21 Numerology Meaning – Is 21 a Lucky Number?

Since you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve noticed the same specific number everywhere you look, the number 21.

Now, if you’re only hearing about numerology for the first time, you’re in for a real treat. Are you ready?

So here goes.

Repeating number and number patterns are universal creations carrying the messages hidden from our conscious Self.

These numbers are signs that you’re receiving or are about to receive valuable information from your subconscious and the Universe.

In fact, numerology is often referred to as Universe’s mathematics, containing energy and essential data that’s otherwise hidden.

However, the great secret of the Universe is that we don’t just come from the Source; we are also the Source itself. So all knowledge is ours to receive; we just have to open our eyes to see.

Why Do You Keep Seeing the Number 21?

If you’ve been noticing the number 21 so much that you cannot ignore it anymore, it means your intuition is telling you something.

You are ready to receive the blessings from above, coming in the form of answers, guidance, divine protection, or simply confirmation you are on the right track.

If you’re noticing the number 21 on license plates, buildings, receipts, or every time you look at a clock, that’s synchronicity.

That means it’s not a coincidence. Carl Jung has said: “Synchronicity is the ever-present reality for the ones who have the eyes to see.”

And once your eyes are opened, there is no going back to the ordinary. Once you notice the pattern, you will realize there is a connection.

But don’t worry if you don’t see it yet. Angel number 21 signals that your guardian angels are by your side, helping you decipher their messages.

You are being divinely guided and encouraged to trust your intuition, and you will reach your highest potential.

Seeing the number 21 most often means you have unique inner gifts that are just “ripe” enough for you to start sharing them with the collective.

In fact, you have some excellent traits that you can use to create the magical reality you dream of.

But there is a catch; the Universe says you must dream big and be diligent.

But moreover, you need to have faith and trust in yourself and the Divine that you can reach the success you’ve been dreaming of.

However, you also have to be careful what you wish for. Pure intentions and a grateful heart are the recipes for manifesting abundance in all forms.

Numerology Meaning of Number 21

Angel number 21 is numerologically significant since it contains two deeply significant numbers – 2 and 1. Their sum is 3, which is hugely important in religion and spirituality.

The number 3 also has the energy of creativity and the ability to manifest magnificent ideas in reality.

So, in essence, it presents the completion of a cycle or reaching an important milestone.

The number 21 thus represents absolute fulfillment and spiritual awakening after intensively challenging life cycles.

So even if you’re going through hurdles and your spirits seem low, seeing the number 21 is a signal of light. It’s a message from the Universe that you are on the right path.

So persevere and trust the divine timing, building your own way using the innate gifts you carry inside.

The number 3 energy in 21 symbolizes creativity, optimism, joyfulness, and charisma. These are your strengths.

The number 21 signifies you are abundant with creative energy, which is fulfilled inside you. Number 1 is a very significant angel number, and number 2 is also.

Number 1 symbolizes independence, leadership, dominance, achievement, and uniqueness.

It also means optimism and a positive approach to life circumstances that may derive you from your path.

Number 2 represents duality, diplomacy, companionship, and relationships.

The energy of the number 21 thus consists of the power of 3, 2, and 1.

The energy of 3: imagination, creativity in self-expression, and dynamic personality, a social butterfly

The energy of 2: companionship, teamwork, diplomacy, cooperation, co-creation, duality, coexistence

The energy of 1: unity, independence, solitude, universal power

Together in the number 21, these numbers symbolize the importance of having both intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships in balance.

It also represents creativity, inspiration, companionship, self-expression, meaning, and life purpose.

No less importantly, the number 21 also represents optimism.

If you’re constantly surrounded by people, it’s probably because you have a contagious dose of optimism in every situation life throws at you, which is an invaluable gift to have.

In numerology, the angel number 21 also serves as a message that you have the protection and the capacity to fulfill your destiny, even if you’re still unsure exactly what it is.

In that sense, 21 also represents patience, so trust that your story unfolds in the divine timing.

Therefore, the 21 represents the energy of a creative spirit uniquely capable of maintaining meaningful and abundant relationships.

For example, 21 is both reliable and resourceful. Combined with its optimism, it represents an excellent partner and an inspiring friend.

Frequently the 21 people serve as inspiration to others for their dependability, enthusiasm, and creativity.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Number 21

You’ve already learned that the number 21 reduced to 3 means creativity in completion. That means you are universally gifted to manifest the highest of outcomes in your 3D reality.

Moreover, seeing the number 21 signifies that you have the support of the Universe in this endeavor, giving you guidance.

It means you are headed in the right direction. But from now on, keep blazing on with your eyes and ears opened wide.

You will receive downloads of signals from the Source, often containing specific messages regarding your purpose and personal relationships.

The appearance of the number 21 is even more significant if you’re currently experiencing challenges on your spiritual journey.

But remember, the path is never linear. Instead, the hurdles help you learn and dig out for your true power to shine. That way, you can see your strength and divinity more clearly than ever.

The number 21 motivates and supports you. It also reminds you to show the same to your partner, family, or friends.

Therefore, support is regarding 21 of the most significant aspects of a relationship.

So think about how you can show more of it; to yourself and others too.

Moreover, angel number 21 encourages you to ensure you bring the best out of yourself and your loved ones.

In fact, 21 has profound significance in the emotional sense, signifying the need for healing by working on two fundamental traits – courage and self-reliance.

Sometimes the number 21 comes amid emotional turmoil and instability, urging you to be brave.

However, that can also mean the courage to ask for help and support from those around you.

After all, the 1 speaks about unity, unity of all living beings, and the sphere of support we must strive for.

However, asking for support is one thing, and codependence is another. The key, as always, is in balance.

If the word self-reliance resonated with you somehow, it might be your intuition telling you something.

It might be time to take charge of your life and destiny and develop self-reliance. Instead of turning to others, turn to your inner Self because it’s where the most valuable lessons and messages lie.

Once you start digging deeper into yourself, you will discover who you are.

Moreover, once you tune in, you will start noticing the innate gifts we talked about earlier. You know, the ones you can use to reach your highest potential and pursue your Soul’s path.

The Symbolic Meaning of the Number 21

The number 21 carries powerful symbolism since it’s made of two deeply significant angel numbers.

The 2 and 1 symbolize duality, diplomacy, co-creation, inspiration, creativity, and fruitful relationships.

They also represent leadership, achievement, uniqueness, optimism, and triumphant completion.

Regarding the latter, there is a valuable and strong emphasis on the divine purpose, so watch out for the messages you’re receiving.

The Secret Meaning of the Number 21

Since 21 contains the vibrations of 2 and 1, it typically symbolizes soul mission and one’s life purpose.

Within that critically important mission, in number 2 lies the importance of relationships, positivity, love, cooperation, and balance.

The number 1 symbolizes freedom, unity, motivation, success, and new beginnings.

Combined, the energies of 2 and 1 represent the combination of all these qualities in one powerful creative force.

Being empaths, the number 21 people can see the bigger picture and notice the little things in relationships. As such, they are incredibly talented mediators and problem solvers.

Moreover, if the number 21 resonates with you, you probably have many friends since you’re easy to communicate with and get along with.

This is because you have the innate gift of bringing light to confidence in others when they need it most. This is how a 21 person shows their love and dependability.

Unfortunately, however, there is a notion of oversensitivity in these people sometimes, which can ultimately make them unreliable in certain situations.

Consequently, this brings us to the balance needed to use these unique gifts to progress individually and as a part of the collective.

The Biblical Meaning of the Number 21

The number 21 in the Bible symbolizes rebellion and is connected to critical written stories. One is about Israel people leaving the promised land and having 21 events after.

Secondly, the number 21 in the Bible is closely connected to the angel number 13, symbolizing the human’s sinful nature.

Biblically speaking, 21 represents a new beginning starting with a rebellion. The number also symbolizes the 21 verses of the Old Testament, with the word father mentioned 21 times.

In addition, the Gospel of St. John has 21 chapters. Moreover, the number also represents wisdom.

The Meaning of the Number 21 in Love and Relationships

As 21 resonates with relationships and companionship, you might soon meet the romantic partner of your dreams. 2 is the number of pairs, while 1 represents unity.

In addition, seeing the number 21 indicates your positive influence on personal relationships, making you a fantastic partner.

You are a person who cares deeply and passionately about the people in your life, especially your romantic partners.

Often the number 21 symbolizes a new love cycle, so if you start getting some offers, make sure you choose a person you can share your creativity and ideas with.

All in all, the number 21 in love most often signifies excellent luck in matters of the heart.

Moreover, this fresh new beginning will probably be an adventurous one.

So, get ready for it by spreading love everywhere you go.

The Number 21 as a Person

The most common traits of the people resonating with the number 21 are creativity and reliability.

These people have a uniquely creative spirit which typically prevails when there is a conflict in the relationship.

That means the 21s are capable of finding solutions and compromising when needed.

Additionally, their dependability glues their interpersonal relationships and makes them highly lovable humans.

Being so empathetic and positively wired as a 21 person, these people are usually sources of inspiration in their social circle.

Moreover, their enthusiasm is a tremendous driving force in any endeavor with others.

When numerologically derived, the number 21 is a mixture of:

• Creativity in completion and self-expression
• Enthusiasm
• Inspiration
• Diplomacy
• Companionship
• Positivity
• Optimism
• Reliability
• Empathy

These valuable traits make the people resonating with the number 21 lovable and popular.

But one of the most unique traits of 21s is how their spirit feels about and cherishes relationships.

Usually, the number 21 people prefer artistic and creative souls such as themselves in love.

However, those kinds of people are often very expressive, which can lead to conflicts.

Luckily, 21’s diplomacy and empathy usually swoop in to save the day and find the creative solutions that work for both.

The 21 people are typically comfortable in any social setting and often the life of any party.

Since they are creative and artistic, they usually roam the art galleries and exhibits.

Moreover, these souls are uniquely special for their ability to lift others’ spirits with their vivacious energy and invincible attitude.

In essence, the number 21 in relationships symbolizes your excellent communication skills and charisma.

In addition, a typical 21 is usually a chill personality with a peaceful vibe that people love to be around.

What to Do if You Keep Seeing the Number 21

First and foremost, be thankful. A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles, which you already receive if you notice angel number 21 everywhere you turn.

The appearance of 21 typically indicates that you are in for a life adventure.

That usually means being presented with new abundant opportunities or an entirely new life direction.

Since events such as these can get pretty overwhelming, angel number 21 is a sign of support from your guardian angels and spirit guides.

Additionally, the appearance of 21 also encourages you to remain in balance.

Sometimes, the number comes as a warning to mind your thoughts since you have the genuine power to manifest them into your reality.

So, be careful what you wish for. Ensure you’re following your Soul’s path and mission, working for the betterment of the collective.

The most important advice here is to keep thinking positively and believe that the Universe is working in your favor.

The number 21 is a sign it’s the perfect time to work on your dreams and desires because you are lovingly supported.

But, this doesn’t mean you’ll be gliding through life without any challenges or obstacles.

Instead, the number 21 confirms that you already have everything you need for success inside of you.

Moreover, it also means that you have help from the Divine. Angel number 21 is the ultimate encouragement, letting you know your steps will be divinely guided.

So, blaze on and don’t let your insecurities or self-doubts creep in. The same goes for the negative words and influence from your surroundings.

Chances are that your spiritual progress will naturally move you away from some people.

Let them go with love, peace, and grace if that happens. Not all are meant to walk the same path, which is entirely okay.

Sometimes people can become obstacles on one’s journey, and the best thing to do in that case is to let them go with love and gratitude.

In that regard, sometimes, the number 21 shows you that you should open yourself up to receiving love instead of only pouring it out in the world.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give to others without expecting equal back.

It’s about self-respect and equal give and takes, which are essential aspects of relationships.

Relationships based on mutual love and support are those that you can build upon and create your legacy.

If You’re Seeing 21 Often, Remember to Maintain Your Balance

Balance is the key to using your unique gifts and talents on your Soul’s journey. It’s critical to be in alignment to reach the success you’re dreaming of.

If balanced, the number 21 is:

• A creative, diplomatic, and empathetic leader
• A great communicator with massive influence
• Intelligent and self-reflective
• Talented marketer and influencer

In unbalanced, the number 21 is:

• Always working hard but never reaching satisfying results and the ultimate success
• Struggling with challenges and obstacles, feeling discouraged
• Wearing a mask of success but feeling like a failure inside, which most people see through
• A control freak eager to put too much pressure on themselves

Those mentioned above suggest that you might feel unbalanced, so start making critical changes. Once you do that, you will turn on your innate unique gifts and traits.

The balance of the number 21 is shown in success following hard work, heightened intuition and connectedness to the Source, intelligence, influence, and wisdom.

Moreover, this balance brings harmony, diplomacy, spiritual progress, and the unique ability to reflect on the 21 people.

If you discover you’re not exactly a balanced 21 person, there might be several reasons for that.

For example, people who grew up too quickly due to adverse circumstances tend to be anxious and control freaks.

Unfortunately, that often leads to them being workaholics and at risk of burnout.

If you recognize these traits in yourself, don’t worry. You’re seeing the number 21 because it’s high time to overcome these obstacles.

Why? It’s simple; you are here to follow your Soul’s mission, and it’s high time you get rid of insecurities and trauma that hinder your growth and progress.

In doing so, you will have the ultimate support and guidance of the Universe. That is the message of angel number 21 for you.

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The Bottom Line

To conclude, if you’re wondering if 21 is a lucky number – it undoubtedly is.

The angel number is the Universe’s way of conveying important messages vital to you in this phase of your life.

Consider it a genuine blessing of the Divine, showing you unprecedented support and guidance on your path.

Stay open to receiving the data from the Source, have faith in yourself, and you will lead a meaningful and triumphant life.

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