33 Angel Number: Meaning & Twin Flame

Number 3 is a powerful number with strong symbolism attached to it.

It was considered as perfect by many ancient civilizations.

This number carries the symbolism of harmony, understanding and wisdom.

It was considered the number of the divine because it contains all the parts of infinity, the beginning, the middle, and the end. This is what makes number 3 the number of “all”.

Three is also the number of human consisting of the body, the soul, and the spirit. It symbolizes seeing, hearing, and feeling, as the three important senses.

Because of the specialness of its nature, this number has since ancient times been considered sacred.

It is the symbol of everything that is complete, substantial, and solid. God also has three attributes, he is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. God is also considered Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Divine beings are also divided into 3 triads which contain nine orders.

These beings are related to every human soul and are helping them to free themselves from the constraints of the material life.

The angels help people receive knowledge of their soul’s purpose and enable them to live their true potential striving to attain spiritual enlightenment.

The first order of the first triad consists of seraphim. They are usually described as “fiery” ones. They consume everything that separates human from God.

The second order is cherubim. The word cherub indicates “full of knowledge”. Cherubs in the Bible are winged creatures.

Through these beings, God’s energy helps illuminate humans’ soul and unite it with divine wisdom.

The third order which belong to the first triad are thrones. They help the human soul get closer to God.

The first triad is always the closest of them all to the divine presence.

In the second triad, first come the dominions. These beings are free from earthly passions.

They are also free from everything low and resembles any kind of discord. These beings are superior and detest tyranny.

The second order belonging to the second triad, are the virtues. They possess virility and strength.

They don’t have weaknesses. They are ascending towards the superessential virtue.

The third order of the second triad are the authorities or powers. They are leaders of those below as far as possible to the supreme power.

They redirect humans from all distractions that keep their mind tied to earthly matters.

The second triad of divine beings helps the human soul to free from all which is below and moving towards all that is above.

The third triad is the lowest, and occupies with the work of providence, or God’s care for all his creatures.

With the help of this group of divine beings, human soul’s can divert their attention from attachment to earthly matters to serving God.

The first order of this last order are the principalities, who are followed by the archangels who help humans discover the divine light, inspire them to read the Bible and get closer to God.

In this last triad, the lowest order are the angels, who oversee all beings of nature, humans included. They help their souls become uplifted and purified.

Higher orders of divine beings inspire lower orders. The third triad of these beings is closest to our world and transmits to us the illumination coming from higher orders.

The hierarchy of these beings is responsible for spreading divine light through the Universe.

Their work is to glorify God. Through their work we are given glimpses of divine secrets.

Angel number 33 has special powers. It is one of the Master numbers (besides 11 and 22). They have a high spiritual energy.

Number 3 is the number of creativity, communication, and balance. It brings opportunities for growth and abundance.

33 angel number has this energy accentuated. It stimulates action and forces you to take your life into your hands.

33 angel number can be an announcement of the lessons we need to learn before we are able to reach our full potential. The road won’t always be easy, but we need to persevere.

This angel number often announces the appearance of a master teacher who will help you in going through these lessons.

Like all other angel numbers, number 33 can appear in various situations. You might see it on a clock, or on a license plate.

You could also see it as a street number or a house number. There are multitude of varieties.

What differentiates seeing it once or twice, which can be a coincidence, from being certain it is not a chance, is the multitude of its appearances.

You will literally see this number everywhere and the experience will repeat and repeat.

When they want to grab your attention, the angels are ready to go through great lengths. You will be sure this number carries a message for you, and you’ll begin wandering what it is.

Because this is a Master number, that accentuates it energy. This means that you are contacted by the Ascended masters.

Ascended masters were once human and after reaching spiritual enlightenment they expanded to a new level of existence.

This angel number appearing in your life is a fortunate sign, indicating that you are protected and guided by the Universe. Your desires are about to manifest.

Sometimes this might mean that you could go through some challenges before reaching your goals but know that your guides will help you navigate through those challenges.

The appearance of 33 angel number means that you are about to experience a major breakthrough in fulfilling your dreams.

The energy of number 3 and its symbolism are multiplied in this number.

The creativity, manifestation and self-expression are doubled. This number inspires great creative outbursts.

What to Do When You See This Angel Number?

33 angel number is extremely powerful.

When it begins appearing in your life, you shouldn’t ignore it and consider it coincidence.

Consider it as a sign from the angels trying to bring you an important message about your future and life in general.

Seeing it might mean a variety of things, which is why it’s essential not to neglect it.

When it is evident that the angel number 33 is not a coincidence and you are certain it carries a special meaning for your life in particular, you should do everything to discern its meaning and message.

You can best do it by analyzing life circumstances you are currently in, the issues you have, the desires you have, your plans, ideas, etc.

This will most likely be the clue to decipher what the angels are trying to convey you.

Also, it is important to note the thoughts you had when you saw angel number 33.

These thoughts might give you additional clue to the meaning of this number for your life.

This angel number is often an announcement of progress and growth in various aspects of your life. You might expect some events with great impact over your life.

Often this number represents creation in some form. It can be creation of a relationship, creation of home and family, creation of art, of business, etc.

This angel number is announcing you the excitement you will soon experience, due to personal growth and success happening in different areas of your life.

33 angel number can indicate the start of something new in your life, such as getting married, buying a new home, or beginning of a new project you’ve been planning for some time.

When this angel number is often in your life consider it as an encouraging sign to begin fulfilling your dreams. Through fulfilling your dreams, you are fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

Don’t forget to follow the guidance coming from the angelic realms.

Some of the indications of 33 angel number are:

  1. Selflessness

33 angel number means helping and uplifting others without expecting anything in return, motivated only by love and altruistic reasons.

It also indicates teaching those who need knowledge and helping those who need help. It resonates highly with the energy of selflessness.

It reminds you embrace selflessness and do good things just for the sake of doing them.

  1. Balance

Balance is one of the possible indications of the angel number 33. Even the number three duplicated in this number implies this indication.

Seeing it often might indicate a message from the angels and the Universe reminding you to create more balance in your life.

You might be unbalanced and lead an unorganized life. Maybe you are all over the place, starting multiple tasks at once, not finishing any of them.

Maybe you are not focused on one, but multiple goals and you are pointlessly wasting your energy.

Your entire life might be jeopardized with such an attitude, and you are also creating a negative impact the people in your surroundings.

Your unbalanced approach to life instils confusion and insecurity in others.

If you realize that being unbalanced is your issue, try to introduce a more balanced approach towards life.

When you manage to do that, it is certain that you will tremendously improve your life as well as all your personal relationships.

  1. Expansion and growth

Sometimes the message behind the angel number 33 is a message of growth.

It can be about your personal growth, the growth of your business, your family, income, circle of friends, experience, etc.

This angel number announces this growth. You might experience an avalanche of opportunities to experience this growth.

Personal growth might occur because of some experiences that will help you grow and become a better person.

Maybe you will encounter an excellent opportunity to grow your business or increase your income.

If you were expecting things to begin unfolding in the desired direction, the 33 angel number is a confirmation that they soon will.

The angels encourage you to begin following your dreams and fulfilling your dreams.

This path will certainly lead to growth, and where exactly will that growth happen it is yours to discover.

  1. Hope and optimism

The angel number 33 is an encouragement to have hope and be optimistic about your desires.

It is important how you feel and think about your dreams.

The angels are asking you to have optimistic thoughts and faith in your efforts to achieve your goals.

You need to believe that your goals are possible and within your reach, regardless of how difficult them might be to attain.

With this angel numbers the angels are promoting optimism and hope as your main assistants in accomplishing your goals.

When you expect success that is what you will experience. Contrary to that, when you expect failure, you are likely to experience it.

In case of this angel number your hope and optimism might be required in some situation of your life, often related to your family.

The angels also want you to have hope and faith that you are able to finish what you’ve started and achieve your goals.

  1. Stability

Stability is another one of the angel number 33 indications. It can be related to the indication of balance. It is often a call to establish stability in your life.

Maybe your life’s stability has been ruined by some unforeseen events, and you are currently going through the struggles of overcoming the circumstances that have occurred in your life.

If this is the case, you should do all that is possible to resolve the issues you might be encountering and try to let go of them. If necessary, ask for a help of a specialist.

Sometimes, this angel number is a calling from the angels to become more serious and do what it takes to stabilize your life.

Unstable life circumstances might be detrimental to your life, especially if they last a long time and you are not doing anything to try to change that.

The first step towards solving your problems is to realize that something is a problem or that you have a problem.

Oftentimes the angel number 33 appears during times of stress, insecurity, and challenges. It often announces the changes necessary to overcome these challenges.

If you are experiencing such times, then consider this angel number appearing in your life as a sign that things are going to change for the better.

  1. Manifesting and manifestation

The angel number 33 is also the number of manifestation. Its appearance in your life often is an indication that your desired outcome is near.

You are about to experience in real life what you have only dreamed so far.

Being the number of the Ascended Masters, it also encourages you to persevere knowing you have them by your side to guide and protect you.

You are also being warned to guard your thoughts and stay away from any negativity, because you don’t want to block your manifestation or attract the opposite and unwanted into your life.

The angels are messaging you to stay relaxed and expect only the best, and that is what you will always experience.

  1. Freedom

Sometimes angel number 33 indicates freedom. It might announce your long awaited desire for freedom and independence will soon become real.

For people who somehow feel restrained by their life circumstances, and desire to free themselves so they could live the life they choose, 33 angel number is a sign that they will soon be free.

The circumstances that will lead to their freedom might not always be

  1. Courage

In some cases, and for some of you, the angel number 33 is an encouragement to take action.

If you are fearful and you don’t believe your dreams are possible you will never succeed.

The angels and Ascended Masters are sending you the message to overcome your fears.

Fears only attract that what you fear from. Trust that they have your back and that all will be well.

Courage is necessary for all major achievements. It is necessary for all achievements.

Negative thought and fears are only preventing you from being where you want to be.

If you are fearful of some outcome and you are constantly seeing the angel number 33, that is a sign for you to stop fearing and embrace the gift of courage.

Things will immediately begin falling into place and in no time, you will have what you desire.

  1. Teaching

Angel number 33 is the number of Ascended Masters. These Masters were and are the teachers of humanity.

For some of you, 33 angel number is a calling from the Universe to begin teaching others your knowledge and your truth.

Some people are born with an inner knowledge and knowing of things that will help others or humanity in general. This knowledge usually lies dormant until it is awakened.

God and the divine helpers are there to help these people awaken their inner knowing and start sharing it with the rest of the world.

If you believe you are gifted with such knowing maybe this is what the angel number 33 wants to message you about. Do some soul searching and start teaching.


Sometimes, angel number 33 is a reminder to count your blessings and be grateful for them. Sometimes, it is an announcement for more blessings to come.

You will decide which of these messages are true for you.

If you usually act ingrateful and you are not appreciative of your life’s blessings whether they be people or circumstances, this message is calling you for more appreciation and gratitude.

If you are a person who doesn’t take for granted the blessings God and the Universe have gifted you with, this message is a sign of more blessings to come, because God loves and rewards appreciation.

33 Angel Number General Meaning

As we have already stated, angel number 33 is an especially powerful number with powerful symbolism.

Jesus Christ, one of the Ascended Masters performed 33 miracles during his brief time on earth and was 33 when he was crucified. This number symbolizes connecting the physical with the spiritual life.

This angel number reminds you to pursue your passions which will lead you to your true soul’s purpose.

This number resonates with the energy of generosity, selflessness, creativity, abundance, manifestation, creation, growth, expansion, teaching, spiritual journey, and enlightenment.

Angel number 33 gives us guidance about reaching our soul’s potential and fulfilling our destiny. This guidance comes in various forms, and it is our task to decipher it. 

Spiritual Meaning of the Angel Number 33

Angel number 33 is one of the most spiritual and mystical numbers.

It reminds us of the necessity of remaining grounded and focused on our goals and life’s purpose. By reaching it, we grow spiritually until we eventually reach spiritual enlightenment.

For everyone, angel number 33 will have a different spiritual meaning. Everyone’s life and purpose are different, and all of us has our own set of lessons to go through.

It is important to trust in God’s and angelic guidance. When this number frequently appears in our reality, it is a true sign that God is with us, leading our way.

33 is reminding us to stay alert and ready for the changes that are coming, because we are about to experience the manifestation of thought and feelings into real form.

You have done all of the work, now it is time to see and experience the results. 

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Biblical Meaning of the Angel Number 33

Angel number 33 is considered special in many religious texts, especially the Bible.

This number represents God’s promises and his judgement. It also amplifies the significance of the holy trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

It also represents the presence of the Ascended Masters and the angels in our lives, guiding and protecting us while we are fulfilling our lives’ journey.

They make sure we don’t go astray. Some of us do, but it is also a part of our soul’s mission in this life.

The angels want to make sure we understand their message. This is why they keep reaching out to us by showing us this angel number. They want us to look for their guidance.

Whenever you are in doubt ask God and the angels to help you and give you guidance.

Also ask them if you feel afraid or ungrounded to give you protection. They have their ways, don’t ever doubt that. 

33 Angel Number and Love

33 angel number symbolizes growth and expansion in our love life.

For those who are single this number appearing frequently in their lives means that they won’t be single much longer.

In existing relationships, this angel number is encouraging balance and stability.

If you are currently in a rocky and unstable relationship, this number in your life might indicate that things will soon change, and you will enjoy stability and groundedness with your partner.

The circumstances through which this stability will occur might not be revealed to you and cannot be foreseen, but the result will be obvious both to you and your partner.

Sometimes this angel number might indicate major changes in your relationship life, such as marriage and starting a family.

After all, 33 is the number of change and expansion.

Angel Number 33 Twin Flame Reunion

Angel number 33 is a special angel number and twin flames is a very special union.

When this number announces a new relationship, this relationship might well be a twin flame union.

If that is something you’ve been hoping for and dreaming about, the appearance of angel number 33 everywhere in your life might be confirming that your desire is about to come true.

This angel number might first prepare you for such a union because it is highly likely that you wouldn’t be able to recognize it, or your partner wouldn’t.

This is why it is necessary for both partners to become spiritually evolved to be able to recognize its true value.

Maybe you and your partner will be forced by the Universe to go through series of variety of experiences to prepare you for this special union before you finally meet.

33 angel number usually means that you are ready for this union, and it is often that two twin souls meet under the influence (presence) of this angel number.

Numerology Facts About Number 33

33 angel number represents an intense energy of the numbers 3 and 6 being the sum of these two numbers.

Number 3 symbolizes optimism, growth and expansion, enthusiasm, hope, changes, imagination, communication, creativity, and creative efforts. It is also a number of manifestation and manifestations.

Number 6 is the number of harmony, balance, tradition, honesty, responsibility, generosity, peace, dependability, and home.

Number 33 symbolizes intense energy of the Ascended Masters. It indicates their presence in our lives inspiring us to make the most of it knowing we have their guidance.

This number in our life is a reminder that we can do whatever we want in our lifetimes.

What is important is to have faith and believe in the best possible outcome, which is the outcome we desire. 

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We have concluded beyond doubt that the angel number 33 is one of the most powerful angel numbers.

This number is a calling from the Ascended Masters and other divine beings to start reaching for the stars. Everything is possible with this number.

When this number is constantly present in our lives it is a sure sign that we should start taking actions to fulfill our dreams.

It fills us with incredible and unstoppable energy that will lead us in the right direction, of course by following the guidance of our angelic guides and Ascended Masters.

This number might carry a lot of different messages and each one of us has a specially designed one.

It might be a message of embracing hope and optimism, becoming selfless, embracing freedom and adventure, releasing fears, beginning to teach others your truth, etc. Everyone should decipher their own message.

If you are in doubt how to fulfil your soul’s purpose and you are not sure that you are receiving clear guidance, ask the angels and God for help.

They are always in your presence, but they don’t interfere in your choices until you openly ask for help.

Sometimes this number will ask from you to make some changes in your life, and sometimes these changes might be unwanted, but they will all be for a higher purpose, your own good and personal growth.

If you are a person that doesn’t appreciate your blessings and the good you have in your life, you are asked to change and become more appreciative and grateful, and express this gratitude.

If you are someone who is only concerned with their own good and don’t care much about others, even the ones who depend on you, you might be asked to change and become more aware of other people and share your blessings with them.

If you are ungrounded and you are living an instable and unorganized life, you might be asked to change and become more organized and responsible.

You might be asked to take care of the mess you caused in your life and the life of others due to your messiness and instability.

The list of possible messages is long and everyone of us has its own list.

If you are one of us that is constantly seeing 33 angel number, don’t dismiss it as a coincidence but follow its guidance.

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