3 of Clubs Card – Meaning and Symbolism

Cards are a common thing in a modern day existence, and we still don’t know when they first appeared and where.

The commonly accepted theory is that cards were created in China somewhere in the 10th century.

From Asia, cards found a way to Europe through merchants who brought them as an exotic and luxurious item from the east.

At first, they were only accessible to the rich because of how expensive and time-consuming it was to produce them.

Cards in these times were all hand-painted and were decorated with richly ornaments.

Later, their mass-production began, and common people could obtain them as well.

Clubs Symbolism and Personality Traits

The clubs suit represents creativity, adventure, action, ambition, energy, expansion, unpredictability, passion, spirituality, etc. those with a birth card from this suit are also adventurous, passionate, energetic, intelligent, and ready for action.

They can be a bit unpredictable, stubborn, and prone to imposing themselves and their opinion onto others.

These people are often egocentric and self-absorbed.

They are usually good looking and charismatic.

3 Card Meaning

Cards with number 3 value are a symbol of coming together of two parts to form a third part as a union of these two.

It is a symbol of creation, the birth of something new as a combination of two different things.

The 3 card is a sign of potential and new opportunities.

Besides indicating creation, this card can also symbolize its opposite, destruction.

People resonating with this card are adventurous and creative souls, spontaneous, sociable, artistic, creative, funny, travelers, playful, romantic, childlike, impractical, spontaneous, moody, insensitive, elusive, promiscuous, confused, indecisive, messy, etc.

3 of Clubs Card – Meaning and Symbolism

3 of clubs symbolizes uncertainty and need to build faith. It is a sign of creativity, magnetism, intelligence, but also indecisiveness and confusion.

This card often speaks about issues with women family members, such as mother, sister, or grandmother which cause a lot of disappointments and resentment.

It also indicates success through overcoming struggles and obstacles. 

3 of Clubs Card Personality Traits

3 of Clubs personalities are very creative and incorporate this trait in every aspect of their lives.

They can use their creative gifts, such as the gift of writing, performing, or even teaching to become very successful.

The downside to this birth card is that it causes many of these people to worry without a reason or procrastinate and waste their time instead of using it productively to create.

Those who don’t realize that these traits are only preventing them from using their potential, might end up wasting their lives.

3 of clubs person might realize that only by taking actions towards achievement of their goals they will be able to achieve anything in their life.

If they continue to waste their God given gifts, they won’t achieve much.

Many of them get inspired to take action by their fears of poverty, but this is not the right motive to act.

They should be motivated by the fulfilment of their dreams and not by earning enough to provide for their life.

These people often experience some kind of emotional disappointments during the course of their lives.

Some have more than one disappointment, but they serve as teachers and lessons to this person.

These experiences usually elevate them to a higher state of consciousness and cause them to look differently at their lives.

Their important trait is seeking ways to express themselves and their creativity.

They enjoy making new things.

Unfortunately, many of them are inhibiting their talents and drive for creative expression.

They are intelligent and have good intuition, but many of them don’t know how to use it, or they tend to ignore its messages.

They are curious people and love to explore things, places, and people.

They are quick thinkers but are not irrational, and usually think well before making important decisions in life.

When they are making choices about something, this usually takes time, and many of them aren’t sure if the choice was right even after making it.

For the 3 of clubs person routine is detrimental.

Many of them are forced to succumb to the pressure of everyday living and the need to provide themselves and their families and do a job that is boring and completely uninspiring.

It is essential for them to try to find a job that will allow their creative side to express.

They also don’t like being tied to one space, and a job that requires a lot of movement or even travel is a great one for them.

They also need to transform and grow so they prefer jobs that enable changes and new opportunities.

They are very successful in artistic and other creative careers.

3 of clubs are attractive and have a lot of opportunities to find partners, but their love life is often not satisfactory.

They are bound to experience disappointments due to their independent and flexible nature.

These people are often involved in three sided relationships, either due them cheating on their partner or their partners cheating on them.

For their love life to become stable they need to change first and set their priorities straight.

They cannot expect commitment and devotion from someone if they are unable to provide it for the other person.

When they make this decision the right person and relationship enter their life.

Some of them are bound to experience great loss and sadness because of breakups and endings of relationships they perceived as ideal.

They love to travel and love meeting strangers.

They are also responsible and always pay their debts on time.

They are good with making money, but they can experience ups and downs with their finances.

They are good with organizing people, and in fact, they are much better at doing this with other people than with their lives.

In their lives they tend to be indecisive, but they seem to instinctively know what others need.

They are excellent for jobs that require communication and interactions with people.

They might begin their lives as completely atheistic, but most of them find their spiritual calling during their lifetime and this is what changes their lives completely.

They become connected with their inner being and begin listening to their inner voice which turns out to be their greatest ally.

They start having faith in themselves and their abilities to be someone and achieve whatever they desire.

They love to communicate and express their thoughts through words, but also in writing.

These people are often talented and successful writers.

They enjoy being with people, both their friends and strangers.

They enjoy the exchange of energy and experiences which happens in these interactions.

They love to go out and are mostly outdoor types.

Until they discover their true soul’s calling, they might be restless and making frequent changes in their life which tend to make their lives unstable.

When they finally come to peace with their choices and the way their life is, they experience true bliss and happiness.

The three of clubs wants to have many options to choose from despite their indecisiveness when it comes to making choices which causes them to be nervous and stressed.

The main problem is overthinking and great attention to details.

They are weighing all their options and are usually questioning their final decision because they still don’t believe it was the right one.

3 of Clubs people are born on May 29th, on June 27th, on July 25th, on August 23rd, on September 21st, on October 19th, on November 17th and on December 15th.

3 of Clubs Card in Tarot and Cartomancy

3 of clubs in cartomancy and tarot can have many different meanings.

For some readers, this card is a good sign indicating success of the client’s efforts.

This card annuls the negative impact of other cards in the spread.

For some readers, the 3 of clubs is a sign of possible disappointments and confusion.

It indicates indecisiveness and inability to decide which path to choose.

Sometimes it is a sign of a romantic breakup due to a third party influence.

This card often signifies betrayal.

When the 3 of clubs is placed upright in the spread, it indicates that some of client’s plans are on their way to fulfilment.

This card might be a sign of a steady progress towards your goals and dreams.

It indicates possibilities and opportunities that arise as a result of previous actions and planning.

Sometimes this card can be a sign of some obstacles that might arise in the future and is preparing the client to take some action to prevent them if possible.

In some cases, the 3 of clubs is a sign of travel or something related to travel, and this can be determined through analyzing the other cards in the spread.

When the 3 of clubs is reversed it indicates the client’s hesitation to take action in the direction of their dreams.

Maybe it is a sign of missing some opportunities and choosing not to take risks.

This card can also be a sign of unpredicted obstacles the client could experience while trying to accomplish some dream they have.

The card indicates temporary setbacks and is a kind of encouragement to the client that they are on the right path and they only need to be patient and wait for some circumstances to fall into place.

The 3 of clubs indicates delays that cannot be controlled.

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