10 of Diamonds Card – Meaning and Symbolism

First card decks were created a long time ago, but we don’t know when and where exactly.

The most accepted theory is that they were made in China first, in the 10th century.

After several centuries, cards were brought to Europe as well.

This most likely happened by the end of the 13th century, and the first European countries who most likely first saw cards were Italy and Spain.

Not many people could afford to own cards at first because they were such an expensive item.

They needed to be hand-made and hand-painted, and that prolonged the time of their making.

This process was also expensive.

When cheaper ways of making cards were discovered, they became affordable to others and not just to the rich.

Diamonds Symbolism and Personality Traits

The suit of diamonds symbolizes money, financial issues, worth, materialism, increase, value, increase, creating our reality, etc.

Those who have a diamond suit card as their birth card tend to be focused on their finances and it is their number one priority.

They need to establish financial security and always look for ways of earning money.

Sometimes cards from the diamonds suit indicate financial problems.

10 Card Meaning

Cards number 10 are a symbol of something ending and something new beginning.

They symbolize the circular motion of life, death and birth, and clearing space for something new to come.

They symbolize getting rid of what no longer serves us to welcome what we need.

They symbolize new opportunities to change.

These cards are a symbol of fame, independence, creativity, success, extremism, excess, secrets, ambition, sociability, control, immaturity, etc.

10 of Diamonds Card – Meaning and Symbolism

The 10 of diamonds symbolizes great abundance and immense financial success.

It indicates fortune in financial dealings and is considered one of the most powerful cards for finances and money.

This is a card of trade, marketing success, and investments.

It also indicates giving and receiving.

It symbolizes accomplishments, abundance, cycles, new beginnings, creating financial success and abundance.

It is a sign of mastery and greatest accomplishments. 

10 of Diamonds Card Personality Traits

People whose birth card is the 10 of Diamonds are very successful in most cases.

They are wealthy and abundant, and even if they aren’t born into money, they certainly succeed to convert their life and become very abundant and financially secured.

They also manage to rise high on the society scale.

Their accomplishments earn them admiration and respect.

10 of Diamonds prefer to be in the company of people who are accomplished and financially abundant.

They have many gifts and talents, and they can use them to create the life they desire.

They are ambitious and desire success.

They know what they want, and their attention is focused on achieving that.

They don’t mind about the necessary efforts they need to make because it is what it takes to get their desired result.

Things tend to come to them with ease, so they might have problems with laziness and procrastination.

They might have a tendency of wasting their talents because they cannot push themselves to go after their dreams.

Not all 10 of diamonds are like this.

They are ambitious and it only takes for them to set this ambition on fire.

If they develop their motivation and self-discipline, there won’t be anything they cannot achieve.

These people are smart, and their minds work quickly.

In general, they have good education and they come from well-established families with tradition.

They often inherit their wealth and they only increase it during the course of their lives.

Education is important to them and they use it as a tool to help their success.

Most of 10 of diamonds people are generous and kind and enjoy sharing their wealth and blessings with the less fortunate ones.

They are often humanitarians and philanthropists who spend a great part of their lives helping others and making a big difference in the world, fighting for some world important cause.

They have an excellent business sense.

They are creative and their business ideas pay off greatly.

Their income is high, even when they are working for someone else.

Still, these people prefer being their boss, and having their own business.

Many of them experience financial setbacks and issues with money, but they manage to overcome the difficulties and regain their financial stability.

The 10 of diamonds person is good at communicating their ideas.

They have an opinion on every subject, and they know how to express it.

They often choose professions in the legal field.

They are good negotiators and know how to convince others in their arguments.

Partnerships with women can prove to be beneficial.

These people consider appearance important.

They want to appear important and affluent.

They also tend to create a network of affluent and successful people.

They all benefit interacting with one another.

Not all of 10 of diamonds people are generous and enjoy helping others.

Some of them are self-absorbed and focused only on making more money.

They can even be cheap and stingy.

These are usually the ones who are not spiritually evolved and only live in the material realm.

Many of these people experience life-transforming events that cause them to change and become more conscious about other people.

These experiences turn them outward and make them concerned about other people’s wellbeing, and not just their own.

They usually continue following the newfound spiritual path.

Sometimes they lose people and things from their life due to that, but they realize at the end it was for their highest good.

Their intelligence provides them anything they can imagine.

Many of them elevate their status through marriage.

Usually later in life they experience complete satisfaction with their life and how far they come.

They often only need to enjoy in the fruits of their labor.

Many of them lead a very luxurious life and are able to provide themselves and their families all the pleasures life can offer.

Most of these people are fortunate in all areas of life.

They do encounter obstacles and struggles but they manage to overcome them with relative ease.

They can also always count on being offered help by their influential friends and acquaintances.

The 10 of diamonds often indicates financial protection.

Even when faced with bankruptcy these people manage to pull through.

Many of them are true favorites of the Universe.

After they’ve accumulated enough wealth, many of them turn to their talents, and they begin expressing themselves creatively trough some artistic gifts and/or crafts that often provide them financial gratification as well.

This usually happens in the lager years of their life, when they are financially secured and don’t have to worry about money anymore.

It is usually then when they begin to truly relax and enjoy life.

Because they have so much fortune with earning money, many of them continue increasing their wealth by selling their arts and crafts.

10 of diamonds people could experience struggle in the realm of their relationships.

They might have issues with the choice of their partners, experiencing disappointments, painful endings and breakups, and a lot of time spent in healing and grief.

This is an important part of their growth because they manage to find satisfaction in their love life when they learn the lessons of their relationship disappointments.

Many of them make mistakes choosing their partners for the wrong reasons, such as status and money, and this only ends up costing them more especially in precious time they waste in these unsatisfactory relationships without love and real affection.

When they finally realize what their priorities should be when choosing a partner, their love luck changes for the better.

Some 10 of diamonds are unhappy in love because they make their work and making money their number one priority, and this often makes their relationships suffer and breakup because their partners and spouses cannot stand being neglected so much.

Usually through a difficult breakup or divorce they realize their true priorities.

When they lose someone they love (sometimes for good) because of their work and focus on money, through the pain they experience they learn what they need to do in the future.

10 of Diamonds people are born on January 17th, on February 15th, on March 13th, on April 11th, on May 9th, on June 7th, on July 5th, on August 3rd and on September 1st.

10 of Diamonds Card in Tarot and Cartomancy

The 10 of diamonds is considered a lucky card in a card reading.

It is a sign of major success and triumph.

If the client was experiencing some struggles financially or at home, this card is a sign that they will overcome any obstacles and fortune awaits them.

This is often a sign of successful finalization of a project or getting the reward for the work done.

The 10 of diamonds is a sign of happy home life and sometimes can even be a sign of marriage.

This card might also indicate attending someone’s wedding or getting news about someone marrying. Sometimes this card can indicate news about pregnancy or birth.

Sometimes the 10 of diamonds in a card reading can indicate receiving some reward or income the client has forgotten about or has given up on.

This card can also indicate income from an investment finally coming in.

In some cases, the 10 of diamonds can be a sign of starting a romantic relationship with someone.

It can also indicate spending pleasant moments with family members.

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