111 Angel Number: Meaning & Twin Flame

Number 1 is considered the most powerful number, and when its appearing three times in the angel number 111 this immensely accentuates its power.

Angel number 111 is a combination of energies of the numbers 1 and 11, which is a Master Number, in general symbolizing success, progress, beginnings, forward movement, leadership, uniqueness, independence, initiative, soul’s mission and purpose.

You might be finding yourself being drawn to seeing this number often these days, on license plates, on watches, receipts, house numbers, or other places.

Probably you feel excited but also confused about its meaning.

Like many other numbers, number 111 is a number the angels use as a means to communicate their messages to us.

We are all being contacted daily by our angel guides, but we are not aware of that fact.

Even those who believe in angels aren’t aware, because for the majority of people these divine beings remain invisible. They are beings from other dimensions of reality, which are beyond reach of our physical senses.

People who are advanced on their spiritual journey and have developed other senses are sometimes able to experience them in their true nature.

For the rest of us, the main way for the angels to contact us is through using some signs and symbols they are certain will grab our attention.

Numbers are very useful for this purpose because each digit has a specific symbolism and meaning. The angels combine the meanings of particular digits to craft a special message for us using one angelic number.

When they need to stress something they often use the same digits repeatedly, like in the case of angel number 111 where the number 1 and its energy is amplified three times.

The angels are our keepers from harm, overlooking our moves and making sure we stay away from trouble.

Many people don’t believe in angels. They refuse to acknowledge their existence until they become aware of their power through some real life experience.

They know exactly what our needs are, and their reactions are instantaneous when they feel we need help and guidance.

Besides helping us and protecting us from harm, the angels are beings with a mission to help us understand our soul’s journey in this life, as well as to help us become more spiritual and closer to God.

They know how detrimental the chains of material world are for our spiritual side and help us release ourselves from these chains and our dependability on the visible reality.

When they begin sending us their signs, it is important not to remain ignorant and refuse to recognize their importance. It is important to decipher their signs and the message they carry.

Angel number 111 is a powerful message from the Universe and your guardian angels. It is a message of new things, success, opportunities, fulfilment of desires.

You are the one to discover what it means in your case. Be aware every time when you see this number of the circumstances, your thoughts, what you are doing at that moment, and who is around you when you see it.

All these things can help you understand the message angels want to convey to you.

Angel numbers sometimes carry messages of encouragement, and in your case, the angels might simply want to give you a pat on the back for the way you lead your life, the choices, and decisions you are making.

What to Do When You See This Angel Number?

We already mentioned that it is not a pleasant thing acknowledging that you keep seeing one number time and time again, day after day. At least for those who are not acquainted with angel numbers.

Seeing angel number 111 is certainly not a reason for fear. 111 is a sign and encouragement from the angelic realm confirming that you are on the right path and some wonderful things are expecting you.

It might mean a variety of things and the meaning depends on your particular circumstances and needs.

Don’t ignore this number if it suddenly begins appearing everywhere and try to decipher its meaning so you can apply its message.

Sometimes it carries more than one message, and these messages are correlated.

The most significant indications of angel number 111:

  1. Independence and freedom

Seeing angel number 111 is very often a calling from the Universe and your guardian angels to become more independent and seek your freedom.

You might be in some suffocating circumstances that you have outgrown, or they have outrun their purpose in your life.

One such example could be living still in your parents’ house, and you don’t have the courage and initiative to move out and begin living on your own.

You might be procrastinating because you enjoy the comfort and the lack of responsibility leaving you worry free regarding life’s expenses and basic everyday survival.

Possibly your parents are overprotective and still pay for your needs even though you are able to take care of yourself. You might be thinking about moving out, but you keep finding excuses not to do that.

If you recognize yourself in this image, then the angels might be gently reminding you to make the right decisions and start taking action towards becoming independent.

It will take courage to get out of your comfort zone and seize your freedom, but the excitement and the satisfaction will certainly outweigh the inconvenience.

If you don’t have a problem with becoming independent but you still didn’t get the chance to do that, the angels are informing you that the time is right to begin pursuing your freedom.

This number in your life might announce the alignment of circumstances that will enable your independence. Maybe you will get a job or get a better paid job and now you will be able to afford moving out.

For some of you, this might indicate the beginning of a new phase in life, such as moving out of your parents’ house to go to college or moving in with a romantic partner.

The independence and freedom this angel number announces might refer to freeing yourself from someone’s influence and control over your life.

The scenarios might vary, this might be an overcontrolling parent, or a partner, or it might be a friend or your boss.

Whatever the case might be, this angel number is announcing that it is time to stand up for yourself and demand your rights. No one has the right to tell you how to live your life and make your decisions on your behalf.

For some of you, angel number 111 will be a sign to finally end a relationship that isn’t serving you and is blocking your progress.

Usually this is the case when you have been too afraid to leave someone who has been overly dominating and controlling and move on with your life because you feel emotional attachment and responsibility towards this person.

If this is the case, consider this number as a sign of encouragement from the angels to find strength to leave a situation that is detrimental for your life in every sense of the word.

Once you make the decision to free yourself and take action towards this goal, you will feel relieved and feel sorry for not doing this long ago.

In some cases, the 111 angel number will announce financial independence and being able to take care of yourself. Financial freedom is a very important aspect of our lives because others often impose their control over us through financing us.

Whatever your story is, when you see the angel number 111 often, this might be a sign for you to pursue your freedom in the areas where you feel controlled and oppressed.

  1. Support

Angel number 111 often signifies a sign from the Universe and the angels to support someone who is in need of your help.

If you see this number so often that it cannot be a coincidence, ask yourself whether someone you love or you know could use some help from you.

If someone is in a challenging situation and you know that you could help this person, the angels are asking you to provide the support this person needs.

This doesn’t have to be a family member or a friend, it can be someone that is your acquaintance, and you know that it doesn’t cost you much to give this person a hand.

Because angel number 111 signifies support, the appearance of this angel number in your life could indicate being supported by the Universe and your guardian angels.

If you are currently undertaking some projects you’ve always wanted to pursue or taking action to fulfil some other plan you have, know that you have the support of the Universe and the angels.

They want you to erase all doubts and insecurities related to your actions, and they also encourage you to seek for their guidance if you ever need it on your path.

  1. Progress

Seeing angel number 111 constantly is a sure sign of progress and advancement in the pursuit of your goals and dreams.

If you are waiting for things to begin unfolding in some situation, or you feel as you have been stuck without solutions, the angel number 111 is a sign that things are about to change soon.

This angel number also symbolizes success and movement forward, which indicates that your progress is about to happen sooner than expected.

The progress you will experience could refer to different areas, and you will know which area is that in your particular situation.

For some this will mean getting promoted, or getting a pay rise, or changing jobs, for one that will enable your improvement of lifestyle.

Whatever this number means for your life it indicates moving forward and improvements.

For some of you, angel number 111 could be a sign to stop sabotaging yourself and preventing yourself from moving forward.

Maybe you tend to postpone taking actions or you tend to have a negative self-talk convincing yourself that it is impossible to succeed so you better not try at all.

For some of you this might be a reminder from the angels to stop waiting for things to come to you, and instead begin putting some action towards achieving your goals. Progress is sure to succeed afterwards.

When you give initiative and take action all doors begin to open. They are closed only when you don’t ask for them to open.

The angels remind you that they won’t support you if you aren’t doing anything to change your circumstances.

If you have been stagnating in some areas of your life, this is a sign that the blocks will be removed soon. Sometimes this will happen through a set of circumstances, and in some cases you will be the one to remove them through your active involvement.

For some, this angel number will indicate progress and movement forward as a result of some past efforts and initiatives. This will be a reward for your endeavors from the past.

  1. Individuality and uniqueness

Angel number 111 also symbolizes individuality and uniqueness.

If you have been hesitating to embrace your individuality and uniqueness of character consciously trying to blend inside the crowd, this angel number is asking you to stop this behavior.

You are asked to enjoy in your God given talents and creativity and use them.

Maybe you have some special gifts and talents, and you don’t want to express them because you don’t want the attention, or you are afraid you are not good enough and people will laugh at you.

Maybe you have neglected some talents for these reasons, or you simply don’t appreciate them enough.

The angels remind you to stop wasting your talents and begin using them. Maybe you have been neglecting your true life’s calling.

By embracing these gifts and your uniqueness, you will allow yourself to experience true happiness and satisfaction with yourself.

Many people spend their entire lives in regret for not pursuing some talent they have and enjoy because they don’t have enough faith they will be successful.

These talents you have, and your uniqueness, are your true nature. You are making yourself miserable by ignoring what truly makes you happy.

Listen to the voice of your angelic guides and express the unique side of your personality. This might be something special about you, the way you dress or your hairstyle or color, special interests you have that not many people have, etc.

The main message of this number is to remember never to waste time on irrelevant matters, such as people’s opinions about you. If you show your true unique side, people will respect you more than when you try to fit into standards and expectations.

Also, you can never achieve making everyone happy, and it’s best to stop trying as early as possible. Live your life the way it will make you content, without hurting other people during the process.

  1. Endings and new beginnings

Seeing angel number 111 is often an announcement of some grand life events that might be expecting you, bringing novelty into your everyday life.

Oftentimes the events which might occur when this angel number begins appearing in your life, won’t be pleasant, but they will be necessary to open new doors.

This angel number is an indication of new opportunities entering your life, which won’t be possible if you are blocked by something you are holding onto.

The angels remind you that there’s no progress if you don’t make any changes. If you stay in a situation that is not working for your benefit, you need to change it or remove yourself from this situation.

The angels remind you to make space for new situations and people.

Often this times begins appearing to mark the time in your life when you realize the need to change and your readiness to change.

Often you will experience seeing 111 everywhere during periods when you cannot ignore the fact that some people or things are no longer necessary in your life, and you need to move on.

This is easier said than done in most cases, because as humans we are attached to people and situations through our emotions and memories, as well as life circumstances.

The angels’ role is to make you realize that you cannot move on with your life and progress towards your goals if you don’t make these changes. Do what is the best thing for you without jeopardizing anyone.

Sometimes this number is a sign of confirmation from the angels that you have done a great job by removing some things and people from your life. The angels are praising you for being proactive and taking matters in your hands.

Angel number 111 can often indicate the need to sever a relationship with a romantic partner, spouse, or a friend. Sometimes it might mean breaking ties with a relative that is somehow ruining your life.

This number indicates new things and movement forward and these endings won’t leave you in despair. You will experience new beginnings that will make you feel happy and fulfilled.

If we refuse to make these moves, the Universe sometimes intervenes and makes the decisions on our behalf. Sometimes the Universe takes the things and people you don’t want to give up on by force.

Whatever your situation is, consider angel number 111 as a sign of relief and indication that things will finally begin to move in the right direction or begin to move at all.

It is important to listen to the message of this angel number because it will help you remove yourself from harming situations you are not aware of. These situations might be ruining your life and you keep holding onto them because you don’t have the courage to go.

Maybe you are so used to the harmful circumstances that you cannot recognize their consequences.

The angels are sending you their encouragement to start taking the necessary moves towards your freedom. Leave the past behind and look forward to the future.

Gain courage and close the doors that need to be closed. The past and your current circumstances might be completely preventing you from living the life you desire to live, and it only takes your faith and action to change that.

If you are considering making such moves and the angel number 111 begins appearing everywhere, this is a sure sign from the angels to make this moves.

If you don’t know which actions you need to take to clear the space for some new things and people, ask the Universe and the angels to give you undoubtable signs about the moves you should make.

Be brave and fearless and you will be rewarded by getting the things you actually desire.

  1. Optimism, enthusiasm, and hope

Angel number 111 is sometimes a sign from the angels and the Universe asking you to work on your optimism, enthusiasm, and hope.

Maybe you have a tendency towards negative thinking and expecting the worst to happen, which in turn materializes in negative life circumstances.

If you are afraid about the future, and especially about the outcome of some situation, the angels are reminding you to stay calm and optimistic. Have faith that things are unfolding in the best possible direction.

You need to make a habit of always expecting the best to happen. The angel number 111 reminds you to think optimistic thoughts and imagine only the best for yourself and others.

Negative and fearful thinking is only attracting the unwanted into your reality, which is why it is essential to erase it from your conscious and unconscious mind.

Doubt is also a great enemy to the manifestations of your desires and having the life you want. If you doubt your ability to succeed then you will undoubtedly fail. It is how the law works.

You should also try to eliminate imagining the possible challenges and setbacks which might occur while you are trying to manifest your desires.

It is not always easy to find faith and optimism, especially when your current circumstances don’t give you much space for them.

Sometimes we are going through very challenging times and hope seems beyond reach. These are the times when our guardian angels enter with their encouragement and support, reminding us to remain strong and endure through the difficulties.

We are always reminded to maintain our faith in God and ask for guidance and consolation whenever we feel fear or doubt.

By releasing our fears and completely surrender our fate to God and the Universe, we allow the blocks to be cleared. This is when all things are possible, and our desires are manifesting with ease.

Angel number 111 is a sign to keep your faith, keep dreaming about the outcome you desire, and you will eventually get your desire.

The amount of time is different for everyone, and it is proportionate to the level of resistance you have. The sooner you let go of resistance (blocks, fears, doubts, obsession, etc.) the sooner you will have what you want.

Don’t ever forget that you receive what you expect. If you expect bad things to happen, you will surely experience them.

This is why it is essential to wisely choose your thoughts and expectations and put in the effort to completely neutralize bad thoughts and feelings.

  1. Opportunities

We already mentioned that angel number 111 is a sign of some new opportunities you could expect when you clear the space for them to appear.

The angels are reminding you to maintain your vigilance and be open minded, so you won’t miss any of them.

This angel number is also an announcement of some opportunities coming. If you are planning something or you have some goals you don’t know how to accomplish, this might be the time the doors begin to open for you.

Sometimes the opportunity isn’t visible, and the angels ask you to be active in pursuit of chances to get where you want to be. There might be several opportunities to accomplish some desires you have.

  1. Success

Angel number 111 is also a sign of success.

If you wonder whether your current activities will be successful, this number is a sure sign they will.

It is an overall sign of accomplishment and progress. Whatever you begin during this period will be successful, and you will also experience the successful outcome of some previous endeavors.

For many of you the success you will experience might be a surprise. Maybe it will be a result of some actions you have had in the past and you have already forgotten about them.

Important thing you need to note is to maintain optimism and faith. If you doubt your success and you hope to achieve it, this is likely going to prevent it, or at least slow your success.

Hoping for the best and expecting the worst is not the best scenario. If you deep down doubt yourself and doubt you will be able to accomplish something, you probably won’t.

This is why it is important to work on your thoughts and inner beliefs. To strengthen your faith and confidence. Hope and expect only the best. This is the way you should set your mind to think.

  1. Initiative and action

Angel number 111 is often a message of action and taking initiative in pursuing what you want.

111 angel number is a very powerful and energetic number.

When it begins appearing everywhere, 111 might be calling you to start dealing with some issues you have and taking matters into your hands.

The Universe will help you achieve your goals, but only when you begin actively seeking to reach them.

If you are waiting for things to just happen, better prepare for a long wait.

111 angel number is all about action, and this is what is required when this number is constantly present in your life.

Sometimes by sending you this number the angels are calling you to take initiative in some situation to put things in motion.

If you are waiting for someone else to take initiative you might miss an opportunity, and you don’t want to do that. If you like someone, ask them to go on a date with you, if you want a better salary, ask your boss to give it to you.

Take action and expect successful results. You will be supported by the Universe if you give initiative and take action.

For those who have been postponing some necessary action, this number is a sign to stop such behavior and start taking actions towards your desire.

You cannot blame anyone else for your failure but yourself if you are the one missing the chances due to your inactivity and tendency to procrastinate.

  • Growth and expansion

For some, angel number 111 will bring a message of growth and expansion in life.

Sometimes the message is quite literal, and indicates a new life, whether a birth of a baby, or a complete life makeover.

This number can also be a sign of a pay rise, a change of career for the better, climbing up the social ladder, or becoming wealthier. It can have other meanings related to expansion.

Expansion might occur through some opportunities you might expect when this number begins appearing in your life.

For those who have been wanting to expand their family, this might indicate receiving a news or pregnancy or actual childbirth.

Those who want to start a business venture might use this timeline because it is a beneficial one ensuring the successful outcome.

  • Creativity

111 angel number is also a number of creativity and creative endeavors.

For some, this angel number will carry a message of possibility of starting a new creative venture or beginning to pursue some creative talents you have.

Maybe you will try out some artistic hobby you used to have in the past. Some might start a creative project they’ve been wanting to for some time.

The angels encourage you to dismiss all doubts in your talents and ability to be a successful creator. Also, don’t block yourself because you fear what others might say about your work.

You are gifted for a reason, and it is your duty to use your creativity and not waste your talents.

Ask the angels for encouragement and guidance about the steps you need to make to accomplish your creative pursuits.

Some of you might begin working on developing your creativity. Maybe you will discover some hidden talents you didn’t know you have.

Some might even make a career change and completely change their lives starting the pursuit of a creative and artistic career. If this is something you’ve been wanting to do all your life this will come as a dream come true for you.

Certainly the use of your creativity will make you immensely happy, even if this creative work is for only your own satisfaction and won’t see the light of day.

For some, their creative endeavors will turn out to be very financially rewarding.

  • Communication

Angel number 111 is also a number of communication and social interactions.

When this angel number indicates communication it might have different meanings.

For those who have closed off personalities and aren’t very sociable this angel number might be a calling for them to change and become more communicative.

Not having regular interactions with people isn’t good for anyone and it is severing a lot of opportunities for your growth and prosperity.

It is not always easy to put yourself out there, especially if you aren’t used to that. When you show to others that you are open to interactions people will begin approaching you.

Humans are not made for being alone. We need social interactions and exchange of ideas. We also like being in the presence of other human beings because it brings us comfort and joy.

If you recognize yourself in this, the angels might be asking you to become more open and sociable.

Sometimes this angel number might be a calling to be more open about your feelings and communicate them openly. If you pile up resentment inside you, you are the only one that will get hurt in the end.

Unexpressed emotions, anger, resentment, and similar feelings are detrimental to our psyche if we don’t resolve them. Express your emotions so you can feel better and release the anxiety you feel.

When we communicate freely our opinions and feelings our relationships with others become better.

111 Angel Number General Meaning

111 angel number is a powerful sign from the angelic realm.

This number indicates leadership and initiative. It inspires taking action towards pursuing ones’ goals.

For some it is a sign from the angels calling them to take a role of a leader in some situation. For some it is a sign to take action if you want to achieve some desire.

Those who have been postponing doing something might become more proactive and start pursuing their goals.

Sometimes this angel number calls us to be more sociable and communicative.

111 angel number is also a sign of endings but also a sign of beginnings. For something to begin something first needs to end, and in the case of this number these two are usually related.

You might experience some expected or unexpected endings in your life that will lead you to some new beginnings and situations. These experiences might not be pleasant, but they will be for your own benefit.

Angel number 111 is an excellent sign, and it calls for action you need to take for your own good.

By sending you this number, the angels want to remind you of their guidance and support on the road towards your happiness which also includes progress and success.

Angel number 111 is a sign of expansion, growth, progress, and overall success. It might indicate experiencing the success of your actions.

It might indicate situations such as getting promoted, getting a new job, becoming wealthier, or achieving some other form of appreciation.

Sometimes this number will be a calling to use your creative gifts, which might be something that you’ve been wanting for a long time.

It is a reminder to stay optimistic and maintain your faith regardless of the circumstances. All will be well in the end if you endure and erase all negativity.

For some, this might be a time to gain your independence and freedom from a situation that is controlling.

This is also a sign of opportunities to achieve your goals, that you will successfully use.

Spiritual Meaning of the Angel Number 111

This angel number is very spiritual in nature. It is a symbol of everlasting cycles and Universal power.

This number reminds you of the true purpose of your existence, which is growth and expansion.

We all live to become better versions of ourselves, not just in this lifetime, but throughout many lifetimes.

Our life experience is a result of activities we inherited from previous lifetimes and is full of lessons we need to learn in this life.

By learning the lessons we experience growth, and by refusing to learn these lessons we remain wrapped in an endless cycle of suffering and repeating the same mistakes over and over.

This angel number represents our journey towards spiritual growth.

It is a sign of God’s help and guidance in our life and reminds us to turn to him for help and protection.

Seeing this number often is a sure sign of Universal protection.

For some, it might mark the start of a spiritual journey that will lead to enlightenment, and for some, it might be a sign of support from the angels for being on the right track.

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Biblical Meaning of the Angel Number 111

Angel number 111 is a powerful number in a Biblical sense. It reminds us to keep our faith in the power of God to protect us from all harm.

It also embodies the principle many times described in the Bible, that speaks about faith being the clue to all manifestation. Those who doubt won’t get far, and those who believe will have all their heart’s desires.

This number is a powerful message from the angelic realm, reminding us of the great importance of being optimistic and expecting the best in all situations.

Doubts and fears on the contrary are our worst enemies, attracting bad things and misery.

111 Angel Number and Love

Angel number 111 is often a sign of new love, but also endings that precede these new love interests.

For many of us, the appearance of this angel number might mean ending an existing relationship that has out served its purpose and clearing a space for a new one.

Those who have gone through this kind of emotional purge, might expect meeting someone new and starting a new and exciting romantic relationship.

This might be the person you’ve been waiting for a long time.

The angels remind you to be open minded and accept the fact that some ties need to be severed for your own good.

People who are no longer serving our purpose will be removed from our lives.

If you want a new relationship, this number is a reminder to remain optimistic and joyful about the opportunities for new love because it is likely that you will have more than one.

Angel Number 111 Twin Flame Reunion

We said that 111 angel number might be a sign of a new romantic interest, and for some this might be a sign of not just any romantic union, but a twin flame reunion.

Twin flames are rare occurrence and experiencing such a union is not destined for every one of us.

For this union to last and be successful it is important for both partners to be spiritually aware of its importance and willing to learn its lessons.

With angel number 111 this might indicate that both you and your twin will be fully ready to accept the responsibility this union carries.

You or your partner, or both might be called by the Universe to end your existing relationships first to be able to enter your twin flame connection.

Numerology Facts About Number 111

Number 111 is a strong combination of the energies of number 1 and number 3.

Number 1 is amplified because it appears three times and number 3 is the sum of all the digits.

Number 1 symbolizes freedom, leadership, individuality, beginnings, but also endings, ambitions, authority, initiative, creativity, uniqueness, progress, achievements, success, action, etc.

Number 3 is the number of optimism, expansion, hope, growth, enthusiasm, support, socializing, communication, imagination, creativity, and changes.

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Seeing 111 angel number everywhere you turn is a sure sign that you’ve been contacted by your guardian angels.

These divine beings are sending you their support and encouragement, asking you to remain on your chosen road.

They are also sending you specific messages regarding your life and actions you need to take to make it better.

It is important not to dismiss this number as a coincidence and something insignificant.

It carries a message you need to decipher and apply to your life, that will help you make it better and accomplish your goals.

If you experience doubts and fears along the way feel free to contact your guardian angels for help and guidance. They will never fail you.

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