10 of Hearts Card – Meaning and Symbolism

Long time has passed since people first started playing cards.

The Chinese were probably the ones who invented them first in the 10th century AD, and their history begun from there.

From Asia they were brought to Europe, according to the available evidence, by the end of 13th and beginning of 14th century.

They first appeared in Italy and Spain, possibly brought there by merchants.

They were very expensive at first because of the craftsmanship that was required for their making.

These first decks of cards were luxurious, hand-made and hand-painted, which is why they were costly.

This meant that only the rich people could afford them, quite opposite from today when almost every household owns at least one deck.

At first, they were a game tool, but later their use for fortune telling begun.

Hearts Suit Symbolism and Personality Traits

The symbolism of the Hearts suit is related to matters of love, relationships, feelings, emotions, connections, partnerships, imagination, creativity, communication, intuition, receptivity, purity, adaptability, feminine energy, etc.

Its negative symbolism is related to repressed emotions, false and unrealistic hopes and desires, lack of passion, lack of creativity, problems in expressing feelings, etc.

People with a hearts’ suit birth card are emotional beings.

If they have emotional issues, they might be experiencing some of the negative traits of this suit.

They often experience life lessons related to the matters of the Hearts’ suit.

They can be overreactive and irrational, and it is important to learn controlling their emotions.

They are sociable and communicative, and usually open-hearted, although in some cases they might act completely opposite.

10 Card Meaning

10 cards are cards of completions, endings, and new beginnings.

They indicate circumstances and situations which happen to clear the space for new things and experiences.

These cards are often an indication that something should be removed from ones’ life to make space for things that are necessary.

This can sometimes refer to a person that we need to leave behind because it is not serving our highest purpose.

All 10 cards are considered the cards of success and accomplishment.

Cards with numeral value 10 can symbolize new opportunities. Often these are opportunities to make some change.

These cards are also a sign of fame, independence, success, ambition, extremism, creativity, sociability, etc.

10 of Hearts Card – Meaning and Symbolism

10 of Hearts symbolizes the ending of a phase or cycle, usually related to love and relationships.

It is sign of completions, finally reaching a goal and successful realization of goals related to home life, family, love, and relationships.

It is a sign of a love relationship based on love, respect, and mutual understanding, followed by the family’s support.

10 of hearts represents expression of love in various aspects of life.

10 of Hearts Card Personality Traits

Ten of hearts as a birth card is a fortunate one.

People who are 10 of Hearts are successful and emotional.

They are closely connected to the people from their surroundings, both emotionally and socially.

These people easily express their love and feelings towards others, especially their family and loved ones.

10 of Hearts people are sociable and feel at home in large groups of people.

This makes them excellent for a career on the stage or in politics.

They feel at home when it comes to their career and work in general.

Personal relationships are sometimes a struggle.

They have a powerful need to be appreciated and loved which often makes them appear needy.

They have a talent for busines and choosing the best deals to invest their money.

They are successful in whatever field they choose because of their ambition and hard work.

These traits are followed by good luck which ensures their success.

10 of Hearts have protective nature and enjoy nurturing and caring for their loved ones.

Their soul card is the Jack of Clubs and this gives the 10 of Hearts a strong desire to gain knowledge and improve their qualities to succeed.

They don’t care what others think about them.

These people are very independent and don’t like being told what to do.

They have dominant nature and often try to impose their opinions on others.

These traits might lead to desire for recognition and power.

This can lead them far away from love and personal relationships and cause a life of loneliness which is something they don’t want at all.

They are full of initiative and action and enjoy most when they are realizing project or creating something new.

They also uplift others and boost them with energy through their own example.

Usually, 10 of Hearts are fortunate with money. They are usually financially independent and secured.

It is easy for them to make money because of their great intellect, social connections, and diligent approach to work.

They know they can achieve whatever they want, and this attitude ensures their success.

Many of them inherit money from their ancestors. Most of them had a happy childhood and were financially provided.

They didn’t have money worries and when they are older having enough money is something, they consider normal.

Some 10 of hearts marry to increase their status both socially and financially. They often help their partners in business.

Their require their friends to be intelligent as they desire to learn something from them as well as to teach them their wisdom.

They are often popular among their friends and love being in their presence.

They love to entertain and make great hosts.

People enjoy visiting them because they know how to make them feel special.

10 of hearts have a leadership mentality and always want to be first.

They have initiative and go after their goals without hesitation.

They mind about their reputation and are very proud people.

These people are very reliable and know how to keep a secret.

People chose them to confide their deepest secrets, knowing that they are safe with them.

They are great communicators and generally love being among people.

They are excellent in the health field and can be successful physicians and nurses.

They know how to make the most of their services and are never underpaid.

They don’t have any issues with charging their service.

These people are independent by nature and don’t like to be overcommitted in a relationship.

Women are more ready to make compromises to protect their love life, but men often don’t have much desire to do so.

These people don’t make a fuss about things. Their nature is generally calm, and they accept situations as they come without making much drama about them.

Many of them have developed a great sense of self-control over their emotions and they have a logical rather than emotional approach towards things.

This attitude ensures their success in all circumstances.

Their nature is artistic and creative. They are natural leaders and people instinctively follow their lead.

These people have original ideas and truly make a difference in the world.

Their negative trait might be their impulsiveness.

Fortunately, through time they learn to balance their reactions and wisely make their life decisions.

10 of Hearts people are born on July 31st, on August 29th, on September 27th, on October 25th, on November 23rd, and on December 21st.

10 of Hearts Card in Tarot and Cartomancy

When the 10 of Hearts appears in a card reading, this is always a reason for joy.

The 10 of Hearts is considered one of the most fortunate cards in tarot and cartomancy because it indicates happiness and emotional satisfaction, mostly related to family and relationships.

This card is a confirmation from the universe that the client’s life currently is filled with abundance of satisfaction and happiness surrounding their family and relationships.

If the person is not in a relationship, this can be a sign of soon encountering someone that might prove to be the perfect partner they have been looking for a long time.

This card in a reading is a sign of emotional satisfaction and family happiness, and this might just be the person to experience it with.

This card can also indicate crossing to the next level of commitment, for example, getting engaged, or being proposed, or getting married, etc.

The 10 of hearts often announces starting a family with their romantic partner or spouse.

10 of hearts is the card of success and when it appears in a spread it can indicate finally succeeding to achieve some important goal.

It is also a sign of being surrounded with love and protection by loved ones, as well as nurturing and protecting loved ones.

This card is an indication of the client finally being able to take care of their loved ones the way they desire.

It also indicates the help and support the client receives from their family and loved ones to achieve their goals and dreams.

This is the card that describes classical family bliss and contentment.

Things have finally fallen into place and the person could relax and enjoy their achievements.

Relationships with their family and partner are stable and happy.

In some cases, the 10 of hearts indicates a big family gathering happening in the near future.

It might also be an indication of going on a family vacation where all family members relax together enjoying each other’s company.

The 10 of hearts can also indicate a completion in some sense.

Maybe it indicates the end of a romantic cycle and beginning a new one with the right person.

This is the sign of change coming after major lessons in love have been learned.

When the 10 of hearts is reversed in a card reading, this can have opposite meaning.

It might indicate longing for a family bliss and happiness but not being able to experience it yet.

Maybe the card in a reversed position indicates that not all the lessons have been learned and some more time needs to pass.

Sometimes the 10 of hearts reversed might indicate feeling disconnected from loved ones and family and need to reconnect with them.

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