188 Angel Number: Meaning & Twin Flame

How many times in life you have felt that you have been deceived and that the Universe or God has let you down?

How many times you have said that you do not have any more faith in humanity and that you are now wanting to never be born; and that all of your beliefs are not being jeopardized?

But, have in mind that the faith of a human is always tested, precisely in those moments when we cannot see the reason behind some problematic events, but we can see the light in ourselves, and based on that we can take on some important decisions in our lives.

Angels with endless wisdom come to us, for this reason, and they are such beings who share it with us, using the Divine message, or Angel numbers, whatever you like to call them.

Today we will examine Angel number 188.

What to Do When You See This Angel Number?

For example, first, you see 188 on the bus, the same day that number appears on one of the trade accounts, and a day later you get a phone call containing the exact combination, then a very important person calls you right at 18:8.

Angel number 188 means that angels from heaven are looking at you and see absolutely every step you take, action, and even thoughts.

If this Angel number appears to you often lately, it may mean that you intend to do something you shouldn’t and the angels are sending you a message to reconsider your decision and intention.

It is very likely that you want to take revenge on someone for some evil that they have done to you, and therefore to offend your soul.

Revenge will not help you recover what was lost, but will only deepen your hatred and restlessness.

Do not rely on the fact that you will feel better afterward because that move carries with it consequences, which you will bear at some point.

The angels are sending you a message that you will not only ruin your life and the lives of your loved ones and family.

If Angel number 188 started appearing to you frequently during some physical activity, it may mean that Divine beings are sending you a message that you are overdoing it and that you need to slow down.

It is possible that you have overestimated yourself and your capabilities and that you are on the way to endangering your health.

We advise you to visit a doctor and do the necessary examinations and a stress test so that you know what limit you must not cross.

Otherwise, you are a person who likes sports, but you can often overestimate yourself and your abilities, which is why you were prone to injuries.

You need to find an activity that is appropriate for your age and take care of your health.

188 Angel Number General Meaning

If Angel number 188 began to appear frequently in your dreams, it may mean that the angels are sending you a message that one of your dreams will come true.

It is a dream that you have dreamed many times in an identical way and it was very lucid.

This dream refers to the apartment where you grew up, but your parents sold it to you and you can’t regret it even today when you have your family and a roof over your head.

Your dream is always based on the childhood feelings you had for it.

A view through one window to the wooded area and the kindergarten you went to, and from the other side to the park and the forest with the track where you sledded when it snowed.

They say that when you go through the apartment from room to room and forget what you wanted to do, you should go back to the room where you first thought of it and you will remember.

This is because rooms are the keepers of memories.

Likewise, all those rooms where you were as a child, keep your memories and memories.

You are aware of this and have an indescribable desire to walk through that apartment and remember all the beautiful and ugly memories from your childhood.

That’s the only way you’ll be able to remember some of the events that shaped you into the person you are today, with your flaws and virtues.

You have been planning to buy a bigger apartment for a long time and now you have the opportunity to do so.

But do the angels advise you to check if your old apartment is for sale? Because you will be pleasantly surprised.

Spiritual Meaning

If the angel number 188 began to appear to you often when you are out fishing, it may mean that you miss someone a lot, someone who instilled peace in your soul.

It is very likely that your friend with whom you spend a lot of time has moved away and you haven’t seen each other for a long time.

This is your childhood friend, with whom you shared a crust of bread when you had nothing and you miss a lot in your life.

Angels are sending you a sign that your secret friend will return to your hometown because he was not satisfied with life in another city.

To your great happiness and satisfaction, you will be able to enjoy his company again.

If Angel number 188 has started to appear frequently while you are reading or watching the news on TV, it may mean that the angels are telling you that you should take a break or completely stop getting informed, because it is not good for you.

Angels are sending you a signal that all that news has started to have a bad effect on you because you have been sensitive lately.

Today’s media is full of black news and this has started to affect your subconscious in the form of bad mood, restlessness, insomnia, and anxiety without you even realizing that this is exactly what is bothering you. Turn off the TV and take care of yourself.

Introduce some physical activity into your life, read a book, buy a house and take your mind off the problems that the news bombards you with in order to soothe your soul and heart.

Otherwise, you can damage your psychophysical health and the angels are warning you about that.

This is very important for the maintenance of your spiritual health, of all that you have been doing lately, it has to serve you, and it has to ensure that you are spiritually growing.

Biblical Meaning

If Angel number 188 started appearing to you during the arrangement of your home, it may mean that you will have an unexpected visit in the coming days.

So, this message is in some way, connected to the aspect of change, and our ability to accept things that we did not expect to happen.

For example, can we love someone who is our blood, and at the same time someone who is not close to us?

In what way has Jesus done it, even to love those who hated him, and even those who have been brutal to him?

Would you be able to do the same thing, and see that God also speaks through such actions and such people, at the same time?

This is a lesson to be learned, how to accept, and Angel number 188 has come to remind you of it.

The angels are sending you a message that it will be someone you haven’t seen since your childhood and you won’t recognize him.

Your father left you when you were still small and went into exile, from which he never returned.

And it is very possible that he will appear in front of your door with a bouquet of flowers and a smile on his face.

While he was abroad, he found out that your mother had an affair during that time and he got a summary divorce and returned to another country to work.

He sent your mother money and letters for you, which your mother never showed you, fearing that you would want to leave her.

Your father thought you didn’t want anything to do with him and that’s why he didn’t try to contact you anymore.

Now that you are grown up, he appeared because he is seriously ill and only wants to meet you before he goes to the next world.

After everything that happened, try to find the strength to forgive him for everything, so that he can leave in peace.

He is not a bad man, but you cannot understand why he never came to see you.

This is because in the meantime he met another woman and had children with her.

This means you have a half-sister and a half-brother abroad, which you don’t know existed.

188 Angel Number and Love

If Angel number 188 began to appear to you often in the moments of your love, it means that the angels from the heavens are sending you a message that this is a person who will hurt you.

You are someone who has a very loving nature and therefore you are blind to someone’s flaws when the chemistry works.

You are a person who, when he falls in love, takes that person to heaven and is in the seventh heaven.

But most often you will be brought down to earth very quickly because whenever you show someone that you are in love with him, he spins you around his little finger or you simply become boring to him and he ends the relationship with you.

Then you fall into an addiction to alcohol, sadness, and depression, from which you hardly recover.

The angels are sending you a message that you will pass the same way with the person and they want to spare you all that so that you have patience for the moment when your twin flame appears in your life.

188 Angel Number Twin Flame Reunion

Angel number 188 is such a powerful number from the Divine realm, as it brings the realization that after some time, after 18 and some more years you have been reunited with the Twin Flame, and this is something that you have been waiting for a long time, and now that realization has come.

So, Angel number is powerful and it truly has cleared your mind and brought to you the realization that after 18 years, you have learned what unconditional love is, how important is your Twin Flame for you, and how as a pair your two can grow, and faith will grow even more.

Grow as you feel as a pair, and then you know that the pain has its meaning, and you become free.

After 18 and more years of not fitting into any place, a love healing has come with the Twin Flame and all the wonderful emotions that it brought to the surface for you, will just make you better and better.

Do you want to know what you feel right now?

You can feel something that is a mixture of endless relief, gratitude in your bones, in everything that you do, peace in your heart… ultimately.

Only love, but not need with the Twin Flame.

Numerology Facts About 188 Angel Number

If you often see the angel number 188 these days, it is wrong to take it as a significant sign that the Universe is sending you for a reason.

Angel numbers come from the spiritual dimension, their main message is encouragement, guidance, hope, patience, and tolerance.

Here everything is hidden – number 1 is the number of extreme power.

The number 1 represents the number of the spirit of the Creator and is with the Universe.

It represents unity and power.

But now, when you add even something more, not once but twice, like here where the numeral 8 is seen two times, in such a moment you know that incredible boost of energy is coming your way, and such an impact will be something to see, but before that, you must have faith.

Additionally, when we take a look at this Angel number 188 and look at the sum vibration, then we get to see number 19, or maybe 10, when we sum it up even more.

The number that appears to you more often than four times in a row, is a guarantee that the angelic message of encouragement is really meant for you.

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If Angel number 188 appeared to you when choosing something, and you cannot make up your mind, like for example what you will enroll in, Angels are sending you a message that you should visit those schools before making your decision and choose the one where you will feel the most beautiful.

Angels send you a signal that you listen to your instinct and that in this case, it will not deceive you and that in this way you will enroll in school, which you will finish with pleasure and without difficulty, and that later you will deal with the work you like to do.

Angels want to help you with your choice, but you will have to follow the signals and messages that they send you.

When you can’t make up your mind about something, don’t go “with your head” but be guided by that good feeling in your stomach, which will tell you what the right choice is and won’t deceive you.

If Angel Number 188 started appearing to you while you are at your workplace, it may mean that the angels are sending you a message that you will have an opportunity to advance in the coming period and that you should take advantage of it.

You are doing great where you are now and you love doing what you are doing, but the angels are warning you that you will need the progress that is being offered to you in the future in order to secure your place under the sun, you need to accept it for a better tomorrow.

There will be some big changes at your job, which will affect all workers, and most of all the workforce to which you now belong will be the most endangered.

Your company will lay off employees and it can very easily happen that you will be the one who will have to leave your job.

Therefore, accept the offer, the angels are telling you.

Angel number 188 is a strong indicator of readiness and guilt. It often appears right in the moments when we have the most self-doubts about ourselves and the path we have chosen in life.

The number 188 appears in order to keep faith that the Universe is on our side, and this is precisely where we get back when it comes to the number 188 and what we have a talk about in the previous sections, where we have said that the faith is the most important ingredient of all.

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