize this is your true soul’s calling.

Maybe you will discover some special gifts you have, such as healing powers you can use to help people improve their lives.

This will generally be a time of expansion and growth in many areas of your life.

You just need to decipher the message angels want to convey to you by sending you this number.

Spiritual Meaning of the Angel Number 39

Angel number 39 is a very spiritual one.

This number in your life might indicate the awakening of your spirituality and the beginning of your spiritual journey.

You might feel inspired to read a lot of literature on the subject to expand your knowledge, and some might even work with a spiritual teacher that will help you gain your spiritual insights with more ease.

For those who are evolved on their spiritual path, this might indicate gaining deeper insights and expanding their knowledge further.

You might feel connected to God and the Universe in a special way. 

Biblical Meaning of the Angel Number 39

The angels are sent to Earth by God to help us on our path and ease our life’s struggles as much as possible.

Through the angel number 39 God is calling you to become a best version of yourself, and for some, you might get a calling to serve humanity using the special gifts he blessed you with.

God has given you these gifts for a reason and you have no right wasting them. Instead use them to make people’s lives better.

39 Angel Number and Love

Angel number 39 can be a sign of universal and unconditional love you might begin feeling for humanity as a whole when this number begins appearing in your life.

You might experience situations where you will realize how much you love your loved ones and your friends, as well as how much you love being a part of your community and even a part of the entire humankind.

This number inspires you to share your love and blessings with others regardless of whether you know or don’t know them.

Angel Number 39 Twin Flame Reunion

Angel number 39 might be a sign of reuniting with a twin with a special mission this relationship has in both your and your twin’s life.

You might be reunited on this earth with a special purpose of serving humanity and making it a better place.

You might meet your twin through a group or institution which has a mission to somehow help people.

This might be a specially rewarding relationship because it will help you grow through your mutual cause of helping other people.

Numerology Facts About Number 39

Number 39 is a number colored by the energies of the number 3 and 9.

Number 3 is accentuated because it is also the sum of 3 and 9.

Number 3 is the number of growth and expansion. It also symbolizes optimism, and hope.

It is a sign of enthusiasm, communication, support, socializing, imagination, individuality, creativity, and changes.

Number 9 is the number of spiritual evolving, inner wisdom, gaining spiritual knowledge, serving humanity, humanitarianism, the universal spiritual laws, philanthropy, developing psychic gifts, tolerance, etc.

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Seeing angel number 39 frequently is a great sign from the Universe and your guardian angels.

If you are currently experiencing this number, your task is to decipher its meaning for your life.

This number is carrying a lot of different messages.

It might be a message of renewed optimism, spiritual evolving, as well as growth and expansion in various aspects of your life.

It might also be a call to be more open about your feelings, or to be more communicative and sociable.

This number might be a calling for you to serve humanity in some way or it might indicate discovering a new path you want to follow.

Under its influence you might desire to expand your spiritual knowledge and expand your inner wisdom.

Whatever your message is make sure you apply it to your life and know that the angels have your back no matter what.

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