3 of Hearts Card – Meaning and Symbolism

Cards went through a long process of evolution before they received the appearance, we all know today.

It is uncertain when and where they were first made, but the general belief is that this happened in China, possibly in the 10th century AD.

Cards spread all over Asia, and from there they were brought to Europe, possibly at the end of 13th or beginning of the 14th century.

It is likely that the Italians and Spanish had the honor to first see and use card decks.

These first cards were only for the rich because they were a very expensive item, being hand-made and painted.

In time, cards became an item everyone could own, and they began spreading around the world. 

Hearts Suit Symbolism and Personality Traits

The suit of hearts is a suit related to matters of emotions, love, feelings, relationships, partnerships, connections, communication, feminine power, intuition, healing, purity, adaptability, receptibility and similar.

This suit also gives the traits of imagination, romantic feelings, creativity.

The heart suit also gives negative traits, such as unrealistic expectations, repressed emotions, false hopes, lack of creativity, excess emotionality, lack of passion, issues with expressing feelings, etc.

These negative traits of the hearts suit are usually present in people with tendency of suppressing their emotions which is why it is essential for them to become more open and heal the emotional issues they have.

People with their birth card in the heart suit have emotional and sensitive nature.

They do things motivated by their emotions and often neglect the warnings of their mind.

It is important for them to learn to control their emotions and not overreact. This behavior can only harm them.

These people are open-hearted and communicative.

They enjoy interacting with people and meeting new acquaintances.

Their nature is spontaneous, and they easily come into contacts.

For them it is usually easy to express their emotions because they enjoy talking to others how they feel.

3 Card Meaning

Number 3 cards symbolize forming a third part from two parts coming together, as a union.

These cards symbolize creation, birthing of something new from two different things.

They indicate potential as well as new opportunities.

Number 3 cards can also be a sign of the opposite, indicating destruction instead of creation.

Those who have number 3 card as their birth card are usually spontaneous beings, creative, sociable, funny, artistic, playful, childlike, romantic, love to travel, but also insensitive, promiscuous, indecisive, impractical, confused, elusive, moody, messy, etc.  

3 of Hearts Card – Meaning and Symbolism

3 of Hearts cards symbolize indecision or creativity in expressing emotional affection.

This is also the card of love triangles.

This card can give the traits of overindulging in drinking, life, and love. It can make a person self-indulgent to their detriment.

This card gives a tendency of overreacting and exaggerated emotions.

It can make a person drama queen.

They tend to exaggerate their problems.

Often this card is a sign of superficial friendships because of inability to commit.

This card can be a sign of avoidance of responsibility and living in the now without considering the future or other people.

It can also be a sign of gossip.

It is also a sign of betrayal and disappointments in life that happen frequently.

3 of Hearts Card Personality Traits

3 of Hearts people often have problems committing.

This card symbolizes uncertainty in love, and this is what often marks their lives.

They are unwilling to commit and often spend their entire lives in open-type relationships without ever putting the effort into establishing a monogamous relationship with one person.

They might spend years with one person but being reluctant to get to the next level, propose or establish a family with them.

Their reluctance to commit is what often ends up their relationships leaving them disappointed yet with realization that they were the one to blame for the separation.

This often turns into regret in their later years in life because they realize that they have wasted their lives without ever being committed to a person.

3 of Hearts people are interesting and most of them are very charismatic.

It is easy for them to attract and keep the attention of potential suitors.

They love to mingle and meet new people.

Their nature is adventurous, and they love exploring people and places.

They are entertaining and very creative.

Their creativity often expresses through some form of art.

Their curiosity leads them to new experiences which they find very enriching.

The soul card of the 3 of Hearts is the Ace of Hearts.

Their soul card reveals their deep need for love and commitment, which their birth card the 3 of Hearts and its energy often prevents from happening.

Their nature is lovable, but they often run away from love.

The 3 of Hearts person is usually successful.

These people are very adaptable and not afraid to switch to another profession if they get bored from their current one.

They easily get bored and need constant challenge and stimulation.

They work well in large groups and company work is suitable for them.

3 of Hearts often become disappointed and confused in their quest for the right partner.

They have a problem recognizing the right person for them even when they are in front of them.

They often make wrong choices and miss great opportunities for love because of their need for freedom and exploring new possibilities.

They have a problem deciding when it is the right time to stay in a relationship and give it a chance.

Their urge for exploring is always keeping them in doubt about maybe being wrong about their choice and something better waiting for them in the future or somewhere else.

For the 3 of Hearts people mental and emotional confusion is a frequent state.

They can be shallow in their approach to love or be in relationships with people who have such approach.

These people are usually very accomplished in their professional life.

They are not afraid of hard work and this ensures the success in every area they chose.

Their desire for change often brings a profession that requires travel and other kinds of change.

Realizing that they need to relax and go with the flow is sometimes very difficult for them.

Overthinking is their worst enemy and often causes wrong decisions.

Analyzing every detail of a situation or regarding a person doesn’t always guarantee right decisions.

Even though they are successful and don’t have problems making money, they often feel insecure and fearful regarding their financial situation.

They often have money fears which are in many cases ungrounded.

They are very creative and have many ideas to make money, but their indecisiveness often prevents them from completing them.

Having a strong financial foundation in life is important to them.

This urge often makes them put aside their love life waiting for things to become perfect financially.

This often results in wasting precious time and missing valuable opportunities for love and relationships.

Many of them end up with enough money in the bank but single and emotionally dissatisfied and disappointed.

For their friends and people who know them, these people make excellent company.

Their nature is joyous and lighthearted.

They know how to uplift the mood of others.

They are in constant pursuit of fun and adventure.

3 of Hearts people are born on November 30th and on December 28th.

3 of Hearts Card in Tarot and Cartomancy

The 3 of Hearts is a card of friendship, collaboration, celebration.

This card in a card spread is usually a sign of support from friends and family members in times or need.

It can also indicate celebrating some success with friends and family members.

3 of Hearts in a reading can announce some celebration with loved ones to look forward to in the upcoming days.

The 3 of Hearts might appear in a card reading when it’s time to call some friends you haven’t seen a long time or organize a gathering with family members to simply enjoy each other’s company.

Maybe the person has been neglecting their friends or family members due to some other occupations and the Universe is reminding them to make amends to them.

This card is a good sign, indicating good times, laughter, and celebrations.

It announces a time filled with various contacts with people.

Sometimes the 3 of hearts can indicate collaborating with others on some project.

It can represent working together to achieve a common goal.

It might indicate some creative pursuit in the company of friends, coworkers, and sometimes family members.

When the 3 of Hearts appears reversed in a card spread this can indicate a time of retreat and solitude.

It might indicate taking a break from social contacts with friends and family members.

Maybe a busy period of celebrations and gatherings (during holidays or birthdays for example) is about to end, and the person might enjoy some time alone.

In some cases, the 3 of Hearts reversed could indicate the person feeling excluded and isolated from their friends or family members for some reason.

Other cards in the spread can give more details about the reasons for this exclusion.

In this case, the person is encouraged to remove themselves from the situation and focus their attention to themselves and people who deserve to have them in their lives.

Sometimes the 3 of Hearts reversed can be a sign of lack of creative inspiration or not being able to contribute creatively to a project because of some outside circumstances.

Often this card in a reversed position can remind the person to find the time for themselves and relax after a busy period.

It is also a reminder to find time for the loved ones and redirect focus from work to family and friends.

In love readings, the 3 of Hearts reversed might be a warning sign of betrayal and three-party situations.

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