321 Angel Number: Meaning & Twin Flame

If you ask people what is their definition of a happy life, would they say to be happy and healthy, and maybe some will respond to be surrounded with positive energy?

And, when we know that there is positive energy, is the equivalent of a happy life, and on the other side is negative life the opposite.

But the fact is that our lives have both, based on the law of duality.

Negative energies are therefore a part of life, which we must learn to accept, and in no way allow, to take us over.

Modern life, without any spiritual guidelines, is taking us nowhere, and it is not helping us in this way.

There are a lot of quick ways to raise your vibrations in the face of negative energies and thus feel better.

One of them is to try to be as calm as you can and to get out of the situation that causes you problems.

But at times, or very often this could seem like a mission impossible – we need to be guided, and we believe that if you are reading these lines, are in a search of help from above, and you are not wrong.

It exists.

The way numbers and messages come from the Divine realm to the human services as a guide and somewhat an antidote to the negativity and blueness, as these numerals provide clarity.

And yes all of us could receive and understand the Divine message, as all of us are born spiritually intelligent.

When Angel numerals come to you, do not act like you were taught, but let your soul make decisions, and be your leader, with originality, and authenticity.

Be the first in something, and you will, step by step since the time frame does not represent relevance, will reach the different stages of spiritual awakening.

Angel numbers are all around us, just sometimes we do not see them, and in others we do, it is just part of a cyclical process to which we keep returning.

You have been a recipient of the Divine message 321, and Divine beings are inviting you to make a move to pass a certain stage in your life.

Everything that we start may seem very hard to us because we are used to some things.

But do not give up on finding the true answer that is behind your Angel number.

It is usually at this stage that we become interested in Angels and the higher meaning of life.

Then you can go further and further, looking for the solutions for everything else, and learning along the way.


What to Do When You See This Angel Number?

What kind of life you have been living so far?

Were you happy with your choices?

This Angel number has come to you to tell you that now is the time to move; not tomorrow but right now.

There is no way that you have not noticed it; it has been everywhere, and it has been calling you to answer it.

You have wasted so much time, being in a fear of a big failure

Because of your failures, or simply the fear that you will not succeed in your intentions, you had to blame others, which of course creates pain again and again.

A dangerous circle for a person who wants to work on its growth.

Angel number 321 is simply inviting you to move forward – and it gives you the primary lesson to learn; just like the three simple steps.

Angels are counting and you must do the walk.

It all starts with one little step.

Move, and stop blaming others for your misfortune.

Instead of this role of victim, and a person who lives in a fear of failure, and not taking any action, you are invited to move and take on the role of light warrior, which would consequently lead you to develop independence and personal responsibility.

To become a better person, happier, and to grow, of course.

There is no way you will not do it – what follows this stage is an entrance into the spiritual transformation, which represents the realization of how many opportunities and possibilities life offers us.

You will discover yours very soon and do not act surprised if numerous synchronicities come into play, as they are always accompanied by Divine messages, and this includes Angel number 321.

With this message, you will obtain a clearer sense of the deeper meaning of life; and the answer is very close to you – you have only about three steps to reach it.

Three, two, one.

Just take that one step.

321 Angel Number General Meaning

Not only this Divine message sent from Angels is inciting you to take 3,2 and 1; this message carries more and more layers.

Angels use this message to invite you to recognize yourself and start freeing yourself from internal undertakings that are far from yours and not authentic.

People make two mistakes – they are moving away from their true nature and they are scared to make that one move and step out of their comfort zone.

This message will give you the strength and clearness to deal with the negative energy around you and in yourself.

Maybe you have felt this type of energy as the feeling of grayness but also the heaviness in some part of the body, exhaustion, as emotional emptiness but lack of energy.

It just shows how all areas of our system are connected, just like all beings in the Universe.

Now, this message has come to you to show you how to deal with the so-called negative energy.

You have likely felt the negative energy in thousands of different ways because it is always around us and everyone faces it in their way.

Some become nervous, others anxious, and hesitant but internally confused.

Dealing with these strong impulses, which are necessary to encounter but not to live by this kind of energy, can be a long-term problem for many.

This layer of the very strong message 321 is a response to getting rid of negative energy.

But this is not what you are thinking, this action, 321 implies that you start looking at negativity from a different and wider angle and that you can outgrow it in that way.

Now, this part that we have spoken about is the first stage and this is just the transformation of your perspective, and in the second and third parts, we come to the process that is even more important.

We are talking bout spiritual awakening.

It brings with it different stages of transformation, that free us, but it also requires a certain attitude and openness.

In some moments this part may be “dangerous”, while others are “difficult”.

Spiritual Meaning

Now, the spiritual meaning of message 321 is associated with all that we have previously said.

It is all about the right vibration – what kind of your vibration is.

This Divine message is inviting you to compare what kind of vibrations the easy act of receiving and what kind of action of pointing has.

When you are open, and not scared of failure, then you are having the energies of acceptance; as they have much higher vibrations than the energies of negativity, doubt, pain, and fear; and precisely because of that, we must not focus on those low energies, because by doing so, we increase them.

And does it seem logical to you that you can spiritually grow if you are surrounded by negative energies?

Learning from them is one thing, but Divine beings advise you not to allow them to take you over.

In this sense, Angel number 321 is offering you the possibility, to reconsider, that receiving a much higher vibration than this one.

Yes, it is possible, for sure.

But, getting in touch with the so-called negative vibrations, or energies at times must be present in our lives.

Angels are teaching you here a valuable lesson – if you want to grow spiritually, you must often face your dark sides, wounded inner child, and emotional wounds – without this face-off, we cannot grow either personally or spiritually.

And how will that make you feel – very negative, but what you must not do is to stay too long in that kind of emotion.

If we want to achieve authentic inner change, and this is what this Angel number speaks, we must understand where the roots of our negative thoughts and feelings are located.

Our spiritual growth depends on our determination to face our inner negativity.

Angel number 321 represents the first stage of a spiritual awakening, and it implies the release of old models of thinking and acting.

the second stage comes when all that has served you does not anymore – all that is negative ( habits, beliefs, and other limiting ways of acting and reacting) begin to disappear.

This stage is depicted with the number 2 – facing the negative, looking into the mirror, and it is something that liberates us, but it can also easily confuse us with doubt and restlessness.

Angels are saying that is very important that you, at this phase, stay grateful for that change, even when you feel suddenly isolated from those who do not follow the spiritual development.

And the last phase is depicted in number one – you are in the most natural flow of spiritual transformation.

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Biblical Meaning

When you read any lines in the Bible, you will see the number of mentions of Angelical beings – and their communication with us.

Now, when we take a look at the concrete number, what does it says to us?

Angel number 321 speaks of this – letting go, and not being afraid of the dark, because the Light of God is always with us.

Sometimes it is not easy to remember.

It is said that one of the biggest lies that the modern world sells us is an apparent sense of security.

A person who knows what true faith is knowing that security is only an illusion: the future is always open.

And what you need to be faced, according to the impact of message 321 is that you are now being faced with a lesson during spiritual transformation, and feelings of abandonment, fear, and doubt could be something natural.

Remembering that Christ is with you, will make this process easier.

You do not need the outside world, because you will not find any support in the outside world – they will not only resist.

You must learn that they do not need external support, but rather recognize your inner strength and develop perseverance, just like Jesus.

He was alone, believing in the idea, and knew that what he is doing must be done.

So, Angels are saying in this message that you are, when you let go, doing things despite the fear, is what brings you growth.

321 Angel Number and Love

To remind you – all Angel numbers and Wisdom are shaped with the hands of Love.

Human beings are made out of Love, and at times, because of fear, and negativity, we forgot to do things out of Love.

Love is necessary to avoid the harm that the world has inflicted on us, as it helps us to discover our authenticity.

Until we know ourselves, we will always be dissatisfied.

Love means to listen to your inner voice, regardless of the courage that will be required of him.

Knowing Love when we feel that we are alone, life opens up only to the brave.

Life is never open to fear, on the contrary, it closes, this is why in this number from the Divine there are many words about Love.

Love will make you trust yourself, live in the moment, and make the most of what is given.

Live by Love, Angelical beings are teaching you; everything you start, starts with Love, with a conscience.

Breathe, walk, act, kiss, eat – consciously and with Love.

Angelical beings want you to know that fear destroys Love, with it you solve problems, and live your life without fear, nor do you have the fear of the future.

And knowing what Love is, in the sense, that everything is part of the process; and that even when we are tested and put through the pain(in the most general sense, though the negativity), it is also done out of Love.

It is probably one of the most difficult parts of the so-called spiritual transformation.

The most amazing part of spiritual transformation, and it is what Divine beings want you to know, is that by it, you are deepening love and compassion.

Our connection with the heart is strengthened and deepened until we reach the point where we feel pure compassion for everyone.

Hatred and resentment become a part of the past, only Love takes their place.

321 Angel Number Twin Flame Reunion

Maybe you think that reuniting with the Twin Flame is not possible, but you are wrong if you think that you do not have one, and that, finding him or her in this life will require a lot of effort from you.

You have to consciously learn to stop negative thoughts and emotions regarding this area of your life, which carry low vibrations and learn to defend yourself against them.

You, as all others have your Twin Flame, and what the Divine message 321 teaches you, is that you had to go through numerous stages before you were ready to find it.

The most important thing is that you accept the fact that you are approaching the moment to find it, and the path is not easy and clear, that there will be negative – as well as positive energies – always around you.

We can easily block them, redirect them, defeat them: and they will always come back.

In a case of a Twin Flame it could be something like – Will ever anyone love me? Do I have someone who is made for me, etc…

These are all doubts and fears, and therefore negative energies that were distracting you from the path.

But, Angel number 321 is making this path clear for you – a Twin Flame is not only manifested on the physical level, but also in the soul.

It is someone you can feel with the entire of your being.

Numerology Facts About 321 Angel Number

Angel number 321 is made out of three separate but connected elements that are going in order.

There is something to be followed when you receive a message like this one – each part of the message denotes something else.

Number 3 here is associated with the first stage and the primary role of

the spiritual transformation, surrender to Life, and freedom.

Number 2 serves as a mirror, not only toward darkness, but here, primarily to the past, all demons, and negative energies that we have fought.

And in this phase, we learn.

The last step, depicted in number 1 – is our readiness to take some action, to understand that life works for us and not against us.

Also, this numeral is associated with our strength and self-confidence.

And in the end, one more important fact that is related to this Angel number 321; is that we are talking about the sum vibration, which is also important for a deeper understanding of the Angelical intention presented in this message 321.

Here that vibration belongs to the number 6 – and, numerologically speaking; seen like this, this message represents the final step of spiritual change; liberation from all negativity within us.

This may be seen as a phase, represented by this number, in which we, become lighter in our hearts and within our thoughts.

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Here, with the Divine help and their assistance, we have learned what negative energy is and in how many ways this is stopping us from growing and becoming more aware of the energy we live in.

And this is no wonder since we know that the Divine beings are the energy and this light energy has its vibration, and the negative energy is also the form of energy that vibrates lower than other forms of energy, such as love, joy, and peace.

The lower the vibration of the energy, the better the energy becomes, that’s why with low vibrations we feel heaviness, sadness, and darkness.

And, Divine beings have made this job easier for you, and have invited you to take the action.

That action for you is called Angel number 321 – the possibilities are truly endless, you just have to choose them.

If you go through all of those phases, then you will feel lighter, and become clean from all low vibrations (negative energies) that are around you.

What Divine beings tried to teach you here, is to take some action, with one idea – learning to accept them as part of life, without allowing them to affect you.

In the end, Angel number 321 is the message that speaks of the spiritual transformation; and it is what comes right after a spiritual awakening.

This message wants to show you the gift of living.

You have to go through several phases, you need to look into the darkness, and do some work, like introspection, the healing of your wounds, and the search for freedom.

Angels are saying that you must never forget that after all those steps, a new world awaits you, a new opening, which will develop until the last moment of your existence here on this planet, in this life.

Can you see now, what Divine beings have been preparing you for?

Acceptance, and readiness to move, as all that has been happening around you is a part of living.

But, what kind of living do you want to have, from now on, when you have been enlightened by Wisdom?

Do you have some different goals?

In the end, here are some nice words from Angels dedicated just to you, the recipient of this magnificent number – just think: everything in nature has its brightness. Fire burns, water flows, and air are everywhere, … this is part of the Universe.

If you open your eyes well, you will see and recognize the Divine everywhere.

From this point of view, you will never be surrounded by negativity in the way you have been before, now the light has taken over, and you now know that it is there, but you do not have to be a part of it; and, slowly as you spiritually transform, the negativity will become smaller and smaller.

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